What was your first gay experience?

What was your first gay experience?

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>>873684464I woke up in russia

>>873684464replying to this threadnow give me cock

>>873684464Reading your post, faggot

>>873684464someone paid me $50 to suck his cock

>>873684464After fantasizing about it for a while I went on grindr.. talked with this older guy and we decided to meet up. He picked me up in his car, we drove to some random parking lot and I sucked his cock.. that’s it really

>>873684464Friend just got his first blowjob and was telling me how great it was. I was obviously a bit jealous and he felt bad and offered to show me what it's like

me and my cousins fondling each other and sucking each others cocks when we were kids, then my first solo thing was constantly getting harrassed at work by this one guy until one night i let him stick it in me, now its just grinder every other month. my wife and girlfriend peg me though.

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>>873684874did you blow in his mouth?

>>873684999Checked. Yeah I came real hard in his mouth

In a threesome. He was on his back, my girl was riding his face. I started sucking his dick and then got on top. He was so hard when I finally got his dick inside me, and I came within a minute bouncing on it.

>>873685065 did he swallow or let it spill all out...

>>873684464I locked myself in chastity for a week. I got so horny I downloaded grindr. I sucked my first and only dick that night.

>>873685825Sadly he spit it out, said it tasted bad

>>873685861even hotter.... shot a big fat stinky nut in his mouth.. "eww grosss"

>>873684977>Grindr all the time>Wife and girlfriendGod you fags are disgusting

I was 14 and working at the local swimming pool. It was before opening so it was only me and this senior (since the local pool was also used by the highschool and we were usually the only employees). Nevertheless he fucked me in the ass in the locker room and I came all over my locker

>>873685933Nigga :(

>>873686007hehe dont worry user i wann suck your smelle cock :))) yellow spermies

>>873684464i sucked my brother's dick while we were watching porn after seeing 100s of pics of girls sucking cock, we were around 10-11 years old, kept on doing it until we were 16 or so

>>873684464Mine was when I started my first thread and became a faggot.

got on grindr and invited a dude over, he sucked me off for like half an hour and I couldn't finish, I put his dick in my mouth and he exploded

>>873684464curiosity led me to grindr. sucked him off and got sucked off. it didnt make me any more horny or any less horny then sex with a girl. it was alright


Anyone ever frot? This would turn me gay the same second

>>873684464>be 19>just broke up with gf I was living with, lost my home.>come back one night, no keys.>DoorLocked.zip>End up headed to uni compsci labs to sleep the night.>End up browsing craigslist.>Make post.>Get replies, one catches attention.>No pic, dunno why I met him.>Got picked up, drove to his.>Get stripped and used , taught to suck his thick daddy cock, take it up the arse for the first time, amazing.>Didn't like him biting my nipples.>End up seeing him a few months later whilst I'm off my box on ket.>Spend 2 - 3 days of smoking and being stuffed and filled by him in everyway possible.>Heavenly.

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>>873687546Yesss, its really hot no matter who its with

>>873687960How does it feel? Gimme some details

>>873684464reading this thread

>>873687546I have. It's nice. Cocks are way softer and warmer than you'd expect. It's really hot.

>>873688191so is cum

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with my best friend on a sleepover

>>873684977I want to tie you up and fuck your ass for hours until I can fist your hole

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>>873688191Can't imagine a boner being soft. How so?

>>873689444He most likely means the skin. Dunno what it is exactly but other guys dicks generally feel softer, smoother and warmer than your own.

>>873689582What is hotter: a dick like yours, or a very different one?

woke up to one of my bestfriends sucking jacking me off, just pretended to sleep, eventually turned into him sucking me off everytime i slept over, lmk if you want more detail

>>873689691Different. Preferably thicker and longer, and with fuller balls waiting to explode once I've done a good job

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>>873689691Depends on your perspective.

>>873689798Was going to say I used to wait til my friends or cousins would fall asleep then slip my hand down their underwear and play with their dicks. Since our posts are so close together everything is just going to assume we're the same poster./


>>873684464Was like 18 or something and started chatting with a guy online. Eventually we found out that we lived in the same city so he came over and we watched a movie while I gave him a blow job. Was kind of nice tbf but have not done it again since.

>>873689980nope, not tyler, the person who sucked me gave insage head though, I miss it

>>873684464Still waiting on it. Think I'll bring it up to my gf when we move in together and see what happens

>>873689798What are the more details

>>873684464I was drunk, we go to her place with 2 friends of her we met on the way between bars, she jokes about sex, I get naked, one of the other guy go to sleep, the other one and the girl go naked and join me. Just kissed the guy this time but first time.

>>873684464This thread

I used to jerk off on webcam on yahoo messenger. Then I found one of the guys that watched me lived near by, so I met him in a hotel and he spanked me and jerked me off.

>>873690332would stay over and play videogames, I was around 15 when it started and he was almost a year younger. first time I woke up to him unzipping my pants and stroking me through my underwear, I have a big cock and he would stroke it calmly and zip me up after.

