Shit personalities

Just a reminder that the reason tech people make very low salaries, relative to the difficulty level, is because they act like jerks toward random people.

Therefore, nobody likes them.

This has been a PSA from a genius*. You are welcome.

EQ genius

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You're actually not wrong. Since most people in the tech industry and probably this board do have legit autism. And autistics do not know how to properly socialize and often come across as assholes. Although I think people with autism generally are just naturally assholes and being a sociopath comes with the mental illness

Watch as people with autism jump on me and prove my point

What are you doing on /tech?

KYS Kike.

And believe me, your pajeet IT assistant has all you account passwords.

If you are a true asset to your employer, your personality matters very little.
t. extremely low EQ

You're such a nice guy who generalizes well and you must have such a high esteemed degree in psychology from Harvard titled where you were taught in the ways of 'armchair bias 101'.

Your armchair snark is equally as flattering. I have autistic family members. Autism is a real problem. And if you're that one user who thinks being an asspie is on the "better end" of the spectrum, you lack self-areness and whoever told you that was lying


What browser should I use on windows 10 if i want something fast and lightweight? So I want a fast browser to use. Idk tbh if it collects data and sells it, i jjust care about it being safe (protect against viruses),fast,lightweight and have some sort of adblock.

There are browsers like opera,chrome,firefox,etc but idk which to use.

I want the fastest browser.

I use chrome atm but its pretty bad imo. Ok its good but i dont feel that its fast and like both pcs start dying sometimes when i start chrome. It also consumes hella lot of ram and cpu and makes my pc slow af. Takes a lot to startup but its good

What browser should I use?



I think you took a wrong turn fam

That doesn't answer my question. You quoted someone that didn't say that. Who are you quoting?

If that were true, stockbrokers would be broke by now. The reason programmers are paid less is because a lot of the job market's sectors are actively being turned into a development conveyor belt. And nobody wants to pay lots for repetitive tasks. Glad to see your tenbux test paying off, user.


Real jerks usually earn a lot of money. Not saying the tech industry isn't ridden with piss annoying autists who deserve an occasional beating (it is), but they make relatively little money because they're easy to push around. They only act like jerks when it comes to their work, in all other matters they're meek and quiet.

Doesn't he know this is an autism safe space?


"There is no such thing as EQ. Let me repeat that: "There is NO SUCH THING AS EQ." The idea was popularized by a journalist, Daniel Goleman, not a psychologist. You can't just invent a trait. You have to define it and measure it and distinguish it from other traits and use it to predict the important ways that people vary.
EQ is not a psychometrically valid concept. Insofar as it is anything (which it isn't) it's the Big Five trait agreeableness, although this depends, as it shouldn't, on which EQ measure is being used (they should all measure THE SAME THING). Agreeable people are compassionate and polite, but they can also be pushovers. Disagreeable people, on average (if they aren't too disagreeable) make better managers, because they are straightforward, don't avoid conflict and cannot be easily manipulated." ~ Jordan B. Peterson

Who are you quoting?

Did you think stealing that tactic from SJWs wasn't going to make you a faggot?

Did you think stealing that tactic from cucks wasn't going to make you a cuck?

You claim this is a "cuck" thing to do and then go ahead and do it so I'll take this as a confession; regardless, your cuck status has nothing to do with redeeming your whiny post.

You're not wrong. It's absolutely mindblowing how many people at my (STEM oriented) university are completely and utterly unable to communicate like normal human beings. I'm sure they're okay programmers but you would never fucking know because it's impossible to communicate with them through their mumbling and thick BO. This is why I'm not worried about my future in the industry - I am objectively more competent than pajeets, I bathe, and I don't sperg out about thinkpads.

We aren't the same person nigger

It ain't fun to have nothing to sperg out about, user. Just do it online and away from identifying information. Or do you prefer talking about guzzling cum all day instead? :^)

I can sperg with the best of them. I just keep my autism online - where it should stay.

Comes with the territory, I guess. When you spend your school years NEETing it up and not socializing, PC and tech shit feels more familiar than human interaction. Socialization courses for programming field when? I try to hide my arrested development as much as possible though. Hearing people using "kek" IRL makes it really hard sometimes.

in what fucking world?

not an argument
not an argument
even then, I made good money (haven't worked for 4 years and still made some this year) and i hate everyone and everything, especially fags like you

< low salary


Kill yourself nigger.

Use Brave. It's for brave people. You will notice people who use Brave do not complain about Net Neutrality. That's because Brave has Net Neutrality.

Yeah, about that. Tech people are basically the thing keeping tons of companies together. They don't get paid shit compared to the importance of what they do. The reason, though, is because they're assholes and everyone hates them.

Please, keep aggrandizing yourself, it makes you look humble.

The reason is supply/demand. The company doesn't give a single fuck if you're the nicest person in the world or a heartless prick. They aren't in business to reward you, but to make money. Same reason you work for them, you aren't there to help the company but to make money.
And if you think techies are jerks you've never met a pharma salesman.


Nice kafkatrapping, faggot!

you sound poor

I love my Lenovo Thinkpads.

You actually have this completely backwards with regards to causality. I suspect you are a nigger. Niggers wait around for handouts from the people they report to, and beg for cost of living increases and maybe 10% raises. If you were an EQ genius, you would instead suggest that spergs not waste time ingratiating themselves to useless people at the water cooler/coffee stations, and instead make the lives of those responsible for evaluating them easier. Consistently, exceptionally, and without expectation. This is distinctly different from trying to become irreplaceable through poor documentation or niggardly information-sharing habits. Ask them about their hobbies, and take a genuine interest in their lives. Pets, children, spouses, grandchildren, are all fair game. Sports, cooking, and travel are all benign topics of conversation. Eventually they will feel guilty for how undervalued you are by everyone else and become your greatest advocate to their superiors, but even more importantly, if they move up or out, they will likely take you with them if you have done a good job. Your actual "EQ" matters so little it's laughable. You can be a bastard to people that no one likes or who are otherwise incompetent and usually get away with it, combined with the technique outlined above, is how you force people you don't like out of your group or organization. When they try to spread rumors about you, even if they are true, those who initiated them will often come out on the worse end of things. The tl;dr is to transition from underling to peer in workload, interaction, and relationship with your boss without becoming a lackey or gopher.