Mozilla Hate Thread

Mozilla hates your freedom and sucks Google's cock. I will post more about this in the following thread.

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Thanks for yet another browser thread in the catalog.

He's right though.

This but in this one it could be nice to resume the shit that moz did (we could do the same for google chrome)

Install gent... ungoogled chromium

To further show you Mozilla's wicked ways.

This isn't just about browsers. It's about privacy.

Which will led to the SGE/ME DRM

I won't trust anything made by google.

Firefox differentiates between it's own pooz and google because the pooz of firefox has been taken care with time since projects like icecat exist for the sole purpose of removing the shit that mozilla added.

You should really kys for posting the third one.
Waterfox and iridium is placebo and palemoon's dev is full of bullshit too.

I posted it for the links about Mozilla and Soros. You can disregard the rest of the pic.

In that case please don't be lazy and just post the link because this can provide misinformation.

This is why we need to ban all cuckchanners.

They also spent 15k to remove the word slave

Brendan Eich witch hunted to go away because of a decade old political view:

also this


Wrong Holla Forumstard, he was removed because he opposed WebDRM. No one cares about homosexuals. That was just the smokescreen to get retards to fight each other.
The first thing his replacement did was put the EME DRM on the fast track and thus give Google's proprietary Widevine plugin rootkit-level control over your computer.
If they had done that in a meaningful way it would not work you fucking retards.

I am "transitioning" to chromium


How can Pocket be proprietary if Firefox is open source?

That actually sounds pretty plausible. Mozilla is still red, though.

They haven't been for a long time. Mozilla is just another corporation now redistributing wealth from the bottom (firefox useds) to the top (high-ranking mozilla employees and venture capitalists, e.g the ones they bought pocket from).

I fucking hate mozilla literally more than any other corporation, including Google or whoever. There is nothing worse than pretending to be your friend while fucking you in the ass at the same time. At least Google is up front about their motivations.

What the fuck are you smoking

These are good. Firecucks BTFO.

Good to see a forum dedicated to mozilla isn't actually pozzed. People are seeing the bullshit and there's no mod doing damage control

First learn the difference between open source and free/libre software.
Secondly, if a dev and holder of the copyright (aka mozilla) wants to add a non-free SERVICE they can because the software that was added to firefox that links to pocket (the services that uses botnet software) isn't non-free software.

Does anybody knows how much time they take to update stuff after Chromium releases a new version? I also wanted to try Iridium (which uses ungoogled chromium code) then I checked their github and they never answer anything on the "issues" tab

I can link you to otheir non-pozzed tech communities if you want.

t. cuckzilla mod

I feel like that's an accurate description of what I've encountered on Reddit lately.

People will do anything to shut down dissenting opinions or ones that poke holes in their worldviews. Amazing to see how low they will go to achieve their aims.

Firefock is the last of your problems.
Cry for FOSS-hardware instead.

Blowzilla Firecocks is by far the funniest name

Blow your brains out already, Eich was shitting up Mozilla for years before he had to leave just because he couldn't handle homosexuals getting hospital rights.

that would be interesting user, nice numbers by the way

Firefox is free software. This is the most important matter, everything else is of lesser importance.

It's one of the few ones that are also spyware. Google just uses it as controlled opposition.


Oh please. Your definition of spyware is so loose that I can apply it to all networking infrastructure.


Did you know that there are many multi-million dollar non-profits that beg for money even after holding millions in cash? It's not wrong to ask for financial support from your fans just as it's not wrong to refuse that financial support for any reason.

if feel much better now. 10/10 thread.

Fuck off Mozilla nigger.

If you don't know what you're talking about, don't say anything. Lying like this is rude and kills any meaningful conversation.
Yet the code is freely available and EME is just a sandboxed extension which is why FF can be compiled without it and it can be disabled in the first place you fucking liar.

oh really? DRM doesn't work anyway, this is irrelevant.
perhaps you have a better proof that it's not sandboxed?

Fuck off cuck


link please

Do your fucking research.

What a cuck shill

That third image needs a very extensive revision already.

why haven't you jumped off a bridge yet rustfag

Only when you shills stop kiking for Shillary.


Moz is gay so is cuckrium

Yes, it doesn't work in VM.


The proprietary plugin for DRM can transparently manipulate your display without your operating system knowing about it and it is a binary blob that talks to google servers and can execute arbitrary code on your machine.

