Television Autism - The Great Digital Switch of '09


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It's still digital you stupid fucking retard
Yes, because your TV has a built-in digital decoder

This is what they meant you stupid sack of shit

In 2009, they switched from NTSC to ATSC over VHF/UHF

To reiterate WE NEVER STOPPED BROADCASTING OVER UHF/VHF we simply started broadcasting MPEG streams over the airwaves instead of purely analog video. Old TV stopped working without a converter box because they can't decode MPEG streams and still expect NTSC over the air

TV still dies in 2009, but it was because of retards like you who thought the digital switchover meant you needed to pay for cable

You need a digital decoder in your tv for it to work. old analog crt and some lcds no longer work. you can get a digital decoder set top box and plug it in to crts via coax or composite. don't watch "free" tv because it's just government propaganda 9 times outta 10. also your tax dollars are paying for it so it's not free.

They're paid for by advertisements you tard. Meanwhile Cable TV providers are kikes because they make you pay for subscriptions and STILL blast you with ads.
I wouldn't say modern OTA TV is government propaganda, but it is significantly shittier today than it was pre-2009 when cable providers swept in to take advantage of confused old people and retards like the OP. It's basically 90 percent News, Sports, and foreign language programming nowadays

I assume you're in Europe because those Realtek sticks only decode DTV. In the US, NTSC consumed more bandwidth than ATSC does. They reassigned some of the spectrum to other shit. If I turn on an NTSC TV, which I still have, I get static and some trunked channels which sound like a idling bus.

tldr: it did kill analog TV and required new tuners

Thanks Obama.
there were actually a lot of people around me back then blaming obama for the end of analog broadcasts. I hate that war mongering nigger, but how fucking dumb do you have to be?

Analog was still better, and I'll stand by that statement until I die. What terrible fucking thing, thinking it superior to obsolite an entire century of technology with the flick of a switch, and to think it (((superior))) to broadcast giant mpeg files over long-distance radio waves. Worse, you can't even attempt to watch through static because if you did IT SHUTS ITSELF OFF. Yay!

Analog was still better, and I'll stand by that statement until I die. What terrible fucking thing, thinking it superior to obsolite an entire century of technology with the flick of a switch, and to think it (((superior))) to broadcast giant mpeg files over long-distance radio waves. Worse, you can't even attempt to watch through static because if you did IT SHUTS ITSELF OFF. Yay!

To be fair, it's still used in some nigger countries.

All so we can fit more paid channels and HD sportsball channels in. Why do people even pay for this?

Analog NTSC was fault tolerant, but it's easy to overcome digital ATSC shortcomings with a good roof mounted antenna. ATSC uses less bandwidth and there are now three to four times as many over the air channels as there were on NTSC. I look forward to pulling 1080p Olympics over the air for free this month.

That was a hilarious read. Correct and brutal.

Used to watch Primarily British Series with my dad. With analog television it was still watchable even with a lot of interference, digital was completely illegible under similar circumstances.

Because your fucking retarded?
What part of the analog to digital transition implied they where no longer going to broadcast?
Switch TO digital. Not switch to NOTHING. They even gave out vouchers for 2 free converter boxes. thanks Obama

Here is a really good tool to check what OTA signals you can expect and what type of antenna you need.

you probably have one
you can get these for $50-100 or as cheap as $30 for an ~2007 / IBM 4:3/5:4/16:10 CCFL monitor (assuming you can set resolution on a rooted android box and use Screen Shift [f-droid app] or use developer options although your gpu might not handle the resolution)
get these for less than $50
if it's not compatible with the monitor just get a vga/dvi to hdmi converter

Is cuckchan being ddosed again?

I never knew how comfy it was to fiddle with your antenna for channels until it was gone.

I haven't watched TV since around 2006, but it's still nostalgic. I have good memories about going on trips, and trying to get reception on a little portable black and white TV. It felt good when you had everything set up just right, even if you didn't care about what was on, or if it was hardly watchable.

digital would be alright if they had stuck to the original specs (low bandwith was supposed to be used for standard definition cartoons), but they soon realised they could use this for regular programming hence the pixelated compressed shit.even when your signal is perfect

ATSC 3.0 when?

