Aaron Swartz

What is the main reason why he committed suicide?

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He invented Reddit. I would kill myself too if I was him

life in prison and 0,5 million fine

from what i remember and what I can assume


reddit users probably dont even know about this.

It's weird how conspiracy theorists always claim people like this are murdered. I guess it reflects their opinion on what's more tragic: a suicide by bullet to the back of the head or a suicide compelled by circumstances created by the institutions which make up the fundaments of our society.

Being from a Modern Affluent Family that refused to acknowledge the importance of Coping skills necessary for adult life.

Why did you Capitalize those Random Words that aren't even All nouns?

impOrtance Of Coping skills

When to capitalize words:

It's not weird. Politically inconvenient people committing suicide in jail, or anywhere for that matter, is grounds for scrutiny. That goes double for anyone around the Clintons.

Who are you quoting?

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Au contraire.


Why did people like him? I don't understand it.

His girlfriend Quinn Norton sold him out to the Federal prosecutor who was pursuing his case. She gave them a critical piece of forgotten writing that Swartz wrote that enabled them to pursue the case against him aggressively. The story is in that free documentary that was made about his life.

Basically, it was that, an aggressive prosecutor looking to make a name for himself, and the fact that Swartz didn't want to be passed around for cigarettes as a fucktoy in prison. He saw no way out, so he became an hero.

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Bush has power though. Swartz was a weak numale faggot.

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He was a jew and you get put to work in prison.
He probably cut out that middleman and offed himself.

It would have happened anyway the moment he stamped a license plate or anything physical like that.

Physical labor killed the jews in WW2, not gas.

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This is how you go to hospital/jail for nothing and you only have your own retarded self to blame.

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You won't go to jail for putting your finger in the trigger. You may go for pointing the gun, not the finger where you shouldn't, but the cop won't even realize where your finger is only that you're waving a gun around yelling about trigger discipline.

The point is that this is where negligent discharge accidents come from, dipshits.

Because he is a masochistic dumb kike with depression who thinks he is a super hero but has already been forgotten.

He could have done what Sci-Hub did, but hell no, he has to be a martyr of some sorts because that way alone his name will be put somewhere. That fucking dumb virgin with superiority complex sure showed us.

Aaron had more courage doing what he did and mass-downloading those JSTOR files from a closet at MIT than you'll ever be able to summon up in your entire life.

Let alone his accomplishments are far beyond what you will ever do in your little existence, working with Berners-Lee.

From what I remember from the documentary, he killed himself because he was facing a 500.000 $ and did not want to be a burden...

He's not forgotten.

None of that has ever meant jack shit, and least of all the people who ever thought it did. He rubbed shoulders with great people, but their greatness didn't rub off on him.

That being said, I admire his courage in ridding the world of himself. I wish his admirers would follow his example.

Didn't he also create the RSS feed?

he did produce a few programs to retrieve RSS feeds, though. rss2email is one I used to use.

Guys, these threads always turn into petty wars and name-calling.
I agree his heart was in the right place, but he wasn't mature enough yet to deal with the consequences.
Regardless, he will be missed.

What did he know about Hillary Clinton?!?!

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Aaron was murdered by the academic cockups that had their silly papers stolen from.

Not wrong

Not wrong

Hillary is a red herring, and doesn't into Holla Forums. GTFO

There is a thin line between courage and idiocy, and Aaron is obviously an idiot.

Downloading and dumping files is a one off thing that doesn't cascade into systemic change. If you want to change the world you do it through ideas, sharing those ideas with others and motivating them to THROUGH GROUP EFFORTS change the world together in some sort of project.

This way you will cascade down the accelerating speed of change and progress, making it unstoppable to any opposition.

Trying to shame me when you don't know me only shows how your fragile ego can't stand me criticisng your idol of worship.

His death was meaningless, and I am not even talking about context of nihilistic existance as a whole.

But you are true on one point, idiots like you latch onto idiot masochistic kikes all the time and worship them like idols they always wanted to be.

Isn't the road to hell paved with right intentions?
Heh good one
At least one thing correct from you.

AARON IS A HERO whether you want it or not.

But i agree with you in this



to suck less

Oh no. He's cute.

The Kurt Cobain of tech.

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He was a CIA nigger or became a CIA nigger. His death was fake.

developed RSS and helped create Reddit


Just reading through the rest of his wiki raises many red flags.

why are 8-channers the scum of the earth

Read it faggot. Basically this kid was a "super human genius"

Holy shit, did this kid have any time to sleep. If you believe this then I have a bridge for sale.

Do you realize how much time a super nerd has to spend on their hobbies? This guy was productive with his time unlike most people who use computers extensively.

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Great life

He took the federal plea bargain baiting seriously and actually believed he was going to jail for 100 years.

...uh, he participated in a lot of Hipster-approved committees, he actually did fuck-all 'genius' stuff.

His being involved with things Internet at 14 was due to his Software Engineer Dad, Randal Schwartz, who own Coherent Unix.

He realized that life is harmful and debugged himself out.

I believe he did not want to live anymore. My judgement might be faulty though.

That's a really stupid thing to say.
Miss that part where he helped develop Reddit, one of the most popular websites in the world as of 2017, Reddit had 542 million monthly visitors

Or the RSS part, or how about SecureDrop which is only used by the biggest news companies The Guardian and The Washington Post. Reminder that Snowden dropped his "leak" to the guardian.

Forgot to mention the documentary
"The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz"
Someone actually paid money to make a documentary on this NEET

He was a CIA nigger from the start. His "hacking" of educational journals was just a warning to all you goys not to go against the man, or serve 6 gorillion years in jail.

Actually though.

if he was a CIA nigger why did he go to jail?
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because he revealed the MIT niggers' secrets

Man, there are a lot of layers to this conspiracy.

He, being computer-literate and a defender of your natural right to jerk it to loli catgirls on a GNU operating system in peace, had no choice but to watch the naked grotesque form of Mammon spreading its tendrils throughout the internet, and the horror of accidentally making eye contact with the beast drove him to madness.

Because the Obama administration was in reality a freedom-raping hellscape glossed over with a massive PR budget and fake smiles, culminating at the end of 2016 with niggers twerking in the whitehouse.
As if you even needed reminding how bad things were: half the voting population decided that if they were going to be forced to choose between 4 more years of the same (dangerously comptent evil) and a complete moron who could do nothing but fuck up (only allowed to play as controlled opposition to the regime and set up to lose by state-controlled media at every step), they'd rather have the latter.

Seriously, no. There's been thousands of more accomplished younguns on Internets over the past 20-30 years than Schwartz. Bram Cohen was younger than Schwartz (during the Reddit era) when he sole-developed Bittorrent, for example.

Every University had that going back into the 1980s, dude. Mates of mine had a laptop with the hostname "Haven" that did the same thing.

Not such a genius, then.

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