Femboy thread

Femboy thread

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>>873704583Are femboys into older dudes? I'm getting tired of women...

>>873704583Hmmm hello :3

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>>873704631i got tired of women a long time ago

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>>873705107kill yourself fat

>>873705107Mmm post more


>>873704806>>873704972please more chastity

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Hii, kind of new to all of this lol

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>>873705272Oke doke buster

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These threads contain the ugliest fucking retarded looking dudes imaginable none of you pass post the good shit or kill yourself

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>>873705419>>873705407Femboys aren’t supposed to pass just wanna look cool for cool hot dudes smh

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>>873705419looked in a mirror lately user?


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>>873705407cute feet with your chastity?

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>>873705402cute outfit


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>>873705633>>873705668Sleepyrei or reithekittenHard to find those pics and now he doesn't do it anymore.

>>873705613>>873705515sexy af

>>873705419i want cute femboys, not skinny niggas wearing skirts

Help me humiliate this femboy slut

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Does i look cute? :3

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>>873705529Wow she’s sexy

>>873706001Hell yeah



>>873706001cage that sissy cock

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>>873705722Looking good! Could you please send a feet focused picture? Socks on please!

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>>873704631Yeah they are but realize you're competing with hot silver fox guys who usually have lots of money. Femboys and traps might have their sugar daddies.You have to be able to offer something that will draw their attention.

>>873705515Plz More

>>873704583How Do I Get a Girlfriend as a Femboy?

>>873706718Spread those cheeks pleaseSource ?

Rowdy_woo.... dirty boy

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>>873706135Ass please

>>873707081not me, that's Lolatrap

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>>873706828these mfs are wearing long socks and a facemaks and are makin more money than anyone, and some of them are really fuckin uglycan't wait for the russian nukes to delete our whole existence

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How do I get a femboy gf? Do femboys use Grindr? Fuck I need one!

>>873707285>femboy>gfno correlation

>>873707331As if I care. I just want one!

>>873707368go to grindr and talk to one then, i've been talking with a twink lately

>>873706135Not a fan of the cage, but goddamn man. Nice legs. Fuck 4chan has turned me gay boys. Like legit, if I were single, I would go for some femboys. Fuck man. You're hot lol

>>873706772Mami plz I want moar your ass


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>>873707621Moar. Want to see you leak

>>873706772you look like a wetback or a ching chong person

>>873706001Ass pics pleaseSource ?

>>873705823You're on your own, user. I ain't touching that... thing

>>873707621wish that had sound

>>873707027i wanna puke

m19 usa subsend me your femboy assholes for me to imagine burying my face into.Kik: rimmingboi

>>873707912It was revealed to me in a dream and I visualized it onto a PNG

>>873707719this is the best I've got, sorry

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>>873708232I love you.



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>>873708339lol giving off the crazy (but fun) vibe. i dig it

>>873708286hehe anything else you want to see?>>873708296no, sorry, but I've been thinking of making an OnlyFans...

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>>873708339Ass please

Femenine boybaja-opcionez.com/category/shemales/

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>>873708424>hehe anything else you want to see?Jerking off vid would be neato


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>>873708339God, i want to fuck you so bad... hope putin going to delcare war on usa, and i'll capture you as my trophy...

>>873708772Send vids


>>873705443Your Phone is upside down retardd.

>>873708501here ya go ^-^

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>>873708823here vid >>873708784I'd happily be taken if I'm treated right

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>>873708945show more you sissy mf

>>873708945More please

oc :)

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>>873708945mmm, wanna give that ass some slaps


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>>873709070caged & plugged, as a sissy should be. good girl.

>>873709070pls more with chastity

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>>873709133very cute!


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>>873709174thank you :Q__

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>>873708940>>873708980You've gotten me all flustered and I'm not thinking right

>>873709233dubz checkedcute little cage


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>>873709174Am I a good sissy girl?>>873709266that makes me happy to hear ;)

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>>873709323More please, i love that

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>>873709233>>873709259love that caged sissydick and those cute toes>>873709323more pls>>873709343i want to fuck you so bad

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>>873706718busting my cheeks open

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>>873709070>>873709218>>873709233>>873709259>>873709323love locked up sissies. gets me so horny

>>873709233Nice cageAss please


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>>873709343definitely a good sissy(jack off lotion in the back lol, caught ya)

