Apple’s new APFS loses data!

Welp it turns out that faggot Tim Cook presided over yet another debacle.

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This is what happens when you swap out an engineering culture for a trendy faggot SJW culture obsessed with diversifying itself into extinction.

"Engineers" in this field are cancer too. Software was a mistake.

Why didn't Apple just use ZFS? They were even advertising that they were going to for a while.

Frankly it would have been better than this shit. Heck they could have afforded to buy all of Sun as well at the time, but instead Oracle did and is doing its best to kill off anything that remains.

I think even Gnome has a higher standard for quality than Apple these days.

For a lot of reasons, all silly.

what a bunch of shit

What went wrong, Nextstep was solid, Openstep was solid, OS X was pretty solid for a long time.

Seems like a waste.

(White POWER PC!)
I think the decline of the desktop can rightfully be blamed on the mobile platform. It just doesn't make sense for Apple to focus on that platform when the vast majority of their revenue comes from phone users.

>Note: What I describe below applies to APFS sparse disk images only — ordinary APFS volumes (e.g. your SSD startup disk) are not affected by this problem. While the underlying problem here is very serious, this is not likely to be a widespread problem , and will be most applicable to a small subset of backups. Disk images are not used for most backup task activity, they are generally only applicable when making backups to network volumes
The bug is that the image will incorrectly show how much free space is available, and trying to copy more data than what the image can accommodate will, obviously, corrupt data.

So it's fucking nothing. This will probably be fixed in an update.

C'mon guys. I hate apple and their shitty products, but this stop with the fucking clickbait threads. This isn't fucking buzzfeed.

$2 has been deposited into your iTunes account.
You're right though

If it were more widespread it would have been caught much more quickly. Data corruption on an expected failure case is not acceptable.

Wow a bug was found in a supremely complex system! How terrible!

Except it happens on a test case which both the devs and Apple's QA department probably tested.

Complexity and terribleness of a bug are orthogonal. What you're saying is irrelevant.

A supremely complex system that is propagandized as "stable" and "premium" to consumers who typically are more than happy to pay exorbitant prices for this drivel

I'm pretty pleased with my own choice, personally

The shitty thing here is that nobody can blame Apple for finally upgrading the filesystem. It just appears that they rolled it out a bit too early for some use cases. It also seems to lack features that ZFS has, which is sad because there's no reason Apple couldn't help FreeBSD with the project other than proprietary tricks. Can any other OS even read APFS yet?

/still bitter about zfs being advertised as Apple's next file system, then no word at all again (not even a denial)

Well when the benchmark is MS Windows or the typical clusterfuck linux distro is isn't hard to claim those things. Now its just become as shitty as the rest.

This is my favorite as well. The lack of hash checking in other FS feels like a major under-consideration.

Hey, at least I still have my money, freedom, and confidence. Oh wait, I also didn't lose my data! Might be time to drop proprietary...

Huh? My ext4 Linux installation is extremely stable. All the development happens on Linux kiddo. Once it's there, Apple/BSD faggots have to march in and start copying it and make their own shitty versions because the license won't let them just take it no questions asked.

whats your proposed alternative?
oh wait you dont have one because youre just a memelord on the internet

The alternative is kill yourself.

You're a fucking moron, dude.

Not an argument, dude.

Ext4 is extremely stable though. Even Google uses it for their servers.
There's BtrFS, XFS and a whole bunch of beta- or unfinished filesystems, but ext4 is good.
Now, NTFS on the other hand...


Case in point.

Beat me to it with glorious dubs. The niggerbrain SJW faggot you triggered made your point. Pottery if you ask me.


Kill yourself nigger. This isn't the first time Apple has corrupted or lost user data. Remember the OS X Niggerkun """upgrade""" that wiped all attached storage during install? The issue is Apple bent the knee (2 in AIDS Cook's case) for lower IQ and it shows.

I wasn't making an argument, I was calling you a moron. "Trendy SJW faggot culture" has no effect on filesystem implementation.

that's fucking nothing

Keep reading, I know it's hard but don't give up mid way through the sentence. Now lookup what diversifying means in your dictionary, I know it's a big word for you, but use the pronunciation key and sound it out. This part will probably confuse you some more, but can you tell me what the term means in the context of an extreme liberal culture? I'll give you a hint, it results in hiring less of a certain group of people, arbitrarily. If you were hiring people for artificial attributes instead of their merits, would your team be more or less likely to be as good as it needs to be?

Apple are not replacing engineers with diversity hires, because they're a business, not a hackerspace. That's why you're a moron.

Are you too dumb to follow their own public statements? They're trying to diversify every aspect of their company, including at the leadership level. They've been pushing this hard for the past five years. Even if they hire a couple nogs for some make work position, that's an expense that could have hired one more engineer. Even if they were never allowed to touch code, just pushing unqualified niggers into management and testing positions would promulgate mediocrity.