>>873690648slowly it turned into him pulling my whole cock out ans mybe after 1 or 2 handjobs he literally swallowed my cock whole, it felt amazing, I'm pretty sure the first blowjob he game me I blew my load down his throat, I'm over 7 inches and he would go right down to the base

>>873690648Any other shit u did with him?

>>873690732acted like I was asleep a few more times and sometimes when he was asleep I'd worship his feet. pretty sure he caught me though ansd started blowing me while I was awake, eventually I blew him once, but it was crazy, he would actually give me deep slobbery head, felt amazing

i fucked a dude in the ass when i was 5 years old, i took out my puny little dick and pulled his pants down and ram rodded him, i came buckets and made him eat all the spaghettii off the floor he used to call me master cockboy

>>873685948howd he initiate it

>>873690830Very epic

>>873686613did it ever go beyond sucking? why did you stop? ever mention it since then?

>>873689215>with my best friend on a sleepoverdetails?

>>873691138wow ur rude, you dont go around asking strangers things like that.


>>873691124yeah, better than head I've gotten from any woman, we would have fucked once but I was scared, he had a condom and everything, my favorite part is how he was bigger than me amd he would grab my butt, made me feel really cute for him


>>873691195We were talking about sex and who we wanted to fuck at school, and then I asked if he ever thought about being gay and convinced him to kiss and then let me suck him

I've told the story before, but I used to spy on my parents fucking all the time when I was younger, and I've eaten my dad's cum twice without him knowing.

>>873691549howd dads cum taste

posting on 4channel

>>873691612My mom has nothing to complain about, I'll say that.

Another sleepover story, I had an older friend that went to a different school (our parents were friends) so he'd sleepover all the time. He introduced me to porn, and quickly turned me into a complete degenerate. We were into pretty fucked up stuff and would stay up all night stroking and doing things to each other

Never had one

>>873691782what all did you guys do? how did it start?

>>873684464This might get long so stick with me...When I was a kid and I first learned to masterbate it was crazy. It was when dial up internet had just came out and aol and kazaaa were going strong. Started watching porn. Long story short here, there was always a part of me that was curing about anal. I still remember the 1st thing I put inside me.... the neck of a wine bottle. Fast forward to my sophomore year in hs and I courted a girl and got my gf. I took her virginity. Loved it. We ended getting jobs and getting an apartment together, but my curiosity was building. I got on Craigslist and found a cute guy and we met up. It was really awkward for both of us the first time and as soon as I came I was stricken with horror and intense shame. After a week it subsided and I saw him again, then again, then again and i found myself in a full blown affair. At about the 9 month mark I woke up with anxiety and asked myself what the hell I was doing. "Am I gay, what is happening to me?!?!?" I freaked and broke off the affair. 2 years later the guilt of what I had done overwhelmed me and I confessed everything to my gf. It took about a year to work through it, but we ended up married. This was 10 years ago and now I know I'm Bisexual but I've been faithful. Its been a wild ride.

>>873691941It started after we'd been watching porn together for a while. He could cum before I could, so I'd just watch him jizz all over himself, but eventually "as a prank" he came on me. Then he wanted to start copying the stuff in videos.

>>873691549story time

>>873684464Woke up to my german cousin when I was 12, he was the same age, giving me a blowjob. Didn't stop him because it felt good, but it was extremely weird.

>>873692089how old were you both? would you both jack off or you just watched him?

Being molested by my dad. I am literally the stereotype of faggot made by abuse.

>>873692089Sounds like he groomed you, what a cunt

>>873692079so that was the only guy you've been with? were you the bottom with him? Do you think you'll ever do it again?

>>873692279what happened?

>>873692279Hope your dad died a gruesome and slow death

>>873691363Do you keep in touch with him?

>>8736844649th grade in jr. highhad a few classes with a grungy loser kid we would team up when class requiredi was a nerdy loser kid w/o his acnein one class we sat in the backhe would take his dick out oftenjust long enough to shock menot long enough to get caughtalways when it was hardkept daring me to quickly touch itboth got a hall pass one daybathroom was emptyout comes his cocki grabbed it hard kind of as a jokelet go quick but he wanted morestarted stroking him he wanted to cumwe went into a stalli jerked him until he came

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>>873692112My parents were young when they had me and clearly had high sex drives, so growing up it was pretty common to hear them or walk in on them fucking or sucking. I started spying on them, usually through the bathroom that attached to their room, but as I got braver, I started hiding under their bed before they came in to try to get a closer look. One night I was under their bed and they came in, but instead of getting on the bed, my mom got on her knees maybe a foot from where I was hiding, and my dad lay on the edge of the bed. She sucked his dick, and when he finally came, there was so much cum I watched a pool of it forming on the carpet in front of me. After they went to bed and fell asleep, I crawled forward and started playing with it, until I worked up the nerve to taste it. I knew right away I'd done something fucked up, but incredibly exciting at the same time.

Never had a gay experience because im not gay

>>873692401what happened?

>>873692188I was 10, he was 12 or 13. I liked getting hard and stroking even back then, it was just a while before I was actually blowing loads.>>873692283I don't think that's what grooming is.