>>873709357nice & spankable

>>873704583trans women are men who smell like men. a sweaty man's tongue with scratchy facial hair rubbing caked on makeup and fake strands of plastic hair in your mouth. your hand gently rubs against his Adams apple and broad shoulders. The timbre of his voice makes you shudder. "This is not like a woman at all," you think, "I've been lied to.." He excuses himself to the restroom. from the bed you can smell his shit. It smells like a man taking a shit, like a brother or childhood friend taking a dump, certainly not a woman. he returns from the bathroom, wafting in its scent, turns to you seductively and asks in a deep baritone voice, "ready to fuck my pussy?" At which point reality hits you and you start to vomit uncontrollably while also grabbing the tranny by its neck and pummeling your fists into his face. your rage is exacerbated by your sexual confusion, you cannot stop bashing his face into the stone ledge of the fireplace. his jaw is broken and bloody, his orbital bone fractured, he has shit and pissed on the hearth rug, but you still feel betrayed and confused. you are a straight man discovering your true sexuality through violence. You will overcome this obstacle

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>>873709343Best girl!More videos, please.

>>873709430It's an essential lol>>873709371you like what you see?

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>>873709395FUCk love the chastity and the wood background. porn pic kino

Kik: bradcoop313

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>>873709460toying with my bussy

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>>873709635Would kill for more fap videos (lube pls)

>>873709395So sexy

>>873709654More photos, please


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>>873709624Dear sweet Christmas

They really be letting anyone call themselves femboys so long as they’ve got a pair of thigh highs :-/ Cmon man. Where’s the smooth bellies, the nice round asses and the pretty curves. At least with woman the average woman is still cute. The average “femboy” nowadays seems to be worse off than a normal ass dude in thigh highs. As a former femboy this is really disappointing

>>873709770mmm, fuckin sexy

>>873709770OK, you're now my #1 femboy slut of 2022, it's early but fuuuuuuuuuuuck that's going to be hard to beat.

>>873709770Jesus christ, that reveal is so hot user. Will you be my boy wife?


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>>873709823>>873709842Ty uwu>>873709870Get to know me better first lol, add me on kik or disc. Ngl I am also more attracted to femboys than just like normal guys tho

>>873709770Can you please send your discord??

>>873706828Damn...Thanks for the tip my friend.

>>873709930Show ass pls

>>873709770How tf are you so curvy? What's your routine?

>>873709930want to caress those legs soo badly

>>873709955Zephyr#9403>>873710008I'm pretty much a neet couch potato lmao. I do sit in a gaming chair though maybe that did it

>>873709774Mh? :3

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>>873709942Not that guy but whats your discord? I ended up looking like a tomboy in the attempt to become a femboy. If you’re too shy to post yours I could post mine

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>>873709942Im fine with that, this is me >>873709233

Any dominant femboys here

>>873709218Legs are wow

>>873709669sorry for the wait lol>>873710165witgskvf#8677

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>>873710074sexy af

look at my little clitty ^-^

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>>873710258so sexy! Please more!

>>873710004yes sir>>873710042thank u! ^^

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>>873710282Thank youuu!

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>>873710461love the choker on you. so hot

>>873710243Guess not

>>873710461Show Sweet chastity plz

>>873710315need a webm of you playing with your cute little clitty through that legwear

>>873710438mmm, got any with you spreading you hole?

>>873710543I like it too!>>873710551Don't wear chastity that much :(

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>>873710642hope you were a good girl & licked that table clean

>>873710641you got me so hard right now

>>873710641So hot, I want to suck that

>>873710585>>873710472this little vibrator feels soooo good

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>>873710793Got a kik or discord you could send more vids and with sound?

>>873706718damn, more of your fast ass

>>873710642So hot, I want lick

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>>873710905fuckin auto correct, screwed me again

>>873710980good girl, I want eat it

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>>873711168More please

>>873709233cosplay oc, still waiting on wig

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>>873711168mmm, now i'm hungry

>>873706828I just want a femboy gf that will love me and care for me...

>>873711241looking cute af

>>873711241more photos with chastity please

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>>873711458here's to hoping they're not all tilted lol

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>>873711458that ass needs a slap


>>873711241You're very lovely. :O

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does anyone want to see anything else before I go to bed..?

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>>873711643butt spanks?


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>>873711676got dayam!i want moreyou have a instgram or somethiing?im fuckin horny

>>873711241ty anons, heres a terrible butt/upskirt pic

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>>873711729You say that but your butt looks like it's made to be bred.

