A worldwide catastophe and you survived it. While there is NO INTERNET you could easily find working computers...

A worldwide catastophe and you survived it. While there is NO INTERNET you could easily find working computers. Luckily you've got your mobile HDD and all Software you need on it.

What's on you HDD, user?

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Hunt the Wumpus and other good shit like that.

my music archive

3tb of anime and 64-bit nomultilib gentoo

I already have plenty of complete ROM sets, GTA V cracked, Minecraft, Gmod, BeamNG.drive, the Wikipedia text archive, I think I'll be okay for the most part

Near-complete set of ROMS for NES, SNES, N64, GB/Color/Advance and Nintendo DS and the necessary emulators to play them all. I'm having fun before I starve to death.

Where do you download the wiki text archive from?

If there is such a thing as wikipedia in text form, then I need to have it. Where is it!?

or from the source itself

Meshnet software, technical manuals, programming guides, multiple IDEs and operating sysrems.
Start rebuilding the internet.

A local repository of free software. A partition with GNU/Linux + emacs. The rest of the free space would be equally split between anime and muh books.

I remember someone saying that he has cloned the entire arch repository.

How I can clone the gentoo repository? I want gentoo to survive the apocalypse.

My 8TB Plex Server that has my webms/reaction images as well.

too bad youre actually a manchild and wouldnt survive without modern society


What's the estimated size for the repo?

You will die of boredness, user.

The joke is that the internet was designed to survive worldwide catastophe?

All the data I have mined.

Porn of course



Furry and loli stuffs

Linux with GCC and development files. Also a hefty collection of old game console ROMs.


You don’t have enough computers for that.

A few games, my now useless reaction images, a few books, several videos, and at least one gigabyte of furry porn.

beware: the index takes a day to generate and is as large a file as the entire archive itself, so be sure you have a solid day and ~50gb free


On a toaster, maybe.

this is unfortunately likely true in that user's case, and certainly true in my case. I've got over 4tb of anime, 3TB of games, about 1tb of dvd movie rips, lots of software tools....but i would likely die in the first couple days of anyhing serious happening.

So it's a moot point, and my data won't live on for much longer than I will.

Holla Forums books, tech manuals and anime.

Old deprecated copies of operating systems. Kubuntu 6.0, Windows CE 6.0, lots of stuff with 6.0 in the title... They don't take up much room and they remind me of a time when KDE and windows were both ("good") less shit.

Also: blueprints on how to farm and how to defend yourselves. I guess autists aren't completely useless after all.

Praise you user


No linux just werks if you use Poettering approved OS.

Hentai games, the gentoomen library, fuckton of survival books, all the pics i have saved and a gentoo install cd.

If it doesn't work, then it's the user's responsibility to fix it. Freedom inherently comes with responsibility.



Assuming all women died i'd just bring every Summer Hart video i could find along with a few games and my music.
Just normie shit really you'd get absolutely no use out of any software other than entertainment in a worldwide shitup.

300gb for the packages; Lots more for the releases and dvds, but I didn't want to download those. Most of the space is because there's multiple versions of each piece of software.

Whats the point in linux existing if all you faggots do is spout "all life is precious fuck you kid you're on your own" tier bullshit?

The reality is freetards halfass their projects and would rather other people finish their work for them and boast about work ethics and commitment to learning a system that never accomplishes anything in the first fucking place. God you faggots are the worst.

Some people like to say "Linux is the superior OS". I don't say this. All I say is that all software ought to respect the users' freedom. If you feel that the software you have tried is lacking, it's not my responsibility to fix it for you. I am not responsible for your free software if you haven't explicitly hired me to be responsible for it.

maybe youre just retarded
considering they do it for free and still make competing software compared to poo-in-the-loos hired for a fraction of what quality engineers used to make (THANKS MICROSHIT)
Servers for amazon, yahoo, google, etc etc etc run linux / unix
You think CERN is running wangblows?
Look at that supercomputer usage

how is there NO INTERNET when you could easily find working computers. anyone could bring it back in hours then. literally anyone. even script kiddies in Cuba made their own internet in lieu of government not allowing it
found the americunt

Schindler's List played using VLC


You'll never scale that. Be better.


Assuming it's a common 1TB, and assuming I have peripherals like keyboard, mice, headphones, etc.
-small, simple, and stable OS with up to date packages and software to run whatever I'm storing
-vidya, probably from older generations like gameboy and NES because the files sizes are so tiny you could have tens of thousands in a few gigs
-couple hundred thousand books (mostly in plain text format except for documents that need pictures), everything from science to novels to instruction manuals and survival guides
-infographs about ammo size or first aid or whatever I might need
-music, probably enough to take up 100GB or so at moderate bitrate that will give enough variation for all kinds of moods I'd be in
-depending on how much space I have like ~10gb of porn in pictures
-leave like ~50 gigs freespace for documentation: journal, pictures, video diary, etc.

If the HDD is smaller like 500gigs or less I'd probably most free space and keep a pure text journal, omit some music and porn

A lot of music and music software, some classic animus, too.
A collection of political videos that show crimes against the west so the kikes and their golems can't rest while our global communications network got fucked after finally getting one to tell each other how kiked the kikes are.
And a few games.

Oh, and since I'm running Slackware, pretty much all programming languages, no matter if compiled or interpreted.

Probably none of you guys would be thinking of games or anime at that point. Or even sitting at the computer at all since I assume the supermarkets and such went down also.

Probably, knowledge about growing plants, identifying wild plants and such would be useful.

Fuck the HDD I'm saving my RGB fans!

Why? Because RGB fans are pretty!

Because when they see the RGB fans people will want to be my friend!

I'll let them use my RGB fans while they let me use their computer. It's a fair deal!

I can even foresee RGB fans being used as currency in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Pic related will be me among the savages.