Why bother with anonimity

In the wake of the Florida school shooting. It's been discovered that the school shooter, Nicolas Cruz, left a comment on some youtube channel "I want to be a professional school shooter" that made the channel owner contact the FBI.

The next day the channel owner was called by the FBI and asked if he knew the person who left the comment. Nicolas Cruz used his real name for his youtube account. And had a metric fuckton of red flag in his countless facebook posts about guns and things that would point out that he would actually do such a thing.

So my question is why the fuck should we bother and go full on tinfoil hat autist-tier when bullshit like that easely go under the radar. What the fuck is the point of the NSA massive surveillance complex and tech if they cannot even prevent these kind of horse shit happening. Why?

If you really want to hurt the man behind the curtain, you'll need this anonymity.


people intelligent enough to avoid surveillance rarely actually kill anyone.

Industrial theft and sabotage, and also to monitor the energy industry.


The NSA doesn't really give a shit if you want to shoot up a school. Neither does the CIA, FBI or any other three letter agency of your choice.
They care about removing threats to the system.
If you want to change the political landscape or simply went your frustration with how things currently are on a societal or political level, that's when they put you on a list.

Or there also intelligent enough to not get caught.

You think the people at the top give a fuck about human life? They only care about property! Human lives destroyed? No big deal. Property destroyed? BIG FUCKING DEAL!
The Spy Agencies only care about damage to the actual system, not the people in it.

FBI are too busy chasing imaginary Trump peepee tapes Hillary told them about.

The shooters school was 40% jewish and several of the fatalities were jews.

too merciful

It's almost like they didn't want to stop it. But why would they so that? Just so they could chip away a little bit more a gun rights? No, that's crazy talk.

Why would the NSA want to monitor the energy industry?

Securing resources is the most important thing to a nation.

The government already has contingency plans in place to take care of their own needs. They don't need to worry about the energy needs of the rest of the nation.

Oh you're a brainlet. Just ignore what the other guy said, the NSA is there to protect you from BAD GUYS, EVIL DOOERS and TERRORISTS.

That where you're wrong kiddo

and every other nation too.

why bother with exposure
all you get is fucking destroyed publicly?
these retarded arguments need to stop

Why is it important that you maintain good publicity? What can you do with good publicity that you can't do with bad publicity?

If the FBI looked into him and didn't find a history of posting on hatechan, so they didn't roll him up. That would not be the case for most people. Similarly, he was a 'kid' -- didn't have a job, wasn't invested in anything that could be denied to him. If you were five years into your career (or three years into your 4-year degree) and were found bragging about this on your twitter with your name and face that's the same as on on youtube where you said anything remotely non-PC, then you'll get fucking fired and blacklisted. Or kicked from the college and unable to get your degree.

This guy probably already had no future thanks to the shit he said with his name on YouTube. Maybe that factored in his actions when the voices weren't telling him what to do.

because he wasn't a cis white male

Because plenty of stuff doesn't go under the radar. Shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing, a white couple in suburbia in the Boston area did google searches for pressure cookers and backpacks. IIRC, the wife was looking for a new pressure cooker, and the husband was looking for new backpacks for their kids or some shit. The FBI showed up at their door and interrogated them.

Show me the US government, and I'll show you a $100 hammer.

Implying that isn't a ruse to fund black projects and probably a massive installation in Antartica where the US Military is harvesting Vril energy in collaboration with a subterranean master race. They've got monoliths on Phobos sheeple! The secret space program is real!!!!!

wtf does the NSA have to do with being secure or having privacy?

No, they really are that inefficient. It looks great on those employment numbers.

Wow, I completely forgot it is illegal for the NSA to spy on US citizens. How sad is it we magically think they should do a better job at spying on us than they already are?

then why have they done nothing to intel? or google spyware? or a fuck load of other things that i cant think of right now

umm cause taking data and breaking someones privacy is against the law which breaks our amendments which should fall under their priority

I do not bother with anonimity because FBI, NSA and similar groups in whatever country might find out about me. I bother with anonimity because journalists and leftist fags might try to make me unemployable for politically incorrect comment that I posted 20 years ago on some obscure part of the internet.

what? i'm saying i care about my security and anonymity. whatever the NSA does changes nothing. whatever attacks they come up with also mean nothing. i care about _security_, not which exploits NSA has for which products. i shouldn't be exploitable at all period.

If they can't catch a nut job threatening openly, how could they ever discover my fetishes.

for example?













Because the NSA/FBI aren't really spying on everyone with the help of Google and DA JOOS.