>>873692538he started fucking you eventually? how did that go?

>>873692453did you ever make him cum again after that?

>>873688191Very relatable

>>873692460how old were you?

>>873692315He got in my bed naked one night and stripped me naked as well, then started by getting me to jack him off and then made me go down on him.

>>873684464Coming here to Holla Forums.

When I was in college I had an initially platonic date with a classmate I became friends with. We had a study session later that evening, but we ended up cuddling in just underwear. I felt him getting hard pressed up against me so we... took things into our own hands, literally. Showered off together afterwards.

>>873692450nah, notbing to do with the bjs, I just moved away

>>873691549Tell it again

>>873692645how old were you? was it a one time thing? were your parents divorced and you were at his house or something?

>>873692579Eventually. I sucked his dick a lot more than anything else, but he did fuck me, yeah. It went better the more we did it.

>>873692639That first time, 7 or 8.>>873692730I told the first part here>>873692460

>>873684464Met up with a guy from tinder when i was a freshman in college for my first gay hangout. Ended up staying in his dorm for a whole week

>>873692802Thanks bro

>>873692867Have you reported him?

>>873692978He's dead so

>>873692289We switched off. After that I relapsed and strictly bottomed before my confession with a few men. And no, me and the wife have a death pact on cheating or leaving. Plus its fucking wrong.

my favorite part is when he would swallow, hed keep my cock down his throat and I also liked how he'd let me sleep with his feet in my face, all I wanted since was just to suck his dick more and let him take pleasure from my feet more

>>873692741>how old were you? Like 6 or 7 the first time, he got custody rights for me to live with him, my parents literally fucked the one time and were never together.>was it a one time thing?It was a regular thing from then on, I was having sex with him and his boyfriends until I was 15.

>>873693030Destroy and pee on his grave

>>873692453>>873692607yep plus moregot hall passes a couple more timesbut bathroom wasn't empty againhigh school was across the streetfootball field had old bleachersboarded up concession boothsnooks and such for privacywe went there on non-track dayssqueezed into a locked boothrubbed another one out of him

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Ran into my ex gf at a bar, I was with my friends, she was with two of her theatre nerd guy friends. She and I hit it off again, we talked for a while, eventually she said they were leaving to guy to one of the guy's place, and did I want to come. I said sure, told my friends where I was going, and off we went. Two hours later I was on my knees sucking dick for the first time, while my ex was blowing the other guy next to me.

>>873693055Do you miss it? Does your wife peg you?

>>873693098how do you feel about it now? Do you still talk to your dad?

>>873693456Living the dream over here

>>873693679lol it was pretty fucking hot, we've all met up once since.

>>873693769did she like watching you suck dick

>>873693851She loved it. Part of what started it was that she told me (and them) that she always thought I was bi, and that it turned her on thinking about it

>>873693569I dont feel anyways particularly, and we sometimes get together at Christmas but that’s about it.

>>873693456Thats awesome. My gf has a bi friend and I think about sucking his cock all the time with her. She doesn't know Im bi

>>873693096there was one time we were on. trip and we shared a hotel room, I tried baiting him woth my cock out but he didnt suck, probably respectfully since we slept in different beds

>>873694042As far as I know, the only thing that made her think that was when we were dating, she refused to swallow unless I ate my cum first, and of course I agreed.

>>873684464Getting raped by an older scout at summer camp. 0/10. Would not do again.

>>873693961weird... report him. He will be treated well in jail, promis

>>873684464I was 12. Had a sleepover at a friends house. We played Truth or Dare and the dares led to us sucking each other's dicks. Neither of us came.

>>873694227There’s nothing to report, he never raped me or physically forced it, and I started initiating it myself when I got older

>>873693504I'm bi, of course I miss it. I fantasize all the time because I know the real deal. As far as pegging goes, I got her all the stuff for it, but we had a talk and she told me she can't do it. She bought me a hismith fucking machine instead, but a machine isn't the same. It also doesn't pump cum into your throat. It is what it is.

Back when Craigslist was still a thing, I found an older guy that would pay me to let him jack off on my face. Never wanted to do anything more, and it went on for the better part of a year

Was 8. Went to grandma's house i dont remember why or if my parents told me why, but I went to be babysat for a few hours. My uncle was living with her, helping her.He had a bunch of comics in the makeshift room he made in the back side of the house, it was like a lauudry room, anyways, he had slipped a gay porn magazine in the stack of comics and when i got to it, he played dumb saying "oh oops I left my grown up comic in there, I guess you can look if you dont tell I showed you"and so i did. He asked if I had ever seen that stuff or did it. I said no. and then he offered to show me if I promised not to tell. And that day I sucked on his dick and he on mine.Happened a few times over the year. Never told anyone except my current GF about it.

