ThinkPad (and Toughbook) thread

Old one hit 400 posts, again.

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I need a flex cable for my x200, what should I get?
A used one or a new chink?

I don't see any issues with getting a original used one.

the price

Depending on your model, one of these:
CCFL-backlight LCD cable assembly with Bluetooth connector, with camera connector 44C9909
LED-backlight LCD cable assembly with Bluetooth connector, with camera connector 44C9991
LCD cable assembly with Bluetooth connector (slim lid for 1440x900 LCD, no camera) 44C9919 or 63Y2213
Prices starting from $10.

Fuck yes, soon(tm) my X31 will have Bluetooth thanks to a seller who accepted my 3$ best offer on eBay.

Not that it makes it any more useful though. Overclocking the GPU did make a difference however, I went from 40 to 55 FPS in Deus Ex's Training level with the Radeon GPU set at 200/200 core/mem.

Libreboot X220 when?

Daily reminder that the Thinkpad X131e chromebook is the best thinkpad/toughbook.


wow it's fucking nothing

wait what?

you guys are right.
you should feel this thing it's durable af, I bricked mine so I just use is bludgeon my rivals.
I use openbsd, so if I want to coreboot it needs to be 64bit, and the arm support is really spotty atm.
I don't understand why this is a problem.
still moderately neat at least I think though.

How fucked am I? Which updates shall I defer to keep my system just werking fast like it is? I'm on Ubuntu..

Don't cuck yourself user. Compute smarter don't open yourself to exploits.

lol botnet battery no thanks

wtf is that supposed to mean?


I thought it had irremovable battery as the Ideapads.
Not the case here though.

Stands for e as in electronic-garbage.

oh ok
usually when anons say botnet, they mean it's got surveillance shit. I thought you were saying that thinkpad batteries were spying on people.

Cheaper than an x220 but safer? Also lesser keyboard would be an issue. Would any user use this as a viable machine?

why safer? it's also affected by meltdown and spectre

For example your unity or gnome on ubuntu just eats up resources, try something else. Look through your extensions in your browser, are their any which have more efficient alternatives adblock -> ublock, are their any extra addons you can get that improve efficiency like dectraleyes, are there any applications which you move to cli alternatives like youtube searching and viewing, are their any entire applications with more lightweight alternatives like using mpv instead of vlc or vi instead of liboffice

user is either referring to indestructible milspec or coreboot not sure which.

I'm not him. I already do a lot of those things. Just thought that by "Compute smarter don't open yourself to exploits." you meant not using x86 in the first place or something.

...although to be fair that's probably a good idea.

don't forget the clit
i'll accept it as a thinkpad, better than the xx40 series and later

Just to recap

lolno, not in Yurop.

What if I told you
free international shipping.


It is, you faggot.
There wouldn't be any other reason to have irremovable batteries, if they weren't to keep devices constantly powered to spying reasons.
Even RMS speculated on this.


Oh my bad, I saw free shipping and international and assumed it meant free international shipping, not shipping anywhere and free for you.

Sorry my fellow user; poor wording on my part. The OP made a claim that it was a safe laptop(Coreboot pre-installed, etc.) to use and I was trying to ascertain whether or not such a claim was true.

Yah EU prices aren't as good not horrible though.

Will a X200 heatsink work with my X60?

My WankPad x200 arrived today. It's in great condition and was cheap as hell (no battery or hdd though). Next step(s) are setting up libreboot and installing Gentoo Hardened (I'll have to use gentoo-sources though)

Well lads, what do I do, now that I have 2 thinkpads.

Try to breed them.

just wait until you have four, and no use for three of them.

When will eventually society collapse, you will be able to use the spare Thinkpads to cast some new ones.

The only hardened thing would be a dick of random CIA nigger who stumbles upon a repo you download your ebuilds from.

What's the point of libreboot if you still use a bloated-kernel?

I've got one of mine set up as a simple home server with built in UPS. ))

Go nuts with obscure OS'es on them. I tried Win2k on my T22 last night. I couldn't get WPA2 working so i''m thinking of wiping it and installing AntiX.

trolling by saying computer smarter.

Do you work at Twitter?

I mean most people here aren't going to be compiling their own kernel so

You don't get it.

You can't even sage properly.
I would suggest you to lurk more a couple more years before actually posting anything at all.

Not sure, but I doubt. The two heatsinks seem to have different dimensions.


IBM 600E
PII-400, 164MB RAM
Uprgraded from 8GB to 80GB HDD
CD-ROM from factory
Internet via dial-up, as well as wireless-G Linksys PCMCIA. Firefox 2 connects to the boards without issue.

That's not the x131e user, pretty sure this guy here is having a stroke.

Damn i'm jelly, there's a 765D I want but I don't have a car or a license.

Has anyone got experience with the ThinkPad 770? to be honest I would love one because it has got USB, the Bento Box design, and has Pentium III upgrade capability.

Phone post. My 600e has one USB port. The 600x has PIII natively.

Antix seems like a better Devuan, is there any way to just install the base system (like a debian net install)?


That means nothing, what's its IP rating?

Spill resistant keyboard, that's it.

Get a Toughbook if you want IP rating.

I actually ment that the 770 can take a PIII as a upgrade.

Found a Thinkpad T420 for $170. Go or no?

Fun fact, no consumer product runs through the actual MIL-STD tests, and not one is certified. They all either go through tests that are designed to imitate the real tests, which can be bent to the OEMs will, or are even just "designed to pass the tests". It's complete horseshit."ruggedized"_consumer_products

Not bad I suppose, install Coreboot and a i5 3632QM and you have a very nice laptop.

I should kms tbh

Did IBM fuck up so badly with the plastics on ThinkPads somehow?

It was fucking hot here recently so I put my X200 on a wire food cooling tray to help it stay cool. But I noticed it barely made a difference and actually seemed to end up a few degrees hotter. Does it have some setup where the narrow space under the laptop results in higher pressure of the air moving through the heatsink or something? As I can't think of any other reason a larger airgap would negatively impact cooling.

My x200's palm-rest corner chipped too.
Maybe it's just because the plastics are now getting quite old...

Mine has never ran hot. You should probably be sure the heatsink is properly cleaned and the thermal compound not dry.

