Google opens Howard University West to train black coders

What language do they use?

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Also b4 anyone comments about
It's on USAToday right now.

Hahaha please jewgle, go ahead and replace all your programmers with niggers, make my day.
DarkBASIC. But since they can't even learn english they'll turn it into DarkBonics, for which there will be no compiler as it has no grammar.



This is not Holla Forums.

They use Cebonics, a corruption of the pure C language.

Every board is Holla Forums loser, because like it or not politics affect everyone.

I sincerely hope that exists in real life.
While we are at it, Japython anyone?


probably javascript or a graphical click and drag language.


How long til it closes due to lack of applicants?

Good to hear

Politics is not technology. Politics has its own boards dedicated to all things politics.


Howard was in the news recently for having record low graduation rates. I suspect they'll use Python and libraries written by Valley Googlers who are especially eager to let the nogs take credit for their work.

this is going to piss off the pajeets too. i don't think they like niggers anymore than anyone else. niggers don't even like niggers.

Yep. The malloc function is called gibsmedat(). Instead of break; to break out of a loop, they use ayoholup;. printf() is replaced by holla(). Pointers are called gats, because that's what they're accustomed to pointing at people.

This. Pajeets are even more racist than we are.

Then post the source faggot.

Tech related, stop being a dickwad. But OP is a faggot for not posting source.

I don't what language they learn but an insider friend of mine told me they use a custom linux distro called Ebonix to teach them on.

How long before nogs claiming Eric Schmidt was black and all googles patent were black invention?

Everyone knows that PageRank was invented in Ancient Egypt by visiting Nubian scholars.



kys yourself, retard. >>>Holla Forums is that way


I can already see it.package com.enterprise.Frontend.Japython.routesfrom java.http import URL, HttpConnectionfrom import StringBufferfrom gay.ass.framework import AbstractRouteFactory, AbstractRouteHandlerHandler, RequestContainer, ResponseFactory# No defs outside classesclass FrontendIndexPageRouteFactory(AbstractRouteFactory): def newRoute(this, RequestContainer request): return FrontendIndexPageRoute(request)class FrontendIndexPageRoute(AbstractRouteHandlerHandler): def handleRouting(this, RequestContainer request, int _): # _ is not needed since version 1.784.0 but needs to be there because 6 gorillion other things depend on it return ResponseFactory(request, "kill me", "text/plain")

kys yourself, retard. >>>Holla Forums is that way

< no appreciable increase in female coders

I think I know where this is going.



>< no appreciable increase in female coders

Cannot be C or C++ or Assembler et cetera, because:

Or, in other words.
Nonwhites need garbage collecting languages because they cannot grasp anything else in a meaningful manner.

Bjarne Stroustrup is true patriot. he tried to prevent this. he KNEW that niggers can't into C++ but you listened the rust faggots. you CHOSE this future. Terry created HOLYC because he knew that we need a reform.

So no proof then


leftypol & leftpol's stance

What about intersectional subjects that combine politics and technology?

Next time you're working look to your left then to your right. Not many women there, right?

this is some serious cancer

We can do something with this.

Rust is the choice of a new, and racist, generation. Rustreichens everywhere are busily writing to kill all niggers.

i've never seen a nigger code in my entire life.

there was maybe 1 black guy who's blog i saw once who was OK. and that's it.

Is it legal to have nigger only schools? Would it be legal in California to open a whites only school?

I suppose this is a good thing, progressive policies at Google pretty much ensure that their systems will degenerate over time, but damn this sounds like a racist plan.

Also, what about the wetback spics? Don’t they deserve these high paying tech jobs too?

Good question. Lawsuit when? If they try to say it's not nigger-only we need some non-niggers to enroll to gum up the works and throw up KFC & watermelon stickers everywhere.

English. They need to learn English first

I've worked with a black guy, but he clearly had a ton of white admixture and seems psychologically stable, and he was also just OK.

you're right this isn't Holla Forums it's Holla Forums did you forget where you were? back to >>>/leftreddit/ with you.