Drawthread: Pick My Outfit Edition

Drawthread: Pick My Outfit Edition

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Who is drawingSHOW WIPS

Requesting this pregnant version of Juno (beastars) when she is in childbirth labor.Legoshi is the daddy of the babytorako.wakarimasen.moe/file/torako/b/image/1646/09/1646095143786.jpghttps://pregchan.com/f/res/36.html

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>>873707147wait... OP, you're not me!wait... THEN WHO IS DRIVING THE TRAIN?

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>>873707147RequestsDraw her as a charismatic and cute nurseor/andDraw her resting on stomach or back and showing herself pussy and anus. There is a smile on her face.

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>>873707263sorry, I make the thread at the same time someone else told you to make one.

>>873707320its fine but when you say "Pick MY outfit" but it isn't me that's just going to end up confusing for folks..

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>>873706682game dev?yeah, i can imagine it.still, there are harder things. you've seen texture shaders done before?>>873707263wuh

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>>873707408oh, I see... It's just the thread theme so I never thought of that.

/r/ a doodle of neil peart massaging his headache while alex and geddy annoyingly make weird and goofy faces pls


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>>873707147Twitter hoodie

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>>873707593I guess you could say we have gotten....DERAILED?

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>>873707835trinket stop you're make the thread get off-track

venom symbiote. it will make you feel warm and may take control at a time

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>>873707891You have to admit, it is pretty enter-training though

Real thread made by Trinket>>873707190>>873707190>>873707190

>>873707982really taking the steam out of my engines with these puns

>>873708050Sorry user, beggars can't be choo-choosers.

>>873708100keeping the puns chugging along i see

I am going to have such a hot girlfriend soon. I can't wait.

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>>873708157Can't help it, I'm full of locomotivation tonight.

>>873707982>>873707891>>873708157something something something coal-ed sholder>>873707695its a bit of a shit sweater

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>>873708303someone else asked in the last thread but, didn't you hated woman and have sexual desires for fictional characters only?

>>873707695>>873708337noise!can we have a view from the back?

>>873708326hopefully you don't go off the rails>>873708337must have taken your tram-endous effort to make that pun

Sooo... How about that hoodie?

>>873708414bruh >>873708337

>>873708484perhaps he was referring to another hoodie?

Please rate my latest OC, entitled "Chopin Eating Garlic at Sunset"

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I'm congratulating myself on my 3rd day of not jerking off! Good job my! Let's hope the 4th day will be as easy

>>873708530No no, he right. My dumbass posted that before updating the thread.

>>873708549What is their power?

>>873708549Anon, you can't draw if you have arthritis.

>>873708549take your meds, bro/10>>873708558you hate your pp now or what?>>873708586oh ok.


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>>873708359Well, I changed my mind, now I want a girlfriend to have cuddly sex with.

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>>873708640>>873708641>>873708656I am an art!"Chopin Eating Garlic at Sunset" is my first of a series of portraits.

>>873708714Okay but what is their power?

>>873708714I endorse you, but please, go to a medic to get those hands diagnosed and medicated.


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>>873708799Good night ena¿You take requests on this moments

>>873708661Oop! Looks like you dropped something.

>>873708661cool!...*slaps that ass with the force of a thousand suns*>>873708691you can do that as the girlfriend too!>>873708708but why?>>873708714>I am an art!not arguing with that, bro.

>>873708907It bit me

>>873708799OH MY!!!

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>>873709059Rider you are the best thing about these threads.

>>873708907>>873708889like what? I don't have any fucken pockets.

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>>873709059cute!>>873709198OH SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS O_O

>>873708303Okay, but when?

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>>873709198Uuuuuuuhhhhhhh.... Keep looking, it's theeeere...


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Draw the meme cat

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>>873709545ass made of steel

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>>873709353>ofc she loved it

>>873709561>steel ass you say

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I just was told I goofed and put on the wrong foot for this one. FIXED

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>>873709740nope.>>873709816naughty girl...

>>873709721Oh fugg, that's my request. I noticed but I wasn't going to say anything. Still loved it anyway.

>>873709816man i wish i could peewell i sorta can, but, you knowbirdnever know if it's gonna be a solid or a liquid.though i guess it helps if i drink a bunch. tea's especially pretty active.

