Artix is the best distro /& why you should be using it

4 main reasons why it's the best distro
+(like arch) most (stable) up to date packages of any distro
+systemd-free, comes openrc as init
+gtkcucks BTFO, able to choose between i3/lxqt
+nice and simple gui installer
why not void or gentoo?
void- stupid as fuck package manager. bloated as fuck hybrid package management. also buggy as fuck. stay clear
gentoo- not a good desktop os. compiling is something of the past and is overall just a clusterfuck to use (coming from a gentoo user for 3 years)

Is there any proof of this?

you should feel bad for even replying to such cancerous and obvious bate.


I want to believe that people are better than that.

xpbs is pretty nice, tbh famalam

i tried out artix. it's nice, but i switched back to gentoo


there's nothing wrong with it. i support anything that's anti-systemd

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Thanks user, i was almost considering switching to void.

I once installed Artix and couldn't install Nvidia drivers because the package manager couldn't reconcile the version of linux-lts available from the repo with the version nvidia-lts depended on, since the driver wanted a version newer than was available in the repo. Arch is a joke, Arch package maintainers are a joke, and forking it to remove the systemdick ain't going to change those facts. I'd sooner compile Gentoo all day or wrestle with Void's barren package repo than use an Arch derivative willingly, but I think I'll stick with Slackware, thanks.


You fell for the meme. The reasons to use Gentoo are: USE flags, slots, ease of writing ebuilds, libc/init freedom and huge repos.


Now that freebsd has a CoC, you should be using freebsd.
comfy, but
As part of sending this information, Calamares necessarily makes your IP address known to the receiving party.
Since when is horrible qt better for user than still functional gtk?
At least they ship openrc+lxde with calamares. Still better than artix, which is too amateurish. "Return of the Jedi".. Really?
and reddit spacing top on top of it

who gives a fuck about any of that if you're an average C programmer? init freedom? who the fuck cares, a lot of gentoo users switch to systemd to avoid the painfully slow bootup times.


It doesn't matter who's fault it is. Either way it's a deal breaker.


We're not even talking about the AUR here, we're talking about the packages in the repo. The ones the repo maintainers are responsible for. The ones that, were this any distro other than an Arch derivative, are supposed to work without any bullshit.

If the drivers required to make my system work do not work, I'm not using your OS. Word it any way you want, but nobody wants to use a broken system. This is why people make fun of Arch subhumans with X IS BROKE LOL jokes.

well fuck you, i liked his post

sounds like something intel would say, its much faster this way kek

Meh, if I wanted Arch then I'd use Arch. Derivative distros are a dime a dozen, and don't tend to have the support and longevity of base distros.

Start up times are meaningless because Linux is stable enough to be running for months without needing to restart / start up.


thats true, i asked the question i just asked in sticky at manjaro forum almost 2 weeks ago and still no one has said anything about how to fix it

Honestly, this makes me feel better about void. I think ponyfags are gay as hell, but the fact that they don't shun and turn away degenerates is a good sign imho. Normie repellent as far as I am concerned.

Its an ok distro, any problem it has can be resolved by cross referencing it with Arch and the installer is pretty nice.
Digging around for an iso and getting one that shouts out archbang or artix(same fucking thing) is annoying as hell. This was 5 months ago so things might have changed but holy shit make up your minds
This is true across everything for Arch based and it has to do with the pgp keys. For which there is no genuine solution but hope they fix it in the year or pick a machine with a different architecture to use a different version.
Wine uses 32 bit libs and other things from the repo. Its not a matter of Wine can't get the libs its that the repo for Wine is broken as shit.
Seriously its RMS approved you fucking faggots. Isn't this the distro where one of the devs is some greek fucking anarchist? Its either this one or salix, anyways far too many fucking faggots involved and they won't put in the effort to pull off the FSF standards.
Good things
Arch is piss easy to install if you're too dumb to configure the package manager for Gentoo or just want binary's for everything instead of an emerge. You don't have systemd and you get Pacman which is a pretty good Package Manager.

issue solved, inxi not important cause i dont need xrandr


is this the only benefit of using systemd?