FSF: The Intel Management Engine: an attack on computer users' freedom


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Too little too late

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Are you from r/FreeSofttware too, my fellow friend xD
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what said

If they're only chiming in on this now, years after the fact, then the FSF has well and truly become irrelevant. Fuck them

When Sally buys a computer, she just wants it to work. She doesn't care about "Freedom", because her idea of Freedom is being able to post as many selfies as she wants. There is no market pressure for any of this to change, which is the only force capable of rectifying the situation. FSF autists have been screeching for decades, and no one cares. Hopefully a less Jewish company will come along with an alternative to Intel, but until then it's just Intel kikes vs FSF renegade kikes and us in between.

They've been chiming in on the ME for years now, but this is just a new article on it, I assume trying to be timely and make a statement on it right as everyone's discussing Intel vulnerabilities with Spectre and Meltdown.

RYF hardware certification has been there for years you retarded nigger.

Yeah that's sadly why the FSF isn't very successful overall. It's unironically because of normies.

False, the population mass doesn't know, doesn't understands, doesn't realize the problem and shrugs it off because it's a technical problem, which finally indirectly has consequences on their lives but they can't understand or see it because they are massively lazy and uneducated.


Hopefully some more stuff gets added. Projects currently going for it include TALOS II (to be released whenever IBM finally releases POWER9), EOMA68, and GnuBee Personal Cloud.


very concise graphic


Oh look the faggot Intel shills are here.

Sell that Intel stock anons, no amount of shilling this board will keep them from tanking.


How do you think BIOS updates happen my rocket scientist friend?

This. Intel vulnerabilities are a hot topic at the moment, so the FSF might as well use that opportunity.

Sadly this as well. Few people even understand what any of this even means. I have to admit the FSF article sounds like fearmongering (oh noes, there is literally a computer inside your computer and it can do eeeevil things), making the whole thing sound unbelievable. The fucked up thing however is that the article is 100% true. It's like handing someone a remote control over your car that can override anything you tell your car to do.

Let's all take a minute to reflect on Subversion Hack, something a Jewish woman kept a half-technogically literate blog about some fifteen years ago where nearly everything we now know was happening to her computers.

Just like MI5 Surveillance Guy from Usenet, knowing what we know now their stories could be 100% real. Not saying there wasn't some paranoia too but even if a fraction of it was real, it was of course justified.

You wire your shit and write the memory in bytes over SPI bus. This is how it's made in my computer. Even Google's goybooks have accidental software flashing protection in form of switch that shorts circuit write protection. It's board manufacturer problem to choose the right BIOS or EFI storage medium for best security, not something that gets overwritten by systemd on boot.

Most 'PC' type computers simply let you boot a floppy to run the BIOS flasher, and you can flash it right from the command line in Linux as long as you haven't messed with the default BIOS settings.

Chromebooks with their screw are actually quite the exception, there is nothing like that on most PCs.

*floppy or flash drive obviously

Anyway to add, I have flashed Firewire drives, CD-ROMS, and all kinds of other devices as well like video cards, right from the OS.


They're gonna get ficked right in the ass sooner or later.

Somebody will figure out how to poison an image file or other common media format to poison viewing / playback on common software and get the computer to execute instru-


imagine if someone exploits this and half the world's screen's start flashing in seizure flashes.

AMD said there's will be able to be disabled next year

Hmm, maybe they should OPEN SOURCE THE FUCKING THING so we can see if it's really getting disabled and we're not just flipping the placebo switch of nothingness.

the goyim can't know

Why doesn't anyone invest in Linux workstations anymore?
Is it no longer profitable?
Is it because of web-development and cancers like node.js and electron?

Why is everyone content with spyin' wintel? It's weaker than ever!

Spyin' Wintel subject to another security hole. Sad!

lurk moar

I blame disgenic welfare policies



It's all down hill from here as the market yields to phone users and server side computing.

Speaking of workstations, miss me yet?

Source? They use it for init, so the CPU would not work if it were actuallyvdisabled.

maybe it means "stripped down to the minimum" but we need an official source ofc


FSF is an old beaten dog, trailing behind both the wolves and the sheep.

i swear i heard somewhere you can turn it off somehow but all my pcs are so old i dont have to worry about this garbage so i forgot where i heard it or what you had to do

so there's not much more information.
hopefully someone will reverse engineer what does that shit really mean.

The init part is probably considered differently than the rest of it. Init code at least has to go somewhere.

Some of the early systems have a way to toggle it but only with BIOS hacking and a hardmod is required. That's what Libreboot does. ME cleaner can only reduce it significantly on some systems, and later ones are no-go for gutting.

