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he simplest jokes need no words

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>>873697913one of the greatest memes

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>>873698027I like it

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Kelly :P

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>>873696996>>873697051>>873697088>>873697113>>873697174>>873697245>>873697300>>873697362>>873697408>>873697475>>873697513>>873697560>>873697746>>873697984>>873698027>>873698140>>873698165This may be the worst YLYL I have ever seen. I suggest that all of you should kill yourselves as soon as possible.

>>873698283lol. Been here long? Back to plebbit.

>>873698283those are all me (OP), would you prefer

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too spoopy for me

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>>873698801BASED LAPEL PIN

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>>873698951fuck that got me good

>>873698801Not true...I hate all these whining loser racists like you who have no talent, skill, or reason to be here and just want to use black people as scapegoats.Sorry you're a loser dude.

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>>873699001you just proved that post to be true

>>873698283It's not too bad, since there's not much political memes. Both left and right are awful at funny memes

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>>873699235I don't get it, is this some right wing propaganda?

>>873699369cum jar

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>>873699448it actually is some right wing propaganda

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>>873698283You first. If you can't come up with funny OC, I suggest you lurk moar.

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>>873699001Why are you even here?

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>>873699001What a massive little faggot you must be.

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>>873698801Actually it's because conservatives have attacked everyone and targeted everyone. And blindly at that. While denying their own role in the destruction of resources. "it's the mixicans!" "it's the jews!""it's the gays!""it's women!""it's the blacks!"... no... it's you.

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>>873699750where is black on asian?

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>>873699999>>873700000these posters are blacks

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>>873699448do you have aspergers?


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>>873700006Lol, what a fucking joke.

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>>873699829Stop posting. That was insufferable.

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>>873699829Only to self hating losers like you.

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>>873698801>black peopleweird way to spell "jews" but ok

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>>873696996>>873697051>>873697300>>873698701Lost>>873698283There are plenty of fliggugigu threads on /gif/ for you newfag.

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>>873700180>>873700211kek this sums up just how racist white liberals really are

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>>873698283"Where's all the dick at?"I'm also a stupid piece of shit faggot so I can translate what he said

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Not edgy enough. Try harder. Something original maybe.

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>>873700424technically OP is original, I made that myself back when we had real captcha (and the sheeeeeeit meme was relevant)

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>>873700515kys meme maker

>>873700515can't wait till memes are illegal and you're behind bars

>>873699001You okay? You know the internet isn't real right? It can't hurt you.

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>>873700585Ah yes, government authoritarianism. When has that ever gone wrong?

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>>873700627kys racist

>>873700563soon™>>873700585you can't jail a dead man!

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>>873698801Even mega corporations destroying other countries and the earth itself? Are they run by black people?

>>873700471Hey!No Smoking on the subway!

>>873699369How to spot a newfag 101

>>873700690How is that first sentence a question?You seem like you're either drunk or very stupid.

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>>873699448You haven't seen the original post of the dude cumming in a jar with that mlp toy inside and left it close to a radiator by accident so it "ruined" it so he started another one?

>>873700767do right wingers really? gross

>>873700211>>873700260>be me >2012>smoking a blunt with a friend and his friend>we're all white>didn't know what an SJW was yet, but his friend was one>friend passes me the blunt>hit it>there's spit on the end>"aw shit dude, you monkey-lipped the blunt, gross">SJW recoils>"THAT'S RACIST">wut>"Well, you know, like people say that black people have monkey lips, so that's racist">look at my black friend over on the couch>he's giving the SJW the shiggyman faceI didn't know what a plague it was yet, I thought he was just an isolated retard.


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>>873700645shitty bait

Racism exists for a reason. For instance; these two lovely ladies shot a fast food worker in the face because he forgot a 3$ burger in their order.

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>>873700795>I thought he was just an isolated retard.He is an isolated retarded, as are all white liberals that "protest for" the black man without realize how racist they really are. There's nothing more bigoted, ignorant, or racist than a middle-class white liberal.

>>873700762You completely avoided answering the questions.

>>873700969>He is an isolated retardedNo, it's systemic. He told me "you can't be racist to white people" way back then. I didn't know he learned it from a professor.

>>873701034they don't merit an answer you fucking dolt.

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>>873701034I'll answer it for him: those corporations are run by kikes. And every kike is a nigger. Checkm8.

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>>873700969>without realize how racist they really areIs English your second language?

>>873701162dat nose

>>873701174while not oxford approved, that sentence is constructed fine

>>873700645there is no way that little shit read that and understood any of it.

>>873701219There's no hope for you.

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>>873701174*realizingThanks, grammar nazi, for pointing out one mistake and using it as an excuse to question my native language.

>>873700066You dropped your fedora, neckbeard. It's 2022 and you still don't have a safeword, you whiny little bitch?

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>>873699235I lost


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>>873701566WTF is that even supposed to mean you useless homo?

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>>873700652 sub-human tranny detected

>>873699702"So you want to replace astronauts with starving children?"

>>873701928my face

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>>873701416after seeing >>873701494I realized the mistake, I thought you were nitpicking over ending the sentence with "are"but to be fair, you shouldn't be focusing on each word, the meaning of the sentence was there even if the verb tense was incorrect

>>873697913>>873697984I don't get it...

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>>873702072You still shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition.

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>>873702072As in other words, you were nitpicking my ending a sentence with a preposition. So you admit you were being a grammar nazi.

>>873702140looks like someone took a scene from the show "scrubs" one of the dramatic sad episodes and just pasted the dialogue onto some kid's cartoon

>>873702193Nah, I was focusing on the wrong tense since the vast majority of fuck heads out there don't know the basics of grammar.

