Godot 3.0 Release

Godot 3.0 has finally dropped!

Along with modern rendering features like PBR and clustered forward rendering, Godot 3.0 also has VASTLY improved documentation:

You can script it with their python-like GDscript, or actually use a Python or C# (or any language that gets the bindings) plugin. It's free as in freedom, and it is hands-down the best fully-fledge engine for game design on Linux. Why aren't you making video games for freedom yet, Holla Forums?

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What games use this?

Get to it lad!

I've been waiting for this

Does it still export to Haiku?

shit engine

Well screw you godot, was waiting for over a year and now school just started so I'm' too busy.

I don't like Cshit but JS is arguably even worse you colossal faggot

Why are they so against adding Vulkan support?



The scripting engine is open for business. What's stopping you from integrating JS support into Godot?

Are they seriously ignoring Vulkan?

Vulkan is coming later to Godot. Version 3.0 had started long before Vulkan was officially ratified. There's no point in trying to put in full Vulkan support into the 3.0 release, there's way too much work to make it release worthy for this. If you want to help make it a reality, I know that the Godot team is willing to accept patches or cash to help make it happen.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I see this game engine as an open-source alternative to Unity that isn't exclusively geared toward a GUI workflow.

The C# documentation is just about non-existent(Ideally we'll see the C# equivalent of the GDscript API documentation so that we don't need to manually print class methods to figure out when they aren't simply the pascal case equivalent of the GDscript.)

You can look at it that way. I like to see it as its own game engine that takes inspiration from what came before which also includes Unity. When I first encountered Godot, I found its featureset and philosophy extremely compelling on its own terms. Its comparison to Unity is because Unity is much older than Godot.

You guys are exactly the type of retard unity and godot are aimed at.

From a freetard standpoint, its worth mentioning that no Unity3d game will ever become open source at any point. The Unity devs don't hold the rights to several important components of the engine, so they'll never be able to release the code, even decades from now.

Godot games don't have to be open source, but there is at least the chance that they could at some point. There good old days where developers might open source their old games could make a comeback thanks to OSS engine's like Godot. This alone is one reason even Stallmanists should be shilling for this engine, with indie devs, at least.

Nice engine otherwise, but as long as PulseAudio remains a dependency I won't use it again.

How engineer friendly is this compared to unity?

it isn't
these things are geared towards idiots not engineers

i meant beginner, been a long day

you already got your answer then, they're perfect for retards so enjoy your time with them~

What are you talking about? There's tons of unity and Godot games that are open source

Why would anyone want to do something like this?
Also last I used it it had poor capabilities, was pretty slow, was way underdocumented and was fairly buggy (crashed often).
I ultimately went with urho3d, which doesn't have as good tooling but is better documented (surprisingly), signficantly easier to use (in my experience), can be scripted in lua or angelscript, and from C/C++. It also has state-of-the-art capabilities and its api is very similar to UE4.

There is not a single open source Unity game.

Hahaha, fucking retard.

Try ZZT instead, it's better than all the new shit. And it's text, so it respects your freedom to avoid GPU blob on your Beaglebone SBC.

You can make your scripts open source, but the engine itself is proprietary. You will never be able to just take the repo of a Unity project and run it on top of an open source engine.

This is what kills me about that faggot dev of Daggerfall Unity saying it's an open source project. No, it fucking isn't.

Can we use C++ now with Godot or is it still a mess ?

c++ is too fast

ooooh, digits!

I'm not interested in writing a game engine, I'm interested in developing games. I believe in practicality, not reinventing the wheel over and over again. Godot is a game development framework that solves a huge number of correlated computer game problems. Having these sets of problems solved for me allows me to invest my time into my game, not the engine that's going to support the game. If I know that I have special requirements that aren't adequately solved by the standard Godot release, I always know that I can extend and modify Godot to make it fit my needs.

Can you tell me what you mean by this. You've always had the ability to extend Godot with C++ plugins and modifying Godot itself.

what kind of "correlated computer problems" does godot solve exactly? and are those worth the overhead the stupid thing brings with it?

I'd bet my left nut you never made a noteworthy game without an engine/framework. I'd bet the right one you never made a noteworthy game period.

Having a scene editor has nothing to do with not writing your own game engine. You could easily define your levels in JSON in a text editor and then assemble the level from JSON data at runtime instead of having the engine magically assemble it from some obscure binary data.

