Thursday morning UK thread

Thursday morning UK thread

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Thoughts? Wwyd?


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>>873709204Left looks chesty

Stevenage/herts bros?

Coventry, Rugby or nuneaton trade Kik: brutalisbest

Bedford babes?

>>873709524chunky but funky

>>873709204Those chicks look like a fun time, like the kind of girls you wanna see again.

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>>873713353Mm fuck moar


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>>873713467lovely bod

If you want your friends/family h@rassed on snap, HMU. Would love it if you had creepshots that i could send them, or something similar.Kik/wik: mattmadsen2211

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>>873713699Nice, moar

Cornish pokies

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>>873713353gr8 bewbs


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>>873714432m8 ur doin gr8 if ur tappin that

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Any SE London anons?


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If anyone knows Megan Woolnough or Nadia Radenkovic from London, hmuKik/wik: mattmadsen2211

>>873714660show the goods

any london unis?

>>873714879Westminster Harrow

>>873714918go on

>>873714918Know anyone there?

>>873714660anything more in stockings and high heels maybe?


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>>873714993couple of 2nd + 1st years

>>873715058Same. Drop your Kik

>>873714508cheers bud

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anybody have holly t0mpk1ns?



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>>873715058Kik gothlover88


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>>8737155172 or 3


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>>873715517not even close, 2 is in a different league to other three

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>>873715636Mmmm fuck moar of her

>>873715597Fucking love when she's posted

>>873715660know her then?

>>873714855Search "Lara Malvo"

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>>873709204These girls are 10/10 by UK standards.


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>>873715621wow lovely

>>873712583More Brighton whores please.


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>>873715842holy shit british girls and their rotten teeth

Police make these threadsRevenge porn is a crime in the UKAnyone asking for your contact info is a cop>but police have better things to doThey have quotas to meet. Online crimes are easier to prosecute.>but that's entrapmentUK doesn't have entrapment laws. If you deal drugs to a cop that's your problem, same thing here.>but it's not revenge porn if the pics are already out thereIt is, and asking for specific locations hoping to find girls you know is targeting.>but 4chan is anonymous4chan logs your IP and cooperates with law enforcement>but I have dynamic IPThat's even worse, it registers your IP to your phone number, it will be nearly impossible to deny that it was you.Ask yourself why it's always a UK thread? Why not just post in a socials thread or a 'girls you have nudes of' thread?Because in a UK thread they then have a reasonable belief you're under their jurisdiction when they request your IP

>>873715998Nice copypasta

>>873715998>>873716429Is this legit?

>>873716545The lazy pigs enticing Brits to post nudes on the internet? What do you think user? Think the two girl in OP are cops?

>>873716747If they are lazy that would support the theory that they want to pursue lower crimes (as this poster states: >>873715998 revenge porn) It makes sense for them to do so.

>>873716747>>873716839If you want to talk about lazy, the OP pic and several of the non nudes posted ITT are the exact same pics posted yesterday morning. Almost as if the thread was made and bumped by the same cop- I mean "user"...Don't do crimes, lads.

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>>873716938Don't do crimes is a good piece of advice in general. Hence all the socials. I don't need to see them naked to masturbate to the thought of doing deviant things to them.

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>>873716839>>873716938Why do they need a new thread every day? To arrest more people? Why can't they go through the archives and get started on all the UK threads on there? Which police force starts them? Do they all take it in turns? What category of crime does the re-posting of Tumblr/Reddit girls fall under?

>>873717139Am I legally obliged to answer your questions, officer?

>>873717249Listen, revenge / blackmail porn is bad - but UK threads are filled with socials, years old pics of amateur randoms and actual pornstars, as a taxpayer, you'd be pretty annoyed if they were sat around on 4chan everyday

>>873713851can taste the Essex from here, you know she only responds to people with babe and darling because shes too bimbo to remember names.

the revenge porn law requires intent to cause distress, so don't post here just to upset and embarrass your ex and youll be fine

>>873717306>as a taxpayer, you'd be pretty annoyed if they were sat around on 4chan everydayName one time the government has ever given a fuck about the tax payer. The police literally have AI bots that trawl social media and flagged a monkey and banana emoji as racist. Then they don't give a flying fuck how you think they should spend your money or their time

like Alice?

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>>8737155174231on the right best one, underrated

>>873717398If you want to argue that in court go ahead. Got a couple grand spare for a lawyer, I presume?

>>873717458we can try to like her with more photos!



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>>873717563nice! more in stockings/high heels?

>police now desperately replying to themselves to bury discussion of policeLmao why not make a new thread?


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>>873717670moar in sexy lingerie!

>>873715998>Posting publicly available pictures from Meta™ owned social media platforms>Revenge pornOh dear

>>873717741don't have any lingerie

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>>873717613still here?

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>>873717755>heh heh nothing illegal here fellow anons! Hop in, the water's fine!That's great user, now explain the nudes, the requests for nudes, and the sharing of contact info to trade nudes.


>>873717918still yes, dump more pls!




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There was an user here the other day who had slept with her. Is he here or does anyone recognise?

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>>873718205my word

>>873718189deploy her to ukraine


>>873718274how would you use her?>>873718305

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>>873717122Let's see those tits!

>>873718334those boobs would get glazed for a start

>>873718334>how would you use her?Me? I'd get her consent to use her pictures from social media to construct an environment, on a website known for lax rules, in which gullible people would feel secure in talking sexually about unsuspecting women, so that ultimately some of the thick idiots would post nudes of someone without consent, list their location, and I could chalk up another easy arrest without ever leaving the office.

>>873718189moar user