Is Holla Forums's javascript free software?

Is Holla Forums's javascript free software?
Do you allow Holla Forums's Javascript to run? Obviously since you're seeing this, I successfully made a thread with JS disabled.

Other urls found in this thread: to disable html5 about config&oq=how to disable html5 about&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i22i29i30k1.1753.15242.0.19572.

torfags do fine with zero javascript

yeah read the javascript is generated by multiple free as in freedom software like (((jquery))) and Holla Forums's source code.


Have fun being tracked

No. If you just use stuff off the Github, it will not work.

about:config- search- javascript.enabled. set to false. java will be gone

you can block CSS if you want and get stylish addon to use one of their CSS or make your own so the site doesnt look fucked up

what about javascript?

JS isn't software, it's aids

Good idea. I should mitigate the risk towards my security and freedoms that 8ch's CSS represents by downloading known malware, Stylish, and supplementing that with custom stylescripts from a website,, that literally won't load if you don't download popularly blocked telemetry frameworks.

did you hear what i said???? it wont java anything. try it then go a website that tests for javascripts. you can also go to youtube but you wont get very far

then make your own CSS

You should have said that in the first place.

Eric troll, /g/ro!

whats this? (image)

well dont be so hot to jump the good but cant be here all the time ;)

No idea. What are you trying to prove?

It would have kept you from looking like a hypocrite.

the only reason i have java on now is cause im on youtube with music playing

and just so you know if you do the java about:config in Tor it will disable it 100% even if your tell Tor browser to allow all

kinda odd why they dont just do that in the first place and just tell the user how to enable java in config if they want...would be alot more secure but i have not used tor for a long time...

if you have javascript disabled it defaults to a HTML5 version.

well if dont want to be redirected then disable it, again in >>>about:config
its ok you dont know, ask away im happy to help. you can also disable html im pretty sure to disable html5 about config&oq=how to disable html5 about&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.33i22i29i30k1.1753.15242.0.19572.
the only reason i use google is cause i block most of what makes me hate them. youtube doesnt redirect me to html...

i didnt disable html5 but it doesnt make youtube work for some reason. youtube just tells me i need java

What is the other column for?

It definitely doesn't.

what column?

i just got what your saying,lol. i have no clue and havent seen anything in it...

nevermind, there are 99+ in other, but its all blocked

I have seen things on it on some sites but I have never needed to allow it for functionality. Thats why I'm curious about what its for.


It must be for network resources that the web page will request but isn't already covered in the non-other columns.

i know user, i didnt wanna tell them,lol. i dont like making people look like fools

it better for people to notice their foolishness them selves cause id asume they would learn from it cause they wouldnt be mad someone else pointed out their foolishness

What the hell is going on in this thread? Why is everyone acting like retards in it?

Use youtube-dl

This website is a honeypot so of course I disable javascript. No CIA niggers will be getting to me today.

aren‘t you worried about cloudflare?

Now try turning off 8ch's XHR (which is also responsible for a persistent HTTPS connection between 8ch and you which constantly transmits data back and forth) and see if you still can make a thread of even a post.



CSS isn't the problem, the problem is allowing stuff globally from all sources. Look up web beacons.

works fine m8

We're on a different, it seems.

Nope, it doesn't. Just displays a bullshit empty message box with just an "OK" button and a close cross. Post is not added. Had to reenable XHR to post.

Why does have way more cookies and more scripts than has, and the former has XHR elements while the latter doesn't? 8ch targets specific users with specific bullshit?

What font is that? it makes my eyes hurt

Are you retarded?

XHR is a javascript request to send or request data to/from the server, of course you can't post if you allow scripts but don't allow it to send anything. Disable javascript properly if you want to post without javascript.

Disabling javascript on an imageboard disables most of the functionality you'd expect from an imageboard (enlarging images upon click, previewing posts by hovering their numbers in other posts, replying to a post by clicking on its number, etc. etc.),

Tried to post with both JS and XHR disabled and got a "404 not found" + nginx version page. It just breaks the site.

Disable JS properly with javascript.enabled

Yeah it does. I have to copy paste post numbers to include a reply link, I can only post one image at a time, the post options are hidden by CSS controlled by JS (but can be unhidden by manually editing the CSS), I get a .php file download when I need to fill out the captcha (at least it doesn't eat my post), and best of all when I finally can post I get directed to a 404 page instead of back to the thread. Lots of other imageboards work better than 8ch without JS, but 8ch barely works even with JS.

