License Compliance

Yo Holla Forums, what's the run down on license compliance? Speaking specifically about the GPL v2 license. Can I

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Technically nothing stops you from static compiling GPL software into your software and keeping it closed source.
As long as you don't later on don't hire some FOSS autist and give him acess to the source and thus opportunity to report you, you're good.

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But if I dynamic link, then I can still use the GPL'd software within the license and be free to license my software with whatever I want?

No. Your code requires to be linked against that GPL source code to be run, and so it is a part of your program (or something alone those lines, but that's the idea). You can only do something like this with the LGPL.

Thanks for the response.

How does the Linux kernel package bundle proprietary drivers then, if it's GPLv2?

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then it must be OK. and good luck explaining to users what they must do.


It's GPL, but most of it is just that they have never decided to enforce this. Proprietary drivers are probably a violation of the kernel's license, but Torvalds has stated an intention to not press action as long as they only use explicit kernel APIs.
It would be sane to add an explicit exception to the license, but Linus doesn't want to do this, and he would have to get permission from an insane amount of people to legally be able to do it across the entire kernel.

Here's a mail from Torvalds on the subject (You only really have to worry about the topmost one, but can read as much as you want for extra context):

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The reason why this works is if you don't distribute the GPL dynamic library, you're not distributing the GPL library thus you're not bound by the GPL! I don't know anybody who would do something as retarded as shipping a proprietary binary that is supposed to link to a GPL program and then include user instructions to manually link them together.

If it was his will, it would be done. Any code that is not compatible with the licensing change would be excised and rewritten and Torvalds is no stranger to doing that. He simply doesn't care to get it done.

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How is distribution defined?
Do manual instructions for downloading and linking the program constitute distribution?
What about a separate binary that checks for dependencies, and if dependencies don't match, it asks the user to download and install them? Is that considered distributing GPL software?

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What is uhh the definition for err distribution with regards to the GPL?

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This is how software distribution is defined in the US.

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