>I was about 7 or 8. >There was an older kid that lived down the street I would hand out with. >He was probably 15. >We would play basketball with other kids and he would always grind on me while guarding or pinch my butt. >One day just him and I are playing and he ask if I want to play a game where if you miss the shot you have to do what the other person says. >Starts off with stupid stuff. >I miss a shot and he says to follow him to the dead end of the street. >We go behind this fence and he says to touch his dick. >It’s already hard and has sticky pre cum coming out, it’s huge compared to mine. >I do it and give it a tug and we go back to playing. >This goes on for a while but he keeps having me do more. >I show him my cock a few times and he plays with it and puts it in his mouth. >I can’t cum yet but still feels good. >I start losing the game on purpose so we can just do more stuff together. >Eventually he ask if I want to try his cock in my mouth. >I put it in and don’t really know what to do, so I just move my tongue around it while her jerks off til he cums. >It surprises me so I back off and have cum hanging out my mouth and more shoots on my face. >We start skipping playing the game and do this every chance we get and I start getting better at blowing him and swallowing his cum. >One day we are in his room naked and he is sliding his cock between my butt cheeks, poking at my hole. >But then we hear his dad come home and get dressed real quick. >This went on for about a year or so until his dad caught him with another neighborhood kid and he confessed to doing it with me and others and had to come apologize to me. >It sucked he got caught because I really liked doing it.

>>873694948>GFkek you a fag

>>873693958How is it sucking another dude? I've been thinking about it a lot recently but I'm a bit nervous.

>>873684464I haven’t really had one other than my friend grabbing my cock when we were kids.

Took years to build up the courage to actually meet with someone and it ended up being 2 cocks at once. This middle aged male couple I met on craigslist, wen't to their house and sucked them both off. Was a good experience in the end. Their cocks were both thick and nice. Sorta like pic related

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>>873695079I think you have to be really turned on going in to really get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Like the physical act isn't really a big deal, but knowing it's another guy's dick in your mouth and the feelings that go along with it made it really hot

>>873695274What's your favorite thing to do with another dude?

>>873695777Definitely suck dick. There's something really hot about having a guy grabbing your hips like a slut and fucking you from behind, but I'd much rather spend a night blowing a really nice dick.

>>873695978I can relate, my wife and I started swinging a few years ago, I never anticipated doing anything with a guy but I've sucked a lot of dick since then.

When I was in my early teens I'd really pressure to my nephew to jerk off with me

Does sucking your own dick count as gay? My parents put me in gymnastics as a kid and I have an above average dick, so the first time I tried, I basically hit myself in the face with my dick. Did it a lot all through high school, not flexible enough to enjoy it anymore.

>>873694042You never discussed it? How long have you 2 been together? Also don't cheat. Get permission.

>>873685940Or just horny as fuck from the test positively bursting from our huge cocks and nutsacks

so in 6th grade when i was 10 or 11, I had a friend and we started to kind tease each other in math class, and we make our way to the boys bathroom where we go to the urinal, my uncut cock was already big at the time and rock hard. So we compare at the urinals. Now this kid hadn't developed at all yet, he had a tiny little cut cock maybe and inch big hard. and I remember the exact words he said in awe at my cock "Now that's a mans dick!" he was probably so used to his tiny little thing this was probably the biggest he had ever seen! later on in our interactions I would show him that i could cum and he was amazed then too!

>>873684464Watched as OP's dad got fucked in the ass by BBCGot a little hard seeing that, ngl

>>873690968Fucking dead

>>873684464>Be 12>Friend is 14>For whatever reason, joke about pissing on some car>Not sexual, just dumb kid shit>we do it>Somehow this progresses into me joking about cumming on the car>I do it, he said he couldn't>Offer to help him, he was surprised but ended up letting meThat's how I sucked my first dick. He ended up rutting into my mouth. It happened in a parking lot at around 9pm.

>>873684464Probably checking out the other boys in my middle school locker room.

>be like grade 1>have to have bathroom buddies (partner if you go to the bathroom)>always choose this indian guy in my class to come with me>would do Truth or Dare Championships>you go down levels if you refuse a truth or dare>we would do competitions where we see how far we can pee in the urinal from>some dares would be kissing butts>dare someone to strip and jump up and down in the bathroom>sometimes other people would come in and we'd all laugh>touch dicks and sword fight>his dick was the same as mine but brown (uncut same size)>alot of kids would do the truth or dare but there were only like 3 of us who were the top level>got to the point where we would switch underwear for the day>and eventually we would pee a little in them and then switch underwear>went on until one day i was in the bathroom with someone else in my class>and he was in a stall>i kept putting my stiff dick under the stall and pocking it at him and giggling>i just thought it was funny but he told a teacher on me>didn't know anything was wrong with it cause that's what a bunch of us had been doing whenever we went to the bathroom>had an awkward conversation with my dad about it , (he only knew about that incident tho)

You don't want to know... It's too gay, even for this board. You won't be able to handle it.

>>873694189what happened?

>>873697222Fag trips. Now tell.

>>873695978you got fucked too?

>>873684464this post

>>873696047were you not into guys? did your wife encourage you to do it?

>>873696144how old were you each?

>>873697484He got raped.It was by an older scout master.It happened at summercamp.There were penises involved.

>>873697610I met up with them a second time weeks after, and that was a lot wilder, including me getting fucked.