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>>873709340bitches on yo dick...

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>>873710088s'gonna be like a risky pisskyhaaa... ah, fuck. yeah, that wasn't.. yeah.

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go to bed

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>>873710203luckily we can expedite the process a bit.

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aight imma go find a trashcan rqrather not do this on camera

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>>873710821you got the follow up?

>>873710613Can't, too horny

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>>873710954Scary hot

>>873710940then jerk off and sleep >>873710954good shit

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>>873710954My sleep paralysis demon acting sus rn

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>>873710821>>873711043I mean the BJ

>>873710954>no mouthHuh, kinda nice to see more weird demon designs

How bout i do color request


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>>873711228can ya give me a color reference? i kinad don't know about rider character at all

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>>873711303blond hair fair skin

I'm glad that shadow isn't real


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I hope shadow dies a slow and painful death

Stfu shadow isn't real you cunt

>>873711572How rude!

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>>873711463she's obviously redhead.

Death is too easy of a punishment


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Shadow doesn't deserve any sympathy

>>873711970i used to think he does. now i don't

>>873711519But whyAlso look at the 3rd panel I didn't blur it at all or do anything it just showed up like that when I took the pic n I was completely still, i think it looks like a real freaky scary face and it's kinda spookin me

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>>873712090Everything reminds me of HIM

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>>873711447What would you need money wise as a daily salary to draw key frames in your style for an animation startup.


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>>873712214I can't say cause I've never really thought of that I unno shoot me a good number you think is right and we'll just go with that huh. I'll work for sweatshop salary if I'm having fun or interested in a project.

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It's definitely 4 AMRequesting Cece fucking VernaEither with the enchanted cat tree & mushroom hut as scenery or just using the pose ref at the top right

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>>873710984>873710993thanks>>873711016next she's gonna paralyze your prostate.>>873711137i think they're neat

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>>873709327I will aim to have one by 2023. I think that's fair.

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lazy thread, huh?

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>>873712527I honestly don't know what to offer. I'm looking to pay Filipino student animaters I'm recruiting 300php per day, which is about $5.80 and what a cashier at a convenience store would make. Actual sweatshop salary, however these will be work from home jobs instead, though I imagine many of them will still be sweaty. Where are you based so I can at least know what ball park we're in.


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/r/ Nuša having an [over the top] monologue while graciously floating in the air

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>>873713556>Gajabut why?

>>873713651Bear with meThere's a short story, a prequel of sorts, when Gaja befriends Miloš so he doesn't feel lonely. While friends, he had Nuša, his then-imaginary girlfriend that, at the climax of the story, Gaja confronts (it'll be explained in another story how she even saw her, for now use your imagination)Bottom line, Nuša doesn't like Gaja cuz she's Miloš's actual girlfriend and because she was beaten by Gaja just using her fists

>>873714023Addendum is the girl that Nuša hates

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>>873713351I've got 50k free an clear, I'm just not trying to spend it like an idiot.


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>>873714023>>873714085yeah, I know Gaja. Didn't know she was such a savage tho.

>>873714437Yeah, I guess you could say shit was so cashThough, now Gaja's boyfriend will do most of the heavylifting...

thread ded =)

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>>873714769thread is always dead.

hello thread

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>>873715026Oops indeedAlso quite hot indeed, thank you >:]

>>873715135so I see =)


>>873715198hola>>873715215yep, shit been dead for weeks now.

>>873715280yeah what happened tp his place. I remember it was bustling this time last year? =)

how are you all doing?

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>>873715333no idea. People is finally got bored or something =:/

>>873714957Calm down OF

doing fine, thx.

I literally cannotcalm dow nI amhaving anothe r episodeSor ry drawth read

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>>873715399good, how about you?>>873715205np

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>>873711022good picture

>>873715703doing okey i guess

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>>873715663it ok

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>>873716044that's good to hear, anything on the agenda for today?

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>>873716382not really but i wanna try and draw somthing big again

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>>873716604finally something good in your mindless spam.


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>>873716855Spam? On Holla Forums? Unpossible!

>>873716631oh cool, any ideas on what you might do?

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>>873716604what's this show called again?

>>873717444oh lordy

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>>873717446Hi Shadow I find your mus ic taste great can you recomm end me someof your favorite songs

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