Pewtube finally work without java!

Pewtube finally work without java!

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rly makes you think

Weew, why do we need this site anyways? all I see is some rambling about twitch camwhores in "popular" section, that's it.

Isn't Pewtube's owner Edward Przydzial the gay porn kingpin?

Holy shit were the hell did I take that from, sorry, I meant Craig Britain

>((( we )))

What about javascript? Or flash?

No javascript and no flash.

Then I will try it.

maybe that site would be good if it had better content.


yeah that makes sense.

Looks good. I'm sure they'll make the money they need to continue directly hosting half-hour 720p videos through donations. None of the buttons on videos work without JS though (subscribe, like, the dumb emojis).

Perhaps >>>Holla Forums would be more your speed. You can celebrate jewgle's diversity there.



So when did Holla Forums become a aut-right circlejerk board?

Holla Forums is an 18+ only site. Leave.

I don't know who you're misquoting since OP never said that. But either you like jewtube or you're masochists because your board is full of their embeds. On Holla Forums we use webms. Free, anyone can easily save and upload, and keeps control in the hands of anons instead of jewgle's censors.
Again, where OP said that? Anyway, small companies are often ok and the big ones are loved by fanboys so you're wrong again. If you mean pewtube they don't seem to censor so for that alone reasonable people would consider it better than jewtube.

Really makes you think, innit?


God I fucking HATE these nu-site designs

Wew this thread is getting shilled to hell. I wasn't going to check it out before but now I am.


You can just as easily make one of those comparisons to the leftypol communists with stupid pictures like that. Now stop derailing the thread commienigger, you are the tolerated niggers on this site, so know your place.

The youtube is hosted by googlevideos. Did you expect them to mirror yt vids for free?

You can block google and still use it.

Then it's just a MITM webpage
Fucking useless

It provides an index of youtube videos, that is not subjects to jewgle's censorship "algorithms" and protects users from becoming test subjects in jewgle's datamining and machine learning operations. Notice the absence of "suggested for you" & other cancerous practices.

Makes sense considering most of the alt-right Holla Forumstards started as a direct response to the SJW. In other words, if the SJW don't like racism, the Holla Forumstards will be racist.
Ironically enough, the SJW movement is, by definition, a direct response to what they believe are the evils of society.
When the SJW fad fades away, the average Holla Forumstard will realize that they have no personality on their own. That they based their entire ideology and identity on contrarianism and disliking a group. Sad.

Protip: This is a spiritual war and we're not fighting a group, we're fighting an unclean spirit.

Still sends analytical data to Google.
So much for hurting their data gathering business.

Are you serious? Let me guess, you go hunting for unicorns and the loch ness monster as your hobbies.

Well that's two contradicting statements isn't it?

Holla Forums doesn't stand for anything. Holla Forums is, and has always been, a politically incorrect board to discuss and be as edgy as possible. It stands against the mainstream which is the same thing as not standing for anything at all.

Okay buddy :^)

I'm not your buddy, pal.

I'm your pal guy

You can't be this retarded

Fuck off back to cuck/g/