This. If you want to go nuts, lapping the heatsink and using Kryonaut as paste is about as good as it gets.

we need risc architecture so i can hack into the mainframes

what is this troll?


no need for risc, just make an aws account and gain privilege through spectre

A coworker asked me to fix her old T60 thinkpad (just a dead battery freezing the entire system after boot) and now she barely wants it back. Anything fun I could do with it?

Install Gentoo and give it back to her.

libreboot or coreboot if intel.

Holy fuck I hate eBay so much.

Should I rape the seller's rating even if he fully refunds me?

No, just give him a neutral feedback and specify what was missing, so that it will be useful for everyone.

Dad and I managed to reattach the lever from my old palmrest to the new one. I'm still going to ask a refund because fuck you I paid for a fully working palmrest and not one with a missing lever.

I think my T22's motherboard is dying, getting very weird crashes the past half hour.

Horrible. So scared of this happening to my machines.

It's pretty much pointless to even care about computers if they are all cucked. What are we going to do about this?

Any tips on helping computers to live a long life?

Just bought a refurbished t430, pic/spec related
How bad did I fuck up? I was gonna buy the t420 but I just had to have the ssd and better CPU/ram. The thing I'M worried about though is the keyboard, it genuinely lookd like shit and the T420 looked much better. I can replace it for the more mechanical looking keyboard, right?

everyone shits on the new boards but they feel fine.
the problem is they made them with a terrible layout to the point that I would call what they did to be an anti-feature compared to the old ones.

that being said, you can swap it out.

the guy who bought the t43 here again
im ordering some blank dvd's to install Os/2 on it.
It'll be fun since I never used OS/2 anything outside of a Vm. Only problem is that there are no wireless card drivers. (Mine has the Intel PRO/Wireless 2519ABG (802.11a/b/g)).

scratch that, apperently OS/2 Warp uses the same NDIS standard that windows does (or something to that affect) and so it'll work.
Pretty great!

ThinkPads are such weird ass things sometimes. It apparently is related to the hard drive which cuts out under heavy load.

HDD dying? SMART data looks good.

Also, help I just bought pic related. YES! el-sahef's X32p! Paid 145€ including shipping for it, but now I have something unique!

Time to rape their feedback, I do not tolerate such faggotry.

xx30 series are also the last of the mainline thinkpads which can be corebooted.

Am I supposed to use me_cleaner before or after flashing coreboot? on a T420.

It was between 35C and 40C and I was playing bideo games, it usually sits around 50ish for most games but it was poking 65-70 that day.

Anyone know if the computrace functions on a new lappy are truly permanently disabled? I've read on the original Chinese manufacturing blueprints that they burn a fuse but I'm wary.

Fucking kill me. DHL Deutschland doesn't work on Mondays.

Oh well, at its earliest I'd be getting it tomorrow.

Are you retarded it's just a cost saver. Instead of engineering a whole latch and connector design for a removable battery they just throw a lipo cell in it and glue it down. Yeah it could be used for botnet but that's probably not the reason in this case.


i bricked my fresh t60 with intel gpu flashing coreboot with bootsplash. anyone know the procedure to reflash it it with a proper image? now its just powering on, no beeps or anything and phoenix recovery doesnt really do anything. I was ready for comfy clicking and now its a brick

flash libreboot dumbass

Received my t430
Libreboot or coreboot?

T430 is post core2duo afaik, so no Libreboot for you buddy

Unsopported screen, im afraid. Or have all screens become compatible with libreboot lately?

I would doubt that. I am sorry for your loss.

Then hardware-flashing it is - will report back with pics and experience fugg. will have to build a bunch of roms off of this general procedure + some variants of coreboot and see what happens. already got the stupid soic-8 clip and a pi so it should be doable


God damn it DHL what the fuck are you doing, I should have gotten it yesterday already!

I have finally done it though.

Now I can comfortabilty shitpost about ThinkPads, Toughbooks, Latitudes and Tecras/Porteges on IRC


I'm not sure why but X131e is far cheaper in the US.
I think it's far from the best thinkpad, probably a X230 with a X220 keyboard and coreboot for me, but the X131e might be a solid solution for brainlet poorfag burgers who want coreboot without whipping out the soic clip and beaglebone.
Off topic, but my X220 is deteriorating and I think I'm done with production latops. I've got a old apple extended II I'm going to be taking the alps from to make a keyboard in pic related's layout and grab one of the A20 sbc's with a cheap 480p lvds lcd with a 3d printed case (free from my local library) and some rechargeable AAAs It'll be ghetto, but it'll be mine, and it'll be free.

Guess people dislike the stranguer shape/bigger size form factor.

How is the IPS screen on the x230t?
Someone is asking $175 for one with
250SSD msata
320HDD 2.5in
i5-3320M 2.6GHz
Judging from the photos, it seems to be in excellent condition besides a barely noticeable crack in the palmrest (might not have seen it without the seller mentioning it in the first place).

sameish thing happened to me once, not entirely sure how I fixed it but it had something to do w/ fully discharging it w/o the regular battery or the cmos and then plugging both batteries back in and booting.

that sounds like a pretty decent deal, I knew a guy w/ an x230t and he loved it.

Technically true, but you can find certain thinkpad/toughbook models that the military uses, so they clearly pass MIL-STD-810 to the US military's satisfaction.

Shit wears out, new computers do it faster because of thinner layers of silicon. It's sad, but it happens. Keep them cool, and in 30-40% RH, and hope for the best. My core2 era celeron desktop started having strange bus problems after 7 years of shitposting. USB and PCI got flaky, and the floppy interface completely stopped working. Thankfully PCIe was fine, so it lives on as my fileserver. part of it may have been the cheap PSU that had also suffered 7 years of cat hair and shitposting

Drives flake out with no smart errors in about 20% of cases t. sysadmin. Also just because smart overall health reports ok doesn't mean anything. Look at smart values 5, 196, and 197. >200 reallocated sectors (5) is a good indicator that the disk surface is giving out. Same for >100 current pending sectors/offline uncorrectable (196 & 197, usually the exact same count). Those are your primary failure indicators, also if there's spin retries (high buzz routines for SAS) the drive is a time bomb.

I paid $200 for my x220, so I'd call that a good deal

Not the HDD, it's the board.

I think it must be the MAX power IC failing.

Power circuitry has a tendency to cook itself, especially in laptops where it's rarely cooled well
You might want to check the caps, they may be dried out

tpfancontrol did say something called PWR is cooking at 210F, is this normal?