Fuck, I love my thinkpad but this is getting ridiculous. Every new piece of software or whatever I find needs it, it seems. Guess I'm sticking to 2.1.

It's like you really bought a laptop from 1996 and refuse to upgrade.

Anything less than 3.2 is pretty much deprecated, you don't have most of the basic things of modern OpenGL (core profile).

just read the GDscript docs and use the exact same functions and variables?

that's why they named the new one 3.0 instead of 2.0 you dimwit.

It's a 2010 T410; it's really not that old.I plan on building a pc eventually but for now this is what I've gott.

You must be dyslexic and have meant 1910 T014. Or you're clinically retarded. It's one or the other.

Have you tried out her engine yet, Holla Forums?

why bother???

There's png files.

The Intel HD chipset on the T410 only supports up to Opengl 2.1 as per pic related. Idk about the T410 models with the nvidia cards though.

i don't play video games and lack the passion to make them. i'll grant that games done right can be a form of art and i respect that. but to me a computer is a tool. i'd rather simulate new drugs or genomes or materials. or make money with stocks or crypto. or assist with mathematical research. advancing the frontier. have fun with godot but please don't be degenerate.

You made a post saying you're not going to use it but tell them how they should proceed with development? Why would they bother listening to you?

It does? ouch. I assume that doesn't apply to games exported to HTML5?


I'm pretty sure Godot games work with plain ALSA.

No, and weirdly enough you can compile and run the editor without PA just fine, it's just that the exported game won't have audio and they refuse to fix this.

They used to.


inb4 Godot falls for the SJW meme and the community becomes a transgender cesspool.

Kill yourself, ebonics-speaking moron.



Godot seems to be coded by some kind of commie, though not necessarily the SJW variety.

But why would anyone even want your saved games to begin with

it's to prevent gamers from editing their own saves.

Really tickles my autism.

So basically Godot was written by a neckbeard
Honestly cannot disagree that mobile "gamers" are soulless enough to grind clash of clans. i remember at school we had an autistic child who was a clash of clans and "general purpose" youtuber, along with minecraft.
It's been three years and he's still at 200 subs.

it never exported to haiku because nobody bothered to work on the exporter. Even if the new version runs on haiku it'll be using mesa, idk how the performance is for 2D, but forget 3d with pbr at playable framerates under software.

Why should game developers care if gamers edit their saves?

Maybe we can get Tyson to make a mascot for Godot.

You should put an MIT patch or badge somewhere on her.

She's probably more marketable than the Robot logo.

I saw that a while ago when I was looking through the docs. I really really hope that was a lolsorandom effort to be ironic, but I just can't tell anymore. Fuck, I like Godot, but if it's pozzed, then I'll just have to go back to OpenGL + assembly language.


Even if it is pozzed. It's free software. You could make a literal final solution sim, and there is nothing the community or the devs could do about it.

What is it with gamedevs and being complete fags?

It's called a joke you fucking pozzbrains. You'd realize that if you read the two paragraphs under it and didn't have crippling autism.

You're here, too.

I feel like she'd look better with glasses...

Lol tryhard.

answer this

For fuck's sake, does Tyson Tan have to design every decent mascot?

great joke

would pet.

The Software Conservancy that funds Godot has already a few SJW cunts on board, check here.
Brief mention of diversity:
Since Godot has a lot of shekels now, it is only a question of time that SJW from Software Conservancy and other places are going to infiltrate Godot and bog it down with their diversity bullshit.

protip: software freedom is a political and social activist movement. The activism to promote diversity is also a political and social movement.

Apparently. Though, this seems to be more of a 'tan' than a mascot.

Because mobile games make most of their money by selling powerups and if gamers can just use a hex-editor to get those, their business model collapses.

Doesn't APulse work?

She obviously has autism.

People are already making fan art of her.

I think it makes a little more sense if we swap the panels. I think it's more funny that she tries writing it and does it poorly and figures out the right solution, instead of seeing the correct way and then writing a different implementation which takes more lines and is likely more confusing. She then even wants to show off her long solution to other people.

Comics are read left to right.

This is why nobody asks you to write jokes. The structure of a joke isn't "Payoff -> Setup"

They saved as jpg. We already know they are an idiot.

plz don't make fun of zzt

yonkoma is where it's at

I was waiting for a more robust physics system and it looks like it finally arrived.

