I am breaking up with my girlfriend because she had an abortion...

I am breaking up with my girlfriend because she had an abortion.It was both our decision but how can I be with a woman who killed my child?

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>>873709244i mean ok but you know its not her fault because you made the baby too and it was also your decision

>>873709296>>873709244so in reality how can you live with yourself? the man that killed your own child?

>>873709321OP you can't break up with yourself, I can hardly look at myself in the mirror but I cannot look at her face. I just see killing our baby, i could get a new girl

>>873709244She knew you weren't man enough to raise a baby.

>>873709391>OP you can't break up with yourself, I can hardly look at myself in the mirror but I cannot look at her face. I just see killing our baby, i could get a new girlthat is actually understandable

>>873709405>She knew you weren't man enough to raise a baby.does not justify murder

>>873709391dude get over it your "child" didn't even exist.. it was hardly even a bundle of cells- just a waste of mattergood for you for breaking up, clearly both of you have some issues with each other long term if you realized you can't raise a child but are having unprotected sexbasically you would've ruined that kids life had it been born- so feel free to break up with her but move on and drop the pity party bullshit

>>873709405Then send it out for adoption and maybe it could find a great life with some rich family that wasn't blessed with children of their own, but it can't be worse than being raised by OP or getting murdered.

is this an advertisement for condoms

>>873709488dude the "child" didn't even exist it was probably barely a fetus..cope hard dude i hope you cry tonight thinking about all the "murders"

>>873709391>i could get a new girlAs long as you make it known that you are a baby murderer who murdered your own baby early in the relationship.

>>873709548Dude, your next reply doesn't even exist yet, so why not kill yourself?

>>873709511No, it's an advertisement for mandatory sterilization of idiots

>>873709244It was just cum faggot Please don't make another one, I bet you people aren't even white

>>873709588it exists now

>>873709484>dude get over it your "child" didn't even exist.. it was hardly even a bundle of cells- just a waste of matter

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>>873709588my replies exist more than OPs "child" HAHAHAHAHAand they will continue to.. UNLIKE OPS "CHILD" HAHAHAHA

>>873709244I want to fuck her, and make her my cumslut

>>873709604useful idiots?

>>873709609Yes that is also exactly what happens if you don't murder a person in the womb, they have time to actually exist.

>>873709244That pussy is haunted now anyways.

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She looks fuckin 15 too. Probably better for the both of ya.

>>873709244tell her its your turn to abort. the relationship.

>>873709620being pro life is so cringe lmao you could never raise a child lets be honest

>>873709620That is a late term abortion. No one does those unless the baby is already dead.

>>873709655dude i bet if i knocked up your girlfriend she would keep the baby

>>873709681adoption is better than murder

>>873709698exactly but dont try and reason with them user- they're emotional right now

>>873709706you keep using the word "murder" but thats not what abortion is- abortion is a medical procedure but you wouldn't know lol


>>873709649Nothing useful about people who can't handle personal responsibility without rage quitting their relationships

>>873709244What's this girl called again?

>>873709244Your mom should have had an abortion.

>>873709629Yes and your opinions will get a chance to 404 unlike the opinions of the baby you murdered.

>>873709711>they're emotional right now-they LIVE in the now.

>>873709778Benedict Cumberbatch?

>>873709681Yeah. Better to be an edgy faggot in denial.

>>873709244OP you are such a useless faggot and literally can hardly call yourself a man- not only are you not responsible enough to raise a child, you're not even man enough to support your girlfriend through a situation you are more than 50% responsible for causingyou blame her and call her a murderer and paint her in your mind as a terrible person but YOU ARE THE ONE TO BLAME and when your girlfriend had to get that abortion which is an extremely invasive procedure that YOU WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE and once again YOU CAUSED ON YOUR OWNyou decide to fuck off to 4chan to shit on her.. you are literally the lowest form of life on earth

>>873709700Dude I bet you are sterile and impotent because your ballsack is haunted by the babies you murdered.

>>873709864you don't even make fucking sense dude lol seriously take your medication>>873709815take your meds

>>873709731>abortion is a medical procedureSo is capital punishment, but they are also types of state sanctioned murder.