It's because nobody cares, user.
This user said it best
normies fell for the cloud meme 100%.
Google Docs, Office 365, Google Drive, Apple iCloud, etc.
There's even Chromebooks that have basically no internal storage and are designed specifically just to open a web browser and access these services, and these devices are being given to children in schools.
Gotta get em hooked early, ya know...
Nobody wants a big, heavy, "ugly" workstation anymore. They generally don't even want a thicc laptop now. Everything is being advertised about how thin it is. Apple getting rid of non-usbc ports to make the device a little thinner, other laptop companies competing to see how thin and lightweight they can make their shit.
Touch interfaces are becoming the new trend. It started with the tablet meme, but now people want them everywhere. Laptops are doing this "2-in-1" thing, where they're laptops that can be folded back to turn them into tablets. Even the computers at my local college have touch displays. non-upgradeable All-in-ones will become the new workstation.

Thankfully we have stuff like Raptor Engineering, but they can't even deliver because IBM hasn't gotten off their asses and released POWER9. Hopefully RISC-V goes somewhere, and we can maybe get a decent laptop or desktop with it.

Welcome to the future we chose!

This is depressing...

You should see the full commercial; Apple has lost their direction.

Back to your quarantine board, you dickless turkroach caliphate.

can you into proper English or not, nigger?

You're a moron. People do care about non-free crapware fucking them over. See Apple being sued in over 12 countries for gimping their customers' phones as their batteries age.
The problem is normies are not even aware this gimping is intentional and eat up whatever the company's sleazy PR department feeds them. They think it's just part of their products' lifecycle, not that they're getting the shaft.

I don't think you're living in the real world mate. Sure they care if their software does "bad" things, but they don't want anything close to freesoftware, they just want Apple to "not be evil".

Ordinarily i'd laugh at this, but I actually think it makes sense. I had a MBP back in 2009 or so. They still had disc drives, ethernet ports, and actual USB ports.
Nowadays? I don't know what the fuck this company's doing.

Yeah you're really going too far with that. Normies have NO idea what Free Software or even Open Source really is. "Free Software", to them, means software that can be acquired at no cost, and Open Source is pretty much a foreign concept.

Open Source is pondering to normie developers with "you can steal this code and not get sued over", cuck licenses included to fuck over the customer too.

Yeah, a bunch of Apple normies are pissed that "muh Insta" and "muh Facebook" are opening 20% slower on their digital Skinner box and they have to wait a couple of extra seconds for their dopamine fix. They want Apple to fix iOS, not for them to relicense it as free software so other people can fix it. If Apple fixes it, they'll be happy. And if Apple doesn't, they'll just buy a newer, faster phone. Apple, of course.

The only cuck license is a EULA.

I saw a book called The Cult of Apple. I didn't read it, but the idea of people being so braindead to just follow branding makes me sick. There are people who even have Apple tattoos.

We all have that expectation to some degree. Even with FOSS, we're often giving blind trust that the community will filter out malicious software contributions (we can't audit everything ourselves), or perhaps we just hold our nose and turn on an Intel CPU hoping that things work as advertised.

Hopefully the US and EU make an example out of Apple for abusing their users in this way.

Yes greatly, old friend!

fuck off, apple

normalfags care about certain things

1. Does it do the task I want
2. Does it do the task easily with minimum input
3. Does it do the task quickly

They don't care about how well it does the task as long as it's "good enough"
Trying to get them to care whether it was done properly is almost out of the question. Business customers will do the same.

The only fields where people will care about the thoroughness will be engineering or scientific fields where not doing something properly has life/death consequences.

A kid's school paper is meaningless, so is some ad executive's powerpoint, so the pleb tech market will march ever onwards.

I will predict one thing, as far as tech goes, I think the future will be small, powerful, secure 'decks' like out of cyberpunk. You'll still have regular monitors and keyboards as backup, but I think haptics, vr and eye tracking are going to become the main interfaces from here on out.

More like welcome to the future normalfags and the (((elites))) chose for all, including us "woke" nerds.

We still have the option of using FPGAs to write fabricate soft-CPU architectures which run our operating systems.

Did you write your own compiler, uh I mean FPGA programmer? If not, how can you trust it?

No. That said, I think there are some open source ones out there.

Enjoy your no speeds computers

That, the goldfish memory and the utter inability to move their asses.

Don't you ever talk about me or my 100mhz computer again!

There's another one I remember, 2010, Dropbox had a "glitch" which allowed you to access anyone's uploaded files, all you needed was their email address. Did normies stop using it? Of course not. Did FakerNews webtards stop using it? No, they praised Dropbox for their speedy resolution.

The true horror is the dystopia all this ignorance passively enables. Wether I have to write to a GMail account only to have the whole thing parsed to create a psychological profile of me, or I'm at home or even in a public place where dozens of phones and "smart" home appliances listen to every word I say under the guise of being needed for voice control.
I've never even seen someone actually use that other than as a test in a store, and here we are, breaching privacy on billions of devices by default.
It's a sick world.