I've already seen gayboys crying because they just added "master" and "slave" keywords, so I don't think you should be shitting your pants over this just yet.

-t. nodev

Artifacts add character.

This. Join the urho3d master race.

so i can make any game i want without the godot staff bitching about it? Im asking because i was reading some shit in unreal were they could end support for your game for ANY reason.
And i want to make my vanilla porn dream game.

They can bitch all they like, but they can't stop you.

They actually have an option that makes her show up in dialog boxes.

Ok. This is a trap. My Trap Sense is tingling like it's asleep.


She reminds me of the NPCs from Mega Man Legends for some reason...


Not really into that design, the hairstyle is ugly.
Give "her" (if it's not a fucking tranny, it's the current year again, after all) longer hair and a hairband with bumps on them.

That design is shit.
Unity still has better waifu.

Godette looks slightly nerdy and awkward. Kinda fits of an OSS project, lets be honest. I'm getting trap-ish vibes from her too though. And for me, that's not a negative.

Why is the west so good at making ugly characters and convincing people to use them?

Nah, Unity-chan is over-designed and has no common design elements with the actual Unity interface or logo. Looks like an actual Chinese anime knockoff. Also not moe.

So it represents Unity perfectly then!

She's kinda cute in a dorky sort of way.

Kinda generic tbh.

Whatever you make with it is yours and Godot team has no say in your products. Just make sure you contribute back to the community if you discover bugs, errors or improvements. If you think you should, you can also make your game's code open source so that others could make games based on the code of your game, or make improvements/addons.

I don't even understand why they wanted a human mascot. A robot would have gone much better with the Godot icon. Plus, Godot is an engine, so I would rather associate it with a mechanical being than a human or humanoid.

Traps are gay

Hi Roka~

Put her in some MML-style armor, and it'd be a lot better.

The only way to prevent such a thing is by making remove kebab simulator with it, or just be more creative than me, you get the idea. I love Godot too, but my point being is what truly matters at this moment for this engine is what you do with it. /agdg/ could all jump in one project together, be creative and bold... but that would probably never happen.


How else are you supposed to pack it in a browser?


I have only one thing that is making me consider godot strongly. Unity and git don't work together, Unity is in purpose done in a way that makes git fail at the worst time, while Godot scene format is built in for source control from the ground up.

That being said, unity has much more community and lots of features that might or might not be needed for certain game or another. Look at the available features and choose wathever is closer to the game you want to make. It's not hard.

Why can't I find the artists name anywhere?

lol just convert your code to wasm bro


Personally, I'm happy we have one decent OSS engine to work with now. The trap mascot is a plus too.

I'd say it's a good thing.

Use emscripten, it transpiles C and C++ to asm.js. It's also what Unity uses for their web builds.

use urho3d

Y'know, you can shill for urho3d without shitting on Godot, right? Godot IS a decent engine, and the shit you're doing just makes people want to use Urho less.


The MML armor looks more like something an open-source project would put together.

But it not really Rule34 material

*it is

Remove the chest plate. Industrial armor can be quite lewd.


Then git gud and use C++ like a white man.

Did you miss the part wherei said gdnative is trash? The white man doesn't make games he makes engines okay. And C++ is awful: too much legacy stuff to escape being compared to C (a smaller and cleaner language) and most of the new features are just bloat and syntactic sugar

How's life mr nodev?

Seems this is going to be a regular thing now.

Everything is just syntactic sugar on top of assembly

And Unity's built in version control is shit, in terms of both function and stability. I'll never use it again given a choice.

And with /g/ came the shilling.


Godot tan seems like he's a tad on the autistic side.

>shilling for a free as in libre open-source game engine
Calm down there, Unity/Unreal drone.

One of the Godot devs RTed this.

literally who?

Painfully generic.

Maybe on Holla Forums, but Holla Forums is enginedev turf so fuck off retarded nigger. Feel free to post once you've written your openGL renderer faggot.

I made a cyborg like design.
with 4 buns in the hair


she's not for sexual*

Saifag? Anyway, She looks good as a bot, put a little more armor on her, and I'd be willing to start pushing for this as the official design.

Can someone make a list of games made in Godot that you can play now? I only know of that Advance Wars game (which is fun, if a bit too simplistic).

Put and together, and I think that we'd have a superior design for Godette. More marketable too.

I really like this. A more robotic look suits her. The armor looks like a good cross between the Mega Man Zero and Legends eras too.

