Should russians be banned from 4chan?

should russians be banned from 4chan?

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>>873698502no but zoomers and brazilians should

>>873698502No. Nazis should be banned from 4chan

>>873698502No. Russian civies had nothing to do with this.

Anybody asking about bans should be banned. You must sugger thr fate you ask upon others

>>873698502 Holy shit yes, just to cause seethe. Where do i sign the petition?

>>873698502>What is a VPN?What a sad thread, OP. Go learn how computers work before asking such stupid questions

>>873698502Americans should be banned from 4chan. The quality of every board would increase by 10x


>>873698502Russian bots and Trolls, yes. Banned.Russian porn, no. More OC.

>>8736985024chan has always been about freedom of speech. fuck thatEveryone here is equally worthless


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>>873698502Russian tits no!

>>873699611>>873699076thanks to us, now many juicy Ukrainian girls will go to Western countries.if you love boobs --> you love russia

>>873699405Even moot said this site is not freedom of speech

>>873700821m00t was always a faggot.


>>873698656they're filthy subhuman rats, so yes they should be banned. russian government is in charge of most of the psyops here as well, proven factual no arguments against this. if you ever wonder why 4chan really went down the shitter in ~2015 its because of russians, Internet Research Agency. Puting 69% approval rating cause Russian civilians are retarded cucks who can't accept they aren't a world superpower anymore so they support some manlet who goes around threatening nuclear war so they can feel big. giant faggot rats. will never associate, work with, or help a russian ever.


>>873701507fuck the russians for ruining 4chan

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>>873698618Same thing


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Fuck RussiaFuck RussiaFuck RussiaUSA!USA!USA!

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Nobody should be banned from anything

>>873698656there spreading fake news and propaganda

>>873698790VPN are useless and banned on 4chan dumbass

>>873703402this faggot supports kiddie porn

>>873703162USAUSA USA

>>873698656>>873698502yes they are trolling like fuck here


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>>873698502I'd hate to see you go, friend, but if banning your ilk is the only way :\


modern warfare two

Please nuke AMERICA

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I love mw3 when the van comes flying down the street, kek’d HARD and long

>>873698502Yes, they should be banned.Not for political reasons, though, but because their English fucking sucks. It's a pain in the ass to even try figuring out what they attempt to communicate in their Grug language.

>>873701701>Sergei saidMy name is Sergei and I never said that smh


>>873698502there's already no1 on here..

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>>873703719Yes , so what. As va long as the kids agree to it, is legal

>>873703338Except the Mig15 in the picture is in North Korean markings, not Russian. Yes, fuck them too though

>>873698502hot question: should niggers be banned from earth?

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>>873698618based af

>>873705428Internet Research Agency

>>873707205the IRA? I think they're still in Ireland, ivan



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>>873698502>>873698502No but Amerimutts should A lot of niggers and trannies would be gone

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>>873698502>should russians be banned from 4chan?

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shudda cudda wudda

>>873708271Precisely, user

>>873707990oh, you go by Sergei, sorry Boris

>>873706791No shit. Who do you think was actually flying the MiG's, faggot? Mostly Russian "volunteers".FUCK RUSSIA!

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>>873698502Yes, fuck them in their rat asses

>>873698502That would ban like 5 people total rom 4chan, if though by Russians you mean poltards magatards bronze pseuds /litidiots and/or kremlin paid shills that would mean banning 99% of 4chan.Let's we forget. The all ukranian are nazis propaganda is a product of stormfront/kouprianova/4chan duginites. 4chan literally started this

>>873709047FUCK RUSSIA!

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F U C K !R U S S I A !!

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>>873698502NO! Only Putin


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No Putin says his army is in Ukraine to kill all the Nazis. Sounds like a great idea! We should invite him here to kill all of our Nazis.

>>873698502Yeah and nuke these subhumans

>>8736985024chan would be much better without Putin's hired shills posting Russkie propaganda all the time. But those faggots could easily circumvent a ban.