MS is literally doing the same thing
did anyone forget the surface commercial with the nigger drawing himself as an egyptian?

Wait what?

But normies see M$ commercials and think they're lame. Normies see apple commercials and they are all "wow cool! XD"

Apple advertising is not only more arty (and bullshit), it's also better at hiding the devil eyes behind it that are telling you to "embrace the dystopia".

TL;DR, apple are worse

You mean "demonstrate", José?

So, windows brainlet here, I want to disable/erase ME on my machines, but I have no idea where to start, any guides/advice?

You're fucked. Your shit wont boot if you delete it. Replace your Intel shit with non-intel shit.

1)You have to use gnu OS
2)good luck on getting your bios in .bin file. If you like me that got a bios that came from the manufacturer site, they only provide exe windows executable file. I'm trying to figure out how to exract the bios and turn it into bin btw.
3)Once you get the bin bios file, you can proceed in doing internal flash method.

oh lord this is some good bait

This. I can't even go to a normies house and rant about niggers any more, too many IoT eyes and ears recording everything.

Why do you care about that? If you're going to be an edgelord, then go be an edgelord! Let them record what you do.

I think Apple fucked up with that fag music and androgynous mulatto child though. Hardly an identity someone wants to associate with.

My government would happily leaf and mulch me for speaking such truths.


Follow the steps in order

Then do it! If you honestly believe that niggers are subhuman, be proud of that view and accept all reactions that come your way. If you're going to be a bigot, then be a real bigot. If you're not actually a bigot, then why do you hold such views?

At one time, people were killed for saying the world was not flat. The majority is not always right, sometimes you need some privacy from stupid people, even if you have the truth on your side.

Your argument, adapted for a few centuries ago.

Because speaking the truth to the profane gets you nowhere. Look what happened to James Watson! Although that did have a happy ending, when the his Nobel was returned to him by the man who bought it at auction.
(sorry for my retarded and deleted posts)

I believe truth is worth dying for. Don't die because you are killed being a warmonger but instead die as a martyr for the truth you hold so dear. If you're not willing to die a martyr for your precious truth, then I'd say your truth is hardly precious at all. Be happy that there are smart devices recording you helping you disseminate your precious truth. Be the bigot that you ought to be.

This won't get rid of the ME, but AMT is dangerous too so use it.

You might want to study tactics sometime, your enemies have.

Checked but read Confucius and his students. He advised that it's better to retire and live to fight another day, you get a thousand chances to fight for the truth (or what he termed the Way of Heaven) but only one death.

When a tyrant who killed all opposing forces and critics came onto the throne he "tended his garden" and that's what we must do, simple farmers tending to our memes.

Nice try NSA

He seems like a normal user to me. There's also a video of the script in action. I don't really care either way, since I abandoned windows a long time ago.

Do you even look at the Disable-Intel-AMT repository? There's no fucking source code. You never know kind of botnet that are inside that .exe file. Don't tell me you're one of NSA nigger too.
Fucking niggers.

The source is right here you mong

Holy shit that's just a script on running the blobs, It doesn't tell anything on what it do. No region info, no Hex address, no meaningful code.



that's usually what big companies mean by 'open source'


intel intel intel intel
oh my fucking god tech! shut the fuck up! we know about fucking intel! there have been like 30 threads on here about this. i really dont know why tech allows the same thread on here so often. Atleast limit this shit. we all know about this and you all need to stop spamming tech with intel shit

Worst thing is that if you try to talk about it with normies (i.e. >90% of the populace) you'll be shrugged off and considered a delusional paranoid sociopath.

It's ROM because it's never written to under normal operation. ROM does not imply mask-ROM which cannot ever be rewritten.

Stallman's a total normalfag in many ways sadly.

Stallman is poser faggot who never even install gentoo like the real hackermen of GNU

People think I'm a lunatic because I don't use Google Play Services and WhatsApp, real story

The conditioning is going well I see.

bitch we'll spam it until a definitive solution is found.

This is reality. People now think it's weird to communicate with email.

When you communicate with normies, most of the time your email terminates at severs of same "social media" corporations you dislike. Unless you teach them how to use PGP, then again, it might be even worse since metadata is still present.

IME is an attack on good product design, it just so happens that the consumers are stupid enough to buy and demand this shit. Same thing with Net Neutrality, where ISPs are trying to make gayer service and consumers swallow it up. But reddit^W/tech/ is full of cancerous ameritards who can't understand basic concepts unless they're framed within the political spectrum. This is the reason cancer like cuckflare goes under the radar: it doesn't have an assigned left or right wing issue so it can't be comprehended by reddit^W/tech/.