Yeah it's the board, it shut down during Windows Update and now it doesn't boot at all anymore.

I guess this means the end after 17 years of hard work, first by a IT company and in 2015 by me.

I did manage to get UDMA5 working on my T23 though!

That's like 90-something celcius, so that's high, but not unusual.

It can reduces the cost, make it obselete more quickly AND spy on people at the same time.

That's like a WIN WIN WIN.

External batteries are no less of a botnet, each has unique serial number, runs proprietary firmware and writes cycles. Plus it wastes more material upon production. A built-in li-po with physical switch would be perfect for a modern computer.



tough up bro

Far from it, you'd want a 7xx or a Toughbook if you want tough.

my T22 came back to life though! No idea why, but I think it must be related to A. the power circuit, or B. the fact that I removed the Intel 2200BG network card that was in it and left the laptop with the battery out overnight.

**I can confirm this. the ThinkPad subreddit is actually pretty damn interesting.

Reddit itself is cancer, however.**

Fucked up with the tags, oh well.

It is inevitable that we will have no other option but modern, botnet trash in a few short years. Maybe some fags will create an alternative, but I don't have much hope. Goodbye computers, it was nice while it lasted.


*by the way the part you're supposed to be looking at is the righthand scrollbar, and how small it is
I installed KDE too but that's a different story

you are not supposed to use the scrollbar but to swipe with your fingers


What's the difference between libreboot and coreboot and why might I try to get a really old model just to install libreboot on it?

Coreboot needs proprietary blobs.

Can an optical drive actually be installed in an X60 or not?

No, you need the UltraBase for it.

You need to get one of those gibsons. you can hack across state lines with those.

Should I install my OS first or flash libreboot and then install it? Does it even matter?

Doesn't matter user.

Why is my shit idling at 60C even after repaste?

Dust, shit tier cooling, high CPU use?

Cleaned out the chassis, fan, and ducts. CPU is idling at 5% usually. Don't know what I can do about shit-tier cooling, It's a W500.

Is the fan running? What cooling policy does it have set in the bios? Did you use to much paste or shit paste? What's the load on the GPU?

1. You're mining cryptos for the botnet
2. You messed up, reseat your CPU
3. What said.

Fan's consistently 3000 RPM. Active cooling policy. I cleaned off all the old paste and only put a blackberry drupelet-sized amount and pushed the spreader straight down without any other motions. None went over the sides, as far as I can tell. It was some Arctic MX paste. Besides building RadeonTop (which will take some time figuring out on my end), is there any OpenBSD util to check? I think it might be a GPU issue, considering Firefox routinely presses my temps into 100C before the safety triggers it shuts off.

I can't even use it in a room above 70F, or else it's guaranteed to exceed 100C.

I don't mine crypto. I've reseated my heatsink twice now. Replacing the paste lowered my idle temps from 80C to 60C.

What's idling at 60C? YOur CPU or GPU? If i remember correctly the core2duo had a fairly high idle temperature. Look up your average on the intel website, there's a chance that it is ~55 in that case you might want to undervolt / underclock the CPU.

Have you tried booting from a usb stick to rule out software problems?

This is a long shot but is the thermal piping damaged? If the liquid/gas that's used to transfer heat has leaked out it could cause temps like that. I've only seen temps like that in HP laptops.
Just for reference my t500 runs just fine at heavy load with the ati card in use.

CPU. Pic related. I've got a Core 2 Duo T9600, but there's no info on temps. Besides a very useless "average range" of 45-55C and a max range of 105C (for all Core Duos).
I'll research this.
I've done three fresh installs for different versions OBSD. If that's not conclusive, I can boot up a Debian install or some sort.

I'll research this too.

If you have ' bad batch CPU', a mediocre aluminium cooler and an aging fan 57C is probably normal at room temperature for a core2duo.
The problem lies with temp3: Your GPU? If this only happens in Firefox, try a different browser.

Temp3 is regularly above 100C, right now it's 130C after having one tab of a YouTube video open. It's not a browser-specific problem, and it happens on Chrome and Otter.

I also ran a GPU load analyzer, and got zlich back.
No clue. I'm trying to compile lm-sensors for OBSD so I can find out.

Sage for blogpost, but I've got a W510 last friday, kind cheap and the nvidia driver for the Quadro FX 880M is working well on Linux. I upgraded it to 8GB of ram and I'm now using it as my main machine.

I can even play Touhou through Wine, unlike with the T410 that had some performance issues.

A bit off-topic, but at the store that I bought the W510, there was some Dell Precision workstation, I think it was a T3500. I wasn't exactly cheap but is a Xeon worth anything these days?


What's your guys' idle temps? I'm getting 35-38 at ~2400 RPM (quiet fan) after replacing my paste and cleaning out the fan.
Probably gonna buy a new fan and some screws (I'm missing two and a few are stripped) in my t420.

Whoa there. Have you set up CPU throttling? It doesn't happen by default. I'm not on my OpenBSD machine right now, so I can't help you further than that.

CF-31 Mk3 (same hw as a X230 basically) and it's shit cooling, with Firefox, VirtualDJ and HWiNFO running.

It was one of the things I tried, but speeds become unbearable. One of the interesting things I've found, is that if I run OpenBSD on insecure, my temps go down by about 10C. I don't know why it would.

Is this literally the worst Thinkpad to have? Older or newer ones can either be librebooted, are supported by me_cleaner, don't have ME in the first place, or can at least be updated, but the x201 seems fucked in all those regards.

That's really strange. I have never noticed a problem with it. I have it set to "A," so that frequency scaling is automatic. And I'm on a T60 too, btw.

I have no idea what that is. Are you running -current? Has -current implemented a security fix for the recent CPU vulnerabilities or something?

You seem new to OpenBSD. There is a utility program included called "systat" (I think. Or maybe it's "sysstat"). Run it, and press your arrow keys to navigate through the different screens. One of the screens provides realtime output of hardware sensors. Might help you to monitor temperatures while troubleshooting.

I hate mine so much that it's at my parent's house on the other side of the continent, no fucks given. That piece of shit has the worst PWM ever. (Pulse Width Modulation. The LED backlight essentially blinks on and off in order to dim.) Shit would give me horrible headaches and racing heart. Fuck that machine. Also, the wiring inside was really sloppy. And the LCD screen was especially susceptible to dust and debris getting lodged behind it.

