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What's a really lightweight video editor for the GNU/Linoox? I've been trying to use that encode.lua script for mpv, but it just doesn't work. All I want is to literally take a clip of the video and crop it. I want the most KISS video editor conceivable without being just straight-up ffmpeg.

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ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -ss 00:02:00 -acodec copy -vcodec copy -t 00:03:00 output.mp4

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Blender is actually pretty decent as a video editor. ffmpeg is alright, but it's definitely not the tool I'd want to use as it's functionality as one is very minimal. It's also kind of dumb and counter-intuitive to use a command-line program of all things to edit a visual medium.


also if you want both to copy just do -c copy

Less functionality is fine if it's not as bloated as Blender.

Check out OpenShoot

Openshot is OK.

Ffmpeg can't even loop a simple video with a music track added.

Eh, I wouldn't say blender is that bloated; at least when you compare it to other editors. It's only a ~90MB binary. Feature-wise there's a lot of shit you won't use (if you only use it for video editing), the UI is unintuitive, the workflow is different from most editors, but I'd say it's the best editor on linux atm.

Been thinking about trying Openshot; how is it?

It's basically impossible to do a simple crop. Rather than letting you use the crop tool that everyone else uses where you take the square and you position it over the part of the video you want, you have to zoom the video in and reposition it by sliding the position of the video on the x and y axis.

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kdenlive, user


FFmpeg and Vapoursynth.

Write a script that takes an input video, loops it, and stops at the end of a music track with it. Go ahead, I'll wait.

I am not the other posters and dont know the tools but I am sure they can do something like:

- ml = getLength song.mp3
- mv = getLength video.mp4
- ratio = roundUp (ml / mv)
- replicate -n ratio video.mp4 out.mp4
- cutToLength out.mp4 ml
- assignAudio song.mp3 out.mp4


If you are a brainlet: kdenlive
If you aren't a brainlet: blender

How the FUCK does vapoursynth even work?

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All I fucking want is to be able to make precise cuts by frame like in Virtualdub. Ffmpeg only supports selection by timestamp and you can't exactly walk through frames easily. Is there a GNU/loonix editor that doesn't make this simple task a pain in the ass?

KDEnlive. Click on the time display and switch to frame mode.