Will the Quantum version of Icecat remove that? I like the speed of the new firefox but not the kikery.

t. Icecat user

Firefox EME isn't even an implementation of EME in the first place, it's an API that allows a third party EME plugin to implement EME. To get EME into Firefox, you must first download and install an EME plugin (Mozilla doesn't have one of these), and then Firefox will make use of it. If you think about Adobe Flash and Java Webkit, these are not built into the browser but there is an API to allow these third party technologies to work through Firefox.

Theoretically speaking. You don't have any proof of this.

GNUtrards hate rust too much to consider allowing it in the package builds

Also, do you imply that it involves using zero day OS exploits to gain root access when I (the user) do not ever grant it to the browser?

No, that's the imageboard retards. GNU and the FSF are inclusive of peoples of all genders.

Of course, GNU is our salvation.

You could just record the screen then.

I can record it regardless.

Are you retarded? Mozilla actually has a specifically made for them by google, that it gets downloaded at runtime is a technicality for PR.
If you could simply run screen recording software the plugin would not work. Even downloading the plugin connects to google servers already, you can trivially verify this yourself. It is also fact that it is proprietary software that you give execution rights to and you cannot know what it actually does.

No, it cooperates with proprietary video drivers/firmware.

what if I don't give any rights?

What if I don't have them?

Not the point, it can manipulate your screen bypassing OS.


oh really?
what OS allows that without root privileges?

Then it does not run and you dont get your WebTV.
It refuses to unlock the content, but there are different attestation levels so it depends on how high they set it.

The OS does not get a say in this, the graphics card does it.

Holla Forums is owned by Hiroshima's friend.

I don't get that. You're saying that it manipulates the graphic card that the OS doesn't know about it? If so, won't they override one another because the OS assumes that only the OS will access the graphics.

Modern graphic cards are complex machines that run proprietary firmware, which tells the OS that it is following its orders but actually prioritizes the DRM system. Like how your OS can tell an intel cpu to turn off, the ME says "sure thing ;)", but its actually still on and waiting for magic instructions from the network.

That's fine, I never asked for WebTV.
I don't give a fuck about these kinds of content. I only ever look/read/listen/etc what's free from any kinds of DRM.

Don't run that nasty shit then. I use Xenocara with the wsfb X driver, which is one step better than vesa driver since it lets you run with machdep.allowaperture=0


This. The Watkins aren't the greatest people in the world either.

Isn't that how EME is supposed to work in the first place? EME is not the DRM thing by itself, it just gives websites an interface to load and execute a DRM extensions.

Wow, it's nothing.


Someone post pigfucker's family i wanna see those fuckers haha shit would be lit

Just use a search engine. They don't hide much.

If that isn't the face of a child rapist I don't know what is.

Imagine if that was an user using their own kikedust against them? :^)


This is correct. The people here actually believe that EME is the DRM function inside the browser and they are completely wrong.

Why of you so scared of your own imagination?

I just installed xubuntu LTS in a VM and discovered this gem
atleast in jewbuntu, along with of course send all the "technical and interaction" data. The only thing that isn't checked by default is sending crash reports.

Mozilla is cucked.

this is almost deserving of it's own thread. I'm pretty fucking sure when the drama came down a few weeks ago when they ran some botnet study that fucked with text for some kike studio, they explicitly said that this was an "OPT IN" feature, and that it was "NOT" enabled by default.

It is in fact ENABLED BY DEFAULT on ubuntu distributions. atleast Xubuntu. I haven't tried installing others for the express purpose of testing this.


Average slippery slope.

That yahoo contract was too good for them. Even with this financial background they dropped the mobile os and the email client.


Telemetry shouldn't be activated per default it should ask if someone wants it.

So turn it off! Problem solved.

Fuck off. It should be turned off by default.

You obviously haven't tried wireshark

I'm starting to think you commies are cursed with the inability to speak the truth.


He's actually a communist, he supports antifa and anti capitalist.....while being a wealthy capitalist/facist.

Prove that. Mozilla's fact checking initiative has nothing to do with the thing Soros did and in fact is nothing but a campaign to tell people they shouldn't believe everything they read online.
Prove it then.

this proves your a kike

you're fucking retarded if you don't know riseup is antifa/commie, it's literally in their FAQ/primer thing not that I give a shit

The only problem with mozilla is Baker's shitty decisions like pocket and the auto installing addons. Probably her salary and the german botnet can trigger other people too, but that "antifa" bs is just pathetic. Would you shitpost here if they support alt right? I doubt that.

