Feet/soles thread

Feet/soles thread

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>>873705195These look like far girl feet. Am I right?


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>>873705395Ha I was right! I’m never wrong about these things


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>>873705390feet gateway drug

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>>873705406mah boi


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>>873705390nice feet


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>>873705617Keep going

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GF’s feet

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Feet without face is tranny shit

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>>873705802Nice larp faggotkys

>>873705811YAP even with face it’s sometimes tranny sheit. this is a tranny but they’re cute

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>>873705953More full

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>>873705844Idk what you’re talking about

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Your hot cousin is staying with you at your place because she’s in town to visit. She comes home one day, says hi to you and your eyes are immediately drawn to her pantyhose clad legs extending down into her booties. You hear her get into the shower. Your mind tells you exactly what to do. You go and raid her hamper, grab that pair of pantyhose and huff in her perfect and potent feminine foot smell that’s infused into those heavenly garmets. After a long day the smell is truly pronounced. Right. In the. Toe area. It’s like an aphrodisiac. You bust the biggest quickest nut ever and go and throw them back into the hamper before she gets out of the shower.

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>>873706112Keep going

>>873706144nice landwhale what do her feet smell like?

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>>873705832Any more?

The toe on her left foot is shorter than her other toes, opposite of a Morton’s toe. That’s pretty unusual

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>>873707103With ass?


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>>873707183Keep em coming

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>>873711242Fucking hot. More with pantys and stockings?

>>873711343Model from ig, dont remember name

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Kik KateFeets accepting tributesCome shoot some ropes for my feet

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Oc wife

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>>873706576Amazing shape

>>873714719Very nice, here's my wife

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>>873714984>>873715211Looks smelly

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>>873715211Please more

This always gets me so hard seeing generations of feet. Obviously not pic, but love it when my wife, her sister and mom are barefoot around me.

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>>873715445>>873715211Tops this time.

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>>873715499Does she enjoy to show her feet?


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>>873715551Only for me, has no idea im sharing her pics.

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>>873715671What do you do with them?

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>>873715697Massage, footjobs, suck on her toes while fucking her. Would love to have a random guy compliment her feet while out somewhere and have my wife offer her feet to be covered in his cum. Seeing ropes of his cum cover them and her flip flops, leaves his tribute on her feet and continue with our walk.Small toe spread

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>>873716075Nice, u should take her on nude Beach and let strangers cum on her soles whole day, then put on sandals

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>>873716075>>873716250I honestly think more of a public park, more spontanious. But she is slowly opening up to the foot world.

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>>873716408Would love to do that. Keep the pictures coming

>>873716408Nice, she wears toerings often?

Not a fan of posting on here but I do have OC of many friends/coworkers. I have lots of Candids as well as sleeping, all soles. Kik emt707 and discord Max123456789#3577

>>873705195i only like latina and ebony feet>captcha SRKPX

>>873716408>>873716619>>873716696Not often, but when i ask she usually tries

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>>873715690Imagine your gf and her mom nibble on each others feet. Id shoot ropes right there

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Gfs got nudes too if anyone wants to see

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>>873705195I have a serious question for you footfags. If you're only getting pictures of feet, how do you know you're not fapping to pictures of men's feet or underage children's feet?

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>>873717584Easy after years of fapping to recognize Feet

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>>873717770I know most of you are squeaky-voiced little zoomers so you probably don't remember this, but there was a huge moral panic about 15 or 20 years ago about crush fetish, with a big crackdown on animal crush websites. One of the revelations was the biggest crush site in existence turned out to be run by a dude with pretty feet, and horrified foot fetishists discovered that a *lot* of the feet pics floating around were of this dude's feet. For months afterward footfags refused to fap unless the picture included both feet and pussy.

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