I think a lot of the new thinkpads have the same PWM problem. So basically fuck new thinkpads. And fuck new laptops. Fuck computers in general really.

OpenBSD's focus is security, not ensuring that your computer doesn't get hot enough to boil water for tea.

So sit back and enjoy a cuppa, secure in the knowledge that your house will burn down before the CIAniggers ever compromise your laptop.

I took off the palmrest for my t430 and adjusted some stuff that required me to move the left speaker.
I put everything back together and my left speaker is now making this soft hissing noise that stops when i push down on the palmrest speaker filters
any idea what it could be?

Are your speaker wires taped to the chassis? So many things can fuck with them and cause hissing, but it sounds like a wire problem to me.

I've tried "A" too on apmd, but I don't get linear core scaling. It's either hw.setperf=0 or hw.setperf=100 and hw.cpuspeed=800 or hw.cpuspeed=2801, with no in-between. "A" feels like "L" (max 800MHz) and any page with JS takes 5-7 seconds to load.
My bad. I'm running -current and at securelevel -1.
I am, cheers for this. It's much easier than spamming up-arrow and enter to check temps.

I thought I could have the best of both worlds. I was a fool for running it as a desktop.

I took it out and screwed it back in again. It seems to be working fine now. I think the problem was the wire was around one of the little columns for the palmrest screws which pulled it really taut and caused the disturbance.

Cool beans, my man. Screws are always a pain in the ass with Thinkpads. Some holes are for screws, some aren't. And sometimes when you put them in the wrong hole they won't ever come out. And other times one of the palm rest screws is too short and you're stuck with squeaking everytime you move your hands.

Is your hard drive screw identical to any of the other ones? Because, if not, I might be clinically retarded.

Screws suck on all laptops but they're pretty well labelled and documented with Thinkpads, at least the good ones.

It's the best Thinkpad to be chinked.
Keep the chassis and fan assembly, remove the motherboard and screen.
A chinese motherboard with Coffee Lake processor and a 1200p screen with eDP cable, put everything together and you have a machine that will work for another 10 years. Here are some links:
Mobo for 450 bucks
How to assemble
A bunch of threads on their forum, look for X210-related, they have pictures and interesting stuff

Just buy a magnetic pad, you brainlet. Put screws on it and mark them with a pen.
The hardware manual clearly says which screw goes to which hole, just measure them if you think, you're lost.

Not sure what you mean, but I suspect that you might be referring to when the screen switches from 60 to 50 Hz refresh rate to lower power usage after a few minutes of inactivity. I found this annoying too and thought it was some quirk of the display driver or something. But then I found the refresh reduction setting in power manager options and turned it off, and it never happened since.

Any other x201 owners care to chime in on what they do to optimize the unit? Any recommended hardware upgrades besides
Anything else? What version of BIOS are you using?
Anyone has been successful with using me_cleaner on the x201 without running into this problem?




oy, the screw jew wouldn't be happy to hear this

Can a Thinkpad be used as an AMD64 router/firewall running pfsense/OpenBSD? Asking for a friend.

You are both correct on Thinkpad plastic, at least it's the shell cracking, and not the motherboard. It's sacrificial design, similar to a crumple zone in an automobile, but it is also inferior technology and licensing .

They are counting on the screws being made from Chinese steel, so one use into plastic is about all you can expect.

This fat bastard got a free copy of botnet OS and Basically you're a fucking chink twink

Can you elaborate? I have reassembled parts with the same screws time and time again, and have yet to see something falling apart. I haven't used fancy screwdrivers with torque control etc. but normal ones seem to work just fine.

Chinese steel is notorious for being soft, because it costs extra to make good steel. They'll often provide one good ingot to the buyer for testing but the rest won't meet spec.
However, I was exaggerating a bit for humour. Even their cheap screws should hold up for repeated use into plastic. You're good.

Post the ANGRY ABOUT CHINESE and Don't Learn Chinese greentexts

here you go user.

Is there an archive for these threads?



And I am going to shoot up a fucking DHL depot if they don't HTFU with my X32p already!

Also, there's a Dutch seller on eBay that has a 600E and later this week a 770X, should I buy them? No idea what he's asking though.

isnt that like $30 in real world money though?

Shit I wasn't far off, 125€ includig shipping for both.

Guess i'll have to keep a look out on eBay Kleinanziegen and the German ThinkPad forums.

So this just happened:

Too bad the charger does have a broken center piece in the 12V side, but other than that I can't complain for 15€ with free shipping. (so I actually paid 8€ and he paid 7€ for shipping alone!)

what's wrong with T480s?

intel sgx

Backdoor shit, shit keyboard, Windows 10, ULV CPU, LelNoPo.

The thinkpad T60 has two WWAN slots. If I put an atheros card in the extra slot, would it pass the whitelist?

thats what everyone says...cant you put a 4g chip in one of those?

Only a few T60's actually have the WWAN connector.

Besides, you could just flash a modded bios instead.


Do X60s/T60s not have x86-64 processors? Someone was bitching about needing 32-bit shit for their X60 in another thread. I was thinking of getting one of these but I'm not so sure if I'm going to be stuff with 32-bit that nobody supports anymore.

Core Duo CPUs don't support EM64T, Core 2 Duo's do.

no charger, what do?

Fuck you you stupid nigger. You think you can say that shit and get away with it???? Get the fuck off my board. BTW I thought you should know me and Matt have BOTH been fucking Natalie everytime she's told you she's having a "girl's night".

Get a charger you poorfag.

Got my X32p in the mail, damn this thing is awesome so far! Even included a HM160HC HDD! which I promptly swapped with my 32GB mSATA > IDE botch job
Why do so many people lie about IPS screens in their T60s? This guy is advertising his thinkpad as having a 15 inch display, when anyone with a brain can look at the bezels and know it's a 14 inch version. I've been looking for a T60 with an IPS screen that doesn't cost an exorbitant amount and it's just impossible.
Thanks for reading my personal blog.

Showing results for: 2623d8u

T2500(2GHz), 1GB RAM, 100GB 7200rpm HD, 14.1in 1400x1050 LCD, 256MB ATI FireGL V5200, CDRW/DVDRW, Intel 802.11abg wireless, WWAN, Bluetooth/Modem, 1Gb Ethernet, UltraNav, Secure chip, Fingerprint reader, 9c Li-Ion batt, WinXP Pro

Report him, he's trying to scam people.