This is not the same Apple as it was 15 years ago. They're now hiring people who are perhaps even dumber than you, if you can believe it.

This. Annual OS release cycles as if their QA is good enough for that kek. Fucking trash company, stale tech, AIDS-inside.

funny coming from the Holla Forumsroach

Point me to one Apple engineer replaced by a diversity hire.

what was wrong with hfs+ anyways?

it is crap because it doesn't have data checksumming.
apfs is crap for same reasons too, though, so in comparison there's not much wrong in hfs+.

why do I need this in the FS when I can just do it manually or with a script?

oh, really? i had no idea...

Read the post completely before replying.

Because this is a block level concern. While you might be using checksums for packages you retrieve online, this addresses concerns of corruption occurring at lower levels.

Point me to one who wasnt.

Isn't that what the journal is for though?
Is HFS+ a journaling fs?


HFS+ can be journaled, and no that's not what it's for. The journal is a structure which can quickly guarantee that the data is recorded to disk, before it is placed in its final committed position.

Also, I should add that the journal is sometimes only used for meta-data. That's not as resilient, but it will be able to ensure the drive data is consistent (no partial writes).

HPFS etc was already bad this is even worse lol

HFS+ wasn't that bad, it was just old. Compared to other filesystems made at the time it was actually quite advanced.

its awful you are delusional


"The true horrors of HFS+ are not in how it’s not a great filesystem, but in how it’s actively designed to be a bad filesystem by people who thought they had good ideas.
The case insensitivity is just a horribly bad idea, and Apple could have pushed fixing it. They didn’t. Instead, they doubled down on a bad idea, and actively extended it – very very badly – to unicode. And it’s not even UTF-8, it’s UCS2 I think.
Ok, so NTFS did some of the same. But apple really took it to the next level with HFS+.
There’s some excuse for case insensitivity in a legacy model (“We didn’t know better”). But people who think unicode equivalency comparisons are a good idea in a filesystem shouldn’t be allowed to play in that space. Give them some paste, and let them sit in a corner eating it. They’ll be happy, and they won’t be messing up your system.
And then picking NFD normalization – and making it visible, and actively converting correct unicode into that absolutely horrible format, that’s just inexcusable. Even the people who think normalization is a good thing admit that NFD is a bad format, and certainly not for data exchange. It’s not even “paste-eater” quality thinking. It’s actually actively corrupting user data.
By design. Christ.
And Apple let these monkeys work on their filesystem? Seriously?"



Jesus christ I don't even think hiring based on anything but qualifications is smart, and I'm sure it's displaced some better hires, but you need to grow up. This shit is literally because of idiots like you, YOU are the reason this is happening. You just assume they're under qualified because they're not like you. Mostly hiring white dudes because of some perceived higher quality of hire based on race or gender (you know, that thing that has been happening basically forever in tech, and even longer outside of it) is just as fucking stupid as doing the same thing with black women or whatever, just because they are what they are.

The only correct way to hire is based on qualifications alone, but if old white dudes literally can't or won't do that, because they're racist manchildren (and the niggers and those fucking harlots are clearly stupid by muh genetics so their qualifications mean less) then shit like this ends up happening in response. Thanks.

Also, Apple has been a piece of shit company for over a decade. I can't remember the last time they did something that mattered. Who fucking cares who they hire, engineers or otherwise? If you buy their shit you're a fucking moron to begin with. Enjoy your bendy chink slave labour NSA botnet rectangle and your $2000 toy computer that is actively beat out in specs and usability by something a 13 year old would build for $700 to play minecraft.

No, it's bad and was always bad, and tacking shit onto an already bad FS has only made it worse over the years.

HFS dates back to the 80s and was better than the competition on the desktop.

It wasn't until BeOS that we had a decent desktop FS with more advanced features.

Who ever thought that was a good idea?

honestly if there were 1 thing i could change about *nix it would probably be this, actually i feel like ive said that before about other things, but this would be in the top 5 or 10 for sure...

Why though?


You didn't miss anything, it was just incoherent monkey babble.

Because no normal human being would ever think causing collisions (not just in filenames, anywhere at all) due to upper/lower case makes any sense whatsoever. Same as other inanities non-Mac systems have forced on us, like using filenames to identify filetype instead of real metadata, using pathnames to locate files instead of persistent IDs, or using system-wide file associations instead of file-specific creator codes.

Honestly, if I were designing an FS, I'd just turn names into another piece of arbitrary metadata, identify files in trees solely by ID, and completely eliminate the need for every file in the same directory to have a different name.


Execution shouldn't be tied to the location of binaries in the filesystem to begin with, instead resolving to a central Db of all binaries, which is also how the creator codes would work. If you want to pick out one individual file for some reason, use its UID.

are these IDs portable?
how would you refer to other files in things like CMakeLists.txt, etc?
what will happen when your repository is cloned on other system where all files get different IDs?

also, same question about backups to a different FS without these IDs.
or if you need to merge 2 directories from 2 computers which ID sets may not be disjoint. (shall all files get new IDs? then you'll need to search for all places where they were linked and replace them too?)

