Episode one of the videogame console linux review series available exclusively on Holla Forums

Episode one of the videogame console linux review series available exclusively on Holla Forums
if this shit's dumb and i should stop posting just lemme know.

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aptitude is a TUI frontend for the Advanced Packaging Tool or simply APT. Get it right before you put your voice out there for everyone to hear.

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Good job OP, I enjoyed your video, what console do you plan to review next?

probably whiite on the wii

yeah mic quality is low because im using my t500's built in mic. I'm tryna go for that low budget unedited vibe so if that floats your boat the wrong direction go ahead and hide my threads when u see them

OP when he watches the video over again and realizes why everyone thinks less of him than me.

like i said remove the background noise & buy bm800 for like under 15$ good for starting.
if you want "that low budget unedited vibe " see how "Lazy Game Reviews" start and inspire form it at least write a note of all important stuffs and make the effort.

Write at least a basic outline with bullet points for the things you want/need to talk about. Some benchmarks to compare machines with each other would be nice too.


Get a new mic and write some kind of script. Otherwise not bad, you should do Wii next

First of all a suggestion would be to stop calling everything "shit" (if it's so shitty then why waste time showing it / watching). Then it would be nice to know some specs of the hardware on which it is running, what is and how complex is the installation process, see the exterior and the setup. Also, what is the objective? Is it going to make that thing useful? What can it be used for?
Just what I can think of right now.

Was anyone ever able to get nouveau drivers up and running on the original XBOX or is it still locked out?

There is something about video recordings from analog that is awfully comfy

Get this shit on lbry or bitchute i love it

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Reminds me of 2005-2007 technology videos on youtube. I like it.


I like this tbh

Wii Linux is more of a shitshow than it should be. The only guy maintaining the kernel for it somehow broke the ability to connect to a WPA2 router.

GameCube/Wii CPU is the equivalent of an Apple PowerMac G3. Even with working radeon drivers, it would be slow.

Someone I know recently installed gentoo onto their wii. It took like 2 days or something to compile gcc.

Didn't the GC have like 24MB of RAM?

Yeah I think so. The Wii has 64MB of main RAM. That should be enough to run Linux if you add a swap file.

48 actually, 24 was the amount the PS2 had as far as I recall. Either way, software's become so bloated that you'd have a bad time using anything modern on those systems.

All things are possible through swap files.

Here's a hint although judging by your replies to other's constructive criticism you don't really want feedback nobody wants a fucking review of damn small linux. If your aim is to review linux on game consoles, then focus more on the console specific aspects e.g. how did you install it on the XBOX etc.

You could be running that in a VM and nobody would know the difference.

i'm gonna begin work on 2 videos that will have more structure and better mic audio tommorow. part 1 will cover softmodding and part two will be installing xdsl, gentoox or xebian. finished product can be expected within a few days. it may or maynot have it's own thread.

There's a fuck ton of tutorials on how to soft mod. If you want to stand out focus more on how they work and other low level stuff I'd be interested in that

The GC had 24MB normal RAM and 16MB of faster 1TSRAM iirc, but it was a retarded discontiguous memory layout like most consoles

Go back to watching pewdiepie and h3h3 you piece of shit.

Something about making a console do things they don't want you to do is really fun. I just like going through and learning the process, getting a *nix shell out of it is also cool.

Good vid btw

Do the official PS2 linux thing
PS3 too.
DS if you can get it running.

Also Linux isn't the only thing out there. There's a port of Inferno for the DS, and a PDP emu for GBA.

heh, xbox dsl was my first linux
had to install cygwin for gcc and it took forever and ate up my 2gb bandwidth. (also needed it for rockbox and ipodlinux)

openxdk author was able to upload nvidia cg shaders and send opcodes which were "non standard", I believe you'd need a custom DRI driver (or what ever ancient shit X was using).
Nobody gave a shit about the openxdk except for me and a couple guys in the scene. (and I was a retard 14 yo).
extreme retards on the forums wanted windows xp not linux, and everyone else was a warez kiddie.

OP, I'd reccomed running through the install process (softmod, tsop flash, or modchip) and show an actual use for linux other than novelty, and try to put things in perspective.
show software you couldn't get on windows, show how the usb dongles and memory cards work, show a hard drive upgrade, show a real distro instead of dsl.

I'd be interested in a channel like LGR sans DOS & vidya; a vintage linux channel not limited to consoles.
the production quality is fine, I know what multimedia is like on lunix, at the very least do some editing.

There's Linux for PS2 (the Window Maker One)
Linux for Wii
Gentoo and RedRibbon Debian for PS3

What will you do when you run out?

nothing like turning modern technology into a computer from 1994.

delays. fucking affordable housing evicting me lol
gotta worry about that shit. still making vid tho.

when i run out of console linux's i will probably just do other videos.