What the fuck am I looking at? A Toughbook CF-25 with a Model M keyboard?

That's just a typical 80's to early 90's laptop keyboard.

Is there any chance to get a working Win98 driver for that GPU? Has anyone installed Win98 on T60(p) units? Also HDAudio would be a problem as there don't seem to be Win98 drivers for that type of sound cards either, or are there?

Found a working 701c (butterfly keyboard) on CL. 300 bucks or best offer.

Seller is too far from me.

T60p with Win98 ain't going to work, you'd want a T4x or maybe even a T2x for that.

Also, I found earlier tonight I can watch 720p videos natively in Firefox without stutter on my new X32p, how cool is that!

Too expensive for a piece of "meme" tech. Get something slightly less rare like a high-end T6x or 770.

Haha. I already have some T60's.

When did it all go so wrong...

That would be too bad given that the first T60(p) models came in 2006 when Win98 was still on the brink of being supported. Last Catalyst driver with 9x support seems to be 6.2 which also supports x1nn cards, couldn't MobilityModder make it work with the Firegl 5200?


No idea, and I doubt Win98 likes Core (2) Duo CPUs.

Ironically, it looks like you'd have much more luck with DOS on a T60 than with Win98. No video driver is needed as DOS should be fine with whatever the BIOS provides (VGA + VESA extensions), and there seems to exist a DOS driver for the T60 ethernet chip. The only other thing that DOS would need is a way to use the HD Audio via some sort of wrapper. All the while Win98 is stuck without network or sound support and with a basic VGA driver that's not fit for desktop use.

I got it to run without such problem, the worst you can expect is having to turn off dual-core operation in BIOS. You also need to modify system.ini if you have more than a gig of RAM to avoid "out of memory" errors on boot. But the real problem is drivers for essential devices such as video, audio and network.

one day we will turn back the clock with economies of scale, user
one day...

Recieved my X3x bluetooth module and antenna today, and sold my X31 for 50€.

Might take it easy with the ThinkPads for now.

That reminds me, the xx20 series of thinkpads have an extra pci slot too. Would putting an atheros card work in that case? also, would I have to use the blue and red cables, or would it still pass the check if I used the black and white wireless cables?

Lenovo is full of kike thinking chinks, so most/all of their laptops have bios white lists. Expect a bios mod.

t. someone that put an ac card in a t440p

It really wouldn't pass even if I used the free slot and the auxilary cables? damn you chinkovo.

In my case I put the ac card in and it wouldn't even go past the POST/bios. Just halted it. ( I learned the hard way).

A ch341a, or a pi, and a soic-8 clip is only like $20.

Lenovo IBM The FCC is full of kike thinking chinks.


That doesn't work for non-whitelisted cards you fucking faggot, it only works if pin 20 is causing the network card to be disabled.

Have any of you guys bought aftermarket batteries from longmall2012 on ebay? will his chink batteries kill me?

they have snakes inside of them instead of batteries, just keep them cool or the snakes will wake up and bite you

Mine got earthworms though. Shouldn't have opened it to be honest, eww.

Just bought a bigger SSD for my Toughpad, and put the old one in my X32p, and then put that one in my T23.

Only device without a SSD is my T22, but since it's limited to UDMA2 I won't bother.

For those of you that use a T420, how can you tolerate the incorrigible TN panels? I just saw one in person, and I think I have eye cancer now.

Low brightness and a blue light filter

Care to say more? Most cheap LED-backlit LCD screens are too blue-ish.

Redshift or f.lux to filter blue light.
Don't use f.lux though, botnet and all.

What are you currently searching for? for me, it's:
Because the tablet versions come with IPS displays and no botnet. I'm really close to just buying one with a Core Duo.
I have one but it has backlight bleed and a new screen is way too expensive. A 15" IPS 4:3 display is the best.
Though it's inferior to the T60 in everyway, I'd like to have it just to have it.
Same as above.

Last true Bento Box ThinkPad
Hilariously expensive though, I might aswell buy a new one from a reseller
Shit's 'n giggles mostly, the Toughpad I have is awesome performance wise but total shit for data input
Again, hilariously expensive and only available new, and no way I am going to pay 500€ for one

why not buy some Gunnars or seriously invest in dark adaptor goggles, they're cross platform

you throw it away.

I had to do the same on my t440p, the 1336x768 panel that it came with was complete trash. ended up buying an AUO B140HAN01.2 and called it a day.

Now this thing is running like a dream. Undervolted the CPU by 85mV and found out what was causing it to randomly go to sleep in Panasonic's fancy power plan extension program.

Now to reinstall everything again.

A user from halfchan imported this from Moonland, fuck me i'm jelly now.

1920x1200 IPS screen, Toughbook build quality so it will outlast everything but a apocalypse, convertible like the ThinkPad Yoga models, and that copper colored case looks slick af.

Hilariously expensive new and used though, 850 USD with shipping and fees. I then might aswell get a Precision M6800 or something instead of that.

Fuck I ran down the street with a T series thinkpad in my bag a few days ago, I got cramps and my calf is still hurting.
Are the X series much lighter?

$850 isn't that expensive when you have a job, unless the specs are super crap-tier or something. What kind of hardware are we talking here besides the nice screen?

This is not $850.

What's the last toughbook to not have ME/AMT?


Why do the japs have an obsession with the english phrase "let's" and tend to put it anywhere whether it makes sense or not?

19/30 Mk1, or anything with a 945GM chipset basically.

He won it on Yahoo Auctions and had it shipped to him via a proxy shipper.


lolno, we're all NEETs here.

X220 seems to weigh 1.5kg, T420 2.25kg, and for reference, my slab of Magnesium (aka CF-31) 3.7kg.

So, yeah, if you bought a X220/230 you would drop quite a bit of weight.

loose some weight fatty

Geo locational services

God damn. Tried restoring my T23's SSD backup with Macrium but it didn't properly restore the partition table.

Reinstall it is then.

Which, however, isn't that slow thanks to the SSD and a cut down XP install.

600X for 55€, should I do it?

Don't talk shit about my roll cage, asshole

Have you ever run down the street with your Toughbook?

I took it multiple times with it's carrying strap with me on my bike, because I sometimes get asked for OBD2 stuff/car diagnostics.

Thing is a bit back breaking though, it's certainly no CF-19 like I had a few years ago. That, and the screen is terrible compared to my Toughpad.