She's CC-BY, so she's for whatever kind of sexual we can devise.


I didn't want to put so much armor on her to avoid make her look as a blatant rockman dash ripoff.

not having armor or mechanical parts in her ass or chest and having skin color here and there was all part of my plan.

What about keeping the same shape, but changing the color so it looks like she's wearing a zero suit with some extra armor?

This isn't me complaining by the way, I actually really like what you came up with.

I don't know if this is what you mean. but the first colors I tried were 2 shades of blue and I didn't like it. also. the godot logo is just 1 type of blue.

also I don't like zero suit samus.

I meant recoloring the flesh on the body to the same shade of blue but with the lines and screws still there for style. I'm thinking we could actually push for Godot to improve Godette's official design maybe. But don't get me wrong, her outfit looks really good already. Better than the current official design, at any rate.

And it's a small thing, but the fact that the official design only has three hair buns has bothered me from the start. The logo has four. That's another thing you got better than the official version.


Godette us the offical mascot for Godot now. The robot is just the logo. She even shows up in the dialog boxes now, see .

are you sure? where's ore info source?

The official Godot Twitter.

Seems the original artist is one of the lead dev's girlfriend. Normally, that would irk me, but Godette is a cute, if awkward design.

well. it's just a design by the same guy who did the official logo. she's not official or not yet.
anyways I didn't use my twitter account in a while.

there are many things I don't like about that design. mmmm...

Checked~ But the main issue I have with the design is the outfit, but the basic look of Godette herself isn't bad. I would like to see her in glasses though. Making her look a tad nerdy would be fitting.

Think a small Godot logo would look good where that back screw is?

The original design is awkward, no doubt. But is is a good starting point.

since I put a lot of glasses last week on other works
I thought I was under some weird influence.
but that was in my mind.


See! The maybe a tad too big, but they look good on her!

We seem to have stumbled onto another MML reference, but fuck it, it does suit her.

they are just rounded glasses.
90s anime shit.

I see it now. It IS a good look for Godette though.

Oh, I know. But regardless of whether it's a reference or not, she looks better in glasses.

We are getting back to MMBN territory

Kinds of a cross between MMBN and MML. I like it.

Apparently, Godette's original artist is called Andrea Calabro, but I can't find anything else from her.

She's fucking one of the devs, apparently.

So, would Godot be a good engine for a game that apes the look and game play of 32-bit JRPGs like Grandia and the BOF games? Sprites in simple 3D environments?



I like this project. Kind of reminds me of Earthbound.

cats are afraid of cucumbers lmao

Those fucking hairbuns need to go. Make it a helmet or some piece of headgear, I don't know.

I agree. They look horrible.

I find them more 'quirky' than offensive. Especially with the glasses.

It's not like the buns were Saifag's idea.

Even thou I copied them from the other design, is not like they're so dificult to imagine. anyway imo helmets are too lame or hard to make them appealing..

I have some other ideas in mind but they don't look "nice" or comfy for her.

Really, the armor+glasses are enough to set this version apart. Only other thing I can think of is adding a MIT tag on her somewhere.

Reminder: Capcom let him die on the moon~

now I think I put rocks there. heh..

Well, you did put a rock. In my pants

Vulkan doesn't have enough widespread support yet and the benefits from adding it are not nearly enough to justify the man hours. According to them.



The glasses need to go. They're worse than the buns. Seriously they're disgusting.

No, fuck you. Although you could try to replace buns and glasses with a mask with dents at the top

There's this: godotengine.org/showcase

I'm not sure if they're all playable, but all the ones I've randomly clicked on so far were playable.

Maybe if they were rectangle glasses instead of these god-awful circle glasses it'd be a bit more bearable. Circle glasses are the absolute worst shit ever.


Why are you posting disgusting oval glasses? They are closer to circle glasses than rectangle glasses.


The glasses suit her. It might just be a matter of tweaking the size and shape a bit though.

And yet again, you have shown me a fetish I didn't even know I had.

They look good on . It's a matter of getting the size, thickness and color right.

Y'know, if they sold that backpack, I'd be REALLY tempted to buy one.

Who the fuck wears rectangle glasses?

We can have the best of both worlds if we turn her into Spider Jerusalem.

Now seriously, round glasses are fine, just not that user's fetish. I can confirm they are some anons' fetish as well like it is in my case

The 'industrial' look suites her, I think. Better than the cyber elf shit most would have gone with.

