Is Hooktube a fraud?

Share YouTube videos without giving them views. Bypass country blocks and age restrictions. Download YouTube videos and music. Keep your data private from the G

But it still connects to googlevideo, so google can track you anyway. And it uses cloudflare, an even bigger tracker. What's the point of hooktube then?

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No google scripts, but you still get the actual information youtube gives like upload date and so on. It is also a lot faster on firefox esr on an older pc.

Basically a Google proxy. The cloudflare is on point though.
People should youtube-dl + IPFS as a decentralized alternative.



Yes, it looks like a honeypot to me.

The only thing useful, which is also the sole thing mentioned by the creator, is that allows you to bypass geographical restrictions. Nothing more.

No, it says "Keep your data private from the G" and that just isn't true.

Oh well, missed that part.
Stop putting an escape between your post and the quote, you look like someone who should go back.

Is there even an alternative that works as well as cloudflare that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

what is cloudflare's business model even? same as google's?

< No one-click-open transmission-esque GUIs for IPFS

Do you even know what a 'honeypot' is?

Maybe that's not the right word. But they pretend to "not send data to google" but actually do so. So they bait privacy aware people into using it.

I think they subsidize their free service through their enterprise clients sends your IP address to the website you want to archive as well. This might be useful if you want to get a snapshot of the website in your language & with country specific content, but it's not useful when you want to get an independent snapshot. For example when you want to figure out which acccounts are shadowbanned on reddit & twitter.

What does cloudflare actually pass on? IP? Browser? OS?

What's so special about hooktube? There are hundreds of youtube webproxies that allow you to bypass age & country restricted content.

huh, is there a better alternative?

(((viral marketing)))

It's just one of those shitty web services like web proxies. It seems to give you a direct link to the video so if you can't use youtube-dl at least you can use this and right click -> save the video. Also maybe less cancerous than youtube's custom video player.
If you're unironcally thinking it gives you some sort of privacy or using it to avoid giving video views you should probably just kill yourself.

do a reverse dns lookup of "" and then traceroute the resolved ip
yea it's fucking cloudflare

*not reverse but just regular dns resolution, whatever

The only things you need for youtube is an rss reader, youtube-dl (/ video player that integrates with it), and a search engine.

I don't understand what you're trying to show here. Yes, they use jquery and bootstrap? What does any of that have to do with google?

Anything that is in your run to the mill HTTP request. Which in the past they have been incompetent in handling.

Look at the 2 GETs near the bottom

Explain your workflow a bit more please. So RSS for subscriptions? Search engine as in Google or as in YT API client? Then you get URL that you insert in youtube-dl?

When I get home / wake up I go to my RSS client. C-c u to update my feeds. I then use C-c y to open up all the videos I haven't watched yet in mpv. MPV automatically uses youtube-dl behind the scenes to open the videos. I also have it set up so that it doesn't open any formats above 1080p.
If am looking for a video on something or a video I know that exists, I just use searx to find it. I then just copy the url and use "mpv " to watch the video.

>If am looking for a video on something or a video I know that exists, I just use searx to find it. I then just copy the url and use "mpv " to watch the video.
don't be whack, use mpsyt

I don't really see a benefit to it. I rarely search for videos so it wouldn't make sense for me to keep it always open. On the other hand, my web browser is always open. Another advantage to using a search engine is that I'm not restricted to youtube and I can look at thumbnails to choose the right video.
Maybe I'm missing some glorious feature of mpsyt which would make it more convenient?

no, just avoiding copy/paste
there are good ff addons for that too, open with, for example

no. there's just some polnigger objecting to cuckflare because muh tracking, and some other idiot pretending you need something like cuckflare to run a website and asking for an alternative

Hooktube is placebo. It's better to just use YouTube with JS off and no account than Hooktube.

How about cloning/forking that yourself?


Gonna need a source on that, chief.