So instead of display /home/faggot/maymays/brainlet729.png you'd type display 67152357524138482456358654852499855440002348?
That seems convenient...

if you need to merge 2 directories from 2 computers which ID sets may not be disjoint. (shall all files get new IDs? then you'll need to search for all places where they were linked and replace them too?)
Yes, references to UIDs in or to other files would abstracted from their targets' UIDs in the FS, so that links couldn't be broken during direct copies.
Not directly, hashes can serve that purpose when necessary.
The same way legacy systems are always handled (longnames, character sets, forks, etc.). Hopefully something fully reversible like archives, or extra files containing supplemental data. But in many instances people would probably due nonreversible stuff like affixed/prefixed escape sequences.
Using UIDs

You wouldn't type anything. Any decent environment would abstract UIDs so that humans would practically never have to type nor read them, much as addressing individual blocks and cylinders has vanished from relevance.

OP was paid to post sensationalist bullshit on Holla Forums. The 4chan infection is spreading.
The bug affects only image files.

I don't use nor like Apple products.

Botnet browser running in BotnetOS prevents making screenshots of videos watched on Botnet:

That's just disgusting.

Doesn't everything with WebDRM do that?

Nobody cares if Apple hires minorities, it's just that minority status is now a qualification and that goes against the principle of meritocracy.

No, this:

To elaborate: according to the NSF (, in 2012 women earned 8730 of 47960 BS in CS degrees. That's 20%. So, hiring entry-level CS majors by the degree pool means that you only have 20% women in your entry level positions. Then, faggots like you who don't know how to do math or statistics, but know how to sit up on your high horse, say that women are 51% of the population, so the difference is sexism. It's not: it represents real underlying facts about the labor market. These statistics show that women earn over half of science and engineering degrees, but this is skewed because women earn three-quarters of psychology degrees and over half of social science degrees. In total three out of five degrees earned by women are in these soft science fields.

It's not that Apple is hiring minorities, its that being a minority is seen as some sort of figure of merit. When having a "historically disadvantaged" color of skin is equivalent to having a GPA that is one grade-point higher, you are no longer hiring based on merit, and this is what people like you are advocating (even if it is because you are a useful idiot).

Wrong. Corporation exist solely for the profit of their owners. Hiring minorities gives better PR and increases brand value in important customer segments which furthers that ultimate goal, therefore they are hiring based merit. This what you ancaps want, deal with it .

Companies were hiring unqualified minorities during the Obama years because the Federal Government would refuse to do business with you if you didn't meet the race quotas.

It has nothing to do with free market capitalism.

Having a solid product is more important. The diversity PR stuff only works with companies that cater to the brainwashed liberal type crowd. You won't find much industrial equipment that sells on that basis.

Another UNIX filesystem loses data. Is anyone really surprised about this?

Subject: Have I Ever Mentioned..... how much I hate this OS?You know Unix - the operating system that has all thesefabulous disk checking utilities like dcheck, icheck, andfsck which give you the thumbs up on your filesystems, butthe machine still says "Panic - freeing free inode" afterrunning for several hours and dies a heinous death, takingall your work from the past 12 hours with it? I've beenworking on this for almost 24 hours solid, and I'm about tosmash the gd box with a tire iron. What a total piece ofshite.PS: The first person who says "Oh, you're using Unix - youdeserve to lose..." gets spit on. I _know_ that. Find me areasonable machine (non-unix) that runs all the crap thatthe cretins want these days (like netnews), and I'll tradeup.I'm heading off to spin an install tape now. Did someonesay something about six character filenames? Well, at leastthe Salvager actually *salvaged* shite instead of giving youmessages like:Important-file-you-wanted inode 11365 corrupt - flush it?NO, G*DD*MN IT , I DON'T WANT TO FLUSH IT. I WANT MYFRIGGIN FILE BACK. YOU WEREN'T WRITING IT WHEN YOU WENTDOWN - IN FACT, YOU WEREN'T EVEN WRITING ON THAT PARTITION.WHY DID YOU CORRUPT IT, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF GORILLAEXCREMENT?there, I feel better (a little) now...

Even they don't care how the products are made, just as long as they're "hip and cool". Snapchat probably has very little diversity, but people still use it...

Well, that is until a trendy "super icon" decided to shit on their product! This useless mudshark who is famous for being famous just wiped out $1.3 Billion of Snapchat's market value with a tweet.

Do you just hang out here all day so you can keep pulling anti-UNIX quotes out of your ass?

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OP here, Apple owner and user since 1986. Apple has never paid me for anything, but I have been migrating my family to Free OS's with an aim of shutting down our Apple use when our current devices die or are deprecated.

Myself I have been a freetard since forever but my fam is kinda hooked on Apple. They know the score though, and I'm the king of this castle.

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