>>873684464I found 4chan

>>873697645Not really into guys in a way that I ever thought I'd try it. She did encourage me, but after I tried it, I didn't need any further encouragement.

>>873696047How was it?

>>873684464I met a femboy on Grindr last month. I topped him. Not sure if it was for me, might just be ai wasn't into him that much. Weird shaped dick.

>>873697747It's been a lot of fun. Things had slowed down considerably in the bedroom, but once our kids were old enough I suggested trying something new. We're completely different people now and I feel like we push each other to be wilder each time.

>>873697683had you done any ass stuff before then?

>>873698095By myself, yeah. Nothing like that though.

>>873698137Did he cum in you?

>>873698157>>873698157I chickened out, don't ask why, so he pulled out and came on my face.

>>873698239was it raw before he pulled out? had your ex gf pegged you or anything? maybe thats why she thought you were bi.

I've been interested in cross dressing for a while, a few years ago I finally bought myself some lingerie, a dress, and heels to play with. At first I would just jerk off by myself wearing them but after a little while I decided to post on grindr just to see. I look pretty cute in my clothes tbh so I got a lot of attention and could be pretty picky with who I decided to meet up with. Eventually I found a pair of older guys that seemed right to me. I put all my clothes in a backpack, took a few drinks for my nerves and went to meet them at their hotel room. Changed into my dress and heels in their bathroom and came out. They could tell I was nervous so they eased me into it a bit. Pretty soon I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and another in my hand, let them both cum down my throat

>>873698463He was bareback, yeah. No she'd never done anything to my ass, only thing she did was get me to eat my cum.

>>873693320next time we skipped the boothit was too dark insidewent under bleachersprivate but more lightit was going in my mouthi wanted to see itdidn't taste badi tried to go deepgagged somefocused on sucking the tiphe warned me it was cummingi kept him in my mouthsucked until he pulled outswallowed his cumkind of nasty like phlegm

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>>873684464oh nose my heterosexualalityty!youtu.be/0RL36xlOac0

>>873698501think youll do it again?

>>873698883I honestly don't know where any of this is going. It was fun, the three of us got to fuck my ex too and she seemed to love it, but it seems too...weird? to turn into a regular thing.

>Be 9, dad remarries>New stepmom has nephew she takes care of who is close to my age>We have to share room, but get along great>I'm shy about my body, always go to bathroom in hallway to change clothes>He pesters me to change in front of him, finally do it to shut him up>He pesters me for months to let him suck my dick (my "bird" as he called it)>Finally let him one day>Feels fucking amazing>Let him suck me off multiple times a day going forward>Don't bust nuts at that age, but still feels good>One day when I'm 12 we're home alone and looking at porn>He's sucking my dick and I feel a welling up inside of me>Freaks me out and I try to get him to stop, but he keeps sucking>Cum for the first time>He's pissed off at first, thinks I pissed in his mouth>We realize it's cum and he asks me to let him know from now on so I can cum in a napkin or tissue>Eventually he starts letting me cum in his mouth and he spits it out>Get even hornier than before once I start nutting, he's always willing to suck me off unless he's in the middle of playing video games or something>It's amazing having my own personal suck-slut living in my bedroom with me>Get as many as 10 blowjobs a day, usually while looking at porn on our computer>I ask him one day if he'd put on a pair of panties and let me pretend he's a girl and dry hump him>He agrees. I bend him over and simulate fucking him. He moans and grinds against me while I do it>Life is pretty good>One day dad sits me down, tells me he and step mom are getting a divorce and we're moving>Literally the next weekend we leave>Never see or hear from my step-cousin again>Miss him some, but really missed getting my dick sucked dry all damned day And that was that

>>873698491Any pics?


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>>873699701You were not lying

>>873684464Opening this thread.

>>873699701If it wasn't for my face n body hair I'd be dressing up like this regular

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>>873697662I was 13, he was 12.

>>873699885I mean I have a decent amount of body hair too tbh

>>873699978Ah, it's the face that gets people. I can shave the beard off, but need to keep the stache, so it doesn't work for most guys sadly

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Sucked a married guy off craigslist. I've sucked a few times since then. I'm very mixed on it.... Men's bodies and faces don't turn me on, cocks are kinda difficult and boring to suck, but feeling it pumping in my mouth is one of the hottest things ever.

>>873692488pussy, you don't know until you try. you might realize the person you like the most happen to have a penis, but stop yourself from being with that person because you refuse to accept yourself as a silly label.


>>873700038its works for some of us

>>873700104Thanks :)

When I was 9 I was unbelievably fascinated with my older brother's jockstraps. After my brother would get home from sports practice he'd throw his gear in his room then go out with his friends. While he was gone I'd go into his room, dig through his dirty gear and take out his dirty jock and cup. I'd take off my pants and underwear, put his wet, sweaty jock on, pull my underwear up over it to keep it in place, put my pants back on and wear his jock for a couple hours before putting it back.

>>873698491have you done anything since then?

