CCC rejected talks discussing harassment and abuse

I don't understand how CCC operates first they authorize bullshits anarcho/sjw talks then they refuse them ?
Obviously the rape allegations are BS (just like Appelbaum (has always with these people)) but why did they let the people who express this insanity years ago at CCC ? or did they just realize the error of letting them attend?

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There's holding panels about social justice, and then there's kicking important speakers out of your convention because some woman made baseless accusations that your speakers are serial rapists but she never went to the cops to handle things properly.

Also do we really need another thread about this?

Less redundant than browser or rust threads.

>This is shit, but at least it isn't diarrhea
There is literally a thread in the catalog complaining about CCC being infested with leftists. Use it.

jake applebaum had thrown a shit-fit when he found out a cia guy was being considered being brought into the tor team..... weeks later all this crap happens with "anonymous accusers" accusing him of "horrific rape". yeah, sure. not even any police involved or anything, nope. riiiighhht.
if theres one thing this tells us, its that those accused are on the good side and the rest are a cia infiltration team doing their job, and it has worked according to plan.

Started to read the rest of the blog: this individual has no faith in the criminal justice system (both its process and its results), and thus would rather play-act their own system of justice than submit to society's ceremonies of justice.
Momentarily, they were broken out of their mental illness and shown why society has these institutions and ceremonies of justice: they were unable to get their system of justice to work, so they resorted to the violence of society.

I don't blame people for faulting her for appealing to mob justice rather than the criminal justice system, when she chose to bring social violence upon others.

Good. It seems the only harassment and abuse comes from shrill feminist dykes with their institution destroying agenda. More groups should drop this divisive shit and shun these colossal cunts.

Lets wait 20 or 30 years before outing rapist!
Why didn't I do it earlier? I was traumatized asshole.
I couldn't report it to TMZ until everyone else did!

People like you is what allowed soyboys and feminist con artists to spread and infect everything. You can stick your finger in your ears but don't act surprised when a project you like implodes because some motherfucker saw an opportunity to worm their in it

(((Applebaum))) is an SJW literal kike who deserves everything he has coming to him.

Organizations aren't a single individual. Maybe their leadership changed and SJWs aren't the majority. I wouldn't bet on it though, it's also possible the SJWs in charge hate the pretend-victim for whatever reason. These people can turn on anyone, even their own.

Odds are it killed a browser thread. So, yes.

what's wrong with soyboys???

That they were pushed to be that way so they won't breed.

he cant even code lmao

I think the accusations are fake but im just sitting back laughing at the SJWs eating themselves. good riddance.

Whatever. Infosec industry a shit anyway.

this is good

CCC is pozzed as fuck

but somehow its not enough for this insane leftoid so they're eating themselves alive. burn it all down.

If you spend your time watching anime, porn, vidya, you spend zero time interacting with girls and developing your social skills, you're not going to breed. The people here are doing this to timeselves. They don't have to be this way because of the endless amount of self-help knowledge that's available on the Internet for free.

Feel free to join a cult.

A lot of it is in english,

Who are you quoting?

not Holla Forums related
CCC that is

He is not shilling for anything. He's simply noting that living an inhumane lifestyle will lead to an inhumane life. And that most people have the ability to change their lifestyle.

If only this was true. Anyone with real standards about people in general and women in particular will end alone.

Why don't you check out my true Scotsman? I use him all the time to convince people.

It's almost as if smart computer geeks would see right through it.