PXE on Pi

When will PXE boot ever be supported on these things?

Long story short I work for a company that uses a shit ton of thin clients that PXE boot images so users can access websites.

I could replace a shit ton of $90 to $120 thin client Intel PCs with these $35 Pi's if they would just support native PXE and didn't require SD cards.

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Fisher Price sells training hardware for people like you.

Have you tried literally any other SBC and not the most overrated turd on the market? The boot process on these things is a mess.

All ARM single board computers are turds. Every single one.

ok so any recommendations for an SBC under $50? or are you just spewing shit?

Raspberry pis are trash. Not worth downgrading too to save a couple pennies

this would be far from a downgrade

Here let me help you out. Try researching information about PiServer.

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Literally no power. You'd be better off multiseating 1 amd64 CPU to 10 different stations than 10 Pis to 10 stations.
Raspberry Pi 3 most certainly needs one.
This is the only legitimate argument you have.
In the long run it will only become less usable as hardware requirements increase. 1GB of RAM wasn't even good 10 years ago.

Only if you overclock the hell out of it.


FTFY 66.6C is not acceptable with normal use.
There's nothing universal about any of these ARM single boards. The original Pi came out in 2012. The closest thing to an ATX standard ARM motherboard, available for purchase today, are the Nvidia Tegra boards and they're fucking expensive. Why is it so difficult to get a board with SATA, DDR3/4 RAM slots, and PCIE slots? These boards are an afterthought is the reason why. They have no desire to take this beyond Android cellphone use. If they can sell a few gimped boards to people like you to burn off inventory, all the better.

The closest thing ARM has to being a universal platform is U-Boot and I'd hardly call that a solution, more like a shitty hack. and the other user is right. ARM gets away with being weak as fuck because of its low IPC compared to other architectures. ARM is destined to be weak as fuck. If ARM ever wanted to scale up their IPC to compete with desktops they would essentially run into the same power and thermal issues. ARM is a meme

The ZedBoards are quite decent, but that's for a different customer.

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PXE firmware still needs some ROM. Raspberry doesn't have any besides sd card. I remember, other Pi clones like Orange have a dedicated ROM and can do a PXE boot, but they lack software support.
You will need enclosures and power adapters for every single one of them.
That's 15-20 dollars on top of 35.
Pi doesn't have a power button, so in order to reset it users will have to unplug a power cable.
All USB ports and Ethernet are on a single 2.0 hub, would be fine for web browsing and mouse+keyboard, wouldn't be fine if they'll want to plug in a flash drive. I suppose, existing solutions have dedicated gigabit NICs and separate full-speed USB ports.
1 GiB of ram and anemic cpu from 2012 is really bad for a thin client in current year.
Why are you concerned in replacing already existing thin clients if they do their job? Did you make calculations whether it will be profitable to switch everything to pi's or just a larper?

Please read what I linked raspberrypi.org/blog/piserver/ or more importantly what is linked inside of that article:
The rpi3 is able to do it without an sd card.

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Isn't PXE handled by the IME firmware these days (and will become non-functional if you restrict/remove IME in any way)?

Even if they hadn't turned out to actually support PXE now, you could have used cheap SD cards to do PXE with GRUB.

Do you even know what a thin client is for?

Why are you pulling temperatures just straight out of your boipucci?

I wish, show me a good Soc with it, lowRISC is the only thing I can think of and that is still some way from being an actual thing

Yes, and I don't even think Rasperry Pi would be good for that.

You don't have a Raspberry Pi 3. You've never used a Raspberry Pi 3. Why don't you go back to wherever you came from?

I own a Rpi3 and it's sitting right next to me. You avoided the question, too - why are you pulling temperature data right out of your inverted penis that the doctors fixed up into a pseudo-pussy?

We've already established that you're an Intell shill whose still mad that every one of your attempts to enter the same market segment the Pi occupies have failed.

Guess again sweet cheeks. Anyone can search the Raspberry Pi forums to see that the RasPi3 boards have terrible heat issues even without overclocking. Why you would want to lie about something that anyone could so easily and quickly prove is beyond me. Maybe you're feeling a bit foolish about wasting money on this garbage? You pissed away $35 on this POS like the rest of us. It's okay to feel bad.

