Google Removes "View Image"

So Google just shot themselves in the foot for some unknown reason. They made some deal with Getty Images to allow their images on Google Images in exchange for removing the view image button. For some reason, Google seems to believe that anyone at all gives a shit about Getty Images.

Is there any hope Google has reached the point where they begin to implode from being too big? Why would they make a deal with some irrelevant company that requires them to make such a big change to Google?

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just wait until they inevitably break youtube with payment plans and close the source on future android updates

Th-that would never happen...right?

Twitter and Google and/or Facebook and/or Apple will collapse before Trump leaves the white house



Hey, I know this isn't relevant, but does anyone remember this website that compiled bookmarklets for all sorts of different search engines and configurations? It's a user-contributed site, kind of spartan, web 1.0. This is driving me nuts.

something with mycroft

Isn't Google part of the White House?
Thank you a lot, user. That was really bugging me.

This has to be related to the "trump needs to be shot" thing from the SOTU. The company that was filming there (forget the name) was recently acquired by Getty, who were involved in censoring the whole debacle. I'm not sure what removing view image is even gonna do, but I guess Getty thinks that us not being able to look too closely at an image in native resolution will be a good thing. Like that is gonna stop us.

It's not a question if a lolbert is looking forward to it or not, but that Google wants it.

There are so many chickens being killed every day! When will we wakeup to what is happening! ??

Neither of those images contain even the faintest traces of chicken in them.

I'm willing to put money on Twitter and Facebook, Google and Apple have a few more years left.

So seven more years?

Google has been making their primary "service" worse and worse every fucking month. I still can't get over how utterly ass-tier basic god damn search results are, or how they removed the ability to put a minus sign infront of words to exclude them from search results. They're really failing hard at the whole functionality thing.

can't make shekels form unbiased search results

This is a curious turn of events.

Three to seven, yes

And the white house isn't imploding?

I have switched my search engine to bing now.

This. Apple and Google prison platforms can both choke to death on niggercock.

The white house is in the best shape it has been in many years. What are you talking about?

Kys nigger.

Right click.
View image.

I noticed when I was steal- creatively commandeering sources for work and that's what I did. Took 2 seconds and is usually better than View Image because it goes to the google link instead of another webpage that may or may not allow me to see the image or redirect me, or store it as a 1920x1080 image, but render it as a thumbnail full of the million more thumbnails and I have to go digging for it. Then 3 minutes later, find nothing.

It's amazing how deeply inculcated you've been by the anti-piracy propaganda that you misinterpret actions that would be perfectly reasonable under fair use as theft.

What about bangs? Personally, I've been using helm-surfraw so much that I don't even use the bangs, anymore. I also think DDG's search algorithm is way better than that of Google's--and the interface cleaner. I don't even care if it's Russian botnet; it's pretty good.

I'm talking about a deep rot that has taken hold of the heart of the US, one that can not be stopped entirely but only withstood with much pain. I said the white house to signify the current American leadership. Just look at what's been happening to the navy, arguably the most important of the armed forces. The left has achieved its self destructive goals, and we're in the middle of the happening. May God preserve us.

Wait, what? I didn’t hear about this, link please?

That just takes you to a preview image, though. Not the original one. The purpose of the View Image button was to get the full resolution image.

What's been happening to the navy?

interdasting. Any more info?

In 2016 and 2017 two navy ships hit two merchant ships in the middle of nowhere, there is a related thread on /k/ at the moment, if you explain your desire to know more I'm sure you'll get a much more thorough explanation than mine

Wait, what? Is this really real? Haven't used joogle for a few years already, spoonfeed me plox

i've noticed that too user. really terrible search results.
you may be right.

google is a cancer.

stop using them.

starve the beast.

Telling people not to use Google isn't really that useful if they don't know of an alternative.

There are plenty of alternatives for every service they offer.

They're not perfect, but it's smarter than to put all your eggs into one basket.

Back to /g/.

Look, they're alternatives to Google, not your Gentoo-based Raspberry Pi phone and gopher indices.
You have to trust someone, but it better not be Google.

i just used image search on google you retards


The quicker that google shoots itself in the foot, the quicker we can move on to something better. After that, it's trying to hasten the death of facebook, twitter and wikipedia.

What does that even mean?

I would trust Android over iOS any fucking day. And DuckDuckGo is literally the worst alternative you could have possibly stated. There are SEVERAL other, much better alternatives. Even Bing would be a better alternative.

Dailymotion runs a ton of google scripts.

They can be blocked but eh.