Glasses are an underrated feature these days.



Yeah, that look really wouldn't work for Godette. The industrially built, nerdy fembot look suits her.

This looks much better than the design they have right now.
It also seems like the design isnt the official mascot yet. The tweet just says, that the designer made another free character design, that everyone can use.

Do you have twitter for your art? Because i feel like there are more people that follow godot there.

Yeah, I wanted to show this to the Godot devs, but I didn't know how Saifag would feel about that.

not even /g/ is that bad

You'd know, wouldn't you?

Please, leave and don't come back before you're in your 20s.


i dont have any problem if you link my stuff to them besides having a lot of lewd shit next to it in my tumblr. "bichosan"

I was just going to show them the images. But if you want credit, that's more than fine. You should consider watermarking the stuff you don't mind us showing people though, Mr. Hitler.

why am i hitler now?

Your digits for that post.

She's super cute, in a dorky sort of way.


That is why I said "not rule34 material".

Trips don't lie.


You trying to imply something, user? I'd love for a GPL'd engine to be viable, but that just isn't the case right now. Since Godot is MIT, games made with it can be GPL'd, which is the next best thing.


Take on me~

Isn't GDScript basically Python? Why not just use Python?

Well would you look at that, it was canon the whole time:



I. Want. To. FUCK! This. Nerdy. Fembot.

Literally everyone who has any amount of the most basic, bare minimum of fashion sense.


Take a look at the language documentation. There's a detailed interesting explanation of why not python, and the features shown in the introduction help too.

It looks dumb, especially for grown men.

Good thing I'm a cute loli.


Having to wear glasses like that bugged the shit out of him though.

She was so pure...

She's the kind of cute that requires a second look at her. Like a pug.

The nips seem to like her:

porn when?

This. This is how you really market something.

Holy trips confirm. Saifag, if you're still hanging around, you know what must be done.

I'm here I didn't want to say a word.

How's your progress going, Holla Forums?
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Language files blank comment code-------------------------------------------------------------------------------GDScript 7 57 21 178-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUM: 7 57 21 178-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I have aiming, movement, and health partially working.

We really need to be shilling this engine. Not just because it's (cucked) OSS, but because the deal indie devs get with Unity is pretty fucking raw.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Language files blank comment code-------------------------------------------------------------------------------GDScript 56 1399 855 2908-------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUM: 56 1399 855 2908-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
i have to rewrite this

She's so autistic. In the good way.


Why should I use this over pygame?

Pygame is fine for SNES-type games, but for anything more modern, Godot is a far better way to go.

Pygame is basically an SDL API for python.
Godot is a game engine that abstracts away a bunch of lower-level problems using classes extending Node.

Just look up the list of features offered by both and it'll become apparent what the best choice is for your specific project.

Sort of a strange thing to note.
In C we use free() instead of destroy().
It's not uncommon.

free is cheaper than destroy, it makes sense as an optimization.

I now imagine Goddette with a THICC accent.

who is the blue guy? why does she randomly change clothes? why does her angel costume look like a basketball outfit?

Why hasn't Saifag lewded her in the angel outfit?

Now that the dust has settled, how does this compare to Love2d?

im drown in commissions
maybe friday

Godot has a significantly better editor.


I look forward to some of that

Name a non-mobileshit game developed in Godot.
I will wait.

Deep Sixed just came out and it's getting positive press from RPS and youtube channels.

You seem pretty popular lately~ Well good for you.

Not sure I'd call Tanks of Freedom mobile shit. There is also that Dog Mendoza point and click game. It's about a 7.5/10 if you're into those games.

Forget the Godot-tan drawfagging, we need some fully animated models.

Are you suggesting we make a H game in Godot featuring Godette?

I'm suggesting a fully clothed model with which some simple animations are packaged: Jump, punch, grab, drop, etc. The idea is to get some experience working with a completed model, so you don't have to wait for or make a completed model to get working with the basic steps needed to manipulate them. And since her design is free-as-in-freedom, you could drop her into games if you wanted.

What not have both?

I'll be checking the thread later today then.

There are a few games made with Godot on Fdroid already.
I want to make a FPS with Godot but I'm a brainlet.

Start simple. Make a Contra-like game and work up from there.

probably ashamed of their work, i know i would be

is this our job now?

