Can I sue?

What an unusable piece of shit.

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You deserve it

Are you an Indian


That is what yo>>865041
u get for using (((jewgle)))

Just put in your password.

I did it doesn't work, that's the point. Google doesn't accept passwords anymore, it has to be password PLUS the one device you use the account with. Can't use it on a new device.

why do people subject themselves to that?
google's support is non-existant, your account is probably gone forever

Try password recovery. It is botched and sometimes just sends you the password reset form to the mail address you specified there, even though the rexovery form tells you you failed.

Also, stop using Google. That a company this big lacks phone support, let alone any sort of official human support (they send you to community forums so you can be helped by a Google drone), is simply unforgivable. Amazon may be as evil in termssof privacy, but at least you can call them if you run into a problem and they are generally helpful.

Wrong. Google has fantastic customer support. But you are not a customer.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out OP.

exactly the point i was rasing just a month ago. theyre fucking fascists.

its a night mare for millenials.


this is why you link a # to your account OP

Doesn't look like he is. He failed to redact one instance of his email in the OP, and looking up companies called MTK Tech I don't see any Pajeets in the employee lists.
Is this your channel?

this is horse shit

Obviously he's locked out.
Now he needs a recovery email which I'm guessing he never set up. Or else he did and it's another lol google account.

Anyway this thread is fucking retarded. Only newfags use "free" webmail for a serious account.

correction, this is how they trap you into doing what they want: providing them with a phone number to track you.

Happened the same thing with one of my Outlook email account. It's locked forever, now, I guess.
It's a life-lesson. Don't trust the jew, nor the pajeet.

I went through the hoops in then did password recovery as well.

I typed in the code they sent me, and got this page

In other words I VERIFIED who I was, and they still won't give access because "google couldn't verify".


Use your ISP's email server instead. If you don't have an ISP, you can use something old school like I don't like any of this webmail shit.

Hit back and retry. Works on my machine.


Just use a burner phone

you can get it unlocked but your going to have to send them a photo copy of your id and a bank statement and proof of address.

this is assuming you entered your full name and other identification into jewgle in the first place. this is jewgle's new security they're pushing on android to prevent the resale of devices.

here's the kicker
you can't even make a new gmail account on the device or get passed the lock screen after a full reset

you can get around it if it's already rooted with a custom rom, but after that it's device dependent as far as cracks go to get around this shit.

trivial to bypass on most devices if you're worth your salt at /tech

…I mean I had a situation like this (made a factory reset of a friend's phone) and it insisted to log in to google before using, but this shit is solved by killing the process responsible (IIRC one doesn't need root to be able to do this, a regular adb shell is sufficient)
and I don't remember how I enabled adb in this state but it took about 30 minutes of "hacking" in total

android is a botnet in your pocket, buy an iphone.

give it back jamal

There's no point in google even trying. They have total and complete control over 90% of internet users and the other 10% are over 90 years old. Don't expect them to give a shit about you with the level of monopoly they have.

that's the thing if you can't get past the lock screen and adb isn't already enabled you can't enable it, not without a custom bootloader and a new rom, or some kind of an exploit.

99.9% of lemmings are not going to have any clue how to do this and will instead send their entire life to google in an effort to get their phone unlocked.

this is supposed to be an account setting though, not something that's enabled by default, you have to turn it on in your google account, i'm sure it asks and leaves the checkbox ticked by default when you first set up the device and it demands you make a google account.

Sounds like you're a fucking retard, OP.

>using any kind of (((phone)))
How often do you hang out with cia niggers?

They have some new retarded limit on how many accounts you can make as well. I don't know when the policy changed but in the last week or so I was informed having any more accounts per device is now against their TOS (I only have about 10).

The strange thing is I refused to give them my new phone number and all those accounts but one are either linked to my old phone number or not linked with anything at all. They still managed to figure out my new phone number even though I
I'm interested to see if anyone else on my network can even make new gmail accounts now. I thought they might be doing some kind of MAC address/hardware id but I run a spoofed MAC and regularly cycle it but somehow they still knew.

The only thing I can think of is I got drunk and slipped up one time.

Wrong. FRP (factory reset prevention) is enabled by default and hidden in the dev options. You can't flash with TWRP or similar because FRP sets the read-only bit in the bootloader to 1. AFAIK there is no documented way to bypass this apart from being a good goy and get google to let you have access to your device.

I used to make burner emails on gmail because i was retarded. about 1 day after setting up an account google would always lie and say "We have detected suspicious activity from this account. Secure it by adding a phone number." then proceed to lock me out until i give them a number.

i use now and recommend it because it's an email provider not a datamining monolith.

Don't play with fire niggerrr, they know everything about you.

This isn't true. You have entered your number on your Google account, stop LARPing.

What do you use? I'm on protonmail, which has a paid service, but they also ban people without the legal necessity to do so, so I'm looking for a serious, grown up person's alternative.

There's already a thread on this, "Best Paid Email Provider."

Read it over.

all websites are like this now. it's 2018. you need a phone and social media account to use most normalfag websites.

btw i recently got locked out of my 10 year old gmail account as well. i only use now. avoid any bullshit that gives you "security", such as 2fa, recovery mechanisms, IP / user agent analysis, fingerprinting, behavior analysis etc.

This is the future you chose

why the fuck would you give them remote root access to your phone instead of setting up 2FA with oathtool on an actual secure linux box? are you fucking retarded?
sage for cuckchan

bullshit, I have first hand experience with bypassing FRP

ADB was enabled, I always enable it because Android sucks donkey cock without adb access.
Maybe that's why I could do this.

How did you do it?

that was dumb wasnt it?

Killed the right process iirc. Or started another activity. A lot of possibilities once you have adb shell.

also could be that I wrote something to a hidden preference which indicates if the "out of the box experience" was completed, I don't remember it was about half year ago and I didn't think I will need this ever again.



Welcome to Google 3CYE, where America is the customer and you are the product.

What are usable alternatives to Google? I have a smartphone, so I'm stuck using it unfortunately.

I'm trying to reduce usage as much as possible.

if android is botnet, then iOS is botnet^2, the botnet of botnets.
and don't fucking compare an operating system to a device, nigger.

good fucking luck, heh

Don't you have an ISP? They usually provide email service (as part of your subscription fee), often even a webmail interface if you really need that. But I always prefer smtps/pop3s/imaps protocols and my own mail client.

FYI this happens with all mainstream email services. You need 2 emails linked with eachother to log-in (which is retarded because to verify you need to send a recovery email to the other address, which sends a recovery email to the first one). Or a mobile phone (also retarded because if your phone gets stolen your account gets compromised).
Your best bet is finding a form that lets you reset your password by providing an alternative email and filling in all info they ask (full name on email, 3 emails' subjects, contact names, folder names, previous passwords, etc.) doesn't do any of this crap.