Looks like most people report typical temps around 35-40º user, that hardly sounds like "terrible heat issues." It seems that people are reporting temps around 60º when running the thing under full synthetic load such as in benchmarks, without a fan, which is well within the thermal limits of the device.

I like my Pi, it's extremely useful, uses very little power, and is cheap and universal. I'm happy they make you so angry and cause you to sperg out like a tard. Everybody knows you're the same Intel shill who makes the same comments about the Pi in every thread which talks about it. Your incredibly butthurt posting style gives you away.

Um sorry sweetie.
Browsing the web with Chromium and watching SD MPEG4 videos is not normal usage lmao. Why don't you go back to reddit, okay buddy?

Haha, you're that Captured Society pajeet, moonlighting at Intel?

It's just so funny that the Pi makes you so mad.

ARMlets attempting to swindle poor people out of their money makes me mad.

Maybe when Intel can offer a low power solution they will be able to compete with the Pi. As it goes now, they have nothing that can touch the Pi. Remember when those morons tried to make Intel CPU phones?

I guess until then they have an angry Pajeet to shill. Maybe they won’t even need to hire people like you if they ever manage to compete with ARM.

Everything touches Pi including the bottom of the trashcan as it's thrown away. You are completely delusional.

Intel is now going to be too busy fixing its shitty broken hardware to try to honestly compete with the Pi, how can they ever recover?

I have an Atom tablet. Damn thing runs super hot, and the battery life is mediocre. Intel, never again.

You can always install Linux on your tablet, right? Or did they gimp that too?

Wow, its kind of shocking how bad this board is at technology. I kind of expect freetards AKA the kings of politicizing technology to let politics get in the way of technology and objective facts though

Atoms are pretty damn impressive for what they can accomplish. It goes to show how shitty ARM actually is if anything when an old CISC design is able to compete at thermal design. Still, it is Intel shit. AMD still has the E-series APUs/Cat Cores though so hopefully AMD can jump in and give us more competition in this space. AMD was planning on 64-bit ARM chips but oh yeah ARM is a retarded meme so they ended up killing that shit off when Jim Keller returned to the company to steer them back on track with the Zen microarch.

You can but Linux has really bad support when it comes to Chinese Atom boards in my experience. I could install Ubuntu on my tablet for example, but the backlight didn't work, nor did the touchscreen, or the wifi

Can you use PXE on a IME system with IME disabled?

Everything made mobile by them has been crap. Ryzen mobile when

Eh I installed Gentoo on it and 65-70° was the norm during compilation

So you want to buy RPi units in bulk even though Broadcom's bait-and-switch pricing model is well known and they're only cheap because they cut corners like this in the first place.
How retarded are you exactly?

OrangePi, BananaPi, Asus Tinkerboard, ODROID. Any of them is better than the SJWPi

Do not recommend this chink POS
Mine never worked fine, it was a pain in the ass to make it work on a crt, the documentation sucks and it died after a month

ROCK64 Looked like the best bet when I was looking at this recently. Admittedly, my purposes are different, I was looking for a media center. Big advantages are native gigabit ethernet (PI forces this through USB bus), USB3, and eMMC musule support.


I'm now imagining a call center full of cubicles with Pajeets copying and pasting approved sentences in most posts whilst attempting to create sentences like
I'm not convinced a native English speaker would write a sentence like that.

One nice side-effect of shoving ethernet and sata hard disk through USB2 is those nasties don't get the sweet, sweet, DMA elite access for their cianigger botnet firmware shenanigans.

The Raspberry Pi still can't boot without CIANigger Broadcom firmware. Of all the ARMlet hardware you've chosen to shill, you've picked the absolute worst.


What I stated has nothing to do any specific board. You're reading too much into what other people post. I guess it's something for you to figure out...

At least ARM doesn't use (((signed microcode)))

(((TrustZone))) You ARMlets really are the dumbest motherfuckers on the planet.



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Your projection reveals a lot about you, namely that you're a libtarded faggot who has schizophrenia.

