Tfw your shitty meme distro doen't even have automatic dependency resolution

gentoo is obsolete garbage in 2018

even fucking arch (still shit) has proper dependency resolution. the only meme distro even worth considering is void but package manager is a gimmick more than anything else

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lol just replace emerge with snap and your good to go :>)

i'd expect a gentoo user to at least know how to use proper grammar

and at that point why use gentoo over a proper fully-featured distro like fedora, opensuse or ubuntu?


yea you cant do anything on gentoo

You can choose to make it full-featured or highly specialized, it's your choice.
That's one of the main draws.
Of course there are other advantages but I digress.

Yeah! Excellent grammar, btw ;^)

FreeBSD > Gentoo. Slackware is pretty good though.


I can hear the pitter-patter of *BSD license defense user's feet drawing near.

GuixSD or NixOS.

excelent taste. thank you for stating what was in all us sane user's minds.

Reminder that Clear Linux is Gentoo done (((right)))

This 3 distros are systemD pulseaudio trash. And they are not fully-featured because you cannot choose package version.

Gentoo is not about compiling it's about choise of package version you arch virgin.

"(still shit)

are you fucking blind?
systemd hate is a meme, systemd is much better than sysv or openrc, both are built upon old and crusty code, only runit and systemd are good init systems nowadays.

Are you a nigger, or something?

Well, I wouldn't be surprised.

You ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''people"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" sure are a something.


Why do distros even have different package managers? Is there really still no package manager that would satisfy every autist that they feel the need to make more of them?

gentoo is its own purpose.

Retards who don't know the difference between /sbin/init and process supervision shouldn't open their hole.

What the fuck are you talking about?
Yes, this is why it still has a huge developer and user community behind it. Truly obsolete and dead.
Then don't fucking use current packages on old systems. The current build systems and programs are not 10 years ago's programs and build systems, everything is bloated as fuck now. Either use Slackware 3.1 on your Pentium II or fuck off.
Nobody is using Gentoo for the 1% performance you fucking faggot. You fags are the ones who spouted that bullshit meme.
You still haven't defined what "proper dependency resolution" is.
It's fine if you don't like shit, but stop trying to project your issues with the software as general issues with the software.

I'm now convinced that you are paid by Redhat. Fuck off back to where you came from.
sysvinit _maybe_, but openrc is fairly modern. Show me openrc code that's supposed to be crusty.

Look into Alpine Linux.
Thank me later.


I'll stick to my deblobed Gentoo thanks.

There's no precompiled backdoored binary blobs if you use CloverOS Libre.

i'd like to resolve op's dependency on air

I've already set up my gentoo box so what's the difference?
Besides I've complied it with hardened use and Cflags.

what an work of autism

but it literally does.... /thread

you don't know what dependency resolution is? proves all of the users of these shit operating systems are elitist fa/g/gots

(You) seem to be the one who doesn't know, as Gentoo does have automatic dependency resolution

Gentoo's niche should be extreme security, portability, and ease of forking/spinoff. How am I to spin off the portage tree by snapshotting it and (say) permitting only GLSA-fixing updates? Say a set of Gentoo-to-custom-distro management tools.

Also it needs a Gentoo/Illumos port more badly than Gentoo/kFreeBSD. Illumos > FreeBSD with Zones, ZFS, etc.

No this is a work of autism...


Because in the very deep of our brains, we all know the only shit that matters between distros its the command to install a package, so if you wanna do your "own" distro without anybody saying "it's X-based distro" or "it's X clone" you would need to justify your distro by developing your own package manager, unless you wanna go full Canonical and have your distro be known as the "bad"/"bloated" version of the original.

It's a Gentoo image that has PORTAGE_BINHOST="" in the /etc/portage/make.conf and packages built with CFLAGS="-Ofast -mmmx -mssse3 -pipe -funroll-loops -flto=8 -floop-block -floop-interchange -floop-strip-mine -ftree-loop-distribution" Gentoo is hands down the best Linux distro and CloverOS only makes this perfection easier to achieve.

When you install firefox on a base system, it transitively brings in about 700 dependencies. They are resolved.
Or do you mean some other bullshit like automatically detecting what dependencies a folder of source code needs (leading to mismatched deps and runtime crashes)?

gentoo doesn't have "extreme security", it has marginal security, which is still better than something like Arch or Ubuntu which are just turds.


what is distcc?

What's wrong with emerge's dependency resolution? Also, AUR packages don't have any kind of dependency resolution whereas overlays do have.

also, void has pretty comfy package manager.

Gentoo simply has a lot more freedom and it's more flexible. You can optimize and customize your packages. Gentoo is faster than Fedora/OpenSUSE/Ubuntu and ubuntu breaks when you do release-upgrade.

But FreeBSD has bad hardware support (when compared to loonix) and I can't trust them after their website got hacked some years ago.

kek, are you implying that monolithic and complex steaming pile of shit that is made by Lenntard Poopertering is better than OpenRC or even ancient system V init? System V init is old but at least its developers don't do the WONTFIX bs. System V init has modern replacements, that are sane, unlike SystemDick. And even if SystemD and System V init were the only options, then System V init would be the saner option.

Been using gentoo with openrc for about two years now. I fucking love it. It helps that I have an 8 core processor. I tried compiling it on an older netbook once and it took several days.

He's probably talking about Slackware. The only way I could imagine him claiming Portage being bad at dependency resolution is if he were just throwing out false accusations to be inflammatory. Everyone knows that Portage is one of the stronger package managers in the Ganoo/Linux world.

you forgot to tag your
cuckchan retardation containment thread

how do i emerge shitloads of things at once so when I wake up my frehsly installed gentoo has all my usual software?

Do whatever the manual says, then read this entire page and set each variable as needed:

MAKEOPTS="-j32 -l32"
EMERGE_DEFAULT_OPTS="--jobs=32 --load-average=32 --keep-going"

I'm sure there are more tricks, but this is what I use. Stuff always fails for me and requires masking and whatnot. There is also the jumbo file trick, on the forum, for emerging chromium faster on shitty PCs.

Oh, if you're wondering, emerge takes a list of atoms, not a single atom. Everything is lists or recursing folders of files. I'm sure you can use a file input somehow, too.

I believe you can also add atoms to the world favorites file, then 'emerge -uDNa @world'. I think I've replaced world and edited it manually, like a bad person. There's also a fetch only option if you only want to download packages. There must be a way to more aggressively fetch packages because it takes forever fetching when the particular job comes up.