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>>873698801Don't excuse white faggots like these guys >>873699829>>873699001

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>>873702271>ince the vast majority of fuck heads out there don't know the basics of grammar.Then why bother in the first place.... to pat yourself on the back?


>>873702305As if you're a shitskin. You're probably some self hating white kid.

>>873701999My sides

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>>873702417But this one is just a regular faggot.

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sup b

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Attached: 915F2498-15EC-4973-B594-6F3C6C747453.jpg (474x338, 36.12K)

Attached: CB7986BE-9BA3-41E4-9D6C-046DFFCFBAE6.jpg (1024x551, 57.54K)

Attached: B1B680B4-916D-4E7A-87F7-873A2F281196.jpg (1242x1903, 1.13M)



>>873704265space is fakenasa photos have factually altered images they claim are from spacemoon is a hologramthe sun is a reflection

>>873699687I mean... Yeah

>>873698794Isn't that an ancient Buddhist burial method?...

>>873703384finna cop these fr fr

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>>873702974So you want höney?

>>873699077Is that the Jewish nig hair doo?

>>873699235haha that's a good one for a special club

>>873704638it's the mutt apologist haircut

>>873700006>Isnt not

>>873704926the joke

>>873704400No shit.


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>>873701999 Check't and kek't>>873701928based Trekposters

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>>873702475 it's>>873706760, forgot your (you)

>>873706760I'm high right now and I spent about 5 minutes staring at this gif trying to remember which Sealab 2021 episode it was from

>>873706965KekTrek Animated Series user

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bump because the other thread is a leftypol shitshow

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>>873701972He does have a pointIf we launch all the starving children into space, the problem will be resolved basically instantly


>>873699210haha both can't breathe

>>873698283Fuck off

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>>873699001you just a nigger you woulnt understand the issues you cause

>>873700179based, this

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>>873699576lost more bc of "holy shit no way" rather than outright kek but still kekked, nonetheless, rest assured

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>>873700179lost to this, too, lol

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>>873704926Kill yourself dumb gorilla nigger

Attached: minecraft-hearts-life-energy-george-floyd-policeman-derek-chauvin.jpg (735x1044, 107.72K)

>>873704508All yours, my friend.

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Attached: minecraft-furnace-guide.png (836x512, 253.43K)

Attached: obama-kidnap-plot.jpg (450x600, 54.5K)

Attached: dont-feed-wild-animals.png (319x329, 187.43K)

>>873712074lol took me a secondI've lost at least three times in this topic. unironically this is prob the only decent YLYL thread on this board in ages

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Attached: 1644227113872.jpg (931x708, 173.19K)

Attached: 1645135660895.png (490x644, 314.62K)

>>873712322Had to dig pretty deep in my collection for some obscure ones. Sucks too because I just built my current PC in '20. My last PC got ganked when I kicked out my half nig cousin for being an ass and not paying rent. Thankfully it happened when it did, otherwise I'd be rocking an FX chip and a 770 rn. It sucks I lost out on almost 8 years of good shit here tho.

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>>873699750Delete this.


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>>873712742lol holy shit is this from google earth or something? my fucking sides


Attached: fuhrer_poki.gif (451x498, 1.11M)

>>873712783Here's one moe

Attached: 1631064467489.gif (400x325, 884.15K)

>>873700852yooo sus af

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Attached: 269851234_276323107891914_246657816935813067_n.jpg (1080x927, 137.37K)

Attached: 191913783_138743934983166_194693457619800142_n.jpg (1014x1014, 51.23K)

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A certified Holla Forums classic

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Attached: 7d67.png (497x255, 52.7K)


>>873697245I'm originally from Nebraska. The university was forced to change the Herbie Husker logo because he had a hand doing the OK sign. People are gay.

>>873700795well youre a lot nicer than we were. back in my day we called it niggerlippin.

>>873700954yea but its EVERY FUCKING TIME.

>>873698794they're gonna turn people into trees?

>>873700471Imagine the smell.


>>873701174Like 90% of people on this planet, most likely.


>>873699256I came to this

>>873699965deleted propably because lefties are hipocrite faggots

>>873699829no its the blacks that constantly steal and rob cuz their niggers

>>873700006ye but being a criminal isand since every nigger is a criminal

>>873700260ye libts are known to be hipocritesblm/antifa etc are more like nazis then even the fucking kkk

>>873714511it's a double nig neg

>>873700645cant even tell if its a boy or a girl i think the parents killed themself after seeing how that child turned out

>>873700954i mean lefties think racism is something bad but its just a defence mechanism because you cant turn your back when its black

>>873700007Poor ol' Dr Huckstable got took


>>873712930Would fucking it be considered Oral or Anal?

>>873715269>anal/b/ did not pass biology


>>873700007Poor guy, what a fucking faggot you have to be to sucked punch someone from the back even though you're in a group. Give this one to Einsatzgruppen.

>>873704400Also ur gay

>>873704400You don't say captain obvious

>>873699875thank God I'm not an incapable retard that cannot cook his own food.

>>873699875yeah shit like this is why I stopped eating out years ago

>>873715269my catholic gf wanted to preserve her "virginity" so vaginal sex off the table.i asked if i could eat her pussy and she said no that's oral sex, so still technically sex.then i asked if i could fuck her ass and she said no that's anal sex, so still technically sex."what if i ate your ass, would that be sex?"*long pause* "i think so...""are you sure? what kind of sex would that be called?"*dial up sounds* "... i don't know"long story short my tongue was in her ass every chance i got from then on, fucking catholics and their goofy technicalities.