>>873700158Oh yeah?I'm vegetarian, always out cycling or walking, so the body is nice, cheeks are nice and jiggly. It's encouraging to know that people out there might be into what I've got to offer wrapped up in some sexy lacey lingerie. Thank you.

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>>873700210he ever catch you?

>>873700328Yeah ive met up with three other guys from Grindr since, just every so often

>>873684464Me and my best friend since before I can even remember were doing innocent little things from the beginning.I remember getting caught playing doctor together one time. We were both undressed is the main thing I recall.We sometimes showered or took a bath together during sleepovers when we were 8 or 9. A couple years later as puberty really hit, we would wait until it was really late then get in the same sleeping back with our clothes off.Sometimes we would just make out while naked in one sleeping bags. Most of the time we would rub up against each other also. Soon enough we had started jerking each other at the same time.The first time I really remember jerking on each other is the night I accidentally came without warning him. It was all over his hand, made the sleeping bag wet in spots, got on parts of both our bodies.It was gross at first. He was still horny though. He wanted me to keep jerking him. I tried but was out of the mood. That's when I told him I would just lay on my stomach and he could lay on my back and hump on my butt crack.I started liking it after a couple minutes and remember telling him we needed to do it like this all the time. He came after a few minutes. I liked the feeling of his warm load being pushed out all over my lower back.

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>>873700339oh yeah. beards, body hair and slutty lingerie are a big turn on. we're out there.

>>873700400you been fucked yet?

>>873700483Damn... Any sources I can get involved with like minded individuals such as yourself, would love to get some content made and shared. Communities can be both encouraging and resourceful haha

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>>873700505No not yet, I want to but I'm really nervous about it and I've always backed away from it if a guy wants to

>>873700339>cheeks are nice and jigglygot a picture?

>>873701004Not right now, I'd say find me on grindr I've got some seved but haha bet you're a million miles away. Sorry.

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>>873700354No, but I'm sure he strongly suspected I was wearing it.There were times he'd get home from his friends early and I'd still have it on and I'd be afraid to try to put it back because I was afraid he'd catch me. On those days I'd just wear it until the next day and when he'd get up in the morning to get ready for school I'd stuff it back into his gear or clothes hamper while he was in the bathroom.There was one time I got up kinda late and I was still wearing his jock and he had already finished getting ready for school and he was tearing his room apart looking for his jockstrap. I snuck out and crammed it under a bunch of stuff in the clothes hamper. Someone told him to look there and he said he already did, but he went and looked again and found it this time. He made a comment about someone else wearing his jock and I knew he was referring to me so for a couple days after that i was too scared to wear it, thinking that he'd knew I had worn it. After that couple days I started wearing it again anyway and he never said anything about it again.

>>873684464how do i work up the courage to meet up with a guy? i really wanna know what giving head is like, but i'm scared of stds

>>873701261You're just as likely to catch and std from a girl as you are a guy.

>>873701411true.... still, some of the guys available or urgh.

>>873701098Cali by chance?

>>873701783UK, pretty far mate haha

sniffing and jerking off to my friends dirty underwear

>>873699701Holy shit. We have the same body type. I mean. Like our skin tone and muscle ratio and body hair placement and even fingernails/hands... I always wanted to fuck myself.

>>873703657Ur a bit flabbier and skinnier then me though. I'm more cut and taunt cause I work out a decent amount.

any guys share their first gay experiences with a whole group of buds?

>>873703790Literally no one has ever lived out your pedo fantasy. Fuck off.

>>873684519Holy shit that's so gay.

>>873684464what wasn't my first gay experience. what can i say, i love the smell of balls.

>>873684464Scout camp. The communal camp showers weren't designed for any type of privacy. The camp was for all boys after all.That didn't stop me from tugging myself off while standing under the hot water with 20+ other kids in plainview.Most were laughing like I was being a joker. I wasn't I was coping long looks at a couple different guys. Both were extra hung. I came with my dick pointed right at my face.The first rope only made it to the top of my chest and the next few were no higher.

>>873705502You end up having any dirty fun with or more of them?

>>873705592>Literally no one has ever lived out your pedo fantasy. Fuck off.

>>873684464Clicking on this thread lol

>>873704293Super sweaty balls... balls that have been stewing in their own juice for some hours, so fucking intoxicating. The smell of dirty, sweaty balls is probably the strongest aphrodisiac in the world.Gets me from 0 to horny as fuck, dick hard as hell and precuming like mad in a second flat.Also, my first gay experience: That hit by that sweaty/musky smell of the locker room the first time I went into one on my first day of P.E. in 7th grade. After that gym class couldn't come fast enough for me, gym was my last class and I just couldn't wait to get back in the locker room to smell that.

>>873684464seeing this thread in catalog

>>873705907Oh sorry you said your first not your gayest experience. I've never had a real dick just pegging from my ex.

>>873687954enjoy aids

>>873684464I started a thread on Holla Forums and got AIDS from it.