>>873711728what would you do to this ass

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>>873711710dayum, i want me a piece of that. Anyone see you when you were at the laundromat? that would be hot af

>>873711710Please more photos

>>873711827stuff my face between those fat cheeks, lick and suck on your butthole

Slut ass tiny dick from kik use his ass owner him Saadmm118

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>>873711662enjoy :p

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>>873711981Use him and post her

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>>873711983nice, thanks user

>>873711906sadly no, but a lot of people saw me when i was walking to and back xP>>873711915as you command~

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>>873712061u got a kik or discord?

>>873711740from the freshest set

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>>873707599More>>873707813I'm hispanic

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>>873712185mmm, what you doing with that WAGON?

>>873712061>>873712132kik: wannabe.gabby

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>>873712061anybody stop & talk to you? dressed up that cute i'd have to stop & say hi

>>873712228So hot, do you have discord?

>>873712185>>873712209why, heading to Oregon, of course

Attached: A20220226046.png (1920x1080, 1.68M)

>>873712275a few times, got some honks too. tho i did wave at most cars passing >>873712299unfortunately no but my kik is wannabe.gabby if you have that

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>>873712418nice. like going out in public when dressed often?

>>873706001Beautiful dick would suckle

>>873712304hope to see you out on the trail!


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>>873712304>>873712594Gotta go through the river of dicks!

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>>873711406Hnng thicc, ass?


Attached: A2021100813.png (1920x1080, 1.48M)

>>873712418added you on kik

>>873713299dubz & bunz, both checked

Does anybody know who this is?

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I would already be fucking femboys if it weren't for my small dick


>>873712195Put some baby oil on that cock already!

A little OC for y'all

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>>873714675sexy. would love to give that hole a kiss

>>873714738I wish lol

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>>873714796you & me both. been far too long since i've had the chance to eat some ass

>>873714796Show bare feet

rate me guise :)

Attached: 1571746092454.jpg (540x543, 96.12K)

>>8737150307/10, would

>>873715030Mmm betifel.

>>873714675>>873714796Would love to go to town on your mouth and ass all night long. You definitely would make a cute sleeve.

>>873714880Ask and you shall receive

Attached: 20220303_035302 (4).jpg (5472x7296, 1.28M)


>>873715302Thank you

Attached: Snapchat-1801050976.jpg (610x935, 164.62K)

>>873715030holy shit who raised this one from the grave

>>873715420just want to play with those cute little nipples so bad

>>873715420You're welcome beautiful. Hope you've been having a good day/morning whenever you're from. Your posts have made my morning.

>>873715539It's 4 here but I'm good haha. Any other requests?

>>873715420More bare feet pretty please, I wanna lick em

>>873715565Anything as long as I can get a gander at that cute face or those beautiful eyes of yours.

>>873710793show pooper

>>873715565Suck my dick maybe?If that doesn’t happen, I’d like to see you lift up your skirt over your butt, looking over your shoulder

>>873715718Here you go

Attached: 20220303_041826 (2).jpg (4467x5515, 1.17M)

And more

Attached: 20220303_041733 (1).jpg (5256x7078, 1.43M)

>>873715887>>873715913Wife material

>>873715814Something like this?

Attached: 20220303_042353 (1).jpg (5472x7296, 1.7M)

>>873715957Aw you're sweet

>>873715240Yes please omg

>>873715913i cant tell if I wanna suck on your toes or your cock more

>>873715156>>873715179well ty >873715442what are u, a faggot? kys

>>873715993I'd love to lick your hole for awhile until I get nice and loose for me to slide right in.


Attached: Snapchat-1086153839.jpg (640x1342, 42.75K)

>>873716541I love how you tuck it, honestly look completely passable in that picture

>>873716595Thank you very muchHave another

Attached: Snapchat-2049526099__01.jpg (640x1240, 180.48K)

>>873716541>>873716699I'd love to lick that tummy of yours.

>>873715279>>873715887Wow. You need to put some paint on those toes though.>>873715913I’m thinking about you squatting over my face like that, dunking your cock and balls in my mouth.

>>873715279Got anything to stick up your butt?

>>873716770Had my friend do that and it drove me crazyHere's the back

Attached: Screenshot_20220303-115947.jpg (1080x2400, 759.88K)


Attached: Snapchat-64648191.webm (432x912, 1.31M)

>>873717008>>873717688I'd love to fill up that cute little hole too.


>>873717890Yeah I could do with that right now, can't remember the last time I got fucked

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