>>873709808and so will this pathetic thread or anybody actually caring


>>873709897>take your medsI'd rather take yours

>>873709897Is that what your gf did, took her abortion meds to murder a child at your request?

>>873709863>you blame her and call her a murderer and paint her in your mind as a terrible person but YOU ARE THE ONE TO BLAME and when your girlfriend had to get that abortion which is an extremely invasive procedure that YOU WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE and once again YOU CAUSED ON YOUR OWNI know I am half to blame, but the baby was not inside me. She laid down and had her child ripped limb from limb from her womb and I can't look at her anymorei would break up with me but i cant, i can get a new girl though>YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE ENOUGHT O RAISE A CHILDno fucking shit retard that's why we murdered him (it was a boy)

>>873709914when you are the one that has to sit there and get something surgically removed from your womb then you can talk.a bunch of faggots crying that their girlfriends got an abortion but none of you even deserved pussy.. you're the reason there are so many fucked up people in the world with fucked up childhoods because they had fucked up parents- like you


>>873709244too soon bro :(

>>873709915Yes but you still participated in the thread just like you still participated in baby murder.

>>873709244No larping, my ex wife had an abortion against my wishes and it fucked me up for years. For the best though, if she'd do some like that she'd have fucked me over in other ways. Life went on and I'm happy now, without I guess child support to pay


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>>873709971>i can get a new girl thoughHow many dates will you go on before you tell her that you kill babies?

>>873710041>No larping, my ex wife had an abortion against my wishesthats fucked up

>>873709971you lack an understanding of actual human empathy- you sicken me. i'm leaving the thread, and you can carry on with your sad little life, but just know you've put a sick taste in my mouth that i hope i'll be able to wash awayyou are self-centered, narcissistic and brain-dead. your ex dodged a bullet with you- that's the real reason she aborted your child and thats why you'll never get over it.. You were the problem.

>>873710062>How many dates will you go on before you tell her that you kill babies?i will never tell

>>873709244Don't you think she had an abortion because she doesn't want some fat nerd that visits 4chan and loli threads to be the father of her son?

>>873710095You are worse than your gf who at least has to carry the scars, you probably paid for it all too.

>>873710091>You were the problem.maybe, who cares, does not justify murder

>>873709244Have you ever fapped? Then you’ve killed trillions of your own babies fagt


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>>873710325that's a pre fertilized cell idiot of course it's not a person, almost all abortions happen after 6 weeks (a woman only knows she has a baby in her after she misses a period which is at 4 weeks)

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>>873710268A baby = sperm+egg, not just sperm, dummy, do you need to be banned from Holla Forums for still being in the 4th grade and not having health class yet?

>>873710401Doesn't matter you dumb cumsucking turdjuggler. A part of a human being is not a human being. There's nothing to discuss about it.

>>873709440if it was murder, she would be going to jail, sir. murder is the unlawful killing of another human

>>873710505So if I remove your head from your body, it doesn't count as murder since I only destroyed part of a human being, the head, and didn't actively harm the rest of the body?

Jesus fuck user, are you a taoist now? You can't just go around assigning consciousnesses to random things. Like, a zygote is not a person. It's a lump of cells that might turn into a human being one day, but it isn't a person for a long while. You might as well say your chair is conscious because it has your ass bacteria on it.

>>873709244>im breaking up with the girl who literally saved the next 18 years of my lifeThis is how retarded you sound.

>>873709244>It was both our decision>>873709244>how can I be with a woman who killed my child?You mixed up idiot. How can she be with a man who thought it was okay to kill your child?

>>873710639>18 years of my lifeif you're alluding to child support, i have some news for you, anonchild support lasts for 22 years now, unless the child is special needs at which point it becomes permanent

>>873710590> doesn't understand comparisonsDo you consider a heap of building material a house?

>>873710505>A part of a human being ihow is that pic part of a human being

>>873710703Is it a full human being? No? Do human beings consist of cells? Yes. Then it's a part of a human being.

>>873710679When the fuck did that happen? Jesus fuck, guv'mint, let the little shits grow up. Bout time we went back to shipping the 13 year olds off to the coal mines.

In OP's mind, picrel is a house. If someone steals the bricks, they've run off with a whole house.

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>>873709244how can you live when you killed your child together with her?