For what reason other than movies and e-eceleb videos (when you can youtube-dl)? If you are trying to get the """news""" or the latest redpill you don't need it.
That is a valid point
They need to learn how to youtube proxy
As expected (otherwise how do you want it to work? this is ixquick/searx for youtube)
Hooktube's existence will piss a lot of people off, they need to stop the DDoS
Abso-fucking-lutely we need this

Not him, but the screenshot from implies that it is loading the video file from Google's servers. Alternatively, they could download the video and then serve the video to you. Or if possible, act as a proxy between Google's servers.

Personally, I don't have a problem with it, consider it is probably the same thing youtube-dl does. I also know that currently just using youtube-dl to connect to Google's servers doesn't track you, at least not aggressively.

Use a VPN with tracker and adblocking add ons. You can even use the official website then. Ez.

I want cuck/g/ to leave

Is youtube-dl even able to bypass age restriction without an account? It wasn't last time I tried it, but that's been a while.

When you archive a page, your IP is being sent to the the website you archive as though you are using a proxy (in X-Forwarded-For header). This feature allows websites (e.g shops or the sites with weather forecast) target your region, not mine.

Oh that, that's the fallback for when youtube-dl doesn't fucking work because certain videos have a kind of DRM that doesn't let you download them. Usually it's the music videos with the "VEVO" watermark. It is, as you said, literally just a proxy for google video at that point.

If you look, other non-DRM'd videos don't use the proxy.

Only good for bypassing age/geo restrictions without making an account/IP hopping.
As far as I'm aware, there was a mild outrage from creators a few years ago because Google admitted that embeds don't give views, as that's easier to bot that their own website, so Hooktube for embeds seems redundant.

Every site on the www uses CDNs, it would be stupid not to because no one would use a site that loads like it's on a 56k modem.

Instead of kvetching use a VPN or TOR, then you can kvetch about VPNs and TOR aren't really private either.

Hooktube strips out ads and the tracking scripts on Youtube so you're just using Youtube-dl on a webpage basically.

It's much better than using Youtube directly.

But Decentraleyes works for avoiding that, right?

Is there any proof of Google spying through embeds? I don't believe the js changes when you open the embed, but I may be wrong.

Also, another issue with Hooktube is, despite them removing Google's ads, he replaces it with his own on the sidebar in the same location as Google.

If I want to watch videos in 4k I should be able to if they're available, shill.
So Hooktube can't bypass country blocks.
Searx and Ixquick do not load JS or search results from Google directly. They load it in their servers and serve you the curated links.
Hooktube is just a wrapper around YouTube. It doesn't work half as well as Searx or Ixquick because those two don't load Google's shit into your PC, and Google does not log your IP or search queries unlike with Hooktube.
Fake and gay. Nobody cares or would care about Hoootube. Hooktube itself uses YouTube's APIs to search shit and load videos. If YouTube cared about Hooktube, they could easily revoke the usage, throttle videos or refuse to load altogether.

YouTube is laggy with shitload of bloated JS animations and loading shit.
hooktube is buttery smooth for me.
Thats a good enough reason to use hooktube.


Google should be able to know the webpage you're on and what video you're watching with an embed of course if that's what you mean by spying, Hooktube doesn't have any ads as far as I know.

If you're this concerned about security you would be using VPN/TOR to watch all your online videos and in that case Hooktube would still be better than Youtube default since it doesn't load all the ads/scripts that Youtube does and it won't force you to have an account (which requires a phone number) to view some content.

No one is going to mirror Youtube because of the huge bandwidth costs and there would be no reason to trust the mirror over the original anyway, with Startpage it's just a google proxy and all your searches are getting logged by Google but it will read as the startpage IP doing the search.

use mpv

Instead of relying on a tool for self-liberation (standalone free software that runs locally, a youtube-dl with video player) people are fine with relying on third party literally whos to protect their liberty (hooktube).
That's finally sums up the humanity.

