Grand Unified /g/ Discord

Hey Holla Forums! Check out the Grand Unified Tech Server on Discord!

We started on 4chan's /g/ a while back, but now we here, too!

Full STEM Server includes:
-Tech news
-Tech support (We have Pajeets on staff to help you with your shitty Wangblows problems)
-Even talk about vehicles and odd tech. Like rockets? Sure! Making cool breadboard shit? You got it!
-And yes, even vidja and audio

This is the Grand Unified /g/ of Discord!

(And, of course: We also got animu grils, because what programming thread doesn't have a kawaii as fuck gril doing CS stuff?)

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Nothing's wrong with Discord. It's real-time, and that makes it efficient.

1. discord.webm
2. It's full of faggots (e.g. you)

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Holla Forums are the real pajeets.

accomplishments of /g/:

accomplishments of Holla Forums:

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a simple fork

a simple fork

mostly Holla Forums users

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Just when you think the board hit rock bottom, /g/ shows up inviting you to discord.

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Holla Forums is lost I thought the summerfags killed it but /g/niggers and crossposters have done us in.




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i'm glad tech is united against this bullshit

You mean the one that was created by a Holla Forums user and then taken over by endchan's developer?

A place where posturing teenagers are so new they don't even know how to sage.

If there is one thing to be sure of on english imageboards, it is our hate for each other.