Tfw manjaro architect has an option to use openrc instead of systemd in the installer when arch doesn't

why are people still using arch? manjaro is more stable and is even more customizable than arch with more DEs supported
arch is laughably bad in conparison

Expired SSL certificate


install gentoo

image is

Nice try, manjaro cuck.

No it doesn't, Manjaro Architect only supports systemdicks now. The Manjaro OpenRC project was abandoned in favor of Artix.

the certs work fine

good luck not fucking up your system in pure arch if you plan on using aur, manjaro can fix it all, it has a safty net for massive system fuck ups

Just use Debian. It has OpenRC support in the form of actual proper support rather than a hack on top of a distro that gave up.


pacman is far better.

you act like thats bad, when i use it i feel like im taking a huge massive shit right on microsofts face

It's faster. That's about it. Unlike Pacman, Apt lets me specify arbitrary transactions that install and remove packages at the same time, lets me remove unnecessary packages with "apt autoremove" rather than "pacman -Qdtq | pacman -Rs -", and has a proper system for recommended packages. Apt manages to be more powerful and simpler to use at the same time.

well manjaro has aur, even if it breaks your system like i said befor can fix it no problem, in pure arch your busy for days deppending how bad. there is just something about deian that makes me avoid it like a plague



Is it uninformed contrarianism?

are you retarded? manjaro with openrc is an option is still supported, manjaro-openrc was a seperate now deprecated project

manjaro architect doesn't have that you retarded fuck


I can't tell which part is supposed to be the wet dog shit and which is the icing on top


Show me where I can enable OpenRC in the Manjaro Architect you retarded lying nigger.

You have no fucking clue of what you're talking about.

Manjaro OpenRC is so weird.
I understand people who don't have operating system maintenance as their hobby and want something that werx, and I understand people who don't like systemd's opacity and want to tinker with the lowest layers of their system in a different way, but why would those groups intersect?

if you cant configure arch to use init then youre too dumb to understand that manjaro is NOT more stable than arch just because the packages are outdated

"then youre too dumb"

i made it that way, i like dejavu sans mono, you no like? then leave it on default. incase you have no clue, which seems to be the case, community/ that not a way to tell which is which. im not sure what your requesting

or dont wanna mess with init...

The last time I ran "apt autoremove", it uninstalled system files and X Windows stopped working. I've never installed an apt-based distro since.
Fair point on pacman's parameters, though. I wrote a simple script called "pac-apt" that maps, e.g., "sudo pac-apt install x" to "sudo pacman -S x".

Every time I install Manjaro X irreparably shits itself. This never happens to me in vanilla Arch. This is probably because Manjaro devs are, as they've proven time and time again, unthinkably incompetent. Whether it's letting their SSL certs expire or installing MS Office by default or whatever major fuckups they can think up next, Manjaro devs will always find a way to disappoint you.