GOyt - Simple youtube searcher + streamer

I was on a bus and got bored so I wrote this on my >smartphone.
- Basic search, gives you 20 results: /search/
- Stream/download youtube video (gives best mp4 option): /.mp4
No public instance because I don't have a server that'd handle the bandwidth, but someone can give a shot.

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your excellent naming scheme makes up for it though.

shut it down!

Is this any relation to yt github.com/SpaceBudokan/WhyTee, or is the naming convention just that obvious?

No. I think there is also one I used to use called whitey. Nowadays, I just use searx for searxing for videos. I also have RSS feeds for "subscriptions."

Nope, just coincidence. I didn't know that existed.
you can also call the program "go whitey!" i guess

You typed from the virtual keyboard?
What goyphone do you have?

Ok. But why?

Shit, I was hoping my little script inspired someone. I just cranked that out one day for an user that was bitching about no programs that let him youtube from the command line. Oh well.

GT-I9300 (Galaxy S3). I have manlet hands so it's not hard to type even with 440dpi. I use Termux, neovim and Hacker's Keyboard.


how do I get to the interface from Links once it's running? Maybe I'm just retarded, but I have goyt running in a terminal but don't know how to get to the interface so I can search and download JewTube vids

Yeah ok. But why would I use this?

It's not for use by everyone, it's meant to be used as a server. Think a shittily made and no-JS, no-botnet alternative to HookTube. Someone will host this and people will use it.

spoon.Feed(links -g )

you should hook this to mplayer and play the videos in the terminal window too
mplayer -vo caca goyapprovedvideo.mp4

So you don't need to connect to google to play videos?

thanks m8. I like it.

You could, but it's meant to be kind of a unix philosophy kind of thing. It just grabs data from youtube and barfs it to stdout in a minimally human readable form for you to parse and manipulate however you want with other scripts. If you want to feed it into mplayer than go for it. It shouldn't be too hard to use yt to crank out an mpsyt type script that does what you want. Like I mentioned earlier, (and kinda in the readme) I cranked it out in a couple hours to shutup an user that was bitching about how mpsyt wasn't minimal enough and didn't just barf out enough raw data. I told him that even my retarded larper ass could easily write a script to do that, and then I did.

that makes sense. if that's the goal you should give it an option to pump out all the data in json or something then, instead of having to then parse this minimal front-end that is parsing youtube.


You need to sign up for an API key. goyt doesn't need that.

The server owner has to connect to google so you don't have to.

Good idea, will implement.

So who is willing to pay for it?
This sounds like a completely retarded project tbh.

Whoever the fuck wants tho. I provide the software, someone can provide the service. I use this personally to download youtube videos over a filtered network.

Nobody then
What is TOR/VPN

Neither work there. They whitelist sites and few ports. (not work)

a big issue with this is going to be if this was put on a server and got even a minimal amount of usage it would start getting hit with captcha's constantly for being a bad goy and not using their api, which you have to pay for.

you might solve this by parsing the captcha and forwarding it to the user somehow, then the server is going to grind to a halt until someone solves that captcha. the code for this is going to be ten times the size of your codebase though. and eventually kiketube will just shoah the ip address. this is why hooktube uses the api, it wouldn't function without it.

If that's the case, I can switch to using the API. I'll look into it.

I put out an update for a JSON API. It lives at /search.json.

What's the advantages over mps-youtube?

The idea is that there's a server who's connecting to (((Youtube))) servers for you, so you don't have to. mps-youtube connects directly to youtube from your connection. This also helps in bypassing youtube blocks (if you use a benign domain name).

Well f-droid.org/en/packages/org.schabi.newpipe/

I already yse a bunch of proxies with youtube-dl, so your agument is invalid. Why should I trust some literally who on mitming queries to youtube for me?

I already use a bunch of proxies with youtube-dl, so your agument is invalid. Why should I trust some literally who on mitming queries to youtube for me?

It's your choice. Someone might use it (no access to proxies because of blocked ports)

Thank you so much.

I use it a lot, but


I think there already exists surfraw, but not sure if the youtube elvi is functional. Goytube always changes shit and it breaks programs like youtube-dl, so it has to be updated constantly. Also, that fucking javascript...

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