Hey Holla Forums what would I require to make a desktop computer from scratch, not assemble, but make

Hey Holla Forums what would I require to make a desktop computer from scratch, not assemble, but make.

the lower technology we can get the better, so I'm looking for a pipeline to build up from as low tech as possible up to a working, and as quality computer as possible.

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You might like this. projectoberon.com

You can't.



Are FPGA's low tech enough?

the goal is as low as we can go, so for any component we think of what is required to make it, then whats required to make that etc..

ill look in to that.

I'm not saying it can't be done, but you can't do it. Feel free to prove me wrong anytime.


You could do the computation by hand by making a pencil and paper from scratch.
If you want a somewhat practical digital computer (as opposed to a human computer) you don't really want to go below the level of FPGAs. I consider stuff like CPLDs to be on the same level for example.

Communicating to FPGA through UART isn't a desktop computer.

Are you saying that it isn't a desktop computer if it isn't IBM PC compatible.

Yes. If OP meant 8-bit console based hobby toy, that's a completely different issue.

What is your background?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you're not ready to build your own desktop computer. You could get away with building the OS if you were capable or mirroring an existing architecture supported by an existing OS, but this would likely be more difficult than writing a simple bespoke OS for your custom architecture.

OP's race, ethnicity and gender are also highly important here too. Only the whitest of the whites can aspire to this level. To my knowledge I have never heard of a woman design an operating system so that may be a factor, but it's not as important as possessing master race DNA.

This. It can be done, but just not by OP.

It is possible. look at what Steve Wozniak did with the apple.

Woz took a bunch of off-the-shelf controller chips from hobbyist suppliers for teleprinters of the 1970s and assembled them into a working computer

I think OP wanted to somehow design and fabricate the ICs themselves from scratch

Holy shit that's funny

Just rocks really.


That only works if you own the land the sand came from.

How can i create my own Universe where i can get my sand for the silicon front? Genuine question.

Another book you might like

If you wish to make a desktop computer from scratch, you first must invent the universe.