The outfit is a little off, but otherwise, it's not a bad picture.

it's anime dude

Yeah... And that has what to do with not liking the original outfit?

tracksuit angel godette

there are a lot of mistakes in anatomy
but im not drawing the entire thing again and im still busy. :/

anyway. there you go.


This sounds kind of sarcastic I guess, but it actually is perfect and fits her character perfectly.

Nice~ But hey, no worries. Save your energy for the Krita thread if you need to.

So, I keep hearing that Godot is basically an open source Unity, but how similar is it really?

Bless you.


How the hell do I get the NodePath of an arbitrary Object? I've been tearing my hair out trying to get this simple action to work.

It takes all its design cues from Unity except for a Python-like script instead of C#. It really aims to be a clone but with a few small tweaks.

So, as long as you know Python, coming to Godot with a background in Unity is relatively easy?

bump for more of Godettes luscious lumps~

so much for your interest in the tech, if you want mech porn, theres a board for that:

Would producing a game in Godot 3.0 then mean that toasters that do not support OpenGL3.0 would not be able to run godot games?

A future update to Godot 3.x is adding OpenGL ES 2 support, but yeah. Godot 3 currently needs OpenGL ES 3 which is basically a tweaked OpenGL 3.3.

Hi, newfag~

"get_path" maybe? "get_path_to" should work too. It's very strange that joints require NodePath instead of Node.

Unity uses C#, right? I don't have any experience with Unity, but Godot officially supports GDScript (Python-like), C#, C++ and VisualScript, the last one is exactly like Unreal 4's blueprints. If you know C# or C++ it should be difficult, but the documentation is still somewhat lacking. GDScript is not as bad as they make it out to be. I'd suggest practicing and prototyping a bit with GDScript first, but C# programming is pretty easy and quick once you understand the mechanics of the engine. Not to mention it has 3x times faster performance than GDScript/VisualScript, although most of time it's barely noticeable.

looks like /ourguy/, just speaking ironically.

does that mean the games would run on ES2, the program would run on ES2 or both?

The main difference between Godot and other similar game engines is the way they approach scenes. In Unity, you have your scene and you load a bunch of prefabs into it. In Godot, everything is a scene. The weapon your character has equipped is a scene. You load this scene into your character scene, and then you load your character scene into your level, which may or may not be the top-level scene. It's a scene tree.

There a practical advantage to this?

I've been messing with the engine for a week or so, and it's quite good. Will easily kill uniy on the basis of having user selectable themes alone. That's right Unity, FUCK YOU for locking your dark theme behind a $1500 paywall and royalties you fucking shitbags. All it needs now are multiple tabs in the script editor and Vim bindings and it will be amazing.

Are you serious?

It used to be. Now it looks like they have some sort of subscription plan, but the dark theme is still locked to non-subscribers.



-I would like to display Unity in its Pro/dark skin.
I have upgraded to Unity Pro but the Editor is still in the light skin.

Not only is it locked, but it's actually one of their selling points for Plus.

A THEME is a selling point!? As soon as Godot makes with the Vulkan, I see that shit changing real fast.

You will have to wait three years for Vulkan.


Unless some fags want to contribute.

I always thought that was more of a joke, and not a serious point. Then again, in the $CURRENT_YEAR I think a lot of things that turn out real were joke.

Sauce? I know they said they wanted full ES support before Vulkan, but I doubt that will take Three years.

This is my personal estimate. You read it here folks, an Holla Forums anonymous guarantees Vulkan support in Godot by 2021.


Oy vey where do we submit a pull request to fix this injustice?

I can't believe people don't mention this more often. A fucking SKIN is behind a pay wall.

This is an absolute racist horror. There are dark skinned Unity free users who aren't able to access the dark skin option.

Well, I guess it was about time I got a new fetish.

Godot is moving to Vulkan afteralll niggas! UNITY DEVS ON SUICIDE WATCH!


Fuck yea. I actually have no idea what Vulkan does over OpenGL. Aside from it not having a shit load of redundant functions and bloat, there by making it faster.

Basically, it makes it MUCH easier to utilize more than one or two cores for graphics. OpenGL SUCKED at that. This will be ESPECIALLY noticeable with AMD CPUs.

Vulkan is lower level which makes writing drivers much easier as the game defines how it wants to use resources instead of asking the driver nicely.
It unifies OpenGL and OpenCL, Vulkan does graphics and compute.
Vulkan was designed with the expectation for others to make third party frameworks for those who don't want to go so low.
Apparently it is possible to make an OpenGL framework for Vulkan but there will probably be easier frameworks.
Remember, a vulkan hello world program is 600 lines.