>>873700460Honestly that's hot as fuck

When I was 14 I was really into crossdressing but didn't have access to clothes so whenever I went to my aunt's house I would steal her clothes. It started with just her panties, then her thongs, then her lingerie and then even her dresses. After a couple months of taking her clothes I finally found her sex toys, she had a dildo, a butt plug, and a vibrator. I took the butt plug so I could sneak out with it obviously by shoving it up my ass, while I was inserting it my uncle walked in on me, I didn't notice he walked in until I heard the door slam shut and the lock click. He caught me with his wife's butt plug inside me while I was wearing her lingerie, instead of getting mad he told me to get on my knees and he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and took out his fat cock. He made me suck him off in exchange for him not telling my family.

>>873705502>>873705592Word got out and most people thought it was a really weird and kind of sick joke OR that it was serious and sincere act that was disgusting as fuck.Two guys approached me with the correct interpretation: Being surrounded by naked dudes made me horny so I took care of business and that was awesome.One had a secret boyfriend. The other kid was down to clown.

>>873684464>be me, young little faggot>Have a snot nosed ginger neighbour as a friend>One day he decides to whip his cock infront of me when we were alone at my home.>He looks at me and says" hey user look here ">He proceeded to wiggle his uncircumcised prepubescent ginger cock close to me saying " do you want to play sword fighting? ">so I bring my cock out and do what he is doing, end up frotting for a bit.>He then asks, hey user do you want to feel something really nice?>I say yes but what is it that you want to do>user just close your eyes and don't move I won't hurt you.>I agree and close my eyes as I stand there completely naked>I feel him puttingy cock in his mouth, it was warm/wet and felt really good>He proceeded to give me a blowjob for a bit just before my mom came home.>We put our clothes back on before my mom came inside and pretended like nothing happened, all while having a raging boner.Did that a few times before he moved away and never saw him again.

>>873706617what exactly did the 3 of you do together?

I'm str8 male but have a thing for crossdressing and find it hot when dudes or girls get turned on by my body. I ended up meeting someone on grinder to just hang out while I dressed up. He convinced me to wear some handcuffs and a gag. Then he forced himself in me and I didn't try to stop him.

>>873706568was it a one time thing with him?

>>873707218It was a once a week thing

>>873707258always you blowing him?

>>873707195Did you end up liking it? >find it hot when dudes or girls get turned on by my bodypic?

>>873707281It started with just blowing him, then he would start to finger my ass, after about a month he started fucking my ass


Attached: Screenshot_20220303-021329_Grindr.jpg (1080x2220, 720.33K)

>>873707362When did it stop?

>>873707017Only two of us really did anything. The kid with the secret college aged boyfriend didn't want to cheat.He did walk really far into the woods with us though. We went looking for an isolated spot away from the camp because the kid without boyfriend had agreed to suck me off if I got naked. He had to get naked also because I wanted him on his knees as God intended.We all talked about various sexual activities and what they had done or were willing to do. What I wanted to do. Etc.

>>873709262>The kid with the secret college aged boyfriend didn't want to cheat.He agreed to watch and we talked him into taking his clothes off with us.We all sat under a thick grove of trees with hard dicks. None of us had massive cocks. Mine was average. The kid who was about to blow me had a bit of a pencil dick. The other kid was thick but not that lengthy.

>>873684464I didn't read the thread yet but i'm sure my first experience was kind of similar, at least for my age bracket.>15, horny, curious>craigslist>2 hours later i'm in some much older guy's car parked in a walmart parking lot watching him bob his head up and down on my dick

>>873710251did you like it

>>873710299>did you like itLoved it. And then after he swallowed my cum i immediately felt disgusted with myself.Took me a few weeks to get over myself and being a horny kid of course i wanted more. And it was so easy which made it difficult to pass up.I'd still feel like shit after i came but i made it a secret habit to hook up with older dudes, many of them married and "downlow" and get my dick sucked. Not sure if it makes sense or not but was surprising how many were into it specifically for my age or at least didn't mind it. Very rare that anyone made a fuss, if anything once they found it it made them more likely to suck my dick.

>>873710420did it ever go beyond them sucking you?


>>873689798>>873690648>>873690732>>873690830>>873691363This is more or less my story, except I'm bigger and thicker than him. Went from ages 16 to around 22

>>873684464oh nose my heterosexualalityty!c'mon insult my heterosexualalityty you know im making fun of you (ooooh! challenge time! who can actually offend 4chan!?)BE OFFENSIVE AND PROVE ME GAY 4CHAN GAAAAAD!

>>873711374he had to know you werent really asleep right?

>>873684464Lol faggot

>>873711635I guess he believed it in the beginning when he'd just stroke my and his cock until he came and then stopped. But he'd become bolder and stroked and suck me until I'd cum while still pretending to be asleep. I guess he just didn't care. What makes it even hotter. He was so horny that cock was all that was on his mind.


>>873712079After a few times I'd position my arm behind my back so my hand would be close to his cock when he'd roll over and start groping me. He noticed that and fucking my hand would become part of it. Later I'd turn on my back so he could easily suck me. Hottest thing was when he once came on my belly and made me cum after that. So much hot cum.

made out with and suck off some guy i met on discord. was pretty good, dont see why other people are into it.