They're hoarding data and most likely passively analysing it automatically in the most inefficient way possible.

How nuclear fission works, or more specifically how to test nuclear fission and why a nuclear bomb is impossible thereof. Anything to do with the names of khazar babylonians that are the rich and great merchants of the earth such as the kikery of the rothschilds. Anything having to do with nikolia tesla. Anything having to do with the Bible. And finally things involving the information security of electronics and energy relating to scalar energy/zero point energy. So essentially what was 8ch's Holla Forums and /pdfs/. Simply visting this site gets you on watchlists. Posting puts you on countless others. You should be behind seven proxies that are behind a tor node that are accessed through IPFS in the middle of fucking no where with wifi and a device you didn't pay for and couldn't be traced back to you at this point if you don't want to be on a list.

Also to add to that, fixing these problems and learning what solutions there are to the (((problems))) also gets you on a list. Especially so if you plan to take action such as telling others the truth of the matters, or solving the (((problem))) permenantly.

do you have any source on this or it's just the general Holla Forums retarded bs?

They‘ll probably probe my asshole if I ever decide to visit the US.

what kind of bullshit it is?

OP here.
I know that the NSA doesn't give two shit about the public interest, if they did they wouldn't be running one of the most sophisticated and unconstitutional systems designed to spy on every single thing connected to the internet.

The NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the police, the government, you name it they're all in it to serve their own interests at the end of the day. Be it for money, power, etc.

However, even if they are serving themselves, you would think that just by doing their job they would end up inevitably going to stop these kind of just from happening. It has nothing to do with them being the good guys. Just like when the government steal from you every year and build an hospital or two. They're not doing it because they care about you or your family it's just a byproduct of their thievery.

What i don't understand is that if the NSA was really efficient and advanced why their isn't be more byproduct of their dragnet surveillance?

Can some John NotSoAverage just hide in plain sight, and hope they're never gonna see what's there just because their dragnet is fucking them up?

...because I presume you're a white male and not a spic like him therefore they'll be out to get you for anything they can.

Also because things change. What is ok today won't be 10 years from now. What kind of policies they have will change too. Do you really want a record of your past so you can get shoah'd after the next regime change? Personally I hope one day we seize databases full of neolibshit data and use that to rope them all.

Try searching any of it on google and see what comes up, that's my proof. Also do it while signed into google if you really want to get your shit fucked up soon thereafter.

Lurk moar. Action produces the most targeting results.

Yes but only until he is put in the spotlight. There is too many john notsoaverage's now that it is impossible to just eliminate them all without full scale war in public. So you can hide in plain sight in that sense. Also this , if you are white you should be looking to be completely self sufficient and able to defend yourself without any outside help whatsoever. Or you are fucked in cy+3




only morons and pedos care about being anonymous. being a greyman is how you survive in the post-www


You have to be a special kind of fucking retard to this that the FBI was incapable of finding and dealing with him, rather than simply unwilling.

Mass shootings are incredibly profitable for kikes. Panic and mania is like gold to them. Now fuck off.

i'm not anonymous, you can look up my ip anytime you want. unless you're a technically inept moron.

Just use google incognito bro :^)



Researching how nuclear power plants work in detail is probably the one thing out of that list that is seriously likely to put you on a NSA watchlist. They are mega fucking paranoid autistic spies when it comes to nuclear secrets.

Holla Forums has probably made some impression on the alphabet agencies by now, between gamergate (good grief all the worthless FBI reports they got for Holla Forums), pol (trump election, wikileaks sifting, seth rich shit, as well as some other muckraking and shitstirring), those fucking persistent pedos who kept getting their shit deleted and reported to the FBI, as well the few times we had CIA dox (and other deep state govt dox) posted. So I wouldn't be surprised if just connecting to Holla Forums made the alphabet agencies ping you as an "interesting" person.

The boy did really good if true.

Get a job.

I wish I could be as retarded as you

Sage with a capital S doesn't do anything.
You need to have it in all lower-case

ie. Sam Hydehow does he keep getting away with it?!?

what's amazing to me about this is that i've heard numerous stories where people have gotten the shit harassed out of them for absolutely nothing... rumor they have a mental illness or whatever. this motherfucker was literally telling everyone he's going to shoot up a school, get the cops called to his house 39 times in several years (including for violence) and they do nothing?

I don't want to go here, but this has to be bc he was Jew. why else?

I may wish to engage in behaviour that might be construed as copyright infringement and/or association with speech that is unacceptable.

That's why I at least make a nominal effort to be anonymous.

sage in general doesn't do anything. That's exactly the point. Modern IBs have noko on by default