Huezilian here, we're only changing to digital right now. Should have been years ago, but we are notorious procrastinators.

Watch this shit to the end. It's fucking haunting, apocolyptic

Weren't you guys supposed to go digital before America did?

I just watched a murder. I wasn't ready to see that on the internet.


I feel violated, gross, disgusted both at the video and myself for watching it, a little bit afraid, and just sad. Really sad.

TV of any kind was a fucking mistake.

50 years of technological history and it ended not with a bang, but a silent whimper. A silent 'Goodbye'

Really poetic if you think about it. Its a potential preview of the fate of everything really.

All rise for a moment of silence and salute the indian head test slide.

The Norse myth of the end of the world, Ragnarok, ends with a never ending blizzard that slowly smothers everything to death by piling up snow. First, the animals and the plants die as it progresses, and then finally the last humans. The static fuzz that's received by television sets is also referred to as 'snow.'

Friendly reminder that the public legally owns the airwaves. The broadcast companies lease them through the FCC. We're the landlords; the radio and TV stations are the tenants. But they pay us no rent and they decide who says what 24 hours a day.

Somebody pass me a brainless wojak

They also stole a lot of the bandwidth for military applications. Ever wonder how video from drones is down linked? It's all in VHF/UHF band. That's the REAL reason they switched over. Jewing us with converter boxes and getting normalfags to buy new TVs was just the cherry on top.

One of my biggest complaints is that they didn't bother to engineer our digital standard so it will degrade gracefully. There are several other digital broadcast standards which include a low-bitrate video and separate audio signals so if there is reception difficulty the receiver can switch to a low-quality version of the broadcast and still receive.

I remember reading about this in the late 1990s in an issue of Wired before it became tired.

You should know better than anyone that you can get those in bulk on cuckchan.

user, there's a reason internet>tv

Someone should invent Internet over radio. Then it would be perfect.

technically, it does exist but it sucks though (max speed theorically i've read would be 8000 bpps)

I don't think anything in your post was true or even accurate

Demonstrably untrue

Wifi is 8000bpps :^)

my bad, i didnt meant Bauds but bits per second, anyways seems in wikipedia that my info is outdated af


10/10 bait, sounds like authentic boomerisms straight from NSABook.

This is entirely because the chipsets in TVs & cable boxes are absolute garbage, even direct HDMI inputs have a second or more of lag with default settings. Any $20 PC USB HDTV tuner will switch channels faster than a typical NTSC set did.

Yes, though it does consume extra bitrate. There's a related technology, that's even a (rarely implemented) part of the MP4 standard since the mid-2000s, which allows an arbitrary number of different encodings of the same material to be hierarchically combined with no bitrate penalty:

I want an antenna DVR media player box, what should I get?


PC TV tuner is the way to go.

does ATSC broadcast HD signal?

Because if not then TV died regardless.
You ever watch SD on a 40 inch? Fucking eye cancer.

It takes 3 seconds to plug in an antenna, scan, and find out for yourself
It takes less than this to perform a web search. But yes, ATSC specifies up to 1080p MPEG streams over VHF/UHF.

ATSC also increases the total number of available channels because as it turns out UHF/VHF to have a lot of bandwidth for digital streams, this is known as "multiplexing" and it's basically multiple "sub-channels" per frequency specified by the channels metadata. So now instead of channel 11, you can have channel 11-1, 11-2, 11-3.etc

Yes. It can do 1080i/p. With 5.1 audio.
ATSC 3.0 can do 4K now and has a pathway to 8K. Audio is Dolby AC-4 and MPEG-H 3D Audio.

If the broadcaster doesn't get crazy with compression try and cram a bunch of subchannels on to 1 frequency the ATSC1.0 OTA broadcasts can actually be better then what you can get via digital CATV or DirectTV.