There's a good reason for that, things like SLI or Crossover was entrusted and orchestrated by the driver, this made the driver complex and debugging hard.

Vulkan does away with all that and just presents your cards as compute instances, you query what they are on your machine, get their properties and then use them how you please.

Which is why developers are going to have to rely on 3rd party engines more than ever going forward, and having at least one open source option is a good thing,

We really need to get some drawfag to come up with a Vulkan tan.

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Pretty the request has to come from the project itself. Besides, Tyson is a tad busy with making mascots as it is.

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I wonder what animal he'd go with...

If the drawfags come back, we can meme up a proper Vulkan tan for the Krita 4 thread that should be opened on the 1st.

Even his pony faggotry doesn't bother me as much as it should. I really need to look into what it is about Tysons art that makes it more palatable than other furshit.

Exactly how well would Godot be able to handle an open world game?

Vulkan support is nice, but considering it's going to be done from scratch, it may take a while.

I would guess it won't handle it well if you did everything in a stock Godot distribution and in pure GDScript. The great thing about Godot is that you can extend the functionality of Godot by writing and compiling in your own C++ extensions and modifications to the engine. What I would do is write a custom C++ renderer whose job is to deal with the rendering of the big open world. On top of that, I would possibly create some kind of data oriented world object processor in C++ and expose an interface to that processor function as a GDScript object.

It also depends on what kind of OW game you're talking about. Something like Twilight Princess without loading screens would be very doable, even with stock GDScript. You want more advanced shit like what you see in Skyrim, yeah, it's going to need to be extended.


Buggy as it is, Skyrim's AI is complex enough that duplicating it would take some effort.

Because it has heart, user (God, I feel gay for typing that).

I remember that picture now, I should really finish reading the main site for vulkan. OpenGL loves only using the main thread.

Are we talking like c++ code or assembly code. Can it run without an OS then?

So OpenGL 3.0 will be deprecated so soon and OpenGL 2.0 + Vulkan is the future? Not bad.

It isn't. Read the article. Few months as they say. post more vulkanfu

It was c++ code iirc, I don't think it will run without an OS, maybe if someone creates a bare metal vulkan driver?

Eh, it doesn't have to, I think Vulkan will get its own SDL type library that helps abstract away all the common use case boilerplate so you could still do your own thing.

I'm consistently amazed with how many retards Holla Forums has.

It's more about how time consuming implementing Vulkan is compared to OGL. This means 3rd party engines become even more important.


Oh, so you're planning on writing a Vulkan renderer from scratch then? Lemme know how that goes~

What a loser.

Why are exported binaries so huge? A completely empty project has an around 28MB binary and a 75kB resource pack file. 32-bit binaries are only slightly better. Is there a way to cut down on binary size?

Godot is statically compiled, you generally want this for a game, if you want to reduce the size you can compile godot with the features you don't need removed.
Why do you want a smaller binary?

I like that I could use C++ or even Nim if I wanted to. But I've read that you only need to do that if GDScript is not performant enough. What are some examples where GDScript wouldn't be fast enough?

Godot's overhead for everything is most probably higher than achieving the same outcome in C. Doing heavy processing in the interpreted GDScript language isn't going to help either. So as you increase the number of entities to process on the screen at one time, the overhead will certainly add up.

In a game the high level logic is almost never the bottleneck. Obviously you could get better performance if you wrote the whole fucking thing in assembly.

Fantastic work, Sherlock.
Dear God I think you may be onto something.

Nice dubs something.

I mean, isn't that the size of pretty much the whole engine?

It depends on game, but map generation and AI for example shouldn't be written in GDScript, as it's is around 3-4 times slower than C#/C++. Even the devs acknowledge it. Really demanding parts should be rewritten in something else; I heard that C# is the easiest to implement.

AFAIK, the exported binary is really the whole engine plus the game, minus the editor, which makes sense. I heard there is a tutorial somewhere to compile godot without 3D nodes, but I couldn't find it. Would be nice for small 2D-only games.

If by AI you mean "path finding algorithm" then obviously. There should be an implementation provided by any sane engine anyways though. Most game AI logic can be encoded into very simple logic. By map generation do you mean "Perlin noise"? Because again this would be an instance of one algorithm taking up most of the CPU cycles. Just have a library of a few optimized base line algorithms everyone needs anyway. You don't want to do matrix algebra in the interpreter.