Just how? Please explain without pure contrarianism.
I accpet pure AOSP as better than iOS, but as what people can actually buy and use, I'll recommend Apple over Goolge any day of the week.

YouTube is probably the hardest to replace, which makes sense considering the billions it costs Alphabet to keep it afloat.

Daily reminder that if you have an android phone Google is watching your every move.

Better image results. Less censorship to support a certain (((agenda))).

Then you're a fucking retard. Apple is far worse in every way.


root your phone and ungoogle it

By "google scripts", I'm guessing he's referring to Google CDN's but doesn't quite understand well enough what he's talking about to be anything but intentionally vague. It's absurd because that issue can be solved incredibly easily.

What was the purpose of your post?

Don't kid yourself; all smartphones are inherently insecure. That's part of their design.

they say no image search in google.... just use their servers and block their spyware, double win for us

What? Who? What the fuck are you talking about?


Apple doesn't have trackers embedded in 90% of webpages, just for starters.

Google is the worst tech company in the world for privacy by a significant margin.

What the fuck are you even blathering on about?

thats waht OP said, they took out image button

Ah, yes, arguing about how Evil Corporation A is slightly less evil than Evil Corporation B is going to achieve a whole lot.

Removing the "view image" button isn't the same as removing image search altogether, you fucking imbeciles.

To get android to stop tracking your location you can't install any gapps so your phone can't download anything from the google play store which is the majority of the apps.

and even then it still pings google IPs.

Choosing ios over chromeos or android is net benefit for user privacy.

Google has an almost inescapable net and apple provides one of the few safe zones.

Imagine a world where people use android phones to browse with google chrome to access their gmail and watch videos on youtube with their google fiber connection. That's the world google wants to create.

Again, all smartphones are inherently insecure--which is why I don't own one, but even I know about projects like Replicant. You're just an idiot.

You're still a proprietary cuck.

ReplicantOS, LineageOS etc do not "just werk" and in some cases they don't work on certain phones at all.

Your grandmother is not going to be rooting her android phone any time soon.

well then i have no clue what the fuck your talking about then cunt bag. i right click image then click view image.... no need to be an asshole just cause your anonymous here fucking dipshit

That's all but dead, they've managed to port a 2 yo OS to a 6 yo phone, and kudos to them, but it's not a viable choice almost anyone to run around with a libre wifi dongle and have no security updates on the most popular web platform in history.

you talk like that to me in real life id fucking bash your fucking brains in with a bat

Wow, that's a radically different claim from the one you were making a second ago when you implied the entire service was nixed. To be fair, the OP is stupid; it didn't even link an article. What it's talking about is the "image view" button that appeared when you clicked on a picture. The significance of this is that it's harder for laymen to download images, deterring "theft" of images. It's not like the whole option is gone.

I...don't even know how to respond to this. Are you being ironic?

I think the whole issue is around having one step more to download the fullsize image instead of the thumbnail, a mild annoyance, but meaningful in the context of Google deliberately offering a worse product to it's customers.

That's not really the point, but, yeah, I concede. Maybe iOS in one sense is a more pragmatic choice, but that doesn't really justify owning an smartphone and subscribing to these unethical services in the first place--and you'd be remiss to think that Apple doesn't have their own counterparts to most Google services or exploit their users just as much; it's just that the Apple walled-garden ecosystem happens to be a lot more insular. It certainly doesn't justify recommending iOS to anyone simply because it's slightly less evil than (but relatively as abysmal) Google's Android. That's just absurd.

Yes, that's what I just said.

i never said it was nixed

I meant to respond to , . It's amazing how I was literally criticizing you for something you never said, yet you still somehow managed to get into a heated Internet argument with me rather than just correct me.

no i am not, i am sharing my feelings. most people on here are just fucking assholes. why? maybe cause the are anonymous so they get their jollys off on be dick heads to people they dont even know. i would bash your fucking face in, cause your an ignorant cunt who cant explain shit with out being an ass.

Recommending is a strong word, and everyone here is aware of the danger of smartphones in general, but I'm being realistic about this.
You will not convert people to abandon phones, they're too useful and convenient to ever achieve that, so I'd rather take the lesser evil, and the walled-garden is a big part of that.
I shudder whenever I see my friends and famiily downloading any malware-ridden app form the Play Store because 'everybody else does it', and frankly a computer designed to be handled by idiots and protecting them from themselves is just what they need. I'm talking about MDs and lawyers here, mind you.

Very few people realize how technology has the potential of being, and despite all disagreements, that's why we congregate here, but that doesn't mean everybody else doesn't matter.
We need a sensible approach to privacy and security, not absolutist purity spiralling.

i dont like correcting people...

unless its something that is a big deal, what you said didnt bother me and i just let shit slid. i try my hardest not to be a dick, but sometimes i just cant help it...

