Prove you're an oldfag

Prove you're an oldfag.

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>>873711655fuck off laura

>>873711655cracky chan is still the true queen


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>>873711725basedthis version of Holla Forums doesn’t deserve cracky

>>873711860true. but this version of Holla Forums doesnt deserve DESU spamming or cock mongeler let alone cracky

Been here since 2012 and I'm still a newfag, anyone after that is just a regular faggot.

Remember when moot disabled all text on Holla Forums?Pepperidge farm remembers

>>873711953i remember when roodypoo was filtered as roodypoo

>>873711908true, they don’t even deserve PUDI

>>873711655Mexican moot, Teh Rei

Remember the pedo bots linking to a clone board made by one lonely pedo faggot that spammed every single thread like a fucking plague? It was the first time this place ever got bot spam. Figures it would be pedo shit from a salty faggot who got mad he was banned for spamming his nasty shit.Remember when this place was getting so much traffic that you couldn't even post at times because you'd get hit with "flood detection" bullshit?Remember NIggers and Biscuits?

>>873711655I am new here


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>>873712359I do remember Holla Forums being a lot faster, threads wouldn't last as long as they do now.

I shall sing you the song of my fathers.

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>>873712516>>873712359Used to be a time you refreshed the catalog and 99% of the threads were gone because new ones were being created and posted in

>>873712441Who? Was she a model?

I remember a time pre-captcha. I used to troll people by posting the John picture and just "v" as if I forgot to copypaste. It'd rustle peoples' jimmies. Captchas first appeared during summer 2010 when the whole Jessi Slaughter shit went down.There used to be threads like the attached picture where you could draw whatever fits the shape. Those were fun.Chicks used to post their tits with timestamp a lot more than they do nowadays. I remember trolling another forum once by pretending I was a girl, and someone asked "prove it' and so I just hopped onto here and found a chick with a timestamp that was relative to when I hopped on. Dude believed me

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Does anyone have any pictures of her now?

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>>873712717It's Pikachu.

Remember scrimmy dimmy?

I still don't know how to triforce :(

>>873713093What's a triforce?

I participated in the Habbo Hotel raids.Pools closed due to AIDS


>>873711655don't do it niggers, the feds are watching this to blend in

Hey scotty u seen war machine?


Anyone remember the thread where this chick disassembled a horse?

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>>873713113▲▲ ▲

>>873711785I remember witnessing this happen live.God, that was an experience.


>>873713281>>873713260Oh plz keep post image . Nice remember




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>>873711725Rabbit-Chan will always be my Queen.

I was here when the cardstand fell

>>873713658R.I.P Gene Leonhardt. Consequences will never be the same

I cry every time.

>>873711655>Holla Forums was good>Holla Forums was never goodback when Holla Forums was good

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>>873714328Pic was how I discovered 4chan. Naruto fan forum user had it on his signature and I asked and he told it was shoop da whoop. I miss the old internet

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>>873714469Naruto is a good anime but I prefer the hentai.

>>873712879Went to school with her. She was a terrible person but still just a kid. Also she was like 16 so nah I don't have the photos.

>>873711655foookin PRAWNS!

>>873711655hey any fellow oldfags remember a girl that always cooked something then posted on Holla Forums? I remember she made horrendous looking hamburger.Also Kanye was dubbed king Holla Forums after he trolled Taylor Swift holy the memes never stopped

All your base are belong to us

>>873715988checked and Classic.thnx Holla Forumsrother for the nostalgia


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There are anons that don't know who the OP pic is, very sad.

>>873713658I remember jerking off to her nudes

>>873712681She was and quite a popular one

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>>873716780Mika got married a year or two back, Eva has an onlyfans.

Iron is Best Metal. Fuck Alumium

>>873712359Oh man that was the anontalk faggot. I remember that and the stupid ass “surgeon is inspired” bot spam too.

>>873711655there used to be only 151 pokemon

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>>873711655Tried to find logo for albino blackfishSo obscure it doesn't even show up on 1st page resultsFuck me dead

I havent seen anybody mention Candlejack in a whi-

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>>873718312You mean albino blacksheep?

longcat is loong

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>>873711655I remember a time when ylyl threads used to be good.

It's apple juice