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>>873699462That was one of my nicer moments

>>873709162Why would you ban me, blyat

>>873709390>implying nato nations are the good guys this time for sureThats why they need to censore, because truth need censorship to prosperywnbaw

>>873709755Found the Russkie shill

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>>873709755FUCK RUSSIA DEAD!

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NPCs should be banned. 4chon is a space for free thinkers of a free mind. fuck NPC zombies and your mainstream narrative garbage spewing. nobody cares

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Try to ban, but most likely you are a zoomer who has no influence. I don't give a fuck, I can log in exactly with vpn

>>873698502>should russians be banned from 4chan?дa

>>873710533Хoхoл, cпoк


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These fucking faggots can't go 30 years without invading someone. Ban them from the Earth.

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>>873698502should jews?

>>873708182Пyтин выпycтит вecь ядepный зaпac в CШA c нyлeвoй ceкyнды, ecли нaчнeтcя кaкaя-тo хyйня c вaшeй cтopoныPutin vypustit ves' yadernyy zapas v SSHA s nulevoy sekundy, yesli nachnetsya kakaya-to khuynya s vashey storonyPutin will release the entire US nuclear stockpile from zero second if some bullshit starts on your part

>>873709755You retards keep acting as if russia today sputnik the kremlin propaganda machine exists in abstracto as if they are TV stations of Pakistan Somalia or Syria only mobilized during the war, and not part of a wider international Web of pr firms AstroTurfs spreading misinfo and bullshit to sow discord since 2009 in every social media there is. They even created a whistle-blower persona like Snowden to push their shit

No but pro-Putin/pro-Russian War content should be monitored and if IP addresses consistently shitpost those things, they should be banned.

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>>873698502Isn't 4chan banned in Russia after all the monke posts?Or does Putin have a thicker skin than Xi?

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>>873710684Fuck the EU

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>>873710604Ukranians should create their own pseud history guy persona like dugin etc but instead of blaming russian identity of being a fake construct they should call them a creation of the bavarian royalty and shills of the ancien regime

>>873710724Why would putin ban his troll hub and l precious ally? Whatever faggot mcpatriot and freedom mommy does on twitter, channers do better and for free. albeit reaching a dozen spergs Like during the French elections some bodybuilder gay guy along with others created some fake bullshit story about macron( same people who created q) to help lepen win out of sheer delusions of grandeur and keep the myth of "4chan can sway elections" going. They didn't even have a guy to translate that shit in French they just assumed frenchies knew English lol

>>873710684And if in the west they should be sent to gitmo to have hummus shoved up their ass.

>>873710240this. if i want to hear globalhomo globalists stance then i turn on CCN. no need to hear it again from the normies. dont you see how worthless you are NPCs?

>>873698502And by "Russians" you mean anyone that does not submit to your liberal politics, amirite ?

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>>873710240If use the term NPC, you are an NPC and a big cringy faggot

when are you leaving to fight them ?

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>>873710583Yes, this is the stuff that needs to be banned. Holla Forums is your home, but you can't stop getting banned from it. Shouldn't be our problem to have to deal with you 24/7.

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>>873711111You will make interesting new friends and learn about their culture firsthand

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>>873710724Nah, no vpn or proxy needed. But 4ch blocks my home isp ranges. Sad.

>>873711111What a waste of quints.FUCK RUSSIA!

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>>873711063Due to superficial thinking, the zoomer does not understand what consequences will follow from any rally. For him, a ban on Twitter is a serious punishment, while in Russia you will be placed in an isolation ward in a prison where you will be tortured, raped and your veins will be opened, eventually setting you up so that you committed suicide. This is for the organizers of the liberal protests. An ordinary protester can go to jail for 5-7 years calmly. Generally without any legal problems. In such conditions, this American buzzer sat silently.