Maybe it's because you write like a recalcitrant cave man? I don't know. Figure it out, Mr. Tough Guy.

Oh, here we have a sensitive drama queen, and an imbecile one. I can sense some sort of fakeness from your statements also, are you here just to cause problems? Fuck off, really.



i didnt say anyone does...

There's never going to be a reasonable amendment to something that's just inherently bad. If things aren't good, then that's all the more reason why you should spend time making positive contributions to projects that do solve these problems in an ethical way.

Yes, but somehow I feel like DRM isn't the solution.

Don't be absurd. Everyone knows the earth is only 6000 years old.

Wait, fakeness from whom? And in what way?

he thinks im fake cause i said id bash his face in cause he cant relay data without being a dickhead. little does he know all 3 of those pple he pointed out arnt me

Too dumb to capitalize your letters mate?

Too dumb to use an Oxford Comma, mate?


Too dumb not to splice two independent clauses with a coma in lieu of a semicolon, mate?

I can personally say that I can literally not use Google Images anymore. I'm one of the crowd that brushes off the freetards crusade against Jewgle search in general but Google Images is officially un-fucking usable now. I actually have to find a new image search. They force me to visit web pages to hunt down images if I want the original. It's infuriating

Hehe, yes fellow DRM-consuming citizen, I too am not compromised of "free-think!"

It's too bad there's not really a viable alternative to Google Images besides DuckDuckGo's image search though. And even then, reverse image search services like TinEye or saucenao really pale in comparison to Google.

Actually, I just passed through the comments, I'm not the guy you said you would bash (what an infantile response) and it was just obvious that you are a retard that I didn't resist saying some deserved shit to you.
Cry me a river, little girl.

I'm not sure what you're trying to convey.

Let's all just ignore the brainlet and move on.

I love this thread.

It exists. Regarding images, both Bing and Yandex are far better than Google.
You also have startpage and

HEH, fellow subscription-endorsing citizen, why convey anything for free??....?

Yeah, but both of those are just as bad honestly. Like, it would be horribly naive to think that either of those services wouldn't exploit their users in precisely the same way Google does if they had the resources and incentive--actually, they do have those two things. Both startpage and are good, sure, but they're both still technically dependent on other proprietary services--searx less-so because it's a metasearch engine, but there's no real, good, (ostensibly) privacy-respecting solution, so it's about as good as startpage.

I think you misinterpreted my post as being pro-piracy for simply pointing out the fact that the other poster's "stealing" fell under fair use and is perfectly within the parameters of copyright.

No, *h*ardy f*el*low, I think it is you who is misinter*p*reting me.

Okay. Sorry.

No *p*rob*le*m fell*a.* Mi*s*tak*e*s are about as *k*ommon as un*ill*icit use of digital *me*dia!

One of Google's engineers is a tranny who calls himself Lucia Batman and is a 'tulpamancer' with over a hundred tulpas, and refers to himself in the third person. This is just one of the many insane people Google employs

They aren't going to be around much longer. For one thing their workforce will probably kill itself.

So, stop using the internet then.

You are now aware that tulpas were an inside job by the Japanese psychiatry industry to remove the psychosocial impact of stigma
on the schizophreniacs psyche and to harness their positive schizophrenic symptom tendencies to benefit the illnessee
with self-reinforcing positive CBT.

Does anyone else use surfraw? The program itself actually kind of sucks; you have to enter your search query and then select what site you want to search with, but I've been using helm-firefox-bookmarks, and the workflow is a lot more streamlined. Actually, helm-firefox-bookmarks doesn't even use surfraw, even though it uses the helm-surfraw url formats when it makes its queries. It makes a lot more sense to lop in your bookmarks and search entries into one Helm buffer, since they're pretty related.

I just wrote a little snippet like this (setq helm-surfraw-duckduckgo-image-url "" ) (setq helm-surfraw-hooktube-url "" )
And it's a lot easier to choose from three headers than entering two separate prompts to make a web search.


massive autisM

All me ;^)

What's more autistic is not being able to see the obvious humor in those posts.

You're retarded, look at the idiocy you thought I said, clearly a product of your childish mind.

I applaud your ... dedication.
And your trips.

The most surreal thing about this is that with links like "Who we are", it reads like the banner to some kind of startup company. The other two links are wild, too, in some kind of absurd, dystopian way evocative of Nazi human experiments. I wrote a short story when I was younger about a scifi world basically like our modern society except everyone has an entire wiki devoted to themselves. When I wrote it, I kind of meant it in a more symbolic way, but jeez.