Nigger I can't embed youtube-dl with a video player on 8ch.

its trendy and cool. fuck youtube. thats the point.

plus you can dl the vids right then and there at different resolutions and formats

its not a honeypot. a honeypot would be like if I were working in dc on cybersecurity and wanted to set up a server called ' hooktube' to bait people into doing illegal things like cp or making vids of murders and not wanting people to see my ip but then secretly tracking your ip. not likely. good job being critical though. its one of the major factors in freedom

thats been talked about on endchan. they have secret code embeds on the site too that spy on u

u mean https? hooktube is encrypted ssl

the fact that people are starting to use it as an act of resistance. the internet sole purpose is disruption, how new are you?

Keep in mind this whole concept should be about pushing for more cyber-privacy

nobody is shilling hooktube. nobody on Holla Forums (aside from the few poltards) is stupid enough to view hooktube as a privacy tool. it's a utility. like those shitty web proxies. it has a few uses and is 90% cancer


Can you give me some examples of non-DRM'd videos please?

Yes you can. mpv supports embedding. learn how to use your tools before pushing proprietary shitware like hooktube. Or better yet don't push proprietary shitware at all.

Well this is the first I've ever heard of this, why don't you show me and embed a video in your post using mpv and youtube-dl.

Hooktube has the same capability.
Hell, if Hooktube gets big enough, Google might want to buy the data off the owner to find out what people are trying to not show them.
Hooktube also has ads. They're displayed on the sidebar in the same position as YouTube's ads. Neither of them have ads on embeds.

The only alternative is something that has nothing to do with Youtube.
Hooktube and youtube-dl make requests to Google.
We must make sacrifices.

Well obviously. Nobody in their right mind would set up and operate petabytes of networked storage in order to keep copies of "Radom Bullshit #35418987367 Ultra HD 4k 10 Hour Version" etc.

pretty sure hooktube doesn't show up in bing or google searches, which is a good enough reason for me to use it.

I believe Google is too big to be tracking that. They focus more heavily on signed in users. For people with user accounts they build a profile of what they like and then suggest videos from channels you have recently watched (Note: not channels you are subscribed to, there is a difference) If you stop watching a channel for a while / start watching it through youtube-dl when you go back to youtube with your account they'll try to pressure you into watching that video that you used to always watch. For Android, 99% of people have a youtube account and for a family of normals they will have multiple phones. Google wants to track each of these users accurately, so they don't want to risk the ambiguity of who was watching the embed. Of course they could still be tracking them, but at this current time, youtube focuses primarily on data collected that is tied to a user account so that they can try to maximize the amount of hours they spend on youtube.

I think it still would be better to have a hooktube embed so that people who don't have it setup don't get driveby'ed by the embed and thumbnail that it loads. mpv can also play videos from hooktube.

Facebook has shadow profiles on unregistered people, google popbably does too. But of course having an account makes tracking you trivial.

Are you sure?

Most of the time they shouldn't even embed anything at all and instead just webm/mp4 it.

Well, you're half right.

Guys, let's write a local web-frontend for youtube-dl to lure normies in!

Actually that doesn't sound so bad. Open source it and make it a local server that you have to install yourself. Everybody uses their own youtube-dl executable on their own machines. Then you use a plugin or something that intercepts all traffic on your machine for "" and redirects it to a local NAT address you specify like "". Some nigger posts an actual youtube link, you click on it, and you go to your own little youtube-dl client that downloads and throws it up in the browser player without google being any the wiser.

(not exactly but)


As to think of it, there's already a bunch of browser extensions and guis for youtube-dl, it just needs a web interface that lets you see the maymay comments and suggested videos, and optionally applying old stylesheets for nostalgia look, what youtube is worth visiting for normies.

Why is there no real alternative to YouTube anons? It's odd that there's been zero attempt to create a competitor that isn't some shitty streaming service like Twitch or whatever.


thats hooktube

Add Holla Forums, that fell to it


When m712 is bored, he gets shit done.


Those are just region-blocked video