7th grade.my classmate convinced me to let him suck my cock. we later ended up fucking each other.

I went onto 4chan op was talking about gayness, then op mollested me.Fuck you op

>>873712205do you wish you ever "woke up" and went for it?

>>873712382opposite here10th gradesucked an 11th graders cockfew weeks later he eased me into sex

Set off a chain reaction of boners showering in high school

>>873713264howd you do that?

>>873713067did you talk him into letting you suck or did he talk you into doing it?

To anons who got to do both straight and gay shit, which one did you find to be generally hotter?

>>873712942Oh, I did eventually. Just couldn't resist his hard wet cock anymore. So it was mutual stroking and sucking from that time on. I'd have sleepovers at his place almost every weekend, so after I had "woken up", we'd make each other cum about 8 or 10 times over a weekend

>>873684464Were on a sleepover with a friend who was the kind of person to have all kind of bad ideas and me the one to follow them, and he just gets an idea to try little fucking, and shortly i were lying down on him getting cock up my ass

>>873713350I'm this user >>873713361I'm straight while my buddy came out gay. I still don't have a thing for guys, it's cock only. Back then, the taboo and his boldness made it hotter, kind of. We were horny teens after all

>>873713427Yeah that's what i thought. I want to try cock so bad but I'm not into guys as you also said

>>873713427did it ever go beyond sucking? was he the only guy youve ever done stuff with? do you ever miss it?

>>873713370did you like it?>>873713361how old were you guys?

>>873713320he talked me into asking him if i could blow him

>>873713481You should definitely try it, it's great. Just go for a twink or tranny>>873713500He wanted me to fuck him once but we didn't have lube so we resorted to stroking and sucking. I miss it all the time. His cock, him worshipping my superior cock. I keep trying to reinitiate but he's in a relationship and not up for it. I did suck off a guy in a club. We both were there with our gfs. I went for drinks and straight up asked me whether I want to suck him. Made me rock hard in a second. We met five minutes later in the restroom, sucked each other off and returned to our gfs.

>>873713519Around 16 when it started to about 22

>>873713776>sucked each other off and returned to our gfs.with cum on your breathe?

>>873713264how? what happened after there were boners?

>>873684464first year of high school a kid two grades older targeted me. i was short, skinny, shy and looked like I was only 11 or so. he befriended me and quickly convinced me to masturbate with him. suck on his dick. take a facial from him. swallow his cum. make out with me. take my clothes off. let him jerk off all over my back and ass. finger my ass. put his dick in my ass.

>>873684977Wow. Very similar…older cousin would use me when he was horny. Then dude at work paid me to let him suck my cock. Now it’s Grindr when I feel like being a slut.

>>873715925>targeted mewas he nice about it?

>>873684464Never had one but the month I hit puberty and my face changed I had a gay kid following me around in the shower room at summer camp when we were naked. He was definitely trying to get me to fuck him.

When I was about 11 or 12 I turned into such a cock sucking horny little faggot. One of my neighbors was a year and some change older than me and my other neighbor, and we were hitting puberty hard. One day they're hanging out at my place and the older one whips his cock out and just brazenly starts stroking it and talking about jacking off.I remember being smitten with it's size and shape and near hairlessness as he lumped the rod and leaked precum all over.I went astraddle him on the couch, standing, and dropped my own shorts to show my hard cock too and started following his example, pulling on my tight balls and wringing the head of my underage dick right above his, drooling pre.I asked how you know when you cum and he said you'd know, white stuff that sticks to your fingers comes out so I tested my own and then his dollop. How his young meat twitched when I touched it and I found my lips wettening already. It looked delicious and so I grabbed my dick and dropped to my knees in front of him then immediately he grabbed my head and shoved it down on his crotch. I didn't catch his dick in my inexperienced mouth but a face full of downy pubes and i suckled at his nuts and licked them.Friend 2 shot over on the couch and took down his shorts too, awkwardly stroking his own worsening hard on.I came up and quickly wrapped my tongue around my friends dick, I clearly remember the feeling of the firm but squishy organ. I licked all around and he held his cock by the root to keep it steady and my head to press down once I had his helmet in my lips. He shoved and I gagged and sputtered and almost came right then. I took a breath, spat on him, and went back down with my eyes closed. I sucked and he eventually came a dribbling little amount that I don't out into my shirt.Then friend 2 pleaded I do him the same and I did enthusiastically. I drained both my childhood friends balls that day and many others afterwards. In my room, theirs, backyards, everywhere.

>>873716125very nice. at first i thought he was just a really cool guy. even when we started doing things i didn't realize that was all he ever wanted. it made me horny. i would look forward to getting to his care after school so he could drive us up the canyon or, if it was dark, to the huge cemetery that was nearby.i almost always jerked myself off while sucking him clean or riding on his cock. i didn't mind since just being part of it was a huge turn on.

knew a boy in middle school who wore make-up and we would kiss sometimes.

>>873716523was he hot? how did he initiate it all

Used to jerk off with a friend.Eventually turned it into a game where the loser blew the winner.