It gives me a 404 either way. The post still goes through, you just have to hit back and your post will be there.

A lot of sites hate TOR users or won't display without running nonfree JS. Not to mention that more than a few professional businesses don't even use HTTPS when you need to fill out applications to get jobs r even shop. This is bad.

What is the significance/meaning of those little triangles in the upper left corner of a given cell? What do they represent?


Is bothering with uMatrix worth at all? Or is it just a neverending bullshit journey of having to fuck around and fiddle with its settings for each and every website one visits which doesn't happen to be plain HTML/CSS so it even works, all in exchange for an illusory protection of privacy and some barely (if at all) noticable performance improvements?

It's a plugin for people who want to be in control of what the internet shovels into your browser and what the internet gets back. If you want everything to justwerk automagically and can't be bothered to click some buttons for 0-10 seconds for the first time you visit a given website, then download google chrome, tie it to your jewgle account and forget about plugins. You'll be much happier.

It means that I had 1st party css, images and frames enabled by default but temporarily disabled them to make the post and didn't permanently save the changes. If I had saved the changes the triangles would have disappeared and that configuration would have become the new default for 8ch, if I clicked the eraser it wold have reverted to this.

lol brainlet.

It's not brainlet. It's a game of trial and error with every website to try and block as much as possible while the website still being functional to you as a user. Not to mention, some change at the website's end could make your existing config invalid anytime. And that's basically for literally every website you visit which uses any kind of scripting. uBlock is good because it just werks 99% of the time, but with uMatrix one has to ask oneself if one doesn't hit diminishing returns here.

Websites that are broken without Javascript is broken by design. I question why anyone would care to spend time "fixing" websites that are intended to be broken. They obviously don't want you there.

Fiddling around with uMatrix is about as fun as adjusting the geometry of a CRT display. One setting tends to affect other settings, making it a sort of game-of-15 puzzle thing, only much less entertaining. Imagine you have a CRT monitor and each application you run switches to a different display mode where you have to adjust the controls again and again to try and get an optimal picture. If they threw a captcha into the mix one would even not notice.

No they don't. The only reason that would happen is because pajeetcode loads scripts from another domain which loads scripts from another domain which loads scripts from another domain which loads more from another domain. There's no way to get around that except allowing everything globally or spending that 10 seconds to enable them yourself and then saving the settings.

If you can't bother then why are you crying about it? Don't use the plugin if you don't like it, faggot.

Bigger modern "websites" tend to actually be more web applications than websites in the traditional sense (i.e. HTML, CSS, some images, maybe some Flash object or two here and there, etc.). They are reside in the owner's/operator's data center and are served over the web so the former retain full control, but are implemented in JS so that much if not most of the processing associated with serving a specific user is offloaded to the user's machine.

It's good for trimming off unessential third-party shit, but if there's first-party JS/XHR on the site then messing with it mostly breaks things (which could result in anything from some minor feature not working to the whole page being blank).

Thanks, useful info. And what about the colors, you have blue and yellow while mine has green and red, is that a version difference?

My browser doesn't support javascript.

Why do youtube embeds on sites still load with furfox's html5 player if you are blocking CSS but it doesn't work on actual youtube?

If you honestly hate yourself enough to be using web applications that rely on Javascript, then you should be smart enough to configure umatrix properly. In the few web applications that I insist on using, I take the time to teach umatrix how to enable the minimum I need. For these websites, they normally require minimal (if any) reconfiguring over time.

It's how the Youtube system is designed. For embeds, they've designed it to fall back to the built in web browser player. For the main website, they didn't design it to work the same way.

Blue and yellow is what you get when you enable the colorblind mode in the options. I just like the colors more.

Ah ok, makes sense (colorblind have problems green and red, including not really discerning them from one another).

*problems WITH green and red (duh)

just use tor on safest mode, it just werks and 0 botnet

Trust me if they want you you would already be in their hands... Maybe they hacked your router to forward you to their own DNS. I don't do all this shit to hide from cia fbi nsa retard, I do it for privacy and so assholes can't make money off of what I click or type. Read a book or something if you wanna hide from BB