# adduser

# adduser
# useradd
# user add

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adduser is a 'front-end', if you wanna call it that way, of useradd, specifically meant to be used by noobs who can spend 5 min on reading the man page

and user add is something I have never heard of, to be quite honest

~>> adduser/usr/local/bin/loksh: adduser: not found
What kind of niggershit OS are you running?

OpenBSD, darkest of the *nixside naggers

the GNU operating system, at least in the distribution I am using, does not have these redundancies. It only has
# useradd
for adding users.

Fucking OpenBSD BLOAT!

One of the commands sucked, so someone made another one that sucks to replace it, but shell scripts already depend on the first one, so you have to keep both and they both suck.

God damn it, why is it that, presented with a standardmailer that doesn't work for shite, instead of fixing it orwriting a new one that does, unix weenies propagate newmailers that don't work for shite? Every few weeks I getsome new kind of bogus error message that plainly comes fromsome mailer I've never seen before. (Like that great newmessage that runs ``The following message was probably senteither by you or to you, and it failed for some reason, notnecessarily here.'') There have got to be dozens of unixmailers out there, scurrying about dark corners of theinternet and multiplying about like cockroaches.It's like when I was in fourth grade and found this keenrubbish dump out in the woods that was full of abandonedmachinery and thought how neat it would be to build a robotout of it all and went to class the next day and proudlyboasted that I had actually done so. It's the sort ofteenage attitude where you suddenly realize you can actuallydo stuff and get big ideas and start on glorious projectswithout having any conception of followthrough and get boredin the middle when it doesn't go so great and leave a bigmess. Unix is all written by these teenagers (chronological oremotional) who say ``oh wow, I bet I could write a mailer,wouldn't that be great, I'll add all these winning features,and it'll be so fun and cool'' and then they graduate ordiscover sex or something and we're stuck running theirhalf-assed code.


proves this to be false.

adduser isn't present in Arch, but I remember using it in Debian

The useradd command is the Posix standard, adduser is a Linuxism for newbs.

But this thread feels like a Poettering thread.

A Linuxism not used by any distribution of GNU/Linux and only BSDs.

You can't even sage, faggot.
As I already said, adduser is present in Debian-based distributions, not only in *BSD.

I can't even use user add or adduser, fucking cia nigger

Is "user add" part of the standard?

Clearly, adduser is superior as it's written in a memory safe language. But you also forgot vipw.

noice prompt

pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/ doesn't have it, nigger.

useradd/adduser must be freetard shit.

how the fuck do you add users then?


ok, now how do you add a user from the shell?

emacs /sudo::/etc/passwd


I need the sauce of the [code]pasta you posted.

LIES! OS X is NOT UNIX. It's sorta-kinda-BSD-abomination-whatever-Mach. It's arguably a lot less UNIX than Linux, which is specifically not UNIX. The only UNIXy things about it are the GNU parts, and GNU's Not UNIX.

Just for the record, I say this not as a Windows fanboi, oh no. I say this as an IRIX hardcore aficionado. Now, I will grant you that my DateTime struct is BSD. I admit that, and I apologize for it. But the rest is Bell System V Release 4, the One True Operating System; and I can ASSURE you, my friends, that OS X is emphatically NOT SVR4!


Bring up an OS X box from bare iron. Was fdisk involved? Did you need to bootstrap the thing from sash? Did your disks have slices, not partitions? Did getty enter in to your thinking? Was tar involved? Was it gtar, because THAT DOES NOT COUNT? DO YOU HAVE A FRAME BUFFER INSTALLED, YOU FILTHY HEATHEN? 19200/N/8/1?!?!?!

Nope, none of the above. Your machine goes "bonk" when you fail to enter your home zip code so that Apple can send you valuable offers of future services. If I tried to give a real UNIX box my home zip code so that I could receive valuable offers, it would probably detonate with the fury of a thousand Hiroshimas, AND the kernel would panic.

tl;dr, GTFO my ARPAnet.

I think it's from the Unix hater's handbook

It somehow qualifies as being UNIX though.


It is not POSIX compliant and is as such not Unix

There's only one, the others are either alias or a front end program added by retarded distro maintainers.

Just like how on versions of GNU/Linux that contain systemd, mount is just a frontend to systemd-mount.

1/10, UNIX itself isn't POSIX compliant. Just say that OSX isn't POSIX.

Everyone knows that. Literally nothing is perfectly POSIX compliant, but that doesn't mean you should pretend like MacOS isn't Unix certified--because that's the only reason why the Unix label is significant nowadays.

hows that one feel old man?

I'm not picking sides; that's literally just the truth, and my misplaced sense of morality compels me to say that I'd rather not mislead our newfriends just to win an argument on the Internet. For the record, Solaris 11.4 Beta was just released, back from the dead.

ill stick with gnu/systemd/linux, its really not a problem over here, so many people fear change but its funny to watch them squirm...

I'm not the same person, so I have no idea what you're talking about right now.

what? how deep does the rabbithole go?

Pretty fucking deep. Did you know that Systemd has a fallback option for DNS if your main DNS breaks for whatever reason... and the fallback option is Jewgle's

Nice, adding this to drop list in /etc/pf.conf

There's also
make sure you add that too.

Multi users is a mistake. If I ever get around to writing my own OS, that's not being implemented, believe me.

I believe you.

Thank you user. Posts like that give me confidence not to implement other things. You should see the growing list of things I have plans not to implement in the networking stack.

Why do you use systemd at all?

adduser is in Slackware and it's pretty nice. useradd is a pain in the ass because I never remember the syntax or the litany of groups available on the system off-hand, I always have to look it up.

