Thinkpad for intelligence operations

I think the early generation thinkpads are some of the best for "spy" type operations.

I want to know what Holla Forums thinks is THE best computer you can have to anonymously get on a network rather than just building from homebrew...

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Well, for Intel ME shit there's the HAP bit that can be set in the flash descriptor that disables it. Otherwise, the best ways to communicate with operatives in the field are number stations, either on the internet or over radio, or by pen and paper and encrypting the messages for one time use. If I were in charge of some government agency that does this stuff, I would unironically give my spies Libreboot laptops running Debian with the disk encrypted, and have them take cyanide capsules if caught so that they don't reveal the password, and because torture is shit, even if you're trained for it.

good idea.

I think most cianigs that are trained for torture are usually trained on how to divert the hosts attention and avoid the torture entirely. besides america hates its people. what use would it be to offer someone for ransom?

not like they would be able to negotiate anything unless it was nuclear launch codes or anything else top secret or q-level.

are you a ham radio person?

hardened gentoo*

well fug :D

Because the bezel is so easy to replace?

Bullshit. You want a laptop that is as forgettable as possible. It should look like anyone's computer. It should be cheap and replaceable.

If you really want to get paranoid, get two laptops. One that doesn't go online, another that receives messages. The one that doesn't go online has the private key that decodes the information you get sent.

For extra paranoia points, make a cage out of a metal trashcan and a plastic liner. Now no wifi can get in and out regardless.


an ipad?

(inaudible kek)

You spelled Devuan wrong
Encryption key on a microsd card that can be easily destroyed. Even if they know the password, it's useless since the key is gone.

An iPad with Loongson CPU custom logic board running hardened Gentoo with WM disguised as iOS interface.

Are all of the people in this thread 9 year olds?

Im sure there are non-mainstream better alternatives, minimum requirements would be
Other than that i can't think of other features an /operator/ laptop would require. Maybe some sort of inbuilt chemical contraption to self-destruct the SSD, and some sort of protection against cold-boot attacks.

This basically, although I would personally go for one of the lower end hp computers. My go to is usually acer anyways.

No, as veracrypt is a must. Also it turns out not to many people have ipads, they are less common than laptops.

If you have retard level tempest shielding, its going to be pretty apparent that you are an operator within the first sweep. A small metal trashcan does the exact same thing. Think pic related. If you added a false bottom it would be even better.

Although a note about false bottoms, if you don't have a good way to secure it, there is a good chance a sweep team will find it by accident when they empty your trash can. They tend to just kick it over and dump things out. If it is in there securely and it doesn't rattle when they pick it up you are good.

how would you use the laptop inside of that trash can though? and how is tempest shielding visible on the outside?


maybe i should just save up for ivy bridge architecture

fax ,achines

No mandatory access control, so it's off the table for anything multi-level.

Doesn't matter since all is botnet anyway

Hello agent FUD, o-genki desu ka?

A used/found/stolen one you will destroy later.

thinkpads are gr-

SD card can be lost or stolen. An SD card where the key is encrypted with a passphrase should be decent enough though: the agent having the SD card can reveal the passphrase while destroying the SD card without compromise, or suicide even while in possession of the SD card without giving it away.

It's just some proprietary windows software. Not that you should use fingerprint readers anyway.

Doesn't really matter. DoD employees have their own live distro (LPS) on a thumbdrive and don't store files locally. They probably won't bother giving them a laptop unless they're deployed to bumfuck nowhere, in which case there are much higher priorities than theoretical hardware weaknesses. (Reliability, drop safety, battery life, etc.)

32 pi zeros up the anus

What is better, swap (if possible) the palmrest for one without a fp reader, or just leave the existing one even if not using fp so potential thieves might be thwarted off by the sight of the fp reader?

Are there confirmed cases of fingerprint data stored in those readers' chips becoming compromised? Is there a software-based way of getting them out of the chip?

Iliterally any machine. the less consumer botnet trash (post 2003 intel, (((U)))EFI, etc) the better
wtf is homebrew