Would I go back to a 19? Hell no! Would I get a 31 Mk4 if they suddenly dropped in price like a brick? Definitely!

One freshly restored X32p (and Toughpad G1 in it's dock that somehow turned itself on when I was making this pic) later.

God I love that wallpaper on the ThinkPad.

That Toughpad is pretty cool.

Certainly! Screen is awesome compared to my 31, performance isn't bad for a Haswell ULV CPU, and it boots up very quickly thanks to the 860 Evo SSD.

No keyboard is a major downside for me though, how am I supposed to play Deus Ex without one?

T430 owner here. I love mine. Bought it from Fry's refurbished and the hardest part was having to deal with the suicidal salesperson.

I upgraded mine to 10GB RAM since I didn't want to fuck with taking the keyboard off to get to the second slot. Runs Fedora beautifully. The keyboard isn't like the IBM stuff, but is comfortable enough.

Me again. Screen is my only gripe about the T430. Shitty resolution and aspect ratio.

LOL, look what I just got, a Motion Computing LE1700 tablet! Only had to pay shipping and the adapter needs a power cable, which is missing.

Even comes with spare battery and car charger, how cool is that!

Can someone make this but then from the HMM of the T22, T23 and X31?

Depends. If you go on taobao you can find the internal soldering guides for the MB and the Motherboard blueprints. Hard part is getting a fab of it and reading chinese.

Those blow-up diagrams in HMMs are actually vector, aren't they?

how bad slow is the 1.8in drive in it?

I was changing my T60's bezel today, and when it came off all was well, and then I pushed the case down and something behind the LCD was smoking. Just a tiny wisp of smoke, but I have no idea why or what could be the cause (I was too chickenshit to flip it over). Is it safe to keep using or will it burn my house down?

I should add that I was using it the entire day before changing the bezel. I've used it an hour since then and I still don't smell any smoke.

magic capacitor smoke
open your windows and let the wind carry it away or the battery snakes might smell it

i'll be serious, smoke comes from burning components (or maybe plastic), pull it apart and look for the scorch marks. it would be a good idea to replace any broken components and definitely make backups just in case

this knowledge should be obvious by now, dimwit

For now I've put it to the side and I'm using a different computer. When I play it again in my head, I don't think the smoke came from the back of the LCD, but rather from around the inverter board. I think that the bottom area of the LCD was really hot, and it came in contact with the inverter board...? I'll check in the morning. It could have been the cable as well.

No idea, I haven't recieved it yet. I bet it's slow as fuck though, like all 1.8 inch HDDs.

benchmark it when you get it, I'm curious.

Fuck. Core Solo model. Oh well.

HDD is absolute shit speed wise though.

Found a T530 with a i5 3320M, xx20 keyboard and chink battery for 75€, should I go for it?

Nevermind, seems to only have the Intel iGPU onboard. Not going to bother with that.

intels igpu's are alright. if it has enough ram and a good drive it may be worth it at that price.

HD 4000 is something I have in my CF-31, I want MOAR POWA!

Or I could just have connected my GTX1050 eGPU to it. Either way i'm looking out for a T530 with the dGPU.

kek mx518

I really don't know what to think. Is my ePeen upgraded because I used GNU/Linux on it, or downgraded because it's a mac?

Best mouse ever. I should get a new case of the one I use with my X32p but not now, Chinese New Year and all that.

if you got it for free good on ya. what model is it?
make sure to watch the temps, my 5,5 was retarded and never put the fan higher than 2000RPM no matter what temp it was at.

It's a 2010 model, I got it yesterday. Honestly, this is the first macbook I've ever touched. I simply took out the HDD from my old laptop and put it in this one. Seems to just werk, except I needed to install b43. Currently using Debian testing. However, I badly need a GNU sticker to cover up that logo.

coretemp-isa-0000Adapter: ISA adapterPackage id 0: +67.0°C (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)Core 0: +67.0°C (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)Core 1: +66.0°C (high = +86.0°C, crit = +100.0°C)BAT0-virtual-0Adapter: Virtual devicetemp1: +39.5°C applesmc-isa-0300Adapter: ISA adapterExhaust : 2630 RPM (min = 2000 RPM, max = 6200 RPM)TB0T: +39.2°C TB1T: +39.2°C TB2T: +37.0°C TC0C: +65.2°C TC0D: +62.8°C TC0E: +66.2°C TC0F: +66.5°C TC0J: +0.0°C TC0P: +60.0°C TC1C: +66.0°C TC2C: +65.0°C TCGC: +65.0°C TCSA: +64.0°C TCTD: +0.0°C TM0P: +49.2°C TM0S: +60.5°C TMBS: +0.0°C TP0P: +61.0°C TPCD: +68.0°C TW0P: -127.0°C Th1H: +51.0°C Ts0P: +36.0°C Ts0S: +47.5°C

Seems to be running pretty hot, but I don't know how normal this is for a macbook.

that's pretty hot if that's not under load. I'd recommend to repaste+clean it if you have the time/dedication to do so, made a huge difference on mine. a custom fan map would help too. apple puts on way to much, least in the units I've cleaned.

I'll probably do that.

Bought a IBM branded keyboard today. Seems to be from the same period as the X3x and T4x models.

Also bought a CardBus LAN card for my T22.

Dug out my T22 and funnily enough the network card gets instantly detected by 2000, no drivers required.

Yay, I guess.

Flashed windows installation to a USB
trying to install win7 on t430
"Device drivers not found on installation media"
what do?

Install Gentoo.

Help, I bought a X220 with no RAM for 50€, and I have no idea what to do with it.

Even has a IPS panel according to the seller. How true that is, no idea. What kind of weird keyboard layout does it have anyway? UK-English?

Stop using Windows.

I already have it on my computer you autists, I'm installing on a second drive

Thinking of ThinkPads, what do y'all think is the best laptop here:

W500 that you flash yourself with Libreboot.

Nonsense, just install gentoo again. Why have wangblows on any hard drive?

nah, that's not UK

What should I do first to my X220 when I get it? Flashing the latest modded BIOS is #1 on my list.

i dont think my bios will let me(i dont know how). all im doing is youtube music and here. cpu steady 9% ram 1.4g using FF. im not on ibm tho

Let's say I really, REALLY want that "Respects Your Freedoms" sticker to completely officialize it.

Looks maybe Norwegian or Danish with stickers over the Å, Æ, and Ø keys?