Well I mean it started with gay marriage, eventually got to de-felon-izing the intentional spread of HIV, and is currently on track to legalize pedophilia.

Do you have an argument about why we should support LGBT shit?

I'm not disagreeing with you. It is just that the Xubuntu maintainers decided to turn it on and not Mozilla.

Chris Beard needs another beach house though.

literally sorosfox

I feel sorry for those trashcans.


The client side is open, but it simply sends your data to pocket's servers which aren't open to review by you.

So there is literally no difference between Firefox and Chromium now. Or Windows 10 for that matter.

Telemetry is enabled in furryfox by default now. You have to actively disable it. It's getting to the point where you need a computer science degree to keep from even Mozilla butt fucking you for your data.

>>>Holla Forums

This ain't cuckchan, fucko.


Official source on the MITI and George Soros? None of the links contain enough information to credibly link the two, although it certainly wouldn't be surprising if true.

That news article is wrong (it's an aggregator, so they got it from another site). They made a statement on their reddit.: it's a result from google. don't start bitching
So from what I can tell, the article is misleading since the MITI and the Full Fact Foundation (which is backed by George Soros) are not related. They are working on a related project and released their products

As for riseup, sure they're both anarchists but you're original article implied riseup was a terrorist organization. Also, they do a lot for promoting free software, online censorship and efforts against government surveillance. Mozilla main motivation for the donation isn't to support Antifa.

Gigi Sohn is the link. Whether it's a strong enough link or not is up to you.

This is Redditville my brother.

wtf i love mozilla now

Yeah I've been searching for primary sources and couldn't find any. From what I managed to gather MITI and Full "Fact" were launched at the same time so someone thought they were related. I read somewhere MITI's "fact" checker was developed by sorosfacts, but can't confirm it. Still, Mozilla shouldn't be the Ministry of Truth, Soros or not.


This doesn't happen.

You're bitching over such a nonissue

Search engines and sns actively filter their content or raided by paid shills. It's like you attack the weakest "enemy" problem because "muh soros facts" while it's already in practice practically everywhere... I doubt you use the sites with their "fact checker" in the first place.

I don't agree.

Or more likely consider shit as it may slow down the browser. It's just few commands anyway and you can find more for thrashing ff further for more privacy.

Lol kys Holla Forums faggot. Go back to sucking neoliberal cock and pretending you're fighting the system


Toasting in an epic bread

Don't mind the updates that describe further why was this all a fud

Yes, sometimes updates will go badly and remove your profile (though most of the time it can be restored.)
No, Firefox does not update itself if you disable automatic updates or use an operating system with package management such as GNU, Android or BSD.
All that can be disabled in the Settings GUI. All that is in the same section as a nice checklist. Except for Snippets which are disabled in the homepage, Firefox Sync which doesn't make a connection unless you log in and the Share Video thing which only sends shit locally anyway.
Ow the edge.

I can't find anything that says she's involved with MITI.

Of course Gigi Sohn, MITI (not because fact checking is a bad thing, but the centralised "just trust us, stupid goyim" approach to it is) and the Riseup funding makes Mozilla seem like a very disreputable organization, but I'd like to see some more evidence for the MITI-Soros link.

Except that's not the approach. So far all we know about Mozilla's Trust thing is that they will make a campaign to tell people they shouldn't believe everything they read online.
Why? Can you give a good reason why they shouldn't fund RiseUp?


My God, how can someone hate freedom this much?

But Palemoon is better now anyway, and the only choice for tab-happy browsing.

I love mozilla

Whatever you say tumblr.

Nice try, Mozilla.

browser threads are completely justified to be fair

At this point is there ANY browser than isn't bullshit?, best options so far seems to be ungoogled-chromium or ridium, which might not be botnet but are still shit (chromium).

Literally Firefox Quantum

The cuckchan rapefugee crisis brought you here, did it not?
unlike in the real world, people here don't want population replacement
start your own board or go back to your designated shitting chan

firecox is just shittier every time I use it. now the "new tab" page is a bunch of social media and shit instead of something sane like a blank page. like what the fuck, i don't want it connecting to anything unless I say so. The only reason I use this shoddy crap is so I can access by bank account to pay bills (ironically, the most insecure possible method is used to do the only one thing that normalfags require security for)
also fuck this web scale settings menu

you can turn off that crap

how shitty is waterfox?

Qupzilla for speed, Icecat for addons, Palememe for homosexual orgies

I have never experienced unwanted popups in the 10+ years I've been using Firefox. What are you doing?