Nothing convinces me to go back to Google's sweet soul-killing embrace like the fact that all my independent...

Nothing convinces me to go back to Google's sweet soul-killing embrace like the fact that all my independent privately-provided services can one day just fuck off into space or stop working properly and nobody will even try to fix them.

For a few days now, if any of you had a chance to notice, emails hosted by are unable to receive any external mail. Not from gmail, not from hotmail, not from, not from twitter, not from anywhere, at the moment they are able to receive mail exclusively from other users.
Both Vincent and Lance Brignoni (owner of are not responsive.

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Isn't compromised? Why would you use it over protonmail?

Then go and stop whining, you will be in good company. VC even warned you about using domains not under his control.

Try, they've been around forever doing the Unix shell account and related services gig. They're pretty cheap too. You can even run a gopher site on there.



Google kills off its own services all the time. I was in the middle of seeing how Wave could be used where I work when Google announced they were killing it. Plenty of people got burned by Reader going away. Et cetera.

I'm sure Gmail is going to have some longevity, of course. If nothing else, the NSA would never let them shut it down as long as it's such a treasure trove.

But being part of the Google botnet is no guarantee that a service will last any more than the other services you use.

Protonmail is security snake oil.
They store your private key on their servers. All they have to do is change a couple of lines of Javascript, and they'll have it.
Switzerland has MLATs with the US and plenty of other countries. Nobody at Protonmail HQ is going to go to prison if they get a court order to turn over information about you or otherwise cooperate with law enforcement. They'll cooperate. And FVEY and friends operate there at will.
Unless they've recently changed their policy, you can't sign up via the hidden service. You have to sign up via their regular website. And you have to run a ton of Javascript to use Protonmail, whether over the regular website or over the hidden service.

Someone's trying to kill it off, of course. Why can't they talk about it?

It's compromised, the owners co-op with gov
t. knower


Works on my machine

Plural because the FBI, CIA and the NSA are separate entities.

You can escape JavaScript leaking your IP by using whonix

It is always worth spending money on your own domain so you're not tied to any one service.
Don't choose a meme one, they often have different terms of service that allows the registrar to arbitrarily fuck you.
Google makes up to $700/year off your data, your data is valuable, freedom costs money.

If you don't want to go down that path then go directly for email, all the other domains are just those who've agreed to forward their mx records and little else.
VC will not handhold you but if you know what you're doing with his service it will be fine, he is the only one that tells you the truth, anything other than client side encryption is fake security.

hon hon

Email is inherently insecure.

did you test other cock domains?

Works for me™ on

I have an old adress and can't send any mail, but receive it perfectly fine

Last night it was a little delayed for my one,but everything eventually went through.

Stop being clinically retarded please.

I've been wondering, who's the owner of this?


This will happen to you on Google as well if you go full dailystormer and upset those SJWs.

I wonder if you're one of us.

There are couple of reasons why OP is purposefully spreading misinformation

He wants to stir shit just to garner out attention on because he is one of those Team Gamergoy peeps and thinks he is really funny and smart

He wants to discredit

He doesn't know how to set up his email client

Who does, really?

they're all really shitty, aren't they

Absolutely this. You gotta be a real newfag, a total pleb, or some shill to pretend that big, corporate-fueled services are reliable.
Even if they were, they'd be cancer and anyone who isn't a bitch gaping their asshole and asking for gangbang would go the extra-mile of having backup for their info and alternative solutions at hand so they could seamlessly use respectful alternatives.
But they're not reliable in any way, they do what they want, purely out of their interest and will leave you hanging with only a fuck you loser as reason for it.
While true that Gmail is highly unlikely to die off, you can very safely bet that it will drastically change in the next 5 year or so into something that will abuse you way more explicitly and control your usage in much more restrictive ways, counting with the fact that normalfags rely so very much on it and will tolerate almost anything before changing their habits. Same can be said for face book and similar monopolies.
We're still in a transitional period between when those services needed to cater and please their users to grow and stay big, and the near future where they will fully actualize the weight of their power over social and structural realities and finally sit on the absolutist thrones they've built for themselves.
It's not going to be only moderately worse than what we have today. You can't be under that much illusion, OP.

ITT CIAniggers trying to scrub off birbman mail.

Just use Protonmail. It's safer, better designed and your emails won't be filtered as spam.

[citation needed]

is there any update on cockboi? did he get shoah'd?

is this thread just for shilling big email companies? only complete turbocucks use this as an excuse to use some garbage like gmail,yahoo,hotmail,yandex,etc

protonmeme requires phone/donation/good IP address to sign up. if you have good IP address it may "only" require another email address to sign up. and it's hosted by a bunch of faggots who concider themselves "civilized" and thus will eventually start censoring people because "you can't just say stuff on the internet". as far as I'm concerned, protonmeme is no different than crap like Google.
why the fuck are you using email if you care whether your messages are compromised?

He probably got terryed

works for me
posting from VPN at cockbox

i take it that means a static ipv4 that's not hosting a tor node?
in other words, they want to be able to identify/track you easily

More like some lazy fagot's configuration using a tor black list to stop ebil haxx0rs from pinging them all day.


what do you use instead genius? i use cock because it doesn't force me to do a bunch of "security" bullshit like recovery, 2FA, SMS, etc. if you're unironically using email you should have killed yourself in the first place. you sound like one of those stupid polniggers who pays for email because muh capitalism

Run your own email server and stop being a bitch then

exactly, it's easy to do this with UNIX

Poast tutorial or lying

change your encryption settings


I used these tutorials to set up mail servers on Debian and CentOS. They passed Google's spam filters.


Does that setup do SPF and DKIM by default? If not, I doubt any major email provider doesn't mark your emails as spam.


No, but it does now. SPF was just a matter of adding a DNS TXT record. DKIM required adding a TXT record, installing the dkimproxy package, generating a certificate with openssl and copy-pasting three lines from the smtpd.conf man page. It took 15 minutes in total to set it all up.
My 15-20 outgoing emails per year always reach their recipients. It's a small sample size, but it works for me.

Who would you use for hosted email with custom domains then?

Why do you fags trust this retard?

Those can't be considered secure unless the user encrypts it himself on his own computer (that's not running something totally botnet like Windows 10). Granted, most people don't know about or how to use PGP, so they fall for this magic web 2.0 interface shit...

He's in Romania now, no longer in one of the 14 eyes.

We trust Vincent because those who actually read his site knew that those were the risks of using his website?
Vincent is good because he allows PGP specifically tells you that anything other than client side encryption is placebo and only complies with the bare minimum required, which is why he got raided.

you're a fucking retard

Looks like VC finally remembered to update the warrant canary. Looks like everything is all good.