OC here :) I’m a guy from France, 22yo and I want to make online friends...

OC here :) I’m a guy from France, 22yo and I want to make online friends. I’m straight irl but I have some bi-curious fantasies hehe. You can ask me anything ;) My snap is Findom_Af

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>>873708624this is the wrong place for you fuckin faggot

>>873708768>clicking on my thread>calling le a faggot

>>873708624Jesus can still save you, there's hope.

>>873708624Do you wanna discord vc and talk about our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ?

>>873708851go to church


snapchat is gay, twitter or instagram are good>go to church

>>873709043i got twitter tho, and snapchat is the best to chat :/

>>873708624Figures your french.

>>873709168? correlation ?

>>873709194Probably causation.

>>873709221not very smart of you to assume that x.X

>>873708624Post bussy and moar chastity pics. You look so good locked up.

>>873708624this is the ass of a straight man? post more.

>>873710606sorry i was away, i’m back

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>>873711291it is :0

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>>873711347tell me those bicurious fantasies of yours include getting railed.

>>873711306>>873711347Damn, nice

>>873711378how could it not ?

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>>873708624>>873711347Absolutely begs to be used as a freeuse cumdump

>>873711775fuck yes C:

>>873711838Would love to spend a whole day just filling that hole with cum, then plug you up with a toy and make you walk around while crossdressing like a complete slut, and let the first group of men who really come onto you use you for as long as they wanted.

>>873712030damn x.x

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>>873711505Got a pic with that in your ass?

>>873712965i got vids but toi lazy to convert them haha

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>>873713465just to sort mfer out in my dms lol

>>873708624what's the price of gasoline in France right now?

>>873713601it's free it comes out of my peepee

OP has kik?

>>873713748no just snap and twitter, kik is a trash app

here’s more :p

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>>873714574whats your twitter?

>>873715192i’m findom only over there so i won’t link it here

>>873715381youre a faggot now. post it.

>>873715602what’s the correlation ? add me on snap if i want it lol

>>873708624No straight person posts a man's asshole. Get bent frenchy

>>873713635Can you fuck my car?


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>>873708624Why are you an attention whore?

keep telling me what to do :p

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>>873716175have you ever been fucked

>>873716175I want to see that cage drip, bunny

>>873716296no, never been with a man :)

>>873716512like this ?

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Which do you prefer your plastic cage or your metal cage?

>>873716573i got 3 cages, one pink plastic which is the largest ( and cutest ), and two metal cages, one of which is flat, i love them all lol. I even have a catheter that i can put on the metal ones hehe

>>873716564Aww look at that, adorable

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>>873716175C-could we get a pic of your middle finger up your butt and then you giving us the finger?

>>873716175Get better lighting.

>>873713782What about telegram?

>>873716175I'd tie your hand behind your back nice and tight, bring a few friends over and fill you up many times.

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>>873716877nope :$

>>873716944Download it. I wanna see the cages in real time.

>>873716968no >:)

>>873716930 lemme in those dms son I hit u up on snap

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>>873708624who do you like better? daft punk madeon or justice?

>>873717073none lol

>>873709043thats the dumbest shit i ever heard. snapchat is the only social media i fuck with.

>>873714574id go gay for that ass in a heartbeat. fuckin noice.

>>873717246who wouldn’t ?

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>>873717100wooowww cant be a true frenchy then. true frenchy woulda said justice cuz daft punks too old. dirty little liar. just for that im cumming in you.

>>873717271i find it hard to believe youve never been fucked. anyone who has 3 cock cages and takes pictures like that definitely takes dick.

>>873717371well as i said, i’m straight haha i just have these fantasies. men aren’t attractive to me

>>873717333wrong. checked tho.

>>873717333>>873717500trips of truth. you cant deny. france makes the best electronica.

>>873717441seems like your pretty far along in your fantasies.

>>873717632i try to have fun :3

Wear a cage and show me that hole with a gape

screenshot from a video :p double vibrator in my hole lol

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>>873717862Do the same positions, now spread your ass with your hands

>>873718107this isn't live you dummy

close ups?