Because bidya gaemu that don't run on wine

Print it yourself on a printer with GPL'd firmware.

I found a Thinkpad R40 on $33, without charger.

is this a good machine?

is there some user who have a list of good computers, no botnet, and librebot?

R40 is trash, Acer built machine. If you really want a R-series get a R52 or if you're loaded with cash, a R50p QXGA.

thanks user

Supertuxkart is the only game you need.

I've become a total faget and I just bought a Thinkpad T25. Make fun of and / or roast me Holla Forums but it is the only new laptop with a pointing stick and a proper keyboard.

I'll let you all know how it copes with various OS's when I get it. I am hoping to get OpenBSD running on it, if not then I'll use Devuan. I won't boot faggy old Windows even once of course.

No one cares. The benchmarks are literally already there.

What are you talking about, benchmarks? I'm not a gaymer, you fag.


This board really needs IDs.


All games worth playing run great on Wine.

Because I'm an insecure retard.

OpenBSD is baby tier install, the only reason it isn't widely used since is the since lusers are secretly afraid of anything black, so that rules out the commandline
Also, the OS is slow since there is secretly a JVM hidden in the kernel

You're gonna have to bring some proofs user.

I'm more concerned with support of the various bits of hardware.

This is my dream.

I am ready. God take me already. Fuck this gay earth.

Seriously though, who the fuck asks 500$ for a laptop from 2005? Scalpers?

No IPS panel sadly, but I do have a Intel 6300 card and a i5 2540M, not bad for 50€!

And a battery that's only 20% worn too! Now to think what I should do with it..

Wait to freak out until it sells matey.

There's retards for everything I suppose.

It's a "Professional Computer Loaded! Flawless" though.

How could it be so slow otherwise?

I don't fear it, I adore it, it taught me patience. Installing it to brag on a thinkpad thread is not a good idea. If you want to brag, use Arch on a Librem like the caffeine cattle you are.

what did they mean with this? you connect a charger to another charger?

Charger I bought didn't come with a cigarette lighter plug, so I manually connected the wires to a laptop charger to test if the Lind charger itself worked.

It did, thankfully.

What was the last good thinkpad? 4:3 screen, no chiclet keyboard, no "elegant" thin bullshit, and preferably no trackpad. Is there nothing good after the x200?


Or a Toughbook like the CF-31, if you can stand the XGA display.

Ordered some ThinkPad shit today and recieved my X220 yesterday: a Slice Battery for my X32p, nearly new main battery, and a T23 palmrest.

I prefer the X60T to the X200. The pickings are beyond slim, but hold out for one with a Core 2 Duo. The X60T is 4:3 and IPS, no chiclet (and it has a solid steel plate under the keyboard, unlike the X200), + it also doesn't have a trackpad. The 1.5ghz low voltage processor and 3gb RAM limitation is kinda shit, but it's perfectly usable with a lightweight setup. It also is ME/AMT free. If you don't care about that you could get a X61T, but their screens have a bubbling issue. You could also get a 15" T60p and put a W500 heatsink inside it (it has to have ATI graphics) and a T7600, it'll run cool but only with a W500 heatsink. All 15" T60p ThinkPads come with IPS displays. Thanks for reading my screed.

i suggest a T500 if you can stand the 16:10 display.

What steel plate are you talking about? All thinkpads have some sort of metal plate that serves as keyboard foundation/chassis, covered with conductive membrane, teflon film, rubber domes and scissor switches. There is no major difference in underside chassis either, X-series models lack full body roll cage unlike T-series do, it goes straight to the motherboard. I assume X60's keyboard flexes less because it's narrower, however I prefer X200's keyboard because it represents 60% layout with full-width keys and my fingers are rather long and big. X60 is good for girls. X200 is for boys.

I'd say X200s. If it had a 3:2 13 inch display and no webcam would be an ideal laptop in this millennia. Hope, chinks deliver. Have seen threads about fitting Chromebook's display in X210 on their forums. The satisfying flatness of the bottom without weird bulges like in X200, it simply needed a flat 8-cell battery to accompany it's perfection. The thickness is ideal just to feel it in your hand, not thick enough to be bulky, nor thin enough to feel like a clipboard, just thick enough, 25 millimeters of perfection.
All this could have been done then, but 2009 is the year when our timeline started, the point of no return.

there seems to be a lot of love for these things here...
can someone explain why?

they were produced before the race to the bottom reached half-time

They're built to be sturdy, functional, sober, and expensive. Businesses buy them for their employees then sell them cheaply five years later, which removes the "expensive" part.
The same goes for other lines of business laptops, probably, like Elitebooks and Probooks, but Thinkpads grew a cult.

X20x don't even have a 3:4 screen, they have a 16:10 screen.

Reliable, easy to get parts for, relatively cheap, and in the case of Toughbooks: pretty much unkillable.


Solid pieces are not usually more sturdy than meshed.

Won't that result in a slightly bulged keyboard though (due to the GPU heatsink part being slightly taller than it's supposed to be in a T60p)? Completely unacceptable to anyone OCD enough, you'll hate using the laptop feeling the slight bulge while typing, also the left part of the keyboard will be slightly wobbly.



What's the point of having a video call instead of using IRC?

Sure thing pal.

I mean, I'm not autistic enough to go that far, but it's not some sort of insurmountable problem.

I thought for most programming jobs communication was done through IRC. IRC has been around for decades everyone should already know how to use it regardless.

I think someone should start selling titanium torx screw kits for thinkpads.

Aw yeah, sold my X220 today for twice what I paid for it.

Thinking of getting a Precision M6800, should I go for it?

OpenBSD is no longer really slow thanks to the giant speed reduction Linux and Windows have suffered due to mitigation of recently found vulnerabilities. OpenBSD seems to actually be immune already:

??? I don't see the problem here.

OpenBSD still vulnerable to meltdown and spectre v1 & v2, only CURRENT has meltdown fix.


I feel like I missed out on some important news. There are multiple versions of this?

It's a hardware issue so there are your proofs read the paper no OS is excluded from this.

Also mitigations required will degrade performance even more.

You just have to tighten the screws more than you normally would, and put an extra thermal pad to the left of where the cmos battery is (this is the important part). Mine is pretty much equal.

What model would be good for a workstation ( quad core mobile cpu ) ?
Around 600 to 700 dollars.

