I'm loving KDE Plasma vaults

Able to hide my furry porn without dragging in any extra dependencies

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What are these vaults?

A way to hide files
Not sure if Kubuntu has them yet but KDE Neon always has the most stable up to date version of KDE

To answer your question that OP is clearly not going to answer, vaults is basically a tool that streamlines the process of encrypting individual files with an accessible GUI and presumably some KDE integration.

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nobody else but you and the internet has access to your computer, stop worrying

Only for retards using bloated shit.

Enjoy your waterboard party, pal. Remember, NSA kills because of metadata and encrypting individual files leaves shitton metadata.

It uses encfs or cryfs (in development). Pretty cool

Either buy a machine that isn't 20+ years old or install some meme wm like i3.

I too encrypt my furry porn

It's lighter than Mate now, KDE uses just above 400mb while Mate using ~430

I never said KDE wasn't bloat, retard. Is bloat but is good bloat



Are you 13 and using mom's PC?


If I die, people are going to go through my files.

But you'll be dead. Nothing to worry about!


I don't want to reward anyone for nothing. Those lazy fuckers can find their own top tier smut.

meant for

In 50-80 years, whatever you're using today to encrypt your files right now could very well be a joke to decrypt. It's a good thing that possessing "furry porn" inversely correlates to breeding, otherwise your grandchildren might discover your degeneracy.


good point

I am not gonna install this AIDS infested shit unless the krauts fix that baloo-file-extractor.


KDE4 is nice too, but it doesn't have vaults

gimme that fucking wallpaper

Clean your room and delete that furry porn.



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As usual, the Japs always do this kind of stuff better. Kemono > Furries.

I'm not a furry but this "moe" furry looks good.
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How come people don't talk about KDE connect? It's very feature rich.
Share notifications to/from your phone.
Reply to texts from your PC.
Shared clipboard. (This is great for texting links to people)
Using your phone as a remote.
And you can even add custom commands.

It's not worth it. You end up making new furries instead of converting existing ones.


You can actually use KDE connect without having to use wifi or bluetooth.
Just use internet tethering.

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There's nothing wrong with the content of the picture, its just terribly drawn. Ugly face, breasts are just colored in circles. The upper body is obviously drawn with a symmetry tool. What the fuck is going on with the feet? The picture is practically pillow shaded.

Somehow I never noticed that before.

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