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Want recommendations for e-mail clients, browsers, etc.? Come here

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Check the catalog, there must be 100 threads about the topic.

Just trying to get people to post in here instead of flooding the board with it

the email app on windows 10 and google chrome

OS: Devuan
Browser: Palemoon
Email client: I use Gmail, bully me pls
Document viewer: Evince (the default one)
Image viewer: Gpicview (the default one)
Video player: vlc

devuan installer handily encrypts user space and everything werks except for open-source graphics drivers which give me an unusual res. Only cancer I have left is gay email provider and backdoored microcode

You are beyond saving.


use qupzilla, cockmail and mpv if you want to fit in with the cool kids

not user but why not use mpv, and a email client (claw, sylphseed, thunderbird etc) While you're at it, it might be too much but switching away from google services is always supported.
I use netsurf but imo palememe is one of the best normie compatible browsers

Thank you dubs man but I think I'm missing some dependency for mpv and it won't open at the moment. I'll be looking in the email thread for alternate email services.

OS : Debian/Devuan or Xubuntu Core (highly debloated)
UI : xfce4
Browser : Firefox 57+ with heavy tweaks at about:config like pocket.enabled 0
Email Client : Dont be a cuck and use only web client of Protonmail
Document Viewer : LibreOffice (newest version from backports/website)
ImageViewer : gThumb
Media Player : MPV

that's bad. your browser is unique (with your custom tweaks) and so is your IP. you can easily be fingerprinted.
You should use TorBrowser, which is tweaked Firefox + Tor network. torproject.org

You are a cuck if you use Protonmail webmail. not only is this cancer heavy javascript, they can send you a modified javascript code which will send them your encryption password.
webmail is for goys.

cancer. Microsoft Office is superior in every way.

MPC is superior and has superior GUI.

I dont care about USA/China spying on me, i concern about useless botnet features using extra local computer resources

Same as above, i dont care about fucking USA spying my 3 useless POS emails i send to friends and rms every once in a while and btw i recomend protonmail just because its lighter on bandwidth usage (i live in 3rd world so i only have an internet metered connection and every MB its expensive af)
True, but i hate running stuff with wine


Too bad that its windows only



I'm still curious as to why people care about a video player GUI, like specifically what elements do you use and need to see at all times? For me when I want to play a video, my focus is on the content of the video, I don't need to see play and pause buttons or anything like that, it just takes up space that could be used by the video itself.

Regardless, both players are customizable so you really can make either look and function however you want, it seems easier to customize mpv than mpc in regards to GUI though, as in meaningful changes/additions not just changing colors of buttons and bars.
Windows only
Is also a big deal. Once you make mpv look and function the way you like, it will look and function that way on all platforms you use it on, no sense learning different conventions for each OS when you could just learn 1.

how is it lighter than regular pop3?

what are the best equivalents the linux world has to offer? inb4

oh and

Nobody? There really isn't anything better than those listed?

Audacious or Clementine, both better than fb2k imho
Literally any text editor, can't recommend specifics without knowing your requirements. But most are feature rich. See "comparison of text editors" on Wikipedia, find Linux supported ones, and filter them by features you need.
don't know what hxd is, but if it's the hex editor why use it in parallel with notepad++? Last I used Np++ (over 6 years ago) I remember it had hex editing capabilities, unless I'm wrong. Can't recommend anything here.
Whatever your distro offers.

What do you need a gui for in a video player? MPV has the best GUI out of the box.

OS: Gentoo
Browser: Icecat
Email: I use webmail
And sometimes Zathura
Image: EOM (Bloat, I know)
Video Player: MPV

Anyone got a list of firefox addons that respect privacy?

uBlock Origin
Privacy Badger
HTTPS Everywhere

uMatrix and uBlock renders Privacy Badger unnecessary, and frankly it's a piece of shit.

The name sounds kinda shit tbh.

Privacy Badger is for normalfags, it isn't meant for someone capable of using uMatrix/etc.

Palemoon can't play 720p videos in 60 fps and slows down the system
Waterfox has a memory leak and RAM usage gradually fills up unless you restart the whole thing
Qupzilla is just shit with jittery scrolling, slow response time and lacks on the add-ons.

So what the fuck can I use for a lightweight browser? win7

Why do you think Waterfox is leaking memory? Isn't it basically just an older version of Firefox with the icon changed and some stuff in about:config tweaked by default?

because even if I keep the same 4-5 8ch tabs open and a single youtube/hooktube tab playing a single video, the RAM just fills up over time. In a little over an hour the total RAM usage will go from cca 1.6 GB to all 8 GB that I have. It's especially noticeable on my ye olde thinkpad with 3 gigs of ram.

I can't be the only person that thinks that sounds like the nig name

uMatrix is fucking garbage, m8

It's the only piece of software I know of that lets me selectively choose what domains serve which things. And all at a level of granularity that totally changes the way I interface with the web.

That doesn't mean that pre-57 FF didn't have the same issue, though, right? Maybe you should open an issue on Waterfox's GitHub page.

I can't wrap my head around the fact that there are literally people in this world who can't comprehend toggling a y/n switch on the columns of some simple matrices. It's really indicative of the state of the web.

umatrix is a web page firewall! I don't need any adblocking any more!

Most content blockers are like that, including uBlock Origin which sources its blocklists from a bunch of hosts files. It's unfortunate that normal people call them "adblockers", because most adblocking projects prioritize blocking malicious sites and obscene content more than anything. It's funny watching how the anti-adblocking project tries attacking the adblock plus despite the fact that they're actually really moderate when it comes to blocking actual ads in lieu of just malicious sites. The whole stigma towards adblockers is kind of fucked up. I mean, you should be entitled to control the code that you execute on your own computer, shouldn't you? But no one seems to really address that for some weird reason.

Light on resources doesn't necessarily mean it's fast. FF58 is pretty as-is, but the good UX also helps create the illusion that it's more responsive than it really is.

brings back memories of Lime

most people don't know what XHR or CSS mean, and aside from that they don't like tinkering which domains to allow what to watch their vines on twitter

Learn the basics, faggot.

oh gee willikers billy, I guess I should switch to mpv, a program that doesn't have a scaling UI and can't play youtube playlists

Are you, by chance, a homosexual?

I have a crippling addiction to jewtube cock, but no, I'm no homo the My Mix playlists tend to find some nice music I hadn't heard of before

Except it does support playlists? I'm watching a YouTube playlist right now on mpv.

How? I pasted the playlist's url and it just stood there. And when I select a specific, non-generated playlist, it crashes.

I can't really help you since it's probably a situational thing, but you can use this thread to debug:

Enjoy being fully tracked by the botnet due to lack of proper protection options.

I found youtube-viewer in Manjaro repositories, it relies on youtube-dl. Pretty nice since it lets you see video descriptions or all videos by a particular author, in a particular playlist, etc. Between that and using a keybinding to play links from clipboard I can avoid youtube in-browser completely.

What's wrong with mpsyt?