Adding const to kernel to get scholarship

Why haven't you done this yet?

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I can't really blame her. My sole contribution to the Linux kernel was essentially fixing a typo.

Linux Foundation is a cancer

Eh, fair enough. That can stop a lot of potential bugs.

this is how worthless women are

when one of them manages to do as much as setting up an email client correctly and sending some utterly useless thing they are hailed as some kind of genius/saint.

people need to stop pretending women can program. #womencantprogram

Women are hailed for doing these things because they have to fight against the odds and all their male colleagues to do the same thing men do.

YOu sound liek a typical male who can't even admit how much harder women have it in IT.


of course women have it hard in the workplace.

the workplace is a hard place to be. men have it hard too.

that's why men are supposed to go to work, they are able to struggle and push though it. women are not supposed to be working. they should be knitting/raising children. this is biology.

Humans cna change. Just because it has been like this for some time doesn't mean women shpild nver work in computer realted fields


Why are you so racist and sexist, OP? Do you even know what those lines mean? Do you think that she randomly littered the code with const? If it is so easy to know where to add the word const why didn't you do it? Obviously, to do what she does you need to have some sort of understanding of the linux kernel, and you should know where it is necessary to make changes. Stop being a jealous racist women hater and be grateful to Bhumika for making the kernel you're using more secure. If you think you can do better than her, do it, instead of looking down on people who contribute.

honestly i'm leaving Holla Forums. it is shit. only browser threads and similar shit, in the advent of code thread there were only a handful of people. even reddit or /g/ are better at this point tbh.

What skill

Do they prop you up with a "Grammar Nazi Scholarship for make benefit of Loonix" for the occasional typo fix. No, because I bet you are a fucking WHITE male! Making small fixes is okay, and what makes good things great, but handing out a signed checkbook for making (what I guess are) very simple changes, is just flushing shekkhels down the toilet.

Pic 1 is LF using colour coding to scare people away from copylefting their software. Also remember that Microsoft is a platinum member: Pic 2 depicts Flash Player requirement form view LF training vids. If you donate shekkhells to LF you have too much money.

Not saying it won't, but I would expect more creativity of someone on a fast track to a full-time Linux kernel engineering job.

When you see board volunteers redditspacing, you now it's time to pack up and leave.


girls rule boys drool


they live life on easy mode. born with highly valueable pieces of rentable realestate bewtween their legs. they dont even need jobs they just do it to feel like they are contributing to the system. anything they do regardless of how small is rewarded. the establishment is on their side at every juncture. the answer to every problem now days is "add more women".

lmao'd to that spectrum figure. almost as if it's proprietary license beyond affero gpl. When are people going to realize that not allowing people to use MY work in a proprietary shit is the only way to combat unjust intellectual "property" laws? It is unjust that someone else can dictate what can I do with a copy of software that I own. Therefore we need GPL to disallow our work to be used in imposing and perpetuating these unjust laws.

Exactly! It is well known fact that Man is a human and woman is a best friend of a human (arguable actually, since they are worse than a dog). That is why we are advocating women to stay at the kitchen like they are supposed to be, while Man is progressing himself, society, the world, since He, as a Human, can actually change.

Heh. It's like girl and goy combined.

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Good, someone needed to do it. Knowing where to add const also requires some understanding of what's going on.

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Oh you guys...

Meh, it's useful work. Not smart work, but useful. And it's boring so makes sense nobody would do it for free.

Well at least it frees up real developers to focus on actual work instead of having a women do it and fuck it up.

Why would you give someone a scholorship to do the software equivalent of ditch digging?

She did something good, and the fact that the previous authors didn't kind of speaks more about them. I say good for her. I wish I would have had that idea.

I'm not criticizing her for making those changes to the kernel; I'm sure they make it more secure and all that. What I'm questioning is whether the LF can expect a ROI on her contributions, and that they warrant a scholarship and a future full time job. Will she do more than adding const to the kernel in the future, or will that be her job?



I bet you could use or even develop a static analysis tool to aid with this in much less than a year and probably catch more areas where it's useful.


Having job in IT sounds horrible. Work with your hands, have technology as your hobby to train your mind.

As someone who works in IT I agree

The best three threads I've seen on Holla Forums. Even with the odd autist who sometimes posted off his meds.

what the fuck am I reading? how is that related to reddit? that's the most stupid shit I saw being stuck on /tech.

Try harder hambeast.

I have nothing else except linux/bsd autism and I don't want to do construction work tbh. I train my mind with novels and whatnot.

Me too!

Reported for "muh plebbit spacing" derailment tactic.

I'm leaving Holla Forums too. Currently I'm in passive mode and post very rarely. Maybe it's fitting to leave now, at the end of the year, as 2018 will hopefully be start of something new.

Count on it.


Thank you for your quality contribution to this Chinese LED enthusiast forum

Isn't this something a static analyzer could do?

how would that even work? did you solve the halting problem?

well I'm thinking of function parameters, not necessarily global data. (I actually forgot C had const).
Proving const is different from recommending const.

I know this is already a dead board, but it would be good to have a board of just the programmers and jettison the rest.

The post wasn't Reddit-spaced, though.

People have been spacing posts like that since the beginning of imageboards. Reddit spacing is when people put an extra newline after a quote.

I've always wanted to participate in engineering and science oriented board, talking about techniques, tools, desings, measurements, algorithms, mathematics, circuits, diagrams, processes, models... What I got with Holla Forums instead was drama, SJWs, jews, niggers, fags, communism, hitler, street shitters and pointless threads like this one. Even when pointing out this issues in meta threads, nothing changed. Things got even worse. If someone decides to make another home without mentioned things, let me know. Untill then I'll probably continue alone.

I would definitely participate in such a board. I know comsci and mathematics quite well, but I'd love to know more about both circuit design (analog and digital). Another thing I'd like to see is polite discussion, rather than have every response being akin to impotent autistic raging.

Also there's only so many browser/install gentoo/cuck license/systemd threads one can take.

Why would anyone invite you when you've done nothing to improve this board?

The absolute state of affirmative action.

Heres your (((you))).

Current Holla Forums is what BO wants. He and mods have the power to change things, not me. I can create meaningful thread, but all that's going to happen is either it will get abandoned or turned into a shitposting contest. You can spend your time polishing a turd, but at the end of the day it's still a turd.

got added to the rules, I knew that this board was doomed. If people want to read about drama in technology world, then sure do as you please, but this means that posters will post with emotions, not reason, leading to what we have now. I can't help to improve things here.

What a lazy fucking excuse, you worthless faggot. If you posted a programming thread I'm sure it'd not be deleted, but you won't, you to be able to whine about what everyone else posts while contributing nothing. Do you even know how to program?

I created a new board >>>/babbage/ it will be for interesting science and technology discussions without /g/ tier shitposting.

shut the fuck up, we dont need SJWs in tech

As far a low-effort contributions go, at least this one is actually useful instead of changing the documentation to be gender-neutral. Honest question: is there any reason not to use const when you don't intend to mutate data?

No, it should be used.

By the way, this board will probably not go anywhere, but it's there in case enough people really are sick of the degenerated state of Holla Forums.

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Too bad that const does nothing as far as optimization goes. It's only the help you with warnings.

Will post later, got a huge gripe with dev environments to post about.

It's often considered to be noise that contributes to code churn in cases where it could be used but shouldn't be.

So? It is very likely to prevent bugs down the line, and improves readability. Linux makes a number of optimization sacrifices.