I just want a small device that can browse sites and watch a single video at even sub 720p resolution and not start acting like its choking on a bag of dicks. Maybe even do some light document work like email writing or simple script writing. If its actually worth working on then I would just work on my desktop. Tablet and smartphones have a horrible OS that, and thats if you are just talking about functionality. Thats not even going into the botnet implications. I don't need to turn on my 700 watt machine to browse websites. fucking javascript programmers. I've gotten Pis to almost be effective at this, but "almost" is the key word here. sometimes it can watch a single youtube video without any problems, other times it just would randomly time out in the video for no real reason, or the browsers with crash. This was on dietpi too with a few different browsers.

Stop being a faggot and use a dedicated video player to watch videos and not HTML document viewers.

Your computer isn't using 700 watts ever. If you want something small, get a NUC.

TrustZone is not a separate coprocessor like IME. It's just a feature for embedded developers for extra security.

That's exactly what the argument was, wasn't it? Separate co-processors.

Embedded developers mostly work against the user, so this is security for the corporations against the "owner". In practice it is mostly treacherous computing used for DRM.

Then when you buy the CPU don't use trustzone for anything.

Don't most of them need proprietary firmware that does use it? At least lineagos comes with widevine firmware iirc

Thats even the worse part. Trying to use smplayer or mpv player and some videos won't even load, if they even load at all, yet for some strange reason web "its called web now, it use to be called Epiphany" will actually play the video, and will play it just fine as long as its not too big. Fucking Midori seems to actually runs the fastest and play videos, I hear almost nothing about Midori but apparently I've heard some people telling me its been compromised some how. This isn't even one websites mind you. This is if I'm play the video file locally via the micro sd card, or a flash drive. It doesn't even make any sense. The browser that is probably using that same video player lags when using the actual video player. I also tried VLC which will actually run "anything" but lags even on the smallest video, and form what I can gather, I think VLC is completely unaware that the other cores exist since core usage will shoot up the 100% for one core, usually the main core, but the other cores will act like nothing is going on. The browsers seem to actually force proper threading. The ones that seem aware of the other cores in the first place I mean.

Whats that?
The point was to save money.
While not being spied on/awful exploits.
Which brings up another question, aside from the makers being SJWs shits, I didn't know any of that and got my stuff well before any of those stories broke. is there anything to be worried about with their arms processors. What is this (((TrustZone))), you speak of?

Forgot picture.

No mention of money anywhere. You're not saving money throwing it away on shitty single board computers, which in your own words, are not effective.

My bad, I thought the implication was there.
True, I that would be the best solution at this points.
Still though, when I did the math for these things I got the results that the work per cycle was suppose to be equal to that of a mid to high end Pentium 4. It can run quake 3 with 30-60 fps, but playing movies and running websites it has problems. Granted that means nothing without knowing if the same amount of work is done between and an Arm CPU and a Pentium 4 for the same program.

This is why having an ARM board with PCIE would come in handy. Fujitsu is supposed to be working on "HPC extensions" to ARMv8, but I doubt it will ever see the light of day outside of Japan. This is my biggest issue with ARM. Outside of Android and cellphones, nobody seems to give a shit about it. Where the fuck was that AMD ARM Opteron that was announced years ago? The only company selling high end gear is Nvidia and it only has one onboard SATA port so that PCIE slot is blown on SATA controller card.

Well the closet thing ARM had to a competitor was anything using MIPS, but the two companies there where largely making them ether switched to ARMv8 or is "dead". Qualconn has an effective hold on the market with Snapdragon for anything that isn't a Desktop or Laptop. The only other thing would be an Arduino, but those are basically glorified switches for anything that doesn't need an OS.No one wants to even bother trying to make a new CPU architecture, and I guess AMD is happy with game console manufacturing.

OP picks both !


RISC ma'fukn V nigger

Intelx86 with PXE under $50 is wishful. Not many have Intelx86 because they are more expensive, so you'd be getting cheap Celeron, Atom CPUs.

AAEON Technology AIOT-X1000 might be able to get some cheap as discontinued.
Supermicro A1SQN can boot PXE
but is double the price limit of $50

96-Core ARMv8 rapes the shit out of Intel/AMD


It can now and has been able to for years. Some onboard devices don't work though.

GG x86 it only took nearly 100 cores to do it but we finally did it!


So? That 96 core ARM chip is more efficient and less costly to produce than x86, which was designed by Intel Israeli Hafta lab.

Into the trash it goes.