What are some good tutorials on learning Python?

I heard python is a good language for beginners. What are some tutorials or projects that are helpful for learning python?

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Learn C, C++, Ada, Racket or Allah forgive me even Rust instead.

I'm getting along really well with this, having tried other options before. It's fast-paced and practice oriented, while still having good and concise explanations about each function.


Ive heard good things about these. I've never read them I used the official python tutorial but it's not really geared towards beginners.


Read this textbook, I can assure you that it is better than any online class or resource you will find, I'm dumb and tried a fair number of them before I read this. It was recommended to me in a very similar thread I made a long time ago and my only regret is that I never thanked the user that posted it.

Also, I think python is the best language to start with, but since this book is open source there are many different versions of it for other languages if you need to start with something else. In fact the book was originally written for javascript and modified to be for python, but the python version became much more popular because javascript sucks dick.

Here's a slightly updated (2.017 vs 2.014) version of the book, with the useless margins trimmed off for better screen viewing (seriously fuck margins in ebooks, and the huge ones in US-style letter-sized books are the worst).

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If you already know how to program read the official guide. Python is basically executable source code, and the official docs are always up to date with the current version. Also, if you haven't yet decided, then go with Python 3.

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