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being based on the same technologies as chrome isn't a bad thing, it's basically a more customizable version of chrome that respects ur freedoms

Complete license pleb here, what does the text above mean? is the source open or what?

basically 90% is open source and 10% is closed source (mainly just the engine)


Absolutely gorgeous, a guy happened to me his css file and it just works beautifully


It's not free software


Using it right now on a RPi3, good enough even without acceleration. But jesus the vivaldi/chrome font handling in Windows is just horrid!

chrome is a safari clone by that logic.

All the interesting parts are proprietary. The libre parts were already libre in the form of Chromium.

It's a chromium clone with some small changes to the interface and engine. Can any body give me one compelling reason to use this?

As much as it dismays me to use a proprietary browser, Vivaldi runs way smoother and uses less RAM than either Bloatfox or Google Botnet(ium). Despite having more features ootb (vertical tabs or tabs on bottom, tab groups, sidebar, etv) and being more customizable.
It's the closest thing to old Opera I've used in years.

Because Firefox is a Chrome clone and Vivaldi isn't so we should use a browser that's literally forked from Chromium because it's not a Chrome clone.

Open source doesn't matter, freedoms do.

The open source definition is almost exactly equivalent to the free software definition.

That's a blatant lie.

Look up the open source definition. It's based on the Debian Free Software Guidelines, which are actually a bit stricter than the FSF's standards.
Also look up what gnu.org has to say about it. If you read carefully, you'll notice that they say it describes almost the same category of software, and that the difference is philosophical, not practical.

Okay. Tell that to Theo de Raadt's face and see what happens.

You mean the man who created an operating system with a base installation that's almost entirely open source as well as almost entirely free software, but provides some software through the ports system that's neither open source nor free software?
Can you elaborate?

Who the fuck cares? It doesn't spy on the users (at least no more than debian with reporting enabled) and 90% of it is.

What if Vivaldi Technologies goes bankrupt, or decides to discontinue the browser? If it's free software, people can keep developing it as long as there's interest. If it's proprietary, they can't. That's what happened to Opera, remember?
There are a lot of reasons to care about software freedom. Spying is only one of them. Free software gives the users control. That helps you even if you don't have the skill or time to use that freedom as long as there are similar-minded people who do.

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They could release the engine at a later date

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It's the chromium engine, which is open source, BSD, so vivaldi's modifications are open source, the UI is open source... The only non-free package I had to install was for playing mp4 files.