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>>873710747he's alive outside the womb how is he not a human being


>>873710853i have considered suicide

>>873710581Murder is the immoral killing of another human being, it was defined by religion long before it was defined by common law no matter how much you try to redefine thing to fit your degenerate malicious sensibilities.

>>873710864Are you suggesting the abortion took place after 22 weeks?

>>873710696If you steal a heap of building materials from a home construction project, you have ruined someone's house and committed a crime in the process.

>>873710747>Is it a full human being?So it is okay to murder prepubescent and pubescent people too since they aren't fully developed humans?

>>873709244Leak her nudes Message me on kik emokaorrI'll blackmail her

>>873710893Except Amalekites, Caanites or first born Egyptian males, right? Killing any of those is not murder. The absolute retardedness.

>>873709244If it was early enough in development, it didn't form into a child yet.

>>873710930Surely. But if you dump the building material YOU obtained in the first place, it is not.

>>873710893you are wrong on both counts, sir

>>873710957>confuses full human being with mature human being>drools

>>873711011No, just because you were contracted to obtain parts for someone else doesn't give you the right to destroy them and sabotage someone else's house.

>>873710974That was natural punishment by the ultimate moral authority for those people killing and enslaving other people en masse.

>>873711049A human fetus is fully human despite not being fully mature as a human.

>>873709244should post her nudes then.

post her nudes yeah that'll be better

>>873711142Only a valid comparison if someone involved here was forced, which no one was. Two people agreed to build another human being, two people agree to cancel the construction. No human was built, no foul commited. The potential future human being is irrelevant.

>>873709484do you exist you just a bundle of cells so I can kill you and no one should care the slightest about it.

>>873711184It was never canceled. Learn your fucking bible waferhumper. By now, the blood of Amalekites is so distributed among humanity that if I kill a random person, chances are good it was one with Amalekite blood. No foul done. Just carrying out the Lord's orders. The order wasn't "some of the Amalekites" it was all of them. All of their blood.

>>873711213It does not have all the requisite parts, no. Not until week 22 at least.

>>873709548are you jealous that it had a bigger dick then you.

>>873711184take your medsthe bible isn't a history book, it's a story book

>>873709629does a cow stop existing when you kill it?

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If you throw these away, you've destroyed a forest. Every time you eat a nut (any nut), you're eating a whole tree. This information was provided by OP and the sewage trolls.

>>873711260>if someone involved here was forced,Just like in most municipalities, the actual homeowner, the baby, was forced to go through contractors, mom and dad, in order to make sure all the building codes were implemented.>Two people agreed to build another human beingNo, two people can't build a human being, two people can only try to find the best possible building materials (like a finding a high quality mate and always working on self improvement) for the third person whose house they are building, but only God, nature or whatever can actually build the person.

>>873711452post more shee got big tits

>>873709863found the Karen

>>873711408That is what all history books are, stories written by winners and losers.

>>873711465>Every time you eat a nut (any nut), you're eating a whole tree.No, anytime you trample a sapling, you destroyed a whole tree.

>>873709244Consider this, when was the first time you started to have sentient thoughts? for me it was roughly at 4-6 yo, I remember how it was weird I already knew my father and mother, some friends, etc. It takes that long for the brain to develop to such a degree you actually live as a sentient being. before then, specially if the fetus never left the womb, there's just nothing. There was only cells forming what could have been a child, but it wasn't.So you feel bad when you jerk off and let all that sperm die? those are potential babies too. same when women menstruate. Point is, there was no child, it would've taken much longer for what we consider a human being to be made, so don't feel too bad about "murdering" your child because there was none yet.just try to be more responsable from now on. Don't have unprotected sex if you don't want to make life. And you're kind of an asshole for leaving your girl when she probably needed you the most. The way you say you see her as a baby killer when you too made the decision makes you seem like a huge coward that won't stand by his own choice. If possible contact her and check how she's doing. If you feel bad about yourself imagine how she feels, she had the fetus growing in her body after all.

>>873711568tl;dr, its okay to kill 3 year olds.

>>873709244I have no advice but good luck OPHope if you do break up you're young enough to have time to meet more women. Time flies when you're desperate

>>873711670that's not the point you moron. I think you're just baiting now.


