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experimentally moved here because 4chan is fucked edition.

Are you interested in learning Linux or BSD administration and configuration better. Becoming a systemd expert? Or maybe you hate that shit and want a cozy little BSD machine to run services on and interact with. Or practice more advanced and complicated networking setups.

> BSD is pretty secure media.ccc.de/v/34c3-8968-are_all_bsds_created_equally#t=3538

> discord.gg/9vZzCYz

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whats lkml?

somebody's homeserver is more secure than a VPS on some random server in some random cianigger datacenter. this is what happens when you don't use an ups though.

the linux kernel mailing list

if there was a power outage, would the internet connection still work?
they probably have their own right?
maybe i should get one for my homeserver and modem.

if your internet is dial-up probably. the cable modem obviously not. that's a good question actually. if the power goes out in the area but you manage to plug in your cable or dsl modem into some power source would it still work? i don't think cable would.

the ups isn't going to keep the server running for any good length of time, 5 minutes maybe. it's mainly so power spikes during the power outage don't fry the power supply or motherboard, and there's time to do a clean shutdown.


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I never got why all you people are obsessed with with it (besides being massive power hungry normalfags). Why honestly suggest a different (data mining) chat room for discussion when you're already in a fucking discussion thread. It makes no sense if you truly want to further the discussion at hand.

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home servers are dumb if you have 10mbit up or actually pay for power


My cable modem and firewall are plugged into a UPS and my connection has never gone down during an power outage.

I keep my cable modem and router attached to a UPS and I too have never had my connection fail during a power outage.

From what I understand they (the cable internet people) have backup batteries which will run a day or two at least.

I'm not exactly worried about the 800 mW my server idles at.


Here is a perfect example of a glow in the dark nigger. Sorry nigger, we're not renting an Amazon Meltdown instance to host some anime vidya and tunes.

Why don't you put an irc daemon on one of your homeservers you lazy faggot

If you had to say something, you'd better mention Matrix or XMPP, not IR(eddit)C

IRC is superior because it lacks all the bullshit you just listed.

Also I can tell you're a faggot millennial because you think stuff from the '90s is inferior and old.

Seriously you glowdark agencies need older shills, the youngsters aren't smart enough to hang even on cuck chan let alone here.

Picked up one of these a few months ago. Other then the noise it's pretty neat, definitely worth what I paid.

Fucker doubled my power bill though

My ISP is a hungry jew and blocks all ports, so I can't reach my home server without paying them an extra $20. Is there any way around this?

I believe you want irc://irc.rizon.net #Holla Forums

there's already a board for you guys:

Weak bait.

What ISP do you have?

It's a local isp in my area. It's shit, but then again all ISP's are to some degree.

Well they would only block inbound ports so you can setup reverse ssh port forwarding.

Holy shit, I didn't even know this was a thing. I tried searching around several places and the general consensus I got was that "circumventing a NAT" was impossible. Guess I didn't look very hard. Anyway I'll look into reverse port forwarding and see if my ISP has anything against it in the terms of service. Thanks dude.


I run a small web/imageboard/ftp/occasional vidya server off this poor soul.

lol is this intentional?


You can also setup a dynamic DNS so even when your IP changes the tunnel can reach you.


Mind sharing the address?
I am curious what's on the FTP server, if you intended it for public access.

I have a intelNUC I use as server/hmmc
with it one NFS for media sharing and another for downloads, since this it's silent, I leave it running 24h as a seeding box
it also doubles as a small personal git and syncthing server

on my desktop however, besides the majority of the things I use most,
I also have a NFS server for sharing pacman packages, a shared cache, I also have one old laptop for when I need to go,
all of them with Archlinux, with that I only need to download once when running sys updates on all of them

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It's superior because you think it's shit. Keeps people like you out.

Are you retarded? IRC is great, and it pisses me off all my retarded fucking friends flock to discord to get their data mined and sold for shekels just because they want to screech into the mic like autistic faggots for a giggle.
Like said, it's still a fantastic tool today because tools like you don't know how to use it. Keeps all the riffraff out.

This. If you want voice, there's mumble.

not having the first three things is good.
if it's obsolete then why are you shilling discord, a locked down irc client?
look into ssl you fucking mong.

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Look here, gramps, there is this thing called Axolotl, all cool messaging apps, including XMPP protocol extension OMEMO use it for asynchronous end-to-end encryption, it helps the way that if an adversary physically gets to a server, he won't get your logs, unless he is the one participating in the group chat, of course. IRC doesn't have this privilege, everything is stored in plain text, on top of that, it only has weak OTR support and you need a constant connection (e.g. a bouncer which is another weak point) to receive all messages. Yes, Discord is proprietary datamining crap, no shit Sherlock, but suggesting an IRC channel hosted on cucknode is no more of a better solution, m8.

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SSL/TLS is literally end-to-end encryption. It's from your client to the server.