It wasn't really that hard; it's actually really useful. It was kind of implied, but I should mention that I'm using EXWM. Here's the other snippet:
(defun helm-firefox-bookmarks () "Preconfigured `helm' for firefox bookmark." (interactive) (helm :sources `(helm-source-firefox-bookmarks ,(helm-build-dummy-source "DuckDuckgo Search" :action (lambda (candidate) (helm-browse-url (format helm-surfraw-duckduckgo-url (url-hexify-string candidate))))) ,(helm-build-dummy-source "DuckDuckgo Image Search" :action (lambda (candidate) (helm-browse-url (format helm-surfraw-duckduckgo-image-url (url-hexify-string candidate))))) ,(helm-build-dummy-source "HookTube Video Search" :action (lambda (candidate) (helm-browse-url (format helm-surfraw-hooktube-url (url-hexify-string candidate))))) ) :truncate-lines t :buffer "*Helm Firefox*"))
I'm still kind of debating whether it's easier to have all my search results a just a few separate headers or a bunch of entries for when I press helm-select-action.

Oh shit, I completely forgot surfraw was a thing. Reading the man page right now. I like how qutebrowser lets you add keyword searches because I typically search from the same specific wikis/music/pirate sites every time. But I'm waiting for per domain settings before I pick it up again.

what about browsing in chrome on ios? that way you get the best of both worlds.

How does one even remove "view image"?
Do they like, make a flash whatever to stick the image in?
What is even the point of this shit?
I get stuff like netflix removing the "Save As/view image" from their html5 player, but like, why would you disable viewing an image as a source when it html embeds a direct link to the image anyway?

Another day, another Google App spontaneously losing functionality. Seems like most of their apps have been gutted at this point.
Honestly, I think Google's become something of a paper tiger. I bet the majority of their users are annoyed at some important feature or another getting removed for no reason, and they'd jump ship in a second if they knew a solid alternative.

oh yeah this is gonna be good

it would be a violation of the gpl as android is derived from linux, that said, its kinda pointless to have it open source anyway since the hardware makes it basically impossible to use any code you might want to change unless they accept your pull request, and if youre doing anything interesting, they probably wont.

got a source for more info on this?

and now you know where your dogs nuts go after you have him nutered at the vet.

make that 2 features now.


yeah as soon as congress passes the budget whereby american taxpayer money is allocated to paying for a wall that a buncha beaners are gonna jump over i can go to the airport and waive to the people still coming in from afghanistan and saudi arabia as im on my way to find another doctor i can see for no good reason because i still have free healthcare

tfw you think apple google and microsoft arent all equally scummy, what is this, the tech company version of the 2016 election?

yer fuckin delusional if you think anything about apple is safe, if they had access to 90% of websites like google did, theyd do the exact same fuckin thing, every phone with a sims card is vulnerable, just because your phone is glued shut and you cant get to it does not change the facts, google does in fact scan play story apps for exploits, and they do just as shitty of a job as apple.



>>>/g/ or better yet >>>Holla Forums

What the actual fuck is Google thinking? Are they trying to be Microsoft and do everything in their power to actively drive users away from their service? Every decision they have made in the past several years has been to piss off as many people as humanly possible. Are they doing this shit for a bet or something?

Yeah, they would have to go and make their own kernel then.
Oh wait! They already are.

anyone try this?

I eventually want to go around to setting this up on a VM so I don't have to test with my phone anymore.

well theyre probably doing it in go, so its gonna take forever, and then run slow as shit, seriously, they need garbage collection on their staff instead...

i just did that 2 sec's ago, it works. there is a setting to disable google stats sent. i ignored wifi setup cause i use NAT.

better use wireshark to confirm that if you really care
androids are known to send google gps info even if you have gps disabled in settings

that's fucked. the G truly is only interested in making crappy consumer tech with big rubber buttons. the big browsers are already extremely underpowered, and now they've removed one of the few useful tools

I'm pretty sure it is referring to the view image button on google images which is a hyper link to the image file. I do not think it is talking about a common feature implemented into web browsers in which you can right click on an image and go to the url of that said image.

Remember when tulpas were nothing more than a fun little meme on /x/ and /mlp/?

where do you think these freaks got those ideas?

It probably happened when tulpa,info disassociated from imageboards, banned fede, and embraced web2.0 poz.

bings image search was better anyways.


But don't they intend to eventually replace Android with FucksYa anway?