Wow, at least one program on that machine is doing it right.


I like that you're creating OC for 8/tech/, but this the notion of putting a gimped Linux on a shitty console seems pointless. Maybe if you did something practical like turning it into a FreeBSD-based ZFS NAS, then I could get into it.

If only I could wave my hands and cast a spell to turn my modern technology shitputer into an Amiga 4000 or Atari Falcon.
24 years years of crap I've had to endure, and still every year computers and software get worse.

Not so pointless now that every x86 machine on the planet is a sitting duck.

Xbox is still x86 Pentium III

PS3 is PPC64
You can use one of those and not be in the botnet.

Does the PS2's MIPS chip have branch prediction? If so, it's in the botnet.

I ran an imageboard on my Nintendo Wii way back in 2010, even invited /g/ to shitpost on it, it couldn't handle more than ~15 users posting at once before throwing 500 errors.

Back then it was a distro called Whiite Linux, probably still is but I don't know maybe a new fork appeared since then. It was a Debian fork. Whiite Linux is great because its literally just Debian PPC. Compatible with the same exact repos as any other PowerPC computer running Debian. I had a mouse and keyboard plugged in via USB, with a USB hub because I also needed a USB flash drive for dedicated swap space, since 88MBs wasn't going to be enough. It was basically a little PPC desktop

When I wasn't using it as a web server, I had IceWM installed as the default DE with Dillon Web browser because at the time that was the lightest web browser you could get without going to CLI browsers. And it worked pretty damn well honestly

I'd be more interested in running Inferno, or other small OS like that. The nice thing about consoles is hardware is pretty uniform, so you don't have to make endless drivers. So even an experimental OS can support the entire hardware without much work.
Pic is Inferno on a 4 MB Nintendo DS Lite. DS Linux won't run on that configuration, it needs more memory. Well the kernel will boot, but anything bigger than 'cat' or 'ls' will crash, so it's pointless, and forget about X entirely. But Inferno runs with GUI, and programs all work.

A homebrew'd 3DS can load DS ROMs off of the SD card with TWLoader, but last time I tried Inferno it wouldn't work

There is also a Linux distro for the 3DS if you have it homebrew'd with Boot9Strap that comes with Wayland

PS3 is cell not PPC

Cell is PPC at heart.

The way developers talked about it you'd think it's radically different

Jesus fuck what is wrong with the tint on your phone screenshot its hurting my eyes

Blue light filter

The processor units are still PPC, but they're organized in a weird way is what I think that's saying.

The PS2 was MIPS but it had a weird way of handing it's peripheral processors, and so did the MIPS on the N64.


I wonder how it would work with gcc and opengl and whatnot considering the fact that the ps3 was hard to develop for, I'm wondering how a regular user could take advantage of the hardware with consumer software and programs not designed for the ps3 (but only for PPC)

I'm actually wondering this too. Are there libraries you can use on Linux to take advantage of the Cell architecture?

looks good user

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A few years ago I installed the generic FreeBSD 9 PPC64 distribution on the PS3 via disc and used OtherOS++ to boot it, I later had it compile FreeBSD 10 on the system itself to do an upgrade from source. Everything I used on it was installed via ports which meant compiling it on the system as well. Outside of the heat, it worked fine, you just need to give it a lot of swap space because the PS3 has very little RAM. In all honesty it would be much better to setup a cross-compiling pkg repo and just use that, there's no point in doing it on the system itself, I was just curious if it could.

I don't remember if any of the public petitboot images supported scanning UFS by default, I remember compiling it myself so that I could have it automatically boot into FreeBSD on poweron.
The whole chain of loading was like this.
In REBUG, set guestos to be the primary OS.
poweron > PS3 bootloader > petitboot > FreeBSD

While current CFWs support executing OOS++ they don't easily facilitate creating an OOS++ partition, I documented the somewhat convoluted process but never revised it, if anyone wants it I can provide it with the required files.

There were a handful of open source drivers and libraries made for utilizing aspects of the hardware but I don't think they're hosted anywhere anymore, here's a mirror I took of one of the popular source repos before it was shut down.

You'd have to revise programs to take advantage of them if you wanted to utilize PS3 specific hardware. Any existing PPC optimizations should work without change though, like if someone did inline assembly for PPC64 or if the compiler has optimization techniques that work well on PPC for specific portions of the source. It's really only the GPU portions of the PS3 that need special attention but even those you can just use patches to existing libraries like OpenGL and take advantage of it.

I didn't know DSL was even being maintained any more.