W520 (beware, they all have Nvidia GPUs), W530 if you can tolerate the chiclet bullshit. On a less related note - It's sad that you can't put a Core 2 Quad inside a W500.


Oh, and put a Q9000 inside it.

I thought there was a guy from the coreboot or trannyboot mailing list that was testing out such things? might be a t500 now that I think about it.

You can get a much better HP workstation or Dell one with sandy bridge or ivy bridge quad core

I was only half serious. There really isn't any point in buying those (unless you really like Core 2 Quads), since the W520 is better in every way. I do want to own a W700ds but they're rare.

You're right.

I saw the exact opposite on the mailing list.
It's always been slow, and that's the way I like it. Patience, grasshopper

So what is the blue "ThinkVantage" button actually for? It doesn't seem to ever do anything.

AFAIK it opens some fancy IBM/Lenovo system manager or something, idk I never used it.

You can reprogram it though:

Just saw this on /r/thinkpad:

Fucking Chinkikes I swear!

I have dell latitude d500 anyone know what i can do with it?

Sell it and buy a real laptop.

AKA pointless and unecessary bloatware?

If you’re running Windows like a typical 56%er you might as well load up on bloat and spyware too.

Found a ThinkPad P50 for 1000€, should I do it?

iirc that crap keeps lenovo drivers up to date. the sort of shit plebs and lazy fucks love.

Why does my ThinkPad make such weird noises? The HDD has been on a near perpetual whining since installing Arch. It's constantly making sounds like a 2000's era desktop would. That electric static noise, like you're booting up a PC or shutting off a CRT monitor, except more subtle and regular. If it weren't for the fan being constantly running, it'd be terrible.


It appears that Lenovo turns off their System Update service for EOL systems.
Apparently the T60 keyboards aren't seated very sturdily due to a lack of screws securing them to the frame and some flexing on the left side manifests. Any T60-series owners (present or past) here who have been applying some mods (such as padding to make the keyboard sit tighter) or other workarounds to this problem?

What was IBM thinking when they decided that a HDD whitelist was good idea?

they were probably reminiscing about money

Which models had that? Never heard of it tbh.

Palmrest with or without fingerprint reader? What is the general consensus?

Without. There are better ways of adding security to your system. Like a password for example. Also solid surface looks better.

It's harder to steal a complicated sentence with numbers in it than to steal a finger, even if stealing fingers is more messy.

I wish finding solid 15" palmrests for the T60 was easier. At least I recently found a bezel without lenovo printed on it.

More importantly, law enforcement can demand your fingerprint and is legally able to force you to use it to open anything you have locked with it. They can demand passwords but you can just "forget."

at least in america they can keep you imprisoned forever if you dont tell it to them.

Technically, but I haven't heard of that happening. They would probably only do that if you're some high profile black hat and not just if they suspect you of generic computer crime #35125.

doesn't the 5th protect you from self-incrimination, therefore the police can't make you give them the password? or do you have to 'forget' the password to prevent this?








Not only there. Some dude in the UK refused to decrypt his disk some years ago and he's still inna gaol for all I know.
Generally any sort of data access control is only useful against thieves of random finders of lost shit, but against authorities it's their way or the highway, no fucks given, no "plausible deniability" honoured. A foolproof way to get incarcerated should be to do dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda then go to an airport (or elsewhere where there's strict control of electronic shit) and act strangely so they search you. They will insist the disk is encrypted, but you won't be able to oblige to their demands because it's actually random garbage, but you won't be able to prove the latter to them.


Are basement dwellers actually this bad?


retards. say nothing, at all. do not talk to the police.

forgot link

Is this actually a common occurence for recruiters to do these days?

Isn't saying nothing being considered to imply admitting to be guilty of whatever charges one is being faced with?


Can you explain more clearly what you mean (i.e. what screws and where to put the thermal pad)? Is the thermal pad supposed to be a spacer between the keyboard and the frame so there's no slack space (and thus no flexing)?

I've been using my T60 (librebooted) for about 6 months now. I love it so much that I don't ever want to use any other hardware.
It certainly is, so what i've been building in my stairwell is a cluster computer made of all of my more botnetty computers. I've put xenserver on a bunch and I plan on doing distributed processing on them to run a bigger VM between them which I can then log in to from openXenManager on my T60 or any other device. doing this has been a really nice excercise of my linux and networking skills and I've also cleaned my room up a lot by moving all the masses of computers out of the room and hooking them into the cluster.
yes it is, but doing it this way future proofs me since i can just add extra stuff to the cluster to speed it up and get modern performance once i log in from my T60.
I'll come back later when I've done enough work to play skyrim on my cluster.
this board is totally awesome I wouldn't be doing all this crazy computer stuff without the encouragement I get to install gentoo and remove botnets :)


Here's a pic of my cleaned up desk (laptop's on left are going to be added to the cluster once I implement the head node, still experimenting with how to distribute the processing). Second pic is the xen server right now. At the bottom is a hp proliant g7 and my gaming desktop which I put a kaby lake i7 in yesterday. I don't really need to worry about botnet IME if I'm going to run it as a cluster since each individual piece of hardware doesnt see the full code being executed.

good idea, i bet it sux a lot of power tho

yeah i worried about that. I can turn off each of the xen servers from openxenmanager though. I've been trying to figure out a way to turn them on remotely too though since I'll probably want to do that when I'm at uni (im doing network security, so doing all this is really nice practical knowledge). I think I'll probably be able to manage them once i have the head node configured. I'll probably use a raspberry pi for the head node. I still haven't quite figured out how to use raspberry pis properly, i only just got this one last christmas. anyway I'm having a lot of fun with this WIP supercomputer lol. I don't want to end up like pic related so I think the best way to downsize is to put everything together into one big powerful thing and have a nice neat place to control it all from while it buzzes away in the stairwell.

famous last words

My favorite generation of thinkpads, i love it user

Huh, so you were serious after all. Interesting. And on second look, that pic looks like it's really her boob's shadow on the T61's left side bezel.

Any use for the TPM coprocessor? Or disable in BIOS (can be either disabled but still being detected in the OS and requiring a driver, or disabled completely so it's invisible to OS)?

Damn, still no sign of my ThinkPad parts I ordered.

Starting to think DHL Paket and Pakchen are two completely different things, and that Paket is faster than Pakchen.

New thread:


not in America, they have to prove you're guilty. "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law..."
Miranda warning is read to people for this very reason.