If you're just visiting a website you could claim that. But if you're using a chat client or voice client like mumble then it's not end to end encryption because the server holds the keys between the two individuals chatting.

My IP rarely changes, but now I shouldn't have any problems. Thanks my dude. Got a nice homeserver up and running now.

is there anything you can really do if your home ISP refuses to give you NAT (besides buy a new ISP)?

Your router is what creates your NAT, an ISP can't block that

my mistake for clumsy wording
I mean NAT out of the ISP onto the Internet

my building's ISP only has one IP address for the building, and if I want to host something, it doesn't go through their router
is there anything I can do or do I buy my own ISP and get them over here.

Wat? What is it going through then?
If you're behind any sort of NAT then you need to have a port forwarded for you.


Heh. Your isp can easily NAT you.
And they do because ipv4 is precious.
And because they can sell you "business" internet at a markup.
All mobile internet is NAT'ed here on the ipv4 side unless you pay extra.

Yup. This is the worst weakenss with irc. Almost perfection outside of that.

I've always worried about that. So far everywhere I've lived I've had no issue setting up my servers and forwarding ports. I'm moving to a big city in the future I'm hoping I won't have any issue I probably will though

I have a 190TB array for my public facing FTP/archive/imageboard/websites, but my private NAS is only ~20TB useable. I am looking to grow it, but money is tight. What is the best bang for buck HDDs around now adays? Factoring in RAID overhead for two drive fault tolerance, I am thinking that the eBay 2TB $50 drives might be the best. 12 drives for ~$600 leaves around 18TB free after Zraid 2.


I'd be paranoid about ebay drives.
Unknown pedigree and shipping might be hard on them.
I'm looking at replacing my my scrap NAS with something better. I have two RAIDed 500gb wd greens in it. NAS was scrap and the drives ware scrap.
I'm surprised that they ain't dead yet.

I am not super concerned about the quality of the drives, at the price, I can afford to grab a few spares and swap them in if/when they fail. I have everything backed up and cold-stored as well, which makes things easier. I still haven't pulled the trigger yet though, so I could change my mind.

I want to use a spare laptop as a home server for all my reaction images so they're all readily available at any given time no matter what device I'm currently using.
I basically just want to use something like Apaches http based ftp server so I can access my files via web browser, also with thumbnails if possible.

What's the most bare-minimal server distro to help me accomplish this?
Also one more caveat;
I want to use wireless over ethernet to avoid cable runs. I straight up ran websites from servers connected to my gateway completely over wifi before so I already know that's not an issue, but I recall reading a lot of dedicated Linux server distros are kind of fuckery when it comes to wifi for some reason, including Ubuntu Server Edition

Do you hate systemd? If so, something like FreeBSD or Devuan fit your bill. They are not "easy" to connect to wifi, but if you read the manpage on wpasupplicant and you have a supported wireless card than you should be fine.
I would strongly recommend you do not host a server on the same wireless as you put the rest of your devices though. It is always better to stick public facing stuff on a different VLAN and firewall it to hell and back if you are hosting something out of your house.

Nigga wut?

I mean like pic related where apache can serve folders over http

Just install Debian and use sftp

This is what Apache does when it can't find an index.html file in the root website directory. This isn't FTP.

can I use sftp to serve files over http or do I need dedicated clients for this?

I likely will not be opening up port 80 for this one, probably just keep it on the local network for convenient file access throughout the house, but with a nice web interface to go along with it

lel wut? That's what apache does when you configure directory indexes. I can't remember if its enabled by default but if it is I can't imagine why since that sounds like a potential privacy issue

It is enabled by default, as is a default index.html file in the web server root directory. Delete the index.html file and hit refresh to get this view.

If you use nautilus then you can mount sftp connections as a normal external drive

Since you're doing a reverse connection it doesn't matter if your server IP changes. If you want to be able to access it from public locations with different IPs it is something you will need.

You can forward services with SSH.

You could use a gopher server, if your devices support that protocol. It's quick and easy to setup. No thumbnails though, just a straight directory dump like FTP.

This is the guy who thinks Apache is FTP. He doesn't know what sftp is, and he barely understands what a web server does if he thinks those files will be private.

I recall the default directory options in http.conf does in fact not include "indexes" and you have to add that yourself. But I suppose it really depends on the distro

Alrighty, I guess I'll weigh my options here. and it looks like I'll just be going with Debian or Ubuntu

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Most browsers show something like that when connected to an FTP Server. Like proftpd or ftpd.

Can confirm that UPSs are necessary. Mainboard on my surplus rack got fried just from being connected to the mains, not even from a power surge. HP has, since my server generation, added a modular voltage controller so that you don't have to replace the whole board.

This is why IRC will forever remain a secret club for the "cool" kids, while discord ravages internet privacy ever more.


Holy shit.
And I thought a TB drive on an 8 GB RAM laptop running FreeBSD was good.

If you watched that talk and came away thinking
you need to watch it again. And pay attention this time.