List For Rebels

What's a good reading list for rebel Holla Forumsnicians?
Good languages for the counterculture?
Good Operating Systems for those of extreme opinions?

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Go back to cuckchan refugee scum


I feel like you made this post just so someone can post Urbit
well here you go

Coincidentally, I just found an OS to suite your needs.

Read this after (or before).

into the trash.


I don't think OP is interested in Reddit.

You should rather follow weird accelerationists on twitter if you are truly a rebel. The cool kids in tech discuss post-Deleuzean philosophy now, masturbating over Haskell is passé.

Building cybercommunism is certainly more rebel than being perpetually offended over lurid news stories with baby-boomers on a Peruvian knitting forum

That's just some dumb larp, right? Right?

Obviously its shitposting.

It's Reddit. They just can't help it, no matter what political affiliation.

Just use whatever you want to get whatever you want done, that is if you don't want to larp as a Revolutionary.
Otherwise just use Redstar OS, Black arch, or some obscure bsd/distro crap. Make sure you wear edgy clothing while you are at it

I hope the SSNP finds the people in this photo.

In your dreams.

Assad is going to barrel bomb them and there's nothing they can do about it.

go eat a dick

Best shitpost I've ever seen. hopefully not created using bullshit generator

All commies need to die.

Whatever you say CIAnigger.

I prefer to read Evola. But if this Moldbug is superior to Evola, then I'll read him.
Is he?
Or is he another american right wing manipulated retard?

You're saying it like liberals don't need to die too.
The mass of the people only follows. So wishing them death is actually incredibly retarded.
That's the head that you need to cut off.


templeos, holyc /thread

That's what I meant.
But the whole political spectrum is manipulated anyway, being the regular parties, to the "extreme" parties.

As a Holla Forumsicier, please leave here neighbourhood, if you verily do not know who Moldbug is. Return to reddit.

Kill self.



You can’t be this retarded.


Well then, what's your thoughts on donbass, the DPR and the LPR?
I guess they are goym slaves too.

Urks love to die
At resorts of donbass
It's time to feed the crows
They demand meat
It'll take a bird
for recollection of the past
that means it's good
America won't help
Poland won't help
All they care about is money.
We're coming bucko


Truly terrifying.

What do you mean by this? Lines of code don't have political affiliations you know. If you're an extremist or whatever, you can still use the same software as a political normie; it's not gonna pop out of your computer and kill you for disagreeing with it.

It's 2017, lad. Every line of code is "political" according to SJWs at least.