Live distros

What is your first choice for live distros if you have to repair/check a system?

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Ubuntu live, or systemrescueCD

I use Void with lxde, and standard glibc. Although I don't have too many things to fix these days, other anons likely have better solutions. I like having the ability to install a not-shit distro for family members in the case that their operating system can't be restored. I run OpenBSD on all my stuff, but linux is a bit easier for them to wrap there heads around.

It has something to do with its DE that crash my computer. I gave up fixing it then move to arch and just werks.

sorry i didn't read the question properly, void is alright too. I did use that distro for repairing shit.

AntiX because I keep an AntiX USB around anyway. It has a really robust persistance feature. Plus since AntiX is so lightweight, it'll boot on just about anything. Not being reliant on systemdicks means it also doesn't take 10 years to boot on old hardware.


a diskette with MS-DOS is the king.
because not all computers have these fancy hipster USB ports or CD-ROM drives.

But all computers have a floppy drive...?

It might be a stretch to call Personal Spy Terminals "computers".

Puppylinux, wifislax, porteus.
Anything slackware based has run fine for me and it doesn't take me more than a minute to get them configured for what I need.
Wifislax is a spanish kali ripoff but it has some good packages pre-installed. It has some cracking software that comes with it so I play with that once in a while.
Porteus is comfy good for if I need to carry around something to just browse the net with.
Puppylinux is bread and butter basic recovery of something that is probably on its last leg.

What about TENS aka LPS?

it has no browser

it used to be xubuntu.. i wonder how many people got fucked by that.

I just use whatever I have at the time.

I too also like not having any packages.



Used to be ubuntu, now it's void. The ubuntu installer being broken beyond any repair, while xbps being really good and manual installs of void actually working as intended, it makes for a better repair environment.

For repair? Anything gentoo based (SysRescCD at the moment until I start building my own custom ones).

My first choice for live distros overall? SmartOS, running on the Illumos kernel takes the cake.

I'd like to say something cool like Puppylinux but I usually just use whatever I have on hand. Xubuntu live typically, sometimes Void. I actually don't think Void is the best distro for this, because the live images never come with tools like dmraid or gparted included, meaning you have to do an xbps update and download them... meaning you need an internet connection. Not a good idea to use something for this sort of thing that always needs internet access.

Oh, or ntfs-3g. Important tool to have on hand, in my opinion.




It looks like your efivars got corrupted somehow. That is if your mobo uses (((UEFI))).