>>873710635>Пyтин выпycтит вecь ядepный зaпac в CШA c нyлeвoй ceкyнды, ecли нaчнeтcя кaкaя-тo хyйня c вaшeй cтopoны>Putin vypustit ves' yadernyy zapas v SSHA s nulevoy sekundy, yesli nachnetsya kakaya-to khuynya s vashey storonyinteresting pointafter the world fucks your country you and all your people are going straight to the camps

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>>873711259Well try to fuck. You will simply die.

>>873711095NPC detected & ignoredsource of your brain: CNN


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>>873711435Go suck from the negro, american whore

>>873701612Fuckin kek

>>873698502The "racebait" and "BBC" threads would disappear. No one has noticed that now that the Russian shills have to eat Putin's dick those threads are almost extinct?

>>873711553>Go suck from the negro, american whoreIt's barely literate

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>>873698502noone should be ban, it is one the last bastion of free speech

libs hate russia because russia is about to nuke the lib cities hehehehehe

putin should be banned from life

>>873698618Russians then.

>>873710240Spot on.

Russian white trash)))


IMO russians should not be banned from boards but they should be marked as potential propagandists.As of today, even their boards are occupied by lakhta, that doesn't afraid to write about losing an informational war while reposting their guides. Also, there is a law that heavily punishes the spreading of "fake information", and everything that doesn't match the position of government media is considered fake.They can whine about "freedom", but freedom works both sides and if there is a high probability that we are texting with a bot - we are also free to know about it.


>>873712597says the american propagandist kek

>>873698656they're literally killing ukranians>b-but that's only the soldiersnope. do your research. civies are being drafted and "forced" to do it



>>873710650Wow your line of arguement convinced me: Censorship is the answer to all. Snowden is a puppet, although court said the NSA spying is illegal. Also Assange is in a british high security prison, because he did something wrong, probably.. we dont know, yet. There are no charges or witnesses to espionage.Thanks for informing me.Ill go and get vaxed now, because of the totaly naturally occured virus, with lab-markers in its rna-code


>>873703620>VPN are useless and banned on 4chan dumbassno and no

>>873714176>No and noYes and no. Fuck off back to plebbit if you don't know one of the few things that can get jannies to ban you on 4gag

>>873706755I see you everywhere. What's up with that?

ukraine doesn't matter until black lives matter

>>873715684Unironically weird how The people who have retroactively cancelled nietzsche rousseau, mozart, every American politician and philosopher before the abolition, socrates, shakespere even polish revolutionaries, as dead white male bigots and scream about decolonizing [anything]... are suddenly vehemently opposing an effort to temporarily problematize dead Russian authors.almost as if they have always been in someone's payroll or perhaps it was fyodors deep respect of christendom panslavism and the fact that he was one of the rectors of Christian nationalism in the blackans, that won them over

Good idea

>>873698502jewkranian detected


>>873698502Absolutely yes

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>>873698502No way, let them keep posting. The butt hurt is hilarious.

>>873698502They have their own anime forum, no? That one with a thunder.

>>873710604Where's the invasion of Chechenya?

>>873698502> should russians be banned from 4chan?No, they should be banned from political map.

Oh wow, that vodkashit rap is shit

>>873711392>CNNGotta work them into every thread

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>>873698502Ypu should you little faggot. Plebbit azz lookin muh fukka

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>>873698618Nah. They're fun to argue with.Plus, there's this whole thing where people keep expanding what "Nazi" means to encompass "anything I don't like"

>>873701507>russian government is in charge of most of the psyops here as well, proven factual no arguments against thisCitation needed.To clarify - not a citation showing the russians are running psyops (obviously, they are), but that they're doing so in a significant majority. An objective assessment of that would be basically impossible.

>>873698502are you retarded!!! go back to twitter

How to spot the incoherence of the average kremlin fuck>spends several years condemning Bush as a war criminal comparing him to hitler>Russian invasion starts>people compare putin to hitler >the kremlin pseud fuck immediately winces calling comparing putin to hitler ahistorical since Bush did the same thing