Seriously what is even the purpose of this? And what does that have to do with those Getty Images or whoever they are?

Is this similar to how the "wut u hear" mixer channel was removed from sound card drivers because some media corps demanded so? Is Google trying to prevent people from being able to download full-quality untouched copies of original images because they intend to be charging them for this somehow?



It will just be Android+Fuchsia instead of Android+Linux

sheesh... that was hard

You didn't even pretend to try to read the thread.

oh you're right.


ART heavily depends on Linux and next to nobody knows how to write drivers to magenta.


why ?






Are you okay?


What the fuck? They removed this? Why the fuck would they do that?

You can actually drag images to your desktop or right-click to save them, I'm pretty sure that couldn't be done before the update. Guess image search is still half functional

still seems to work for me

He is right:

>He is right:
Would Orwell be pleased he was right?

Google is run by a retars puppet pajeet. It's only a matter of time until the whole thing implodes on its own incompetence.

Literally (((them)))

Here you go, Knock yourselves out.



seriously, though, startpage is great. every once in awhile you might have to go back and use google, but mostly it does the job

I‘d rather not rely on Google at all, wether by proxy or not.

Upvoting this post, startpage is great good enough

Startpage is literally Google, you fucking idiot.

better wording

Yes, I know that is the intent, but if you go to both startpage and google and put in the same search term you will get different results. just go try it for yourself... you fucking idiot.

why? if you're not looking up politically charged material, then why not use the best there is. If you can VPN (etc) and/or startpage, so you don't give usable data / get tracked, then so much the better.

The point is using a search engine proxy that doesn't sell your data to cia facebook niggers

They removed a lot of semi-advanced syntax long ago. And if you try to use things like inurl etc. more often than once in a blue moon, you will be accused of "unusual activity" and be forced to do involuntary free labor in the form of training botnet ai by solving captchas.

"View image" link is gone but now there's a "Images may be subject to copyright" message under each miniature copy
I guess that's somewhat of a hint. They don't want people to download full-quality image copies anymore.

Excluding words is racist, user. You must care for diversity in your search phrases and include at least five or six words that contribute nothing or are even counterproductive to finding what you intended to find, but make your search more diverse and thus inherently and ultimately and indisputably superior.

...which are always changing due to fads, speech codes and new ones being invented

man, its so frustrating

suck it up sexists
future is broken and evil

thats not intended tho, and jailbreaking IS rooting an iphone, also if you think rooting your android didnt void your warranty then i got bad news for you...

Wrong, Jewgle are the ones who develop the tools and frameworks that make rooting possible. Most of the time rooting literally just involved patching the running kernel through adb after unlocking the bootloader (which is like 5 clicks in any official rom under developer options)
Not at all. The entire iOS userland is sandboxed inside a FreeBSD Jail. thet's where the term "Jailbreak" comes from. "Rooting" an Android device does not involve breaking out of any sandbox, because Android doesn't snadbox the user. Rather, in Android, each usermode application is simply its own user that has different r/w permissions. Rooting an Android is just injecting or enabling the superuser binary. It's nothing like Jailbreaking.


Then feel free to provide an alternative.

Only on post-cuckchan-2018-immigration-wave 8ch would a worthless tabloid headline like this get halfway to bumplock in two days. Bravo, niggers.

Have you read that post right?


You are completely ignoring the significance of this change.


Congratulations confirming to everyone how much you didn't read the thread.

seeing a lot of hate for duck duck go in this thread, maybe i missed something, are they botnet now too? since when? care to explain why or link to some evidence?

It's in the sticky

well now i feel dumb for never having clicked 'show more' but thank you for enlightening me

I just searched for "stomach -cancer" and got appropriate results

thats because theres massively more results for 'stomach' by itself, if you want to see this in action, try searching for 'android -phone' instead...

I tried looking for 'best smartphone' expecting some listicles and I was able to do away with some of then by minusing numbers. Minusing is wonky sometimes, but it still works.

Did you mean to reply to

nowhere near as bad as Google and others, so i still recommend DuckDuckGo

Since always you fucking mong.

really made me think, switching to bing now

Nice cherry picking retard.

let's do this guys #resist


You have no fucking clue, jailbreaking is literally changing one character in /private/etc/fstab
Been that way since iOS wasnt even called iOS




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False, some makes & models even have specific manufacturer & telco support for rooting:
As opposed to iOS, where the closest thing Apple offers is paying at least a hundred bucks a year for the privilege of compiling binaries that can only run on your personal phone.

And that doesn't even touch on the stuff I ticked off other than rooting, most of which is fully supported on every Android device.