What are the most active community hubs for Godot devs? Is the disagreement really the best place to get your question answered?

Godot has that.




Lets see you do better then.



Is that Kenshiro?


I think Godot has really hit the point now where it's popular enough that it will keep building up more popularity and momentum. The fact that it's open source AND treats Linux as a first-class citizen is massively to its advantage, because there are really no good engines that play nice with Linux, yet tons of programmers who like to volunteer on open source projects primarily use GNU/Linux. They basically have a captive community all to themselves, and now the codebase and projects are just going to keep getting better. I've noticed it is really taking over the discussion on GNU/Linux-oriented forums, and even adjacent ones like /agdg/.

Thank god for Godot, I'm finally realizing my dream of making games.

That isn't development though, it's business/terrorism.

What the hell is GDScript doing? Its losing against something the .Net framework's Virtual Machine? How is that even possible?

C# is a statically typed language, GDScript is dynamically typed. Python, Ruby, and Lua are all also slower than C#, because they're dynamically typed.

I'm glad to know in the end I was right...Makes it more readable to cast things in var they said. I never liked it when the language didn't let me declare specific data types.
Does declaring variables as var slow c# down? Please tell me it does. Especially if the former web developer only ever used Vars.

Don't think so, that's probably just compile-time type inference. Fully compiled languages like C++ and Rust also have this (Rust being more advanced). Once declared with var, the type should still be static.

Downloaded the flatpak. Guess I'll start fucking around with it today.

do you work for redhat?

Node or NodePath doesn't really matter. The problem is the signal that identifies the object that enters my grab range reports a PhysicsBody type instead of Node. I can't make a Joint without using two Nodes, and there's no function I know of that can identify a PhysicsBody's Node, probably for good reason. Unless body_entered() starts reporting Nodes instead of PhysicsBodies, I don't think it's possible.

I haven't looked into this yet, but consider asking it on the Q&A forum

No, I just like it because it stays out of my way and keeps things tidy. It also handles workspaces better than any other DE.

Declaring a variable "var" only means "figure the type out on your own, compiler". The compiler will do it at compile time if it can, otherwise it will raise an error and you will have to declare the type yourself. This means if you have a function
int PooInLoo();
and a variable
var amount = PooInLoo();
then the compiler can figure out that "amount" is of type "int" on its own instead of you having to write it down yourself. In general you should use var when you can, it makes the code more flexible at no cost. If you want to see what type "amount" has you just have to look up the declaration of "PooInLoo()".

Not anymore

I use Gnome but I can't imagine the agony of using it without at least 5 choice extensions.

I'm curious about this, is this really recommended? Isn't this a tradeoff in code clarity/readability?

Trying to turn Gnome Shell into a more traditional desktop via extensions never works well. You'd be better off using literally any other desktop if you can't learn to like Gnome 3 for what it is.

Attached: Screenshot from 2018-03-11 09-48-40.png (1920x1080, 1.52M)

Why are you so pissy about a goddamn game engine/editor?

You just can't resist, can you?

GNOME is fine but certain things like the alt-tabbing being across work-spaces, lack of a dock, and the top-corner make it unbearable.

Of course I don't make it into Cinnamon.

Godot supports web-assembly (probably though emscripten) so you can run your games on any platform without using JRE or the Unity Plugin.

You can also use your existing C# and C++ code (probably GOAT Obj-C too but im not 100%) in addition to their python-centric scripting language.
Game objects are treated just like UI widgets in your scripts/code and you instance them into your trees.

m8 I like KDE but I will never give KDE to linux illiterates, my Dad managed to fuck up his whole desktop on KDE, Gnome kept him rock solid because it doesn't allow you to fuck anything up.

Does it even let you declare variable types yet? Using "var" for everything is retarded, let me use byte instead of the compiler treating it as a full int and wasting system resources.

Well Godot Script is python based, why wouldn't it do that?

Use C# or C++ files instead.

If you're using GDScript for what it is intended for, high level logic, your usage of integer variables to store small values should have negligible consumption of resources. If you need tighter resource management, you're supposed to extend Godot with an extension that is designed to manage the resources for that specific subsystem that you need.

That's a nice way to word "Gnome kept him rock solid because you don't have to do research on how to not destroy a distro with KDE installed."