People don't know what a rocket launch looks like

I wish it had been a nuke.

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To be fair the military should issue a statement before launching near a city to clarify it has no payload other than chemtrails.

Does Vandenburg just not do night launches?

I can think of a few reasons why they would only do day launches, mostly do to them only doing military launches.

I just feel that even retarded Floridians would have recognized what this was.

If millions of people see it then of course some of them are going to go to Twitter. What do you expect? For fuck's sake, even if 1% has that reaction that's still a ton of people.
What's the reasonable response in this case, and why is it reasonable to expect literally everyone to follow it?

I'm not even sure if Vandenburg launches rockets. This one in the video was SpaceX renting space from the USAF.

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Well in all honestly, that is a pretty logical reaction.

Modern day twitter is basically a giant news system, so if you see something in the sky, you can be sure there are people tweeting about it with theories and maybe even explanations. Hell even government agencies are now using twitter to push alerts and notifications.

Good to know that, even in an apocalyptic scenario, the first thing on every retard's mind will still be (((social media))). The Internet was a fucking mistake.

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that's not a normal rocket launch
normal rockets have plumes of exhaust that look like cumulonimbus clouds,
the exhaust on that rocket is whispy like cirrus clouds

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Part of why it looks so unusual for a rocket launch is all of the particles the atmosphere has been seeded with from chemtrailing.

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Just picked this up not too long ago, first time seeing what a rocket launch looks like at night, pretty neat

Why WOULD they know what a rocket launch looks like? Do you think people see them every day, or even every decade?

The dude is at least as stupid. But don't worry. He's "Going To Twitter".

I too wish it had been a nuke.

Not to be a complete ignorant dumbass. Failing that, to kill yourself.

You know Twitter is a constant source of up-to-date information, right OP? While that fucked platform may be a shitshow otherwise, it's not like they're off base going there to try and find more real-time info. But it also doesn't help that they sound like fucking idiots with this Valley Girl-type gawking.

LA fag here

They launch rockets from Vandenberg Air Force Base all the time. But we never see them. Probably because the air is usually so full of smog

The big reason, everyone saw this launch for tens of miles away was because
1.) Recent Santa Ana winds cleared the smog and clouds from the air (the same dry desert winds causing the recent wild fires)

2.) It was about 50 degrees F for much of the coastal cities that night and was probably cooler inland towards the valleys, at higher altitudes above the launch site was likely a freezing cold airmass and when the rocket flew through it ice crystals formed.

Atmospheric ice crystals tend to be more vivid and stand out moreso than other cloud types, especially in such a clear sky and in a state where the average person has probably never even seen snow in their entire lives.

SpaceX launches rockets from VAFB like once or twice a month. It was just very unusual atmospheric conditions that particular night

That pic is incomplete. It's missing those long ones that appear sometimes after planes. I forgot their name.



It's only showing natural cloud types, as far as I can tell.

Here is a proper rocket launch so you guys can recognize them from now on

That's what it was. Thank you.

now i will recognize a real rocket launch immediately when i see one! finally something to thank muslims for!



And only the basic ones. If you really want to you can get enormously autistic about clouds, down to shit like the distinction between altocumulus stratiformis translucidus radiatus and altocumulus stratiformis perlucidus radiatus

HAARP is used to switch the polarity of ice crystals in the atmosphere, forming a giant lens. This is used both for surveillance and to bath targets in toxic GMO radiowaves.


what a waste of ressource.

Please tell me that edgy scifi looking shit in front of the car is some sort of aerodynamics testing wind tunnel and not just decoration.

I thought they were sending the car to mars, I'm disappointed.

this is just plain stupid.
worst case scenario?

best case scenario is that some ayylum will find it and drift on mars blasting eurobeat, so i think its worth

it's the upper cone of the final Mars transfer rocket stage. the background shells are the aerodynamic nose cone used within the earth's atmosphere. they separate and fall away shortly after launch.

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