So what you're saying is Microsoft Windows NT is the only real Unix left. yeah sure


Fuck off. Nobody gives a fuck about that shitty standard. Linux user space doesn't have to conform to some old ass shitty standard nobody even reads. The sooner we get rid of that dead weight, the sooner Linux will start improving. The seeds have already been planted long ago, with each passing year it bears more fruit. I long for the day the "GNU/Linux" argument dies for good, along with the ridiculous POSIX definition of what an OS is.

That guy's one of the few people who realize the irrelevance of aging Unix standards. Systemd uses Linux-specific features and system calls and is much better for it. That's the way it should be. People writing applications should use their platforms to the fullest extent, not worry whether it will run on some random BSD they never even use.

No, fuck you. Systemd sucked out of me any joy of using computers that I had left in me.

Yes, fuck cross-platform applications. We should all move to Windows 10.

Oh wow, computing isn't what you're used to anymore? Poor you. How will you ever recover?
How will oldfags ever manage without their shitty borderline unreadable service shellscripts? What will sysadmins do with their time now that they don't have to manually resolve dependencies anymore?

Yes, fuck them. The rule is they're lowest common denominator software that doesn't do things right on any supported platform and just takes the intersection of their features instead of pushing the limits. People are much better served by targeting Linux directly. Or BSD for that matter. Just stop with this "portability is inherently good" nonsense.

Just pick your favorite platform and start actually using it instead of some doubly wrapped, highly abstracted version. If other people care that much, let them fork your software and maintain it.

We're talking about Linux here. Windows doesn't even have a stable system call interface for user space. Stop being retarded on purpose.

we all had been better off if things went the way of BSD

I agree. I find that in many ways the amount of rampant degeneracy in the linux ecosystem is a great reflection of the amount of rampant degeneracy in society.

That would be logical but it's not. My guess is some random gem from Usenet since he's using code tags (cute syntax highlighting too)

Any reasonably complex program is not cross-platform, at least not without looking like a foreigner on some platforms.

Ditching the unix way is heresy now? You honestly believe it's beyond criticism or improvement? What's next, you going to call Linux users feminists? Soyboys? What meme will you spout next while downvoting the thread with your sage like a redditor? I guess it's too much for you religious zealots when someone dares to criticize the work of some old patriarchs. If it's so much better, stay in BSD then. Nobody is forcing you into Linux. Stay in your old POSIX world because we've got our own ideas of how things should be done and you people are holding us back.

The truth is people on Linux don't care anymore about simultaneously supporting Linux itself and a million BSDs through old standards like POSIX and its metric fuckton of limitations and implementation-defined behavior you can't count on. Linux is simpler, and the code to target it is easier to write and understand. People aren't and shouldn't be targeting POSIX in 2018. POSIX is dead. There's a reason Microsoft implemented the _Linux_ system call interface in Windows 10, and not some POSIX "standard" interface.

Linux is different. With Linux, we can always scrap everything and make our own custom user space if we want to. Nobody said it _has_ to be some POSIX relic; only GNU does that shit.

have you been on github lately?
I saged because that post was irrelevant to the purpose of the thread. I you are too dumb to understand that that is what sage is for then you need to leave.

I'm not promoting PoSix. It has gotten many things wrong. But the rest of your post is just screeching. I can't imagine you have ever implemented anything to fix the issues you are raising. Take this for example
Its a blatant lie. There is a reason why your shitty kernel is bigger then the entire OpenBSD source tree.

This is some of the most insane, self projecting autism that I've ever seen in my entire life.

This opinion is invalid.

Calm down nigger faggot. You'll never get into the CIA if you can't remain calm.

The CIA nigger faggot calms the entry remaining from outside.

You mean the operating system that invented cat's -v? You get the worst of both world. It shits over Unix but doesn't even own up to it.

POSIX is a security flaw
lol @ whoever pissed off that redhat-employed kernel maintainer


I only have useradd on my system.
Op is a faggot

There hasn't been any real NT system since 5.2 (aka Server 2003). NT6.x (or "NT10" - mfw MS sales and marketing dictates their kernel version numbering these days) is all just various incarnations of the bollocks that was/is Vista. Why do you think ReactOS aims to reimplement NT5 rather than the Vista-like platform they shat out later?

Fuck you. I'm fucking tired of you retards going "hurr Linux is systemd now fuck Poettering we need to go back to shellscripts" and turning threads into an echo chamber where you reinforce each other's hipsterism as if past systems were anything but pure garbage compared to what we have now. Things are finally starting to work nicely in Linux land and you fucktards want to go back to the stone ages.

Why don't you build Linux from scratch if you care so much? Linux is so flexible, people can nuke glibc and build their own custom user space on top of it. The whole thing is free software; why don't you fucking modify it if it's so offensive to you? I'll tell you why. It's because you're lusers who do nothing and contribute nothing. Putting in the effort and making your vision come true is way too much work for you people. Making and maintaining a distribution is too demanding a task. That's why your only option is to hate on Poettering and shitpost everywhere about things you don't like in a desperate attempt to steer development back to your own approved direction. When that fails, you fuck off to the BSDs and pretend to be superior.

They needed to target something stable. For anybody who invests the effort in implementing Vista, the ReactOS team will be happy to integrate that work into ReactOS.

You're fighting ghosts. Take your meds.

You're so fucked up in the head you can't even see it.

I called you autistic because you accuse people of doing what you're doing.

You forgot:
# pw user add


That's not what autism is. It's the exact opposite. That's practically normalfaggotry.

I'm out. Have no idea what you're discussing.