Well this is just autistic.
Yes, and it should have been shot down there. Everyone who has the slightest clue knows the industry is incompetent and as soon as some fancy remote control or internet connectivity feature (both of which IME is) appears it is full of vulnerabilities.
it's almost as if CPUs should just be CPUs, and not a poor satire of the Java or Flash platforms


This is why we need to nationalize all computer companys.

Metadata proves nothing. It only raises questions.

What about recruitment processes or other formal communication contexts? Do HR people routinely expect/require you to use other communication channels than phone and email these days?

No, email would be seen as normal for those types of formal correspondences. For a party invite, millenials would rather just use facebook/whatsapp/.

Absolutely true, if you're in court.
Now think off Guantanamo, the Chinese government, the Stasi, the NKVD/KGB and tell me they need proof.
When private companies gather these kinds of information, not only do those agencies get access to, but anyone who's willing to pay or play dirty, like AntiFa or any other vigilante collective doxxing or hacking powered by cloud computing.

Holla Forums was talking about this shit years ago.

Skype interviews. I've been interviewed over Skype and also interviewed job candidates over Skype. As a screening tool before bringing candidates on-site for a face-to-face interview.

I hate how they said they would look into open sourcing it, only to say "Yeah sorry naww we can't do that". If they did, more people would switch. It is not like another CPU competitor will turn up and use their code anyways, so they should have no fears.


You never go full Stallman.

I've always wondered if we'd get an applicant at some point who would object to using Skype because it's not LEE-BRAY and try to get us to use the SIP server running on his Raspberry Pi at home or something. Hasn't happened yet, though.

Skype is pleb shit. Real hackers get interviewed on IRC, or Unix talk.

fucking kek

Fuck Skype interviews. Unless the company you apply for is a significant distance away, there is literally no reason whatsoever for such bullshit. If you want to interview someone then either do it over the phone or invite them to meet you in person.

What an employer does on the business computers should not affect the employee. You shouldn't be asking your employees to install Skype on personal computers.

Reminds me of a terrible college experience I had

Solution: Find a job that isn't shit

Well I think the point is you're not an employee at this stage. Instead of going full Holla Forums like our friend above, just isolate Skype in a VM.

Good god. You'd expect college IT to at least understand a bit about linux.

Yes, and just when you think you've found one, they have the bright idea that it's time to use Slack.

Well and any permissible license ever that doesn't require share-alike.

Saved, but we won't convience any normalfags with that. I am too lazy to do it better.

This. Normies only care if they cannot use their gadgets as before. That's why tech-giants are pushing the flat metrocancer looks everywhere. Just see what fuckups have caused controversy and what haven't.


What feature did the FBI PoC turn off?

he turned off his phone you stupid gorilla sperm gargler

So maybe we need another solution. Maybe terrorism is the answer.

same thing happens today with pedophiles and pedo-supporting people. pedos are the new witches. people want to burn pedos. but pedos are right and antis are wrong, pedophilia is normal and sexual relations between adult and children can be beneficiary for both parties involved
pedos need protection from dumb normies

Terrorism + Pedo love, yeah that's not suspicious. Are the weekend crew at your agency always this bad?

it's FSB

Wait, really? Why would the Ruskies care what's on here?

This. I hope GNU/Linux 5%~ market share flatlines, an higher increase will invite nothing but "embrace, extend, extinguish", which Microsoft is already doing.

I believe that there is room for everybody. I believe there is room for the people who love minimalism, there is room for the people who like the look of pretty software, there is room for hardcore Unix fans who believe in small programs.

The only theoretical way to put an end to the Intel Management Engine is to exploit the fuck out of it and cause worldwide computer outages on a newsworthy scale.

That already happened. Nothing really came of it.

Adhere to your own standard.

Stop, I'm going to grind my teeth to powder. How can we get people to care? Most people on these sorts of boards are content with feeling superior because they know what's going on and shaking their fists at the elites and the normies, but we're all just as complicit for not doing anything to reverse this even though we have the knowledge. I've managed to convert two people to linux, and I've stopped using social media so that I'm not contributing to the "all my friends are using it" thing that keeps ambivalent people from deleting their accounts. Obviously, that's nowhere near enough.
What are practical steps that can be taken to stop tech apathy?

You can't. Stallman has dedicated his life to lecturing society about freedom and computing. He is a verifiable genius and unverified autist. You're not going to find people much smarter than Stallman who is going to speak about these specific issues. After 3 decades of lecturing the same lectures over and over again, only handfuls of people are even aware of the issues.

Personally, I have ways of telling people about my political position, both the 10 second elevator pitch and also the 2 hour lecture connecting all manner of geopolitics. I don't bother controlling other people, all I can do is give a reasoned lecture about why I don't use Netflix, Facebook, or Apple.

Why, you can go as far as the Pentium MMX 233 MHz and stay safe from Spectre.