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>>873709244>ITT manchildren discussing something that will never be possible for them

>>873709244Have another abortion. Problem solved

>>873711746It might not be the point you intended, but it is the conclusion that is drawn from your point that 3 year olds are not sentient and thus not actually human.

i love big tits

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big fat bazoongas.. should i post more? op's thread is kinda boring

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ass thread

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>>873709244I wouldnt lose too much sleep over it since it had your shitty genetics after all

>>873709244You made the right choice, user. I understand why you would want to abort it - being stuck paying child support for the rest of your life just because the woman _chose_ to keep the baby is really not fair to men. They have the choice, but we live with the consequences. But when you actually have that baby growing up inside of you, and you can feel its heart beat, you can feel it kicking, and then to just murder it like its not a human being is just disgusting. How could you ever look a woman the same way again after knowing she committed infanticide?

>>873709244I wish your mom aborted you too

>>873711956Not of her she's nasty

>>873713480OP is a retard virgin, and didn't make his gf get a birth control shot contraceptive

>>873709391ok then just do it already sheesh, people are so melodramatic, stop making it a thing and just do it

>>873713684OP broke his hand masterbating

>>873713720Its better than the time you broke your hole assturbating

>>873711956>big fat bazoongas.. should i post more?ew no


>>873709488Or they could be adopted by a convicted child rapist like 8/10 when it happens

>>873709244Youre a moron, you both made the decision and now you regret it so youre blaming it all on her and breaking up because of it? youre pathetic.

>>873714716Still not worse than being murdered before you have your first orgasm.

>>873709681>raisepro lifers don't want to raise babies, they just want them to be born

>>873709244the best decision sepecially for your ex girlfriend.She now knows that You are a weak bastard with absolutely no responsibility for everything. kys, winer.

>>873714849You think being sexually tortured for the first stages of your life to end up growing as a dysfunctional individual who will eventually commit suicide is better than just stopping your growth when your body doesn't even have a soul? TOPKEK

I'm pro abortion. Good thing she killed little rat so we don't have to suffer their fathers ignorance

>>873711525i guess little red riding hood is a history book then

>>873715214If it is a book that helps you make decisions about your life, then it is clearly a part of your history.

>>873715926good save bro

>>873716103Thanks, bro, blessing be to you as well, everyone deserves to be saved.

anyone have the full rez or this? it wasnt in the mega like another user said.

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>>873709244Enjoy having her suicide on your conscience.Grow the fuck up.

>>873716214Not that exact pic but pretty similar.

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>>873716344you better believe ive already seen that one. youre also the 3rd user to share that one when i asked, lol.

>>873716609where is this mega link ur talking about and does it have nudes?

>>873709244Be more careful who you trust with your seed in and thank God your child will know the kingdom of heaven. You made the right call. Pray for her and your child. My condolences user.


>>873716674Anybody twho undergoes, performs, or in any way, assists in the procurement of an abortion is excommunicated. If he so much as agreed with her, the blood is on his hands, as well.

>>873716344i just had a panic attack when i realized ill never get to have ciara's retarded cheesy feet all over my face as shes deep in a heroin binge before I rush her to the hospital and they pronounce her dead. feels bad man

>>873709244You're a piece of shit. I may not agree with abortion, but I know that it's a very traumatic process. She's probably feeling badly enough, and now you're going to leave her for a decision that you were involved in? Kick her while she's down why don't you.

>>873709244you fucking coward you aren't ready for a serious relationship with anybody. Literally running from your problems is the behaviour of a child

>>873716672about a google search away, although i think the mega link from that thread got nuked.


>>873716848>Look here>btw its goneFucking retard faggot

>>873709244Her body, her choice. You don’t get an equal say, you can only choose what you do. You can hold it against her that she made the choice she felt was right, but then again that’s just you asserting that your perspective is more valid than hers. She’s probably better off without you.

>>873716949the thread has some content left in it. you made the choice to slap my hand while i was basically spoonfeeding you twerp.

>>873716984i slapped away a spoon full of your faggot cum bitch, nothing was missed

>>873717000trips of truth. the man is a fag and cums in spoons then offers it to the locals

>>873709244Sounds like you were just looking for a way out