The future will hold a heavily restricted internet with ISPs selling you access to fb/yt/twitter/wiki/amazon etc and...

The future will hold a heavily restricted internet with ISPs selling you access to fb/yt/twitter/wiki/amazon etc and other sites being inaccessible because the goverment declared them "hostile".
There is no way to stop it so we need a proper alternative internet before its too late.

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The future will be me cutting any contact with the outside world, except for some sort of radio connection to Gentoo's repository.

You could do IoT, Internet over Twitter. You just have short encrypted packets sent over Twitter.
There are plenty of ways to get around the restrictions.

Satellite connection + blockchain (ethereum + ipfs).

how are you going to download the blockchain over satellite?

Satellite phone tethering



Holla Forums was right about net neutrality. It was nothing but a gigantic jewish scam and you all fell for it.

Pirate Zeppelin/balloon-based IPFS nodes

how can it scam people when it doesnt exist?
4d chess?

Exactly, it was removed despite all the liberal kikes getting up in arms about it and shilling for how bad it's going to be when net neutrality is gone, despite the fact that it wasn't even a thing until 2008 anyways. The tech world has a really bad streak of liberalism to it, and people are so quick to jump on any crusade the kikes sell you. Look at how bad the (((EFF))) is.

NN was a thing since the internet went public. Tbh you'd think posters on a site full of racists and pedos would be more appreciative of a regulation that prevents some blue-haired harpy at Comcast from blocking all sites deemed "problematic". It's only a matter of time, and Holla Forums will absolutely be one of the first sites to get blacklisted by ISPs.


The only difference between them and the blue haired whales is their ideology. Trump told Holla Forums that nn is bad, they don't have the intellectual ability to say otherwise. They repeat the lies like they repeat the memes.


(((Tech giants))) have a very consistent record of banning and blocking any content they want you to believe is "offensive". Mind telling me why you think they'll break that streak?

Mind telling me why you're putting false words into my mouth friend? I'm merely pointing out you're behind the actual timeline we're on.

I was pretty fucking confused when I saw Holla Forums was against NN. The only reason I could see for miles was that it was a liberal enactment and regulation of free enterprise was bad. I just chalked it up to being retarded and moved along. But later on, I found a screencap with a few "this" replies and some things clicked. An intelligent reason to be against NN is because there are concessions in the official document that allow government to monopolize the internet infrastructure AND have the ability to force ISPs to take down any websites or face the prospect of losing their "internet license" from the FFC (IIRC), losing all of their profits, and then having to sell all of their assets back to the government which now has even more power to arbitrarily take any websites off the web.

The full-on botnet dystopia will begin around 2020.

I'm very doubtful net neutrality legislation actually enabled that, but even if it did, it's not the reason the average Holla Forums poster was against it. The main reason was bland contrarianism. A few years ago we had a persistent poster here who was ahead of the curve and literally argued against net neutrality by saying reddit liked it.

a pox on thee versooth.
< just shut up about the truth. leave me in my delusions you bastard.

The reason is the belief (that may be true) that having layer between the kikes and the interweb (corporations) was better than giving it to the ZOG on a silver plate.
Honestly, I don't know and don't care since I'm a yuropoor.

Nobody ever explained how adding restrictions to the fuckery that layer can do makes it easier for the government to do fuckery.


Get out newfag. Here's the bill user is talking about

First of all: >>>Holla Forums
Second, you know there are not two sides to this, right? It's all part of the plan. Trump and all.

Now, go back.

Holla Forums is not one person, but "the average Holla Forums poster" is a coherent concept.


I can smell the /leftpol/ on you, cuckfag.

The government doesn't need to do anything here. All you need is for the industry to continue to consolidate until corporate control of what you see and access is absolute. Google is already massively impacting web traffic by tweaking their algorithms to direct people away from websites they don't like.

take a trip to china and ask their toadposters how they get around river crabs.

Yep. Censorship is good, but it's even better if you don't need to censor because all information people seek and find is already kosher. A few autists can get around it, but getting 99.999% of people is more than good enough.

Badthink sites will be banned regardless of net neutrality. Big Tech was using their power to ban anyone they deem ungood before net neutrality was repealed -- see the mass bannings on Twitter and the Daily Stormer. Like every other rule regarding freedom of speech, net neutrality was never going to be applied evenly. It would have been used to protect leftists, while any doubleplusungood h'white men would be mysteriously exempted from its protection.

Net neutrality being repealed is a good thing. It exposes leddit/leftist/normalfaggots to censorship, while not changing the situation for non-leftists one iota.

I'm going to enjoy seeing leftist faggots bitch and moan as their favorite sites are restricted. Let's see how they like the censorship they've been foisting on everyone else for so long.

Seriously do you even